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Chapter 9 Oops, the assignment!

As soon as the bell bell rang I headed out of the classroom, in a lightning speed and didn't look back till I reached the end of the corridor. I wonder if I could ever master the courage to go back to the biology class. But I guess the whole school already knows about what happened earlier.

I didn't see Lily before in the class. I think she's absent. Thank god! I wonder what she would have thought if she had witnessed our little episode before. Come to think of it, I didn't see Rose or Paul in the class as well.

It's a good thing, I guess. I'm not certain if any of them will talk to me again, especially Faith and Nick. There were not very comfortable around new people, hanging around with such dangerous criminals might give them a heart attack! The whole school must know about us by now, the rumours will reach their ears as well.

I was heading towards my locker, to dump my biology books, and grab the books required for my next class, which was French. It was an additional subject, and I didn't like it much. It was my mom's desire that I study French.

As I turned around a tall, imposing, dirty blond haired girl blocked my way. "This affair of yours is a big mistake. You think you can satisfy him? He doesn't like girls as sober and inexperienced as you. You can never be as good as me" she said with malice in her voice.

I heard what she has said, but I didn't reply because I didn't know what to say. Was she crazy! Who was she talking about!? TYLER!!! Adrenaline kicked in through my veins. How dare she talk about Tyler like that! I would've made her repent that she came into this earth or even worse, that she ever met me.

However, I was already running late for my french class and I wouldn't want to create a bad first impression on my first day by being late. Certainly, no one would consider my reason for slamming her head on the wall, a valid excuse.

I was about to ignore her and leave but she was still blocking my way. I tried to push past her. I wonder where she got the information from, it has just taken place before the biology period. News travels faster than wildfire!

In my heart I knew that nothing mattered. What was important was that Tyler really liked me. I was still enjoying the feeling of sheer bliss, when she left me with a parting shot.

"Do you think he is dating you because he likes you? He has always liked me. He is just using you ",she said in a cold and hard voice before turning around and leaving. I went my own way. I didn't ask her name but I somehow, instinctively knew that she was Nicole.

As I entered the class, everyone's attention was diverted towards me. I was certain, I would be the latest topic of discussion for the rest of my days here.

Unfortunate as I am, moving out of the bio class before all, and running down the corridors didn't even make me enter the French class a little earlier, to find myself a reasonable seat. All thanks to that bitch Nicole!

I looked around but to my dismay, all the seats were already taken. And if I dared sit beside someone, they might bombard me with questions about my new relationship status, which I myself was still confused about.

Someone yelled,"Hey beautiful!"from the back of the classroom. I stretched my vision to find a familiar face among the others. A huge smile formed on my face, as I realised whom that voice belonged to. Elliott waved at me, with a wide grin plastered across his face.

"Hey", I said taking a seat beside him. "I never thought I would meet you here again. ",he said cheerfully. "Nice coincidence, right? ",I said, enthusiastically.

My happiness was eclipsed by doubts. Nicole's words left an indelible mark on me.

Did I make the right decision? What would be it's consequences? What will be it's impact on my life? And the most important of all, what will I do if uncle John finds out about us? He will simply shoot Tyler, as I have come to know Tyler, he won't be backing away easily either.

What if he's just playing with my emotions? But why would he do so? Maybe to get everything back at my uncle, for treating him like that in the cellar. We aren't two people who were ment to be together, in the first place. It will definitely have brutal consequences. We'll have to face so many problems and oppositions, from the people around us. And in all this, will he be there with me?

Oh enough of it! It will eat out my brain if I keep thinking about the consequences any longer. The list just never stops! Infact, something more gets added to it with every passing second that I think about it.

So I decided to start some conversation with Elliott to keep my brain occupied, so that it doesn't wander around having random, unnerving thoughts.

"So...",I said looking at Elliott, but couldn't find anything worthwhile to say. It was embarrassing actually, he was looking at me expectantly to continue and here I was fumbling with my words, trying to find something reasonable to say, but I was coming empty.

"Do you work part time in that dinner", I asked since I couldn't get hold of any interesting topic. "Yes, I have recently joined there. Do you go there frequently?",he asked, expectantly.

"No, that was the first time I went there. I am actually new here. My friend Tyler is much more acquainted with the place, he visits it quite often. "I said, mentally slapping myself for using the word 'friend '. We were certainly more than friends, especially after the incident this morning.

"Oh I see "he said, almost inaudibly. I have no idea which part of whatever I said, he didn't like. "I don't think we had the proper introduction. Hi, my name is Ariel, but you may call me Ell", I said extending my hand. And it actually worked to lift up his spirit. "My name is Elliott, but you can call me Ely",he said shaking my hand.

"We kind of have the same type of names then",I joked."yes, we kind of do", he said with a smirk as Mr Manette entered the class. This was my first French class, so it was too early to judge his teaching techniques. He was tall and lean. He seemed to be in his mid forties. He had trimmed, dark greyish hair and had his spectacles on.

"Bonjour class! "His voice made everyone shift their attention from me to him. I was actually relived to finally get a break from everyone's stares. "So, this is our first class..........",he started in a heavily french accented voice.

And then he kept on blabbering something or the other, which I didn't consider to be of much interest. So, I didn't pay any attention to the rest of well prepared speech, I was busy staring out the window.

Although my mind was elsewhere. I was continuously replaying the conversation between me and Tyler this morning, Annalysing the pros and cons of my decision. Have I made the right choice? What if I didn't, I still won't be able to change anything. I can't turn back the clock and undo everything. Not that I regret it, it's simply too early to regret anything.

How stupid are you, Ariel! You can't let that Nicole get into your head. You can't let her win and snatch Tyler away from you. She is bound to be jealous of you, she must cringe every time she sees you with Tyler. She send him a valentines day card, they must have been really close. I can't give up on us, now that he has finally expressed his feelings for me, I'll not let us fall apart. I'll show the whole world that we are meant to be together.

But should I inform Tyler about Nicole's earlier remarks. But wouldn't he think that I was prying, because I already took that card from his car without asking him. So I'll have to deal with this this new 'pain in the ass'- Nicole, by myself.

"Okay, so this is it!",I immediately placed my hand on my mouth as I said that. The whole class, along with Mr Manette was looking at me like I had lost it. "Is everything okay Miss?",Mr Manette asked in his heavily accented french voice.

"Yes, I'm sorry ",I apologised profusely. As if whatever happened in the morning was not enough, I'm giving everyone more opportunities to talk about me. Mr Manette, resumed the class. And I time, I listened with full concentration. Because if I let my mind wander around, it will be occupied by different thoughts.

"Is everything allright?", Elliott asked as Mr Manette, turned around to face the board. "Yes, sorry. I was just day dreaming ",I whispered and then, turned my attention back to Mr Manette. Thank god, he didn't ask about what! He was too occupied with French!

In fact, this is actually the first time I'm showing any interest in French. You know as they say, ' An empty mind is the devil's workshop.' That's what I was trying to do, preventing myself from thinking about Tyler, by occupying myself with something else.

I looked up at my watch. Just three minutes have passed since I last checked! There must be something wrong with this stupid watch, why can't the hands move a bit faster.

Just two more minutes till the bell, I tried to calm down my nerves. This french class was eating my brain away. I honestly didn't understand a single word, people around me were exchanging in French.

While I was busy trying to reciprocate what each word ment, Elliot was talking notes, IN FRENCH! How serious, I thought. Even though I was the same, in every subject except for French. Even a handsome, super hot French male model won't be able to make me learn it.

I heaved a sigh of relief, when the bell rang, indicating that it was finally recess. FREEDOM! I mentally yelled, while getting up from my seat.

Elliott and I walked out of the class but then had to go our separate ways. He just told me that he had something important to take care of, and went the other way after saying, "see you later ". While I'm heading for the cafeteria, expecting to at least find Faith or Nick there. Even though I don't enjoy their company much, but at least someone is better than no one.

As I entered the cafeteria, my eyes scanned the whole place for any of my new friends. But it seems like all of them have together decided to ditch school, for some reason, I was unaware of.

I was deciding on what to do when someone placed a hand on my shoulder saying," hey babe, what are you looking for. Is it me?". It took me by sudden surprise, but I didn't have to turn around to recognise whom that voice belonged to.

"No, I was looking for my friends ",I tried to compose my expression while saying this, but couldn't help the blush that creeped up my cheeks. "Why don't you join us today? ",he offered giving a small peck on my cheek.

"Oh I would love to! ",I said honestly, hee actually saved me from boredom. Even if Faith or Nick were here, I certainly liked Tyler's company more than their's. So Tyler lade me to a table which was occupied by five members. Two girls and three boys.

Tyler pulled out my chair, and helped me sit down. It was really unnecessary, but I liked his efforts at trying to be a gentleman. He sat down beside me. Everyone at the table was eyeing us like they couldn't believe their eyes.

"Wow! She's pretty Tyler. Who's she?",a guy with dark brown hair and light blue eyes asked. "Everyone, this is my girlfriend Ariel.",he announced, but I was busy staring at their awe struck faces, like they have heard something out of this world. I wonder if the same expression was repeated on my face, because I think I was more taken aback than any of them When did we decide to be exclusive!

"Wait, you mean she's your girlfriend!",that same guy from before asked. "Since when do you have girlfriends, Tyler ",A girl with pixie blond hair said. "Sorry Ariel, but it's definitely new for us.",a red haired girl said, looking at me. She must have sensed my discomfort.

"He just proposed to me this morning ",I told them thinking that it might help solving their curiosity. But only that gave rise to more enquiries. "Dude, how did this happen? I mean, where did you two meet?", that same guy with dark brown hair asked.

"Oh let the girl breathe, will you? ",the same red haired girl with emerald green said. "Hi there Ariel, I'm Ashley Carson, but you may call me Ash",she said extending her hand. "nice to meet you Ash, and you can call me Ell.",I said shaking her extended hand.

"This is my boyfriend Aidan. This is Danny and his sister Mandy and that's Sebastian ",she said pointing to each one of them. "Nice to meet you all",I said with a smile. "it's nice to meet you too, Ell", Ashley's boyfriend, Aidan said returning my smile.

I don't know for what reason, but it felt like I have seen Ashley's boyfriend, Aidan before. But I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe I was having short time memory loss problems.

"Okay, so that we're done with the introductions and all, will you now tell us how you guys met?",Danny asked impatiently, looking at both of us simultaneously.

"May I?",making everyone's attention shift to me."Sure, I think it would be better to hear it from a less grumpier person ",Mandy joked, giving a sideways glance towards Tyler. "Yes, we would love to hear it ",Aidan said encouragingly.

"Okay, so how should I start this",I thought for a second, about what to share and what to hide. Friends of someone like Tyler, they seem decent enough. I wonder if I should tell them that I had first seen Tyler in prison.

"Go on ",Mandy encouraged. "She first saw me, in prison, hands tied to a bar",Tyler said with a smirk. So he did notice me that day. He helped me a lot by saying that. Which meant that everyone here knows almost everything about him. "And you still fell for him!"Danny said, looking at me.

"What can I say, well not instantly but as I got to know him more, the more I felt drawn towards him.",I said honestly. "What were you doing in prison? ",Ashley asked. "They were interrogating me",Tyler replied. "Not you, idiot. I was talking to her. You almost spend half of your days there, it's no big deal.",wow! They must be really acquainted with each other, because when no one dares to go against Tyler, she just called him an idiot.

"Commissioner Roosevelt is my uncle. He left his phone home, my school was in the same way. So I went there to give it to him.", I explained. "You are the commissioner's niece!"Mandy said, looking at me.

"Yes, what's wrong with it?"I was confused with that sudden reaction"Dude, you know what can be the result of this. She is the commissioner's niece. ",Aidan said looking at Tyler.

"I'm willing to take a chance.",Tyler said, lacing his fingers through mine. "What if your uncle finds out about this? ",Ashley asked. "Then I guess I would somehow have to convince him to not shoot Tyler.",I said jokingly. However, it was true that it won't be healthy for us, if uncle finds out. The thought has crossed my mind before as well.

"Are you guys sure you are willing to take this risk for each other. Because if this is not something serious, stop it right now before it can lead to something which you can't stop. ",Ashley said, looking at both of us.

"We are sure! ",Tyler said, giving a peck on my hand. "Then we are with you ",Mandy said with a smile. "Welcome to the team, Ell!",Danny said.

Someone from my left said, "excuse me a second guys " before leaving the table. Wait was he there with us the whole time? Yes, Ashley introduced him a few minutes ago. What was his name again? I think Sebastian. His presence was almost unacknowledgable.

"Is everything settled with the guy who nose you broke earlier, Danny?",my question must have taken him of guard. "What?", he asked. "Yes, Tyler here took care of it.",Mandy said rolling her eyes at her brother's stupidity.

"Oh I see ",I thought of asking what happened but felt I shouldn't. I would ask Tyler about it later.

Sebastian came back with a few files and took the seat beside me. He was fiddling with them. I peeked through the pages, it was something about history, monuments perhaps.

"That idiot! ",he said frustratingly. "What's wrong? ',Ashley asked. "We were supposed to do a project on the seven wonders of the world. This stupid fellow missed one",he replied.

"Which one? ",I asked. "Do you think if I knew it, I would make someone else do it for me",he replied. "okay, let me check ",he handed me the project, rather disheartenedly. Last year, I've helped Savanna with the same thing. I still remember clearly about them. As I flipped through the pages, I immediately found the missing one.

"It's the Taj Mahal, in India ",I said, with a victorious, ear to ear grin-like I've been the first person to climb the Mt Everest. The the expression on his face killed my joy.

"So?",he asked, as if I've committed a crime by saying that. "So I thought it might be helpful to you ",I said, trying to make sense of the conversation. "if you want I can tell you something else about this monument as well ",I offered. 'Taj Mahal' was my favourite monument, and I wanted to visit it one day. I've done too much research on it, and I knew almost everything about it's history.

"No, you've been helpful enough ",helped said, ironically, and I swear I wanted to slap him right across the face. Here I was trying to socialise, and he was hell bent On making me furious.

"Glad I could be of help", I replied harshly, anger lacing my tone. "Now you sound just like my sister ",he said looking at me. Even though he had next to no expression on his face, all my temper went ot the windows, as soon as he said those words. I couldn't help feeling guilty for misjudging him.

"That's really sweet, you think of me as your sister ",I said with a smile. "why I hate her! She always pokes her nose in my buiseness",he replied casually, wiping that smile of my face -which had just been formed a second ago -with simple rage. Now, it was enough! I desperately wanted to shoot him, or at least punch him. But before I could open my mouth to throw some sharp words at him, Aidan cut me to it- which I was grateful for, since there was a high chance I could have said something I would definitely regret later.

"Oh don't waste your time with him. He's always rude, especially with new people.",he said, gaining a laugh from Mandy and Ashley. While Tyler just rolled his eyes. I felt kind of hurt actually, he should have defended me before. I understand Sebastian is his friend, but I'm his girlfriend too (He said it before, that I was his girlfriend, not me. )

"So did you know what happened to Lily, she hasn't come to school today, and we still have a bit left ",Aidan said. And that's when I realised that why he looked familiar than the rest. Because I saw him there in the class that day when Mrs Smith was allotting us the patners.

I have completely forgotten about the assignment. "The assignment! ",both Tyler and I said in unison. There was one left to complete it!

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