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Chapter 10 kisses

"How can I forget about it!",I was on the verge of having a heart attack. I could not compromise with my grades. And knowing Mrs Smith, she won't give us extra time but a straight forward F.

"Babe, don't worry, we'll find a way to complete it ",Tyler said holding my hands, trying to reassure me. "Yeah, how? ",I almost snapped at him,getting up from my seat but regretted it immediately. It was not all his fault that my mind was completely drifted off the assignment, and focused on him.

"I'm sorry ",I said looking in his eyes. He immediately got up and wrapped his arms around me "Ari, you don't ever have to apologise to me. And as for the assignment, we'll definitely find a way to complete it in time.",. For a moment there I wanted to trust him, even if we couldn't I felt confident that we could.

I heard someone whistling, and some 'aw's and 'so sweet's from our table. "you know you actually changed Tyler. He never forgave anyone, for no matter how small the reason be.",Mandy said as I lifted my face from his chest.

"Yeah, and he never did assignments! ",Danny said with a playful smirk. It actually made me blush and I desperately wanted to hide my face in Tyler's arms again. "Okay guys, we have an assignment to complete, or else my girlfriend might go nuts ",he said, gaining a smack on the shoulder from me. Although it didn't have any much acknowledgable effect on him. He didn't even wince!

"Okay, good luck to you guys ",Ashley said giving us a thumbs up. "Oh and please remind Lily about the assignment ",Aidan added. "oh sure ",I said with a smile, before turning around to leave.

One of my misconceptions has been cleared, he wasn't Lily's Boyfriend. I wonder if Lily had a crush on him. But wouldn't she know that he had a girlfriend. They were the most popular guys in our school, everyone knows about them, she told me so herself.

I hope it doesn't turn out as I've anticipated or she might get severely hurt. Because, as much as I would like to unacknowledge it, Lily seems nothing compared to Ashley. And I know it's too early to say, but Ashley seemed really nice, friendly and sweet to me. They never even argued like Rose and Paul. They seemed like a happy couple.

The shrill noise of the bell ringing just brought my attention back to the real world. "What class do you have next?",Tyler asked. "Physics",I answered. "do you need to attend it?",he asked, he must really worried about my grades.

"Not really ",Mrs O'connor, our alloted Physics teacher has accompanied some second years to a science exhibition. Today's class may go vacant or a substitution teacher may be alloted, in either case it seemed like a waste of time to me.

"We can go to the library then and maybe start something nice to start our work on.",he said. "okay",I didn't mind going to the library.

I directly went to the classic section on entering the library "rather than a new story we can work on something, which both of us know.", I said searching through the rack.

"I don't think I've read any of them",he said looking at the ones I've already clutched in my hands. "Then why don't you search for something you might have read before ",I said, putting the books back in the shelf.

"I don't think I've ever entered the library before",Tyler muttered under his breath, but it was loud enough for me to hear. I gave up trying to find something worthwhile, since I've read almost most of them but they were unknown to Tyler. So I left it to him to choose whatever he liked.

If it takes him that long to find a book, how will we complete the review in time. After messing up the whole shelf contents, he finally seemed to have found something. "I remember this one",he yelled holding up a book, gaining a hard stare and "silence" from the librarian.

I took the book from his hand for a closer inspection. A smile formed on my face as I read the name of the book.

"Wuthering Heights",as the name crossed my lips, I remembered the first time I've read it, wrapped up in a blanket with Tyler, before the fireplace. It was Tyler's Christmas gift but since I liked reading story books he shared it with me.

None of us understood it though and it resulted in a fight that who was wrong, Cathy or Heathclief. I said Catherine and he said Heathclief and thus, both of us went to bed without speaking a single word to each other that day. I have read that book numerous times, but I still have that one memory of us reading it together, embedded in the special part of my brain, heart, sole and life, reserved only for him.

Out of all the classics in the world, his eyes fell on the one book, so close to my heart, not for the intriguing plot but for the memories attached to it. I wonder if I could ever forget about him, completely erase him from my life. Because wherever I look, whatever I see, whatever I do, everything reminded me of him.

"Then let's get started ",I tried to manage a smile but I was so focused on not letting the tears spill out of my eyes. But Tyler didn't seem to miss the hidden pain in my voice.

"Is everything okay? ",he asked, cupping my face. "Oh it's nothing, I just got something in my eyes ",I said looking away from him. The tears were threatening to fall down my cheeks. He held my chin up, and looked into my eyes trying to find for any sort of thing which could have caused my sudden mood swing.

"You know you can tell me anything. ",he said, wiping the one tear of my cheek with his thumb, which I didn't realise had slipped out. "It's just that it was the book my parents gave me on Christmas",I lied. He didn't interrogate though, but a look of concern spread over his features.

"We can work on any other book, you know. ",he said, eyes still locked on mine. "No, it's okay. it's my favourite book actually. It just suddenly triggered old memories, that's all",I said honestly, it was actually the truth, it was my all time favourite book, and it did trigger old memories, just not the one I told him about.

"You sure? ",he asked, concern still evident on his face. "Yeah, enough of emotional drama, let's get started, so that we could at least complete half of it. ",I said grabbing the book from his hand and heading for a seat.

He sat beside me. "I assume you like this book then?",he said as I was turning the pages, for absolutely no reason actually. I just wanted to see how old and crinkly the book was, the older the more memories attached to it. I wanted to see how many people have flipped through the pages.

"Love it. You? You said you've read it before, did you like it? ",I said placing the book between us and taking out a paper and pen to write down the main points. I thought it would be easier first writing down all the points and then pile them together to make something beautiful and presentable.

I thought of starting with our opinions, which part we liked and which we didn't, and then present the rest accordingly. "I would say I was inspired by Heathcliff ",he said proudly. "Surely not because of his invariable love, I presume. ",I said rolling my eyes. "you know what I'm talking about. ",he said with a smirk. And I did, I didn't have to ask him to know what he was talking about. He ment he was inspired by Heathcliff's by cruelty and power.

"You think I would ever read it, if I thought it was a love story ",he said. "Is it a love story. ",I corrected and added before he could complain," And why did you read it? ",I asked.

"I don't know why exactly, I found it in my house. I have no idea how it came there or who bought it. ",he said, looking far away, as if still trying to find out mistery behind the book. "That's strange ",I said thinking that he might have bought it some time before but forgot about it.

I didn't find his opinion relevant enough to jot down. So I moved on to the next topic," what did you not like about this book?",I asked. "Cathy and Heathclief's love. I don't understand what kind of love was that, it not only destroyed their lives, but of everyone who had the misfortune of becoming a part of their lives.",he said.

I couldn't completely disagree with it. Catherine's and Heathclief's love did bring on a terrible a fate for the people around them. "A really wild, uncontrollable and unreasonable one. ",I said, relived that at least at something we shared half the same opinion about. "I think Heathclief was really stupid. Catherine left him a long time ago, he could have started a new life. What did he gain at last, property? Well he lost it no sooner than he gained it. He didn't even let his successor survive to claim it.",he said.

"It was never about the property, in the first place. He always wanted revenge from Hindley for reducing him to such a state that Cathy would not accept his hand in marriage. And also from Edgar for stealing Cathy away from him. Only if he understood Cathy left at her own will. Remember it's Catherine who should be blamed not Heathclief",I said.

He didn't seem convinced though. I think he liked Heathclief too much to accept that he was not all together that bad. Bad for us was kind of good for him, you know. "I don't think so. Heathclief was kind of rude and harsh from the very beginning ",he said.

"That's because he never knew what it was to love and be loved by someone. From the very first he never had anyone to call his own, except for Cathy. He can't be blamed for doing whatever he did. He lost the only person he could call his own. What would you do if you lost the only person who has ever loved you? "I said.

"Perhaps I would have done the same thing if someone tried to take you away from me",he said clenching his jaw."I wouldn't leave you for all the luxuries in the world ",I said giving his hand a tight squeeze.

"What did you like about the book",he asked changing the topic. "Their undying love",I said. Seeing the confused expression on his face, I explained, "I liked how distance, time and at last even death couldn't extinguish the eternal flame of love which forever burned in their hearts "

"Can't we agree on at least one thing without arguing about it for five minutes? ",he said, frowning. "but now that you say it like that, I feel like I have just judged them by their actions, whereas you looking right into their souls.",he said with a heart melting smile.

"That's what you did to me, you know. Pierced right through my soul and accepted me just for who I'm",he said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I was completely speechless, I didn't know how to respond to something like that.

"May I?",he said before closing his eyes and leaning in slowly. Before I could reciprocate what was happening, he lips met mine, in a earth shattering kind of kiss that could make one go weak on the knees. Unlike the first time, it wasn't soft and passionate, but fast and demanding.

My hands automatically went around his neck, playing with the tips of hair on his nape. He bit my lower lip, letting a soft moan escape from my mouth. Taking advantage he slipped his tongue into my mouth, I tried to maintain the same pace but he seemed experienced and I was completely new at this.

But unfortunately, it didn't last long. And it was me again, who had to break away gasping for air. He placed his forehead against mine, our eyes locked with each other. "come on, we have to complete the assignment today ",he said placing a soft kiss on my forehead before moving away, never really leaving my hand. I just nodded my head in approval. I was too stunned to speak. HE KISSED ME! TWICE! IN IN A SINGLE DAY!

After too many arguments due to difference in opinions, we were finally done with the assignment. When we exited the library the corridors and the parking lot were almost empty. It was late afternoon. I was about to call Mr Morris, but Tyler offered to drop me home. I wonder why Mr Morris didn't show up already, maybe he was still wrapped up in bringing important files to uncle John.

Although, halfway through the way, I remembered that Tyler couldn't be seen near their house, especially not with me. I realised some of the officers might be near our residence, since all the files or important documents couldn't be trusted with Mr Morris.

"So are you creep up the window again ",Tyler asked. "No, it won't be possible today, there might be some officers around the house. And it isn't dark enough for me to go unnoticed. ",I said trying to find another alternative.

"Stop the car at Rachel's flower shop. I could walk from there. ",I said as the shop came into view, although it was closed. Even though I said it was absolutely fine, he was reluctant to leave me alone. I tried to convince him that it may be dangerous for him, if someone caught him. I finally agreed to let him follow me to my house, on the promise that if he noticed any cops, he would simply drive out of their sight, like he is just someone regular passing through the streets. Although his lambhorghini wasn't really helping to keep their attention of him.

I pressed the door bell, Reshma opened the door, a smile immediately formed on her lips as soon as her eyes fell upon me. "Hey Ell, come on in. I was actually starting to get worried you know. What took you so long? I was thinking of sending Morris. ",it actually brought tears to my eyes, the way she greeted me. It reminded me of how mom used to greet me, if she was ever home before me.

"Sorry, I completely forgot about an assignment and today was the last day of completing it. Me and my partner, we were working on it in the library, we didn't realise it was so late",I said, only what I should.

"Morris wasn't picking up his phone and I was worried if you were lost. Anyway did you walk home?",she asked. "No my partner dropped me",I said honestly, she seemed so friendly and reliable I didn't want to lie to her.

"Oh, is it a boy?"I just nodded my head. "So what's his name? ",she asked enthusiastically, and in that moment she seemed like a school girl. I wondered if i should tell her. She must not know about Tyler being involved in crime. But she may act aso a spy for uncle to get out information about Tyler from me.

"You know I'm really good at keeping secrets. I promise I won't tell anyone. ",she said. Should I trust her? Oh this is the result of watching too many detective movies. You can't be afraid of someone breaking your trust until you actually trust them. I decided to tell her At last, "his name is Tyler".

"And do you like him? ",she asked. "Kind of ",I said, I wasn't still aware of how strong my feelings were for him. "Does he like you? ",she enquired. "I think so. He just told me today ",I had to prevent myself from blushing, thinking about what happened today.

We were interrupted by the ringing of the door bell. "Go freshen up, we can talk about it later ",she finally dismissed me, hurrying to see who it was at the door. I went straight upstairs, I didn't even bother to see who it was at the door.

Now that I could think clearly I couldn't help the ear to ear grin which spread across my face thinking about today's events. He kissed me two times in a single day!

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