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Chapter 11 falling for him

When looked at myself in the mirror, a dark haired, purple eyed girl was staring back at me. She had a huge smile on her face.

I changed into a spaghetti strip, yellow summer dress, which stopped a few inches above my knees. I brushed my hair and let it fall freely on my back.

I heard some noise downstairs. As I ascended the steps, the voices became clearer. The female one was undeniably Reshma's but the male one caught my attention. I just hope I'm wrong, it can't be who I think he is. No, no, please don't be.

And there he is! Laughing and chatting with Reshma. He couldn't see me as his back was facing me. But I could recognise him anywhere. Reshma's eyes fell on me and she greeted me with a smile. "Hey Ell, your boyfriend here came to return your phone. You left it in his car.",she giving a swift glance in Tyler's direction, as he turned to look at me.

I wanted to scold him right now for stepping into the lion's den. But the heart meltimg smile on his face made me reconsider myself, and just enjoy the moment while it lasts. A smile immediately replaced the frown on my face.

"Why don't you sit down Tyler ",Reshma said as she understood none of us were in the state of even blinking. We were forced to look away from each other. "How did you know my name? ",Tyler asked Reshma.

"We were just talking about you a few minutes ago ",she said. "Talking about me?",Tyler asked, clearly confused that what info I've shared about him. "Yeah, how she found such a sweet and caring partner, and how she would forget about the world when she's with you ",she replied. I could see the sense of relief that washed over his features. Although I couldn't help the blush creeping up my cheeks. She wasn't supposed to reveal those things to Tyler.

"Oh I forgot! I made your favourite chocolate cake ",she said, grinning widely are me. "Would you like some Tyler?",she asked looking at him. "Yeah sure," he said enthusiastically but then controlled his excited tone,"it's my favourite as well ".

"Okay then, I will be back in a minute",she said before heading towards the kitchen. Tyler sat down in the couch, I took the seat beside him. As Reshma went out of the sight, I asked, "what the hell are you doing here? Do you have any idea what could happen if uncle John found you here?",I almost yelled, I didn't realise how loud my voice was.

"I.....",he started but was interrupted by Reshma. "Don't worry, he won't be home anytime soon", Reshma said handing both of us a piece of the cake. Then she poured some juice in three glasses before taking the seat on the other side of me. "So, tell me in details what's going on. ",she said.

We looked at each other, as if trying to find answers in each other's eyes. "Go on, if you want me to hide it from the Roosevelts, I need to know a valid reason behind it",she urged.

I told her everything, about our first encounter in the prison cell, our first date, my night out, stealing the chihuahuas, today my little lie about walking to school. All except for when he shot the man outside the bar, I thought it might trigger some bad opinion about him.

After telling our whole story, I waited with bated breath to take in her bewildered expression. I thought she might have told us to end everything that was going on and forget we have ever met each other. But she agreed to give us her full support and not mention anything about this to uncle John or aunt Sophie. "Oh don't worry, I'm completely on your side. ",she said. I was glad to have found such a loyal friend in her.

"Why don't you show him around the house, Ell?",she made an offer I could hardly refuse. I was itching to get out of there. Tyler owed me some explanations for entering my house when I clearly told him to stay as far from it as possible. My phone wasn't worth hua safety. He could've returned it to me tomorrow, it's not like the President of the United States would give me a call anytime soon.

I headed straight up to my room. Tyler followed behind. "where are we going? ",he enquired. "My room ",I replied, monotonously. "Wow! What do you have in mind? I thought you said about taking things slowly ",he said making me blush. "Shut up, we have something important to discuss ",I said trying to hide my crimson face from him. He wasn't blinds of course. "Is it true, what Reshma said before, that you forget about the whole world when you're with me. And you told her I'm sweet and caring? That's the first time anyone has said something good about me. You actually made look like a perfect gentleman! ",he said breaking into a laughter.

It's the first time I've heard him laugh, not just smile. He looked so much more delectable with his head pushed backwards, I couldn't help ogling at him. Has he ever considered the fact that his infectious laughter could give someone a heart attack! Maybe that's why he doesn't laugh much or perhaps he never had any reason to laugh before.

"I didn't say that, she said it",I said, opening the door to my room before entering. In was trying to deny the fact that my whole life suddenly started to revolve around him. That I had no control over my heart, it was his already. Yes, I have somehow managed to fall head over heels for him. There's no turning back from here. Though the realisation came late, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

"It's really amazing how I can make you blush",he said, breaking into a fit of laughter again, taking immense pleasure in my misery.

As I'm smiling now, seeing him basking in the glory of his new discovery, that he affects my heart and soul vastly, It suddenly dawned upon me that I could blush a million times a day, to just see him laughing like that.

"In your dreams, Tyler. You don't affect me at all ",I said, even though I very well knew that, he very well knew that I was lying.

"So I don't affect you at all ?",He said coking up one eyebrow. "N...No",I said in a trembling voice. He closed the door behind him and inched closer to me. I tried to back away a little, until there wasn't any space to move back anymore. He had me pinned to the wall. "oh really? ",he said bringing my chin up to meet his eyes.

"Not at all ",why do I always have to be so stubborn. From the first moment I've laid my eyes on him, I've felt an instant connection with him. I think it was love at first sight, but I realised it only now.

He did confess that he liked me, I wonder what kind of like was that. 'I like you just for now, it'll probably fade away with time' or 'it's a forever kind of thing '.

Taking me by surprise he slowly leaned in, and placed a soft, lingering kiss on my lips. I got it, he was teasing me but it got me more and more impatient, as his lips were gently brushing mine, like the soft touch of a feather.

I deepened the kiss, by pulling him closer to me until there wasn't enough space for even air to pass from between us. I wanted to pour all my feelings out through that one kiss. Since I was adamant on not using words to express them. Because words couldn't be taken back once they left the mouth. I was afraid if I uttered those three words by chance, I might end up losing him. He might think I'm a crazy girl, obsessed with him. Yes, it was definitely better to take everything slowly.

He was taken aback at first, but immediately responded by biting my lower lip, a little moan escaped my lips, he entered his tongue into my mouth caressing the inside. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He left soft kisses down my neck and my hand ran carelessly through his hair.

We were so engrossed in our little make out session, that none of us heard the door open. But surely both of us have heard Reshma's exclamation,"Oh, I'm so sorry! Mrs Roosevelt's flight has already landed. She may be here in twenty minutes or so. You should hurry, if you don't want to get caught ", she said uncomfortably, I could say by the look on her face she was dying to get out of here as soon as possible.

Can you actually die of embarrassment? If it was possible, I wished the ground would swallow me whole. Tyler slowly let go of me. "okay, then I guess it's my cue to leave. ",he said, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

Tyler had to leave then, as it was time for aunt Sophie's flight to land. I totally forgot, today she was coming home from Tokyo.

I was getting bored in my room, since all my homework was done and we had completed the assignment as well.

Reshma knocked on my door just then. It was difficult to decide whether I should just face her or hide under the bed. However, I would have to face her eventually, sooner better than later.

"Please come in". Reshma entered. "Some of Mr Roosevelt's friends with will be joining us for dinner tonight. ",she said, still avoiding eye contact with me as much as possible.

"Should I get ready then?",I asked. I have never really attended any of those high class dinner parties. I do have watched it on television. They were something extravagant, with people from the elite society in elegant clothes and costly accessories unknown to us, not-so-rich people.

"There's time. Don't worry, I'll help you get ready ",she assured. Her tone relaxed now, she must have forgotten about that disaster seeing my horrible condition on the thought of attending a dinner party. I have very frequently been to any party, the one's I've been to were basically family gatherings or simple birthday celebrations of my best friends Savanna and Mike. We didn't have much friends, so it was always just us.

The thought of dressing elegantly and making conversations with everyone. Acting the perfect host. It suddenly dawned upon me that since I was the unfortunate girl who lost her parents at such an early age, I would be the cynosure of all eyes.

I think this dinner is just an excuse to make me feel better. To get me some company, so that I don't feel alone. They really go through lengths to make up for their absence on the time of my life when I needed someone very desperately.

I asked Reshma to join me in my room. If I'm left alone, I will keep obsessing about anything and everything which may or may not happen. She hesitated at first but agreed after some pleadings. I wanted to affirm her what happened earlier today would not ensue again and it was completely unintended. But thought against it, since it could make matters worse.

We were playing cards and I was on the verge of loosing. But God knows what miracle happened, I won at the end! Just kidding, I lost like five times, before finally throwing the cards on the bed and sighing frustratedly.

"Do you think I'm doing the right thing, Reshma ",I asked her. "No, I will have to say this, you are really bad in this game ",she said, laughing. "No I meant about Tyler and me ",I said, looking out the window, watching the clouds hide the moon behind them.

"Yes, I believe so. If your love is true and you have faith in him, do what your heart directs you to. ",she said, looking out the window as well but I couldn't say at what exactly.

"How do you know it's true? What if I make a mistake? ",I asked.

"Love is like a cab, if you miss one another comes, if you miss that too then another one comes. But only one of them takes you to your destination ". How is love similar to waiting for a cab?

Seeing the confused expression on my face, she explained, "one day someone will walk into your life and make you realise why it didn't work out with anyone else ",she said, still looking far away, at a distant world of her own.

"Are you in love with Tyler? ",she suddenly asked, taking me by surprise.

"I don't think I can afford to be in love with him. It will have great impacts, on both of our lives. ",I told her.

"Why, you think the Roosevelts won't approve of him?",she asked.

"I haven't told you everything about him.",I confessed.

I told her everything about Tyler, how he killed that man before my eyes, how he confessed to me the other day about his regular indulgence in such things, and how he would spend half of his days in the prison. And how even after finding out his truth, I couldn't manage to shut him out of my life.

"Do you still think he's right for me? ',I asked. "I think he's the right kind of wrong for you",she said,smiling to herself. Why was she suddenly talking into riddles!

"Do you know why I came to America from India? ",she asked. "You came here when you got married? ",I guessed. "No, it's a long story actually ",she said, trying to avoid the topic. Now that it was laid on the table, she couldn't take back her words.

"we have plenty of time ",I said, even though I very well knew that there wasn't much time. Aunt Sophie could be here any moment and then Reshma would have to start the preparations for dinner. "Come on, I told you my deepest secret. Now it's your turn. ",I said.

"Some ten years ago, I used to live in Goa, a small state in India. It's famous for its beach. My parents ran a small penthouse there. I was in college then. I used to venture along the coast with my friends after the classes got over. One such day, I decided to go alone, that's when I met Richard and we grew inseparable since then.",she said, her expression still far and distant. However, a small smile played on her lips now but it was soon replaced by a frown as she continued.

"My parents didn't like the idea of me falling in love with an American. They were worried that if they didn't put a stop to it, I would soon be out of control. They were planning on getting me married to someone Indian.", she said wiping of a tear that rolled down her cheek.

"I was young and I made rash decisions. That night I fled away with Richard. I just left a note saying that I was terribly sorry, I couldn't live without Richard and that it was the only option they left me with ", she said breaking into a thousand sobs.

I tried to console her. "I've tried calling them. I wanted to tell them how much I missed them. They would have been so happy to know they had a grandchild. If only they could forget my mistake ",she continued sobbing.

"We don't live with our families, because we forget their mistakes. We live with them because we forgive them. ",I said, trying to comfort her. I knew how it felt to lose your parents. The aching pain just never fades.

The door bell rang just then. Reshma wiped her tears and went to answer it. And I was left alone to wonder if history will repeat itself. If one day I would have to run away with Tyler because my family- whatever is left of it- would never approve.

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