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Chapter 15 secret rendezvous

"Excuse me, what's happening? ", Tyler asked a stout man who was standing on his tiptoes, trying his best to look past the thick crowd surrounding some people.

"I think someone has been shot and the local goons are demanding that only if his wife will sign some papers will they allow him to be admitted, or any other patients for that matter ", after briefing us he turned his head back to the crowd before us, standing up to his full height. Being short heighted has it's disadvantages.

"What the heck! ", Tyler muttered, running his hands through his hair.

What the heck indeed I thought. I wonder how the wife was dealing it.

"Will you please listen to my one request? ",he asked, looking at me, making me divert my eyes from the scene ahead as well.

"Depends on what it is", I said, again diverting my eyes back to scene. Although I could see absolutely more than nothing. I wish I was as tall as Tyler. I wonder if standing here he could see whatever was going on ahead.

"If I ask you to stay here, will you listen to me?", he asked, but I could tell he had no hope that I would listen and he was absolutely correct. I wouldn't.

"No", was my firm reply and he didn't seem at all surprised to hear it. It was like he was expecting it.

"Well, thought so. Just be careful not to hurt your arm.", he said taking out a gun. He surely wasn't going to start shooting inside a hospital! It was highly dangerous and more importantly, people could get hurt.

"What are you doing? ", I accidentally raised my injured arm and shrieked the moment the pain made it's presence felt again.

"Just watch", he said before firing at the ceiling. The whole hospital went silent, everyone's head now turned towards him. They seem to have found a new source of entertainment.

Although it was all it took for Tyler to make everyone clear the path for him to go ahead. I tugged behind. For I was afraid, the crowd would close down on me again if let go of Tyler and really didn't want to miss whatever plans he had in mind.

Even the so called goons seemed to be taken aback by the sudden firing. I wonder if they thought someone has called the cops.

"You're wasting our time here, you know? ", Tyler said sarcastically, like he was talking to an old classmate. I wonder if his devil-may-care attitude was a natural thing or if years of expertise has given him this confidence. His height was actually a plus point.

" Well, this process could speed up if she decides to sign on this papers. I think that way all of our times would be saved. And it would be injurious to health for anyone who tries to stop us", the man who seemed to be the gang leader, spoke up giving a sideward glance at the woman whom I assumed to be the wife of the man whose life was ticking away with every second.

There was panic written all over her face and yet there was a flicker of urgency on her features. She knew she had to take a decision fast enough. Her husband was dying! Only if she could force her hands to move on the white paper. I wonder what was there in the papers that couldn't be given away. What must be stopping her? A promise maybe, that she would save something her husband sacrificed his life for. Honestly, I've no idea.

Her eyes were red and puffy, maybe from too much of crying. One look at her husband and I could tell it was too late to save him. Maybe he was still alive, perhaps if I could press my ears to his chest, I might find it faintly beating. Fighting against all odd to return to it's rightful owner, his wife. But the odds were, for all I knew, he might be already dead.

I was still scrutinising the man from a distance. looking for any signs that would suggest there's still some hint of life left in him, maybe a little movement of his fingers or toes, movements in his eyelids, anything.

I forced to look away when without any warning, Tyler stunned us all by taking out a knife from his pocket and slicing the wrist of the man who gave the witty reply. One moment there was just pin-drop-silence, and the next, his ear piercing scream filled the air. Blood was gushing out mercilessly from his wound.

"Oh no! Doctor! Doctor! ",the man started calling for a doctor frantically. It seemed like he would drag any person with a white coat from the crowd to look at his wound. If only his fellow gang members could get hold of a doctor right now. I wonder where the doctors have gone. Were they hiding somewhere, silently enjoying all the commotion going on here?

I was trying my best to stifle a laughter, wasn't he just giving death threats? And just a teenager was enough for him leave his threats hanging in thin air!

Well , I wouldn't call him a teenager if if he wasn't my classmate (I'm still rather handy with the word 'boyfriend') It was impossible to not be intimidated by his presence. His height as well as his well built body both summed up to make him look older than his actual age.

"No first she must sign the papers ", Tyler said with a tone of finality, the right side of his lips curling up into a smirk.

"Oh forget about the papers! Just get a damn doctor!", the man said, wincing in pain, still strongly gripping his wrist with his right hand. He seemed oddly weak for someone in his profession.

And who am I judging, wasn't I doing the same thing just a few minutes ago! And I guess my screams were loud enough to reach the aliens in the outer space! I wonder why Tyler just didn't put his hands on his ears, run away, and go hide somewhere where my voice would've been a little less painful for the ears.

"So, everyboby heard? You can just go on your own business now ", Tyler called out loud. "And anybody whim I find standing here after sixty seconds will be the victim of my next bullet",he added, when no one seemed to bulge.

As expected, no sooner than the words left his mouth, did everybody started running helter-skelter, and in I guess in about thirty seconds almost everyone has cleared out.

Without I could give another glance at the man who was now a victim of his own words, Tyler put his hand around my waist and led me to the general direction of the elevator. But not before I caught the woman looking at me with something in her eyes, which I thought was gratitude.

She was far in too much grief to smile or say thank you, I wonder if she could even find her voice right now. I didn't know if there was anything I could say or do that might help to lessen her pain.

I know how it feels to lose someone dear. And it's not one time that I've experienced it, numerous times has life taken away from me the people closest to my heart, until I was left with nothing but a hollow chest.

"How did it happen?" I looked up to find a warm pair of light brown eyes eyeing my upper arm, but they flickered back to meet my eyes just a few seconds after I looked up.

How did what happen? I mentally cursed myself for zoning out. I guess I was in a hospital room, the walls were all coated in the strangest shade of white which always seems to be associated with hospitals and clinics and emergency rooms.

Most people wouldn't find it very disturbing, but it generally creeped me out. It used to give me a strange lurking sense of pain and loss which I couldn't manage to shake off.

How did I end up here again? Now, as I take in my surroundings, I begin to realise what she was referring to. The knife cut on my upper arm.

I wracked my brain to find a suitable answer. Certainly I couldn't tell her some low life was trying to kill my boyfriend and I got in his way.

"It doesn't seem too old", she said. I followed the direction of her eyea, only her eyes waren't fixed on the fresh knife cut but they had moved up to the area near my collar bone. That's when I understood what she was referring to, the scar near my collar bone.

"Yes, I got it a few months back, during an accident ." I didn't give her much details and luckily she didn't ask for it. I don't that I can relive it without letting out sobs every time I try to get a word out.

Although, she did occasionally try to make small talk but I couldn't get myself to start lavishly ranting with her, at least not when tears were stinging my eyes.

However, so that it didn't seem rude, I did often reply with a yes or no and tried my best to smile, even though I was sure it must have looked very fake.

I remember watching my mother ten years ago, in the same white coat, treating the gash on my leg, when I fell off the swing. These walls, this smell and this doctor now, everything seems to remind me of her. Of them.

I want this thing, whatever she was doing to my hand, to end fast. I never took notice of it until now, when she was gently wrapping a sterile bandage around my upper hand. I was trying to focus on something else, but no matter what I thought, where I looked, everything seemed to bring me back to my cruel reality.

To put an end to my miseries Tyler entered the room with a white packet in his hand. "I brought the medicines ",he said holding up the packets.

"Well I'm done " No sooner than the words left her mouth, did I jump to my feet, already making my way towards Tyler.

"Wow! This is the first time I've seen her, since she's been here, showing this much enthusiasm ", the doctor amused, making me focus my attention at the floor. Suddenly, I couldn't help being mesmerised by the white tiles.

However, to my relief no one pressed that fact on my face any longer. The doctor was giving advice to Tyler about how and when to put the lotions on my arm and to give the painkillers if it hurt too much. When they were done we said our goodbyes and actually managed a "thank you ", and that too with a smile.

Once inside the elevator, Tyler asked me if I would rather go to the park and I found no reason to refuse. Well, if you're thinking about school, Tyler clearly forgotten about it, and I don't want to remember it either.

Although I was half inclined to not miss school, it would be unwise to walk around with this bandage wrapped around my upper hand. Maybe tomorrow I could find a full sleeved shirt.

Come to think of it, my very best outfit has been covered in blood strains. " ugh!", I groaned. Not in a million years would I want to see aunt Sophie's face when she sees what I've done to this precious dress. I bet this dress must have cost a fortune.

" What? Is your hand hurting? Doctor Moretti told not to put too much pressure on it.",he said tearing his eyes away from the road and giving me a sideward glance. Now I feel bad I didn't even notice the doctor's name when it was right on her ID.

" No I'm fine ", I said quickly and turned my head away. Although I couldn't help running my fingers over the blood marks on my sleeve. Again a huff of exasperation left my mouth.

"It's a beautiful dress", Tyler said. I wonder how long he has been watching me eying the dress.

"Was", I corrected.

" I will buy you a thousand more dresses like that......."

"No", I didn't even let him finish his sentence. There was no way he was getting me anything else after that pendant.

" but why? It isn't like......."

"Because I said so. No more discussion on this topic", I cut him again.

"Fine",he said turning his attention back to the road.

The rest of the ride was peaceful, with neither of us trying to break the silence. And it was fine with me. He could be as mad as he wanted but I couldn't let him spend all his money on me.

Now as I was fully awake, unlike the first time, as the buildings blurred past us I could see that we were on the old part of the city. Away from the tall skyscrapers and offices and malls, I didn't know there something more in New York.

A few old houses and shops claimed this forgotten part of the world. I have to say I was impressed by how swiftly Tyler drove through the twisted lanes to our destination.

Only it didn't look as extraordinary as it had looked the night before when we were here but still beautiful. That day this old park felt like a lovely dream but today it's feels like a sweet reality.

We sat in the shade of an old cedar tree, since the sun was almost overhead. I predicted it was more or less near noon. We would haveto leave soon or we wouldn't be able to make it in time.

"I think I would like this place more in the evening, when I wouldn't have to shade my eyes because of the sun", I said, attempting at starting a conversation. Surely, we couldn't sit like this our whole lives.

Since he didn't say anything I continued rambling, at least it was better than the silence, which was slowly starting to get on my nerves now.

"Growing up in California, I've had enough of the sun to last for a lifetime. I'll have to admit, I like the rain and the snow much better. But as I said, growing up in California, I've never got to experience much of either of the two."

"You like the snow? ", he asked, but still a bit distracted. " Well, there's a place called Sapporo in Japan where they celebrate a snow festival every year. They make beautiful snow sculptures there. I think you'll love it", he said, now again focusing on me.

"Have you been there before? ",I asked. Curiosity was building inside me at the name of a snow festival.

" yes, I've been there once when I was small", he said.

Come to think of it Tyler once went to Sapporo too, on vacation. When we were eight. I was sick so I haven't been to school for the week before he went. And for the next week he was gone. I felt so bad I couldn't meet him and maybe he too.

For the day they arrived, instead of going to his house he directly came to mine. Ran up the stairs, thtew open my bedroom door and engulgged in a hug.

"I missed you so much!", he whishper-yelled in my ears. I had to move back a little but I was laughing. Maybe because I missed him so much too.

He told me so much about their trip, that I felt like I have was there with him. The snow festival, the beautiful snow sculptures, the lighting, the chocolate known as 'white lovers' which is a specialty there.

"I will take you there sometime ", he said and I just smiled in response. I didn't know how I would feel reliving everything that Tyler once told me.

"What are your other wishes? ", he asked, taking me by surprise.

"Huh?", was all I could manage.

" you know the ones you were talking about earlier, when they were shooting at us", he explained.

"Oh you mean my bucket list?" He nodded in agreement.

"Well I want to learn to drive and whistle. Play with snow. Unite two lovers. Build an orphanage for children. Travel the world. Sing in front of people. save a life." I think that's all.

"You can't drive a car! ", he said like I've told him the earth is not round. It's wasn't that unusual, many people didn't know how to drive and some of them were in their fourties. Compared to them I still have a whole left time to learn.

"Well, dad did try to teach me but every time I did something wrong he would start yelling at me and then then I had to remove my hands from the steering wheel and put them on my ears", I laughed at my own joke but he just stared at me with an amused expression.

"What?", I asked. Why the hell was he looking at me like I came from a different world? And that too just because I couldn't drive a damn car!

"Nothing. I'm just thinking maybe I can teach you how to drive", he said and looked at me expectantly.

"Oh really!", I tried hard to appear pleased. It wouldn't be nice to dissappoint him just because I was afraid of destroying his too very expensive car.

"I never thought you were so eager to learn. If you told me earlier I could have given you free driving lessens. And you know the most interesting part?", he asked.

"What? ", I asked eagerly.

"I won't even yell at you!", he said and I couldn't help laughing. Although, I know he's bound to yell at me when turn right instead of left or press the accelerator instead of the breaks.

"well your other wishes......wait......but that makes it nine. Shouldn't you have like a tenth wish?", he asked. Even though I knew he was just curious I could never admit to anyone that I previously used to have a tenth wish too.

But once when I was little, I told it to Tyler and he had a good laugh for fifteen minutes! Later I tore it off in a fit of rage and embarrassment.

"No I just have nine wishes." I swear I would never tell another soul about it. He looked at me from the corner of his eyes like he already knew my secret but let it go soon enough.

After all the beautiful sunset was impossible to miss. It was like someone has painted the sky a thousand shades of crimson, purple and gold.

From the corner of my eye I could still see him watching me. "What?", I asked turning towards him.

"Nothing, can't I watch my girlfriend without being interrogated! ", he said dramatically making me roll my eyes.

"Do you have any idea how adorable you look when you do that", he remarked.

I bit my lip as a blush slowly began to creep up my cheeks. "And that too! Okay, now you've done it! ", he said before bringing my face close to his as our lips met in a fiery kiss.

I was so taken aback at first that I failed to respond. But soon enough, my hands slipped into his hair, pulling him closer to me - if it was even possible.

He broke the kiss and this time we were both panting. He placed his forehead against mine, slowly opening his eyes. My heart almost skipped a bit as I held his gaze, they had so much adoration in them.

"Roll your tongue"

"What?" I didn't get where this was suddenly coming from.

"Roll your tongue. Just do it." I did as he said. "Now put your fingers like this", he said, doing the same and I followed him. "Now blow", his voice came out muffeled, but I still got it.

I did as he said, and whoa! The silent was disturbed by both of our whistles. "I can't believe I did that! Did you see that", I was up on my feet and already jumping with joy.

He broke into an amused laugh seeing my excitement. And I just couldn't help joining him.

I wish the the rest of my life would pass like this, with Tyler by my side and our grandchildren playing around us. But I know this is just a wish and soon I'll have to return back to reality because we'll have to leave soon.

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