Forever yours

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Chapter 19 come back

'On a clear, starry night, here the full moon glows'

'Through the leaves of the giant oak tree, here the soft breeze blows'

'Here tomorrow again, on the bed of green grass, will settle drops of dew'

'Here is the place where I love you '

The words came flowing into my ears, like the gentle rippling of an invisible waterfall. I was transported eleven years back. To the bedroom of my house. Mom was there, she was singing me this lullaby because I couldn't sleep.

I woke up with a start. Yes, now I remember. I used to hum it all the time when I was small. This song was my dearest companion in times of happiness as well as sorrow.

The effect of the alcohol must have subsided. My thoughts weren't as foggy as before. Only if the unbearable headache would subside. It felt like someone was hammering on my head.

I looked around, Tyler wasn't there. Did he leave already? I never knew the exact time when he left, I was always asleep. All I know is whenever I woke up due to a nightmare, he was always there for me.

What time was it? I looked at the bedside clock. It was four in the morning.

I laid down on my bed again, but I couldn't sleep. The verses were repeatedly being played in my mind.

'On a clear, starry night, here the full moon glows'

'Through the leaves of the giant, oak tree, here the soft breeze blows'

'Here on the bed of green grass, will settle drops of dew'

'Here is the place where I love you '

I softly hummed the song, trying to remember every little detail about it. How this song gave me security, peace and courage, how it never failed to enlighten my dampened spirits.

How did Tyler know this song? He couldn't have known it unless he had heard me singing it sometime. But I don't remember singing this after he left. I just didn't have the heart to sing anymore.

So he must have heard me singing it before that, but then......Wait! Could he be....?

I jumped up from the bed and headed towards the closest. I pulled out the scarf he had previously tied around my wound. I intently examined it. It wasn't just like the scarf grannie had gifted me, it was my scarf.

I sank down on my bed. The instant connection, the strange feeling at the pit of my stomach that I've known him forever, those deep blue oceanic eyes, the dimples on his cheeks. He was my Tyler! There was no doubt about it!

Why hadn't I put two and two together before? This was what the whole universe was trying to tell me, and I was so clueless to understand the signals. Everything about him was trying to direct me to this conclusion from the start.

But this didn't make any sense. He was supposed to be dead seven years ago. And his ser name is Evans not Miller. What happened to Stephanie if he was actually my Tyler? No, he did tell me that his mother was dead.

I was broken from my chain of thoughts by a sudden sound of gunfire. I got up from my bed with a sudden start and placed my ears on the door.

I could hear shuffling of feet down the corridor. There was a hue and cry in the house. I could faintly hear some voices.

Suddenly the sound of the footsteps became more prominent. It wasn't just one but many pairs of boots moving together. And they were approaching me in a very fast pace.

But all of a sudden, the steps slowed down until they seemed fainter and fainter down the length of the corridor.

Confused, I moved away just at the right time, as the door burst open. It was dark outside and I squinted my eyes to make out the figure who was now busy closing my bedroom door behind him.

"Ari" I didn't need any confirmation anymore. This was the voice I would know anywhere - know and respond to - whether dead or alive. I could see his deep blue eyes glinting as the light from the window fell on his face.

"Tyler?", I took a step closer towards him. "Ari I've to go. They're after me", he said.

"Who? Where are you going? Don't jump, you'll get hurt!", I shrieked before he could jump out my window.

"I promise I'll be fine. ", he said kissing my forehead. The door burst open, revealing four three figures in the dark.

"I'll come back to you ", Tyler said before jumping out the windows.

One of the figures hurried to the windows followed by the others. Tyler was still climbing down, so he didn't jump after all. As moonlight fell on the person approaching with a gun, I recognised it was John.

He positioned his gun at Tyler. As if suddenly out of a trance I shrieked,"No!". I leapt forward, trying to snatch the gun away from his hand.

I couldn't get the gun but I did succeed in changing the target of the bullet fired from it.

"Shit! ", John cursed aloud.

"Get him!", he yelled. One of the other two figures lurking by the door disappeared down the corridor. Uncle John followed him soon after.

"No wait", I tried to follow him but two strong hands held me in position rigidly.

"Let me go!" I thrashed and kicked against his strong hold. In vain did I try to kick and scratch with my fingernails.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of gunfire followed by a loud thrash. It felt like blood was completely drained from my body.

Did the bullet hit him while he was trying to leap over the gate? I stopped figgetting to get out from his hold, in fact my whole body has gone still.

"Tyler ", his name barely left my mouth as I felt a sudden jolt of pain in my left chest. The grip on me loosened and I collapsed on my knees.

I felt my senses going numb, all I could feel was that excruciating pain. All I see was his face, all I could hear was his voice, until darkness consumed me.

"Forever yours", he said entwining his pinkie finger with mine.
There was a moment of silence as the little boy with the dark hair changed into the dangerous gang leader who just shot someone outside a bar.
His protective arms guarding me from the darkness.
His oceanic blue eyes still looking at me with that same intensity.
"I'll come back to you no matter what "
I woke up with a start. The darkness has subsided revealing the morning light.
It was a dream right? Yes, it must've been a dream. A nightmare again, and a very bad one at that. I shaked my head again to clear my thoughts. It must have been my subconscious playing a stupid prank with me.
My head was still hurting, but there was a different aching pain in my left chest, like someone has ripped my heart out.
I swear I'll never ever drink again. This must be the stupid effect of the hangover.
I got up from my bed, threw on a deep green shirt over a pair of denim jeans and headed out the door. Halfway down the stairs I bumped into someone in my hurry.

"Ell? ", I immediately recognised that voice. "Elliot? " What was he doing in here in the early morning.

"What exactly happened here last night Elliot?", I asked, dreading his answer.

"Oh you very well know what happened Ell", he said.

I grabbed the railing for support. I felt my legs wobbling under my wait. " No, I don't. Please enlighten me"

"Do you have any idea what has happened around you this past few days or were you so engrossed in your little romance bubble that you didn't care anymore? ", he said.

"Could you be a little clearer Elliot? ", I pressed.

"Have you read the newspaper lately or heard the news?", he asked.

"What news?"

"David Evans has been arrested redhanded in Bangkok while dealing drugs", he informed. "And he will be transferred here to New York tomorrow. He will be kept here under commissioner John's custody for further interrogation "

"Yeah so?" It was still very unclear to me how that was related to this.

"So your boyfriend was here to find details about when and how he would be brought here and where he would be kept", he said.

"Why would he do that?", I failed to understand why Tyler would take so much risk to get information about David Evans.

"Because he is his son"

"Son!?", it was like the floor had disappeared under my feet and I was falling down into a sea of nothingness.

"Yeah, adopted son. That's all I know"

Yes, David Evans, Tyler Evans. That actually explains the same ser name. Why haven't I thought of it before? I knew Tyler was in the mafia but I never asked for whom he worked.

But why hadn't Tyler told me? Wait I know that answer. I told him I didn't like talking about his gang life.

That explains certain things. David Evans adopted him when Stephanie was killed in the public firing, but why?

Elliot had already moved passed me while I was digesting all the new information. There was some change in his manner today, but I couldn't pinpoint what.

"Wait Elliot ", I called making him halt in his steps.

Time to confront my worst of fears. It couldn't be true, I tried to reassure my heart which was on the verge of jumping out of my chest.

It couldn't be. It wasn't Tyler, I was just dreaming. That's all. I was so drunk I couldn't differentiate between what was real and what was just a figment of my imagination.

"Is Tyler alright? ", I asked. He just looked at me with eyes that were cold as ice. His silence spoke volumes.

I didn't need confirmation anymore. I was already on my senses again. I rushed down the stairs, skipping a step or two on the way.

I didn't care if I imagined it or not. I didn't care if I was still dreaming. I didn't care how much Elliot was yelling for me to come back.

I have to see him. I have to hear his voice. I have to feel his protective arms around me again. I have to reach him.

By the time I was on my way to dart out of the door, a hand gripped me from the behind. "I'm sorry, but it's dangerous miss, you can't go out" A burly man, with hefty shoulder informed me.

"No you don't understand I've to go", I tried wrenching my hand out of his grip in vain.

"We have orders. We can't let you go go outside ", he said more firmly.

"I'll take her back to her room", Elliot appeared behind the guard. And I was amazed to see he actually let me go.

"Come on ", Elliot said placing his hand on my back.

"No I need to get out of this wretched place right now!", I almost yelled at no one in particular.

"Enough!", Elliot swirled me over his shoulder and carried me the rest of the way upstairs, while I kept on figgetting to get out of his grasp. After a lot of kicking and yelling, he finally put me down as we entered my room and shut the door on my face, locking it from outside.

"Open the door! I have to see him! I can't lose him again!", I kept on banging the door, determined to break it if I have to.

I would bring down the whole house if I have to. In a fit of rage and desperation, I lost control of the reasonable part of my mind completely.

I rummaged through the room, desperate to find something that could break this dammed door.

I threw down all clothes from the wardrobe. Wrenched the curtains from their holders. In my fit of rage, I even threw down a vintage looking vase by the door across the room.

It slammed on the headboard of my bed, breaking into a thousand pieces. "I'm sorry. Will you be my friend ", the soft toy chanted. Maybe one of the pieces of the vase had accidentally activate the play button on the ribbon around it's neck.

After the overwhelming feeling of loss and tragedy had subsided, the new sense of helplessness washed over me.

I slowly walked towards it, gently picking it up. Afraid that it would dissappear too.

In the midst of the mess, that was previously my room, I crumbled on my knees, finally letting all the supressed tears roll down my cheeks.

I hugged Fluffy tight. His voice somehow soothing to ears, bringing me back to sense. He was cuddling it last night. I pressed my nose on it. It smelled of him.

"Come back", I wept, almost drenching it with my tears. "You promised. Please come back. I need you." My hands locked around the pendant around my neck.

He was just here yesterday, more tears started to roll down my eyes. He wanted to go away, I stopped him. I asked him to stay.

I didn't hear the door open behind me. I wasn't even aware that someone was standing behind me until he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"You must be hungry right. See I cooked your favourite kheer", he said placing it on the bedside table. Thankfully, it was saved from my destruction.

"Reshma told me she once cooked it for you and you really loved it. " Was it already lunch time? I didn't realise.

So I thought.....", he babbled on. It was strange how his personality changed in the matter of hours.

"Where is he?", I asked interrupting him. When he didn't answer I continued. "how is he? Is he okay?" He still watched me with an expression which was foreign to me.

"Please, I just need to know that he's okay", I pleaded. All the fire has already died down. I could run from the door, which Elliot had forgot to close when he entered. But he wasn't the only one I needed to run away from. Right now it felt like every soul present in this house were my enemies.

"eat it", he said indicating to the bowl on the table. He was about to move out of the door again when I mustered all my strength and got up from my position.

How ling have I been sitting like this? My legs felt numb. Nonetheless I ran towards him, skipping the broken peices of different things and shreads of various fabrics on the way.

I grabbed the door before he could close it. "Please Elliot. I can't lose him again. I can't live without him", I said the last part in almost a whishper.

"Then you'll have to learn to live without him. Because he is dead", he said coldly, removing my hand, before closing the door.

Why wasn't I even slightly shocked to hear this? Why wasn't I crying my eyes out right now? Had all the tears dried up already?

Somehow I had already predicted it on my own. This was the end - the end of everything.

I went to my bedside table, opened the drawer and took out the small bottle of sleeping pills. I had kept them for those nights when no matter how hard I tried to sleep, those nightmares would always come to haunt me. They helped me drive into a dreamless sleep.

I emptied half of the bottle on my palms. Swallowing all of them in one go, I laid down on my bed, hugging Fluffy close to me.

I took in his smell, it enveloped all my senses until I felt darkness consume me. If he couldn't come back to me, I would go to him. A smile spread across my lips, I was going to him.

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