Forever yours

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Chapter 20 Runaway bride

"On a clear, starry night here the full moon glows"

"Will you be my friend? "

"Through the leaves of the giant, oak tree here the soft breeze blows"

"We'll always find our way back to each other "

Here tomorrow again on the bed of green grass, will settle drops of dew.

"I'll come back to you no matter what "

"Here is the place where I love you "

"Forever yours"

My eyes slowly opened to the beeping of the monitor beside my head. I looked around, the bright light caused my eyes to squint.

Was I dead? Where was I? Was this heaven or hel? I hope I had done enough sins to end up in he'll. One else I would've to beg the gods or the angels, or whoever was in charge to send me to hel. My world was where he was.

I scrunched my nose as the familiar smell of disinfectant hit my nose. I suddenly felt trapped in the white walls.

I sat up on my bed. No, it wasn't my bed. Where was this place? I looked at the long tube running down my hand.

Was this the kind of quarters, people's were alloted after they were dead? I've to admit I didn't like it. Heaven or hel, or whatever this was, it didn't stand upto my expectations.

The door opened right then and a woman in white uniform walked in with a trolley. Was she an angel, she looked pretty human and why was she dressed like a hospital nurse? Could she tell me which apartment Tyler was alloted.

Someone else in a white coat followed behind her, before closing the door silently behind him. He was wearing a mask on his face, but I immediately recognised his eyes as soon they locked on mine.

He removed the mask and a gasp left my mouth. Looks like he found me before I got the chance to find him. Was he waiting for me? Did he know I would be coming to him no matter what?

"Medicine time", the nurse or angel or whoever she was, said extending a glass of water and a pill towards me.

When instead of taking them from her hand I kept on staring at him, she turned out to follow my gaze.

"Who are you? How did you come in? I'm calling the security right now", she said taking out the phone from her coat pocket.

Tyler snatched it away from her hand, before ahe got the chance to dial any number. "Wha........" I grabbed the flower vase by the bed and hit it in her head. It took almost a second for her to fall down, unconsious.

I ran upto him and wrapped my arms around his neck. At first I felt unsure if I would simply pass through him like a spirit. But thankfully, I didn't. I inhaled his delicious smell.

It suddenly felt like I had found my reason again, I had found my way again, I had found my destination again, I had found myself again.

"I told you I would come back right? How can you be so stupid as to try to kill yourself? Has it ever crossed your mind how I'll live without you?", he said shaking my shoulders, as if trying to break me from a trance.

"Has it ever crossed your mind, how I would live without you?", I said, pushing away his hands.

"What other option did I have? I had to come back to you! Dead or alive I had to reach you!", I said wipping the single tear that had rolled down my eyes.

"why the hel would tou think I was dead?", he said making me look up at him in confussion.

"Why aren't you dead right now? Am I not dead too?", I asked.

He smiled at me, my favourite crooked smile. "You think this is hel?", he asked.

"How can this be hel if you're here with me?, I tried to reason.

"yes, all the more reason for you to end up in hel." When I didn't show any signs to understand what he ment, he explained, "Don't you think I should be destined for hel?"

So did he mean this was hel? I've to admit it had exceeded my expectations. I don't know what I was expecting exactly. Maybe a place enveloped in darkness, but everything was white here.

Looking around I said," even if this is hell, heaven couldn't be better than this"

"Babe this is not hell. Neither is any of us dead right now.", he said grabbing my shoulders.

"How can that be? Where are we right now then?", I asked looking around.

"You're in a hospital room right now. This morning they found you lying on your bed unconsious and brought you here.", he explained.

So this was a hospital room. I looked down as heat slowly creaped up my cheeks. How stupid have I been! Of course this was a white, sanitary hospital room.

"But Elliot told me you were dead. I even heard the gunshot "

"The bullet never touched me, Ari. And as for your Elliot he felt it would be easier for them to keep you in control if you thought I was dead. If you knew I was alive, you would do anything and everything to reach me", he said.

"But to their dismay I did it anyway", I concluded.

"I've to say you made it easier for me. It would've been hard to get you out from your house with those guards and all. But that still doesn't justify you trying to commit suicide! ", he said.

"So what are you going to do now? Kidnap me?", I asked with a smirk.

"Nope, I'll take you away like a runaway bride", he said making me laugh.

"I would gladly run away with you", I said.

"You do realise you'll perhaps never be able to come back here again?", he asked serious now.

"Do you think I took those pills because I wanted to come back? I wanted to go away, to where you were."

"First put on these clothes", he said handing me a bag which contained a pair of jean shorts and a grey t-shirt, from the botom rack of the med trolley that the nurse had brought. I wonder how he managed to stash it there.

I changed into the attached washroom that the hospital room had.

"put into her coat over that and put your hair in a bun like her. I promise I'll take you away from here", he said indicating to the nurse now lying on the floor.

I did as he told. We walked out of the room with the medicine trolley. As he had suspected the guards didn't take notice. A male and a female nurse went inside together and they came out together. Now who would pay so much attention as to the stature of the female nurse had changed or not.

We got into the lift and threw off the white coates and masks. On second floor we got out of the lift and took the stairs instead to reach the lobby. Except some tracepassers and a few general patients no one noticed us.

Tyler directed me towards a black porche. We got in, and Tyler drove off. I looked at the hospital in the rear view mirror one last time. This was where I left my old life, this was where I left my identity as the simple, innocent seventeen year old girl who came from San Francisco after her parents unfortunate death, to live with her aunt and uncle in New York.

The building slowly became fainter and fainter as Tyler hit the road at full speed.

He stopped the car I'm front of a bar. Holding my hand he lead me inside, amidst the stares of surly looking men, I really felt very uncomfortable.

We got out from the back door into a narrow lane which seemed devoid of even a single human soul. He stopped in front of an nondescript building.

He knocked on the metal door in an unusual manner, the door clicked open revealing a fairly built man with close cropped, dark brown hair. He nodded in greeting at Tyler and moved aside to let us pass.

The inside wasn't as bad as the outside. It seemed bigger from inside too. It was fairly well furnished with little lighting.

"I never thought running away would be this fun!", I whispered, turning towards him.

"You'll soon regret it", he said guiding me towards a narrow staircase at the end of the hall. I wasn't sure what he meant. Did he regret taking me here already. Well it was too late to repent.

"I'll never regret falling in love with you " That made him halt in his steps. He turned around and stared at me with shock on his face. Beyond the shock, there was also pain.

"What? I wasn't so drunk last night that I couldn't hear the voice of my own heart"

There was something buried in his eyes that I couldn't be sure of - and it scared me. I didn't want to bring up last night, but I wasn't sure if avoiding the subject would be worse.

I said slowly, pronouncing each word carefully, "I love you Tyler James Miller "

Suddenly, there was sharp jolt of pain at the back of my head, like someone had hit me with something very hard. Dark spots blurred my vision, and everything started to get hazzy. My legs gave out, and I fell down with only darkness consuming me.

I never liked the bulldog in Mr White's house. They named him Buzo. To me it seemed like a nasty, selfish creature with two highly sharp canines.
This feeling of hatred was mutual. He always barked on seeing me to show his discontent.
Most of the day I ignored him like a stupid street symbol. But that day wasn't like most days. I was highly mad. I had a fight with Tyler for losing the friendship band I gave him. It tool me so much effort to make. And that idiot, he simply came to me and said, "I'm so sorry. I've lost it"
As I passed Mr White's house, Buzo followed his usual routine of snarling at me. Pouring all his hatred out. Being the fool that I was, I did something crazy.
Guess what, I stuck out my tongue at him. And that stupid dog had such a sense of dignity, he looked around checking if someone had seen me sticking out my tongue at him, and furiously rushed towards me.
That's when I noticed that his chain was open. As if out of a trance, I started running for my life. What was Mr White thinking, keeping such a horrible, dangerous animal unchained!
How could I have competed with such a sprinter? If only I had six legs instead of two! I would have surely defeated it then, but it was impossible with these two slow legs.
Luck was definitely at odds with me that day, for I on taking a turn I came to the end of the street. There was nowhere to turn, no where to go. I was sandwiched between tall walls on three sides and the snarling animal before me.
I called for help but no one answered. As if in a menacing grin, he revealed his pearly white, razor sharp canines.
It snarled Al me one last time before leaping forward. I covered my eyes with my hands and turned my face towards the wall behind me, awaiting my fate - but it never came.
There is was silence for a while then I heard the sudden cry and retreating footsteps. I looked up, Tyler was standing before me, his back was facing me and there was a baseball bat in his hand.
I wiped the tears that had rolled down my eyes and rushed towards him. I threw my arms around him and wept some more.
"It's okay. I'm right here. I'll always be there for you ", he said wrapping his arms around me.
He was always there for me. He always came whenever I cried.

I slowly opened my eyes. Dazed and disorientation I looked around. There wasn't much I could see. I tried to move my hands, I couldn't. I tried to move them again, there were tied to something. No wait, I was tied to a wooden chair. My writs and ankles were tied. I vaguely tried to wrench myself free, hurting myself more in the process. I scrunched my nose in disgust. This place reaked of smoke and gunpowder.
"Is anyone here?", I yelled, nobody answered. "Why am I tied up like this?", I tried again, still no answer.
"Where is this place? Tyler!" Then I heard some shuffling of fees outside. The opened revealing a figure. I squinted my eyes to make out the person, the sudden light coming from the open door was blinding me.
He closed the door behind him and kneeled down before me. I didn't have to put too much effort to recognise those eyes. But they were different, they were distant.
"Thank God, you're here Tyler! I was so scared...."
I was cut off by his voice, now so angry and hollow. "Shut the fuck up!",he snapped at me. "I'm tired of dealing with your bullshit for this long! I want to get this over with. I need you to do exactly as I say. That way it would be less painful for you", he said, his eyes cold and foreign not the warm ones I was accustomed to.
"What? What is going on Tyler? Why am I tied up like this? ", warm tears now freely fell down my cheeks.
"Just do as much as I ask you to ",he said, his eyes so hard and voice so cold I had to look closely at him to reassure myself he was my Tyler.
"Why are you doing this? "The door burst open revealing another man, maybe slightly older than Tyler.
He slapped me right across my face. I could feel feel the sharp stab of pain on the left side of my face. I witheld the urge to place my hand against the sore part because they were already tied. "Told you she wasn't to be dealt with such tenderness "
"I told you I could handle her, there was no need for you to interfere, Daniel ", Tyler said getting up, blocking the other man from my view.
"Yeah, you were handling it pretty well", the other man, whose name was supposedly Daniel replied.
"You fucked things up. I brought her here. You wouldn't have been able to bring her here in a millon years if it wasn't for me", Tyler said.
"Fine, but I want the work done soon", Daniel said before exiting the room, or whatever this place could be called.
"You lied to me all this time?", I asked trying to hold back the tears that have accumulated in my eyes.
"I don't have time for this. I'll make a deal, you call your uncle and and tell him if he didn't release David Evans by today evening, we will kill you and I'll tell as you as much truth as I'm allowed too. And do remind him that he better not try to act smart"
"Would you kill me?", I asked making him pause while dialing a number on his phone - no this wasn't his phone.
"Could you kill me?", I asked again.
"I'll kill you if I have to", he said.
"Did I never mean anything to you ", I almost said it in a whisper - more to myself than to him.
"Oh enough already! Save this emotional drama for later", Daniel walked in again.
"Move!", he ordered Tyler. I was amazed to see Tyler actually get out of the door before shutting it.
Daniel grabbed my hair making me look up at him. "How hard is it for you to understand? ", he yelled in my ears.
"Does this look like a game to you. I'll tell you one last time. We call your uncle and you tell him to release David Evans before this evening or else you're dead"
"I would rather be dead......aah!", a searing scream left my mouth as a knife in his hand cut over my left eyebrow, making blood trickle down my face.
Suddenly the door burst open again. "How hard is this for you to understand.", Tyler said through gritted teeth, placing both of his hands over my hands, just above my wrists. I wanted to free myself from his grasp, it felt like it was burning my skin. But my wrists were tied so all I could do was squirm under his heated gaze.
"You're hurting me" I thought that would make him loosen his grip on me. He never hurt me - well, never before. But I couldn't have been more wrong, his grip only tightened on me, causing me to close my eyes in real pain. I was sure it would definitely leave mark. I stopped the tears from rolling down my cheeks, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing me hurt.
"Touch me again and I will find a way to kill you", I challenged and I meant every single world. If he tried to hurt me in any way and if I was still capable of moving after that, I would surely find a way to kill me. If I was going down, I would take him with me.
"Oh really", he hissed, the side of his lips twitching into a half smile. My favorite crooked smile, only it disgusted me now.
He fists landed on my stomach and I felt the air leave my lungs. This wasn't enough, he kept punching me multiple times, until I felt I could cough out blood.
"You hit like a girl", I immediately regretted saying it, for his fist landed on my face, my nose taking the maximum damage. I could feel something warm under my nose, pooling above my lips. I knew very well, it was my blood.
"This must be enough ", Daniel said putting a hand on Tyler's shoulder. Tyler seemed to consider it for a while. " What do we do with her now?", he asked looking at Daniel.
"We can't do anything with her at least until dad's released ", Daniel said glancing sideways at me.
"I'll leave you alone till then sweetheart ", Tyler said moving out the door followed by Daniel and again I was left alone, in complete darkness, my silent tears being my only companion.

Note: Sorry for withelding the chapters. I've written those chapters in a hurry, and now that I revised them a lot of things felt wrong. I want to give this book my everything and you guys deserve the best. So I'll do some chapter edits and post back the chapters. Those of you who've already read them before, you can go back and re-read these chapters, if you want. If you don't want, it's okay. You won't be missing on any plot here.
Until then, stay tuned for more updates.
~happy reading, my lovely readers
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