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Chapter 2 New life, new start

It was my first day of new school in New York , it would be wrong if I say I wasn't exited, but I was scared too. I heard someone knock on the door, it clicked open and Reshma's little figure came into view. She seemed startled to see me awake, and why wouldn't she be? I've stayed the whole day in bed yesterday. I don't know if I was tired or just wanted to hide away from the world.

"Breakfast is ready, your aunt is waiting for you downstairs." She informed. "I'll be there in five " I answered her unasked question, that whether I was in mood for breakfast today, or I would just repeat yesterday's routine. After all, I can't be grumpy for the rest of my life. At some point I would have to smile, at least for the sake of those who care for me. I could see how much it hurt aunt Sophie to see me like this. It would be wrong to release the frustration of my misfortune on them.

They wanted me to be like I always was, full of life, the girl who could make anybody smile, no matter how sad they were. But how could I be myself when a part of me was missing.

Only if I was quick enough. I might have been able to save them. It was all my fault, if only I was patient enough and didn't distract dad every few minutes, they both might be with me right now.

So, I took out my diary. It consisted of my bucket list. I wrote down my ninth wish' to save a life'. I knew it wouldn't be able to bring them back but it may help to give me some peace of mind.

My wishes weren't something extravagant, infact, you may find it weird, in the grand scheme of things. But that's all I could ever ask for.

They were as follows ~

1. Play with snow

2. unite two lovers

3. learn to whistle

4. Learn to drive a car

5. Sing in front of a large audience

6. Travel the whole world.

7. Build an orphanage for children.

8. To be somebody's reason to smile

9. To save a life

Reshma had already run the bath for me. She was a nice Indian lady, very polite and sweet. She had long black hair like me, which was now neatly tied up in a bun. She had dark brown eyes and seemed to be in her mid thirties. I was sure we would get fairly acquainted after we get to know each other more.

I put on a skin tight black jeans and a white tank top and matched it with a pair of flats. I tied my hair in a top knot and went down for breakfast. Uncle John were no where in sight, he must have left early for some kind of emergency. Aunt Sophie was very punctual too, she waited for me though, she must have been worried about me. So, I put on a small smile on my face, afraid if she might catch the pain behind it. She was so much like my mother, she could always look through my soul.

Her face lit up the moment she saw me coming down the stairs. I could see some wash over her. She asked me, "are you okay Ell? " There was concern in her eyes. "Yes, I'm better now", I replied honestly. "Please take a seat",she offered.

I looked at the other corner of the dining room and saw a buffet of breakfast spread out with every possible dish one could wish for in the morning. There was tea in a big silver pot and coffee too. On the heater, dishes of scrambled eggs, bacon and fish were laid ou. There was a little clutch of boiled eggs as well, and toast, and various pots of jam, marmalade, and honey, while dessert dishes, piled high with fruit, stood stood at either end of the table.

Aunt Sophie ate very little, I couldn't eat much either. Only a boiled egg, some fruits and a cup of tea. I couldn't help wondering what would happen with the leftovers.

The rest of the breakfast went without any interruption, we let silence accompany us, for no one knew what would be the right thing to talk about. But the silence was broken by aunt Sophie's sudden sigh. "Is everything all right? "I asked. "yes honey, everything is fine ".

The way she said it, everything didn't seem fine. I was drowned in my thoughts trying to figure out the mystery behind her sudden worry when suddenly she clapped her hands, rather enthusiastically, as if she got a master plan. She decided to tell me after all, "John forgot his phone Ell, will you give it to him on your way, your school is in the same direction. I have to be at work and I'm already late, or the else I wouldn't trouble you.", so she thought it would trouble me."Yes, sure. You don't have to worry about troubling me, I would love to help whenever I can." I know I can't ever return the love and kindness they have shown to me but at least I can show them how grateful I'm.

Mr Morris stopped the car in front of a large building. He was my driver. He cleared his throat, while I was busy admiring the structure. "Mr Roosevelt' office miss."

I didn't need any further clarification, Mr Morris opened the door for me and said, " I'll be here when you come back, just give me a call. " "sure", I replied with a smile and headed straight inside. There were many police men moving about, it was hard to find uncle. He was the commissioner, he must have his own office. But what if he wasn't in office. I was actually acting like an idiot, I could just ask someone.

While I was having an inner battle within myself about whom to ask, some looked angry while others seemed frustrated, I was trying to find someone who seemed to be in a better mood, I heard a shriek from the far left corner. I looked around and found the source of the voice. It's owner was unknown yet familiar at the same time, as if I've known him my entire life. If that makes any sense. It broke my heart to see him in pain. I didn't know him but he felt so close to heart, for some reason.

Some police men were hitting him with some thick rods, his hands were tied to the ceiling and feet were tied together. They were asking him some questions which he was not answering. The police men left after a couple of minutes, clearly frustrated that he was not responding.

He looked up then, directly at me, as if he knew I was looking at him. His eyes locked with mine, and I could see the familiar blue waves drowning me. His black hair was falling on his face, covering his forehead. Even in this state, how did he manage to look like a Greek god. I couldn't look away from his eyes for much longer, there was so much pain in them. It felt like he was silently calling me, to help him, to save him.

I was forced to look away when I heard a familiar voice from behind. I turned around to find uncle John, he seemed surprised to see me here. "What are you doing here Ariel? ", he asked. "You left your phone at home. I just came to deliver it, I was just thinking how to find you " I replied almost instantly, I was very busy eying the handsome stranger. "Thank you, I would ask you to stay, but you will be late for school ".

"I see you later ",I said before moving towards the door, but halted in my way and turned around. Uncle John was not there, but the haunting blue eyes were still fixed at me.I don't know why, but it felt like he deserved a life, so much better than this. And the resemblance between him and Tyler were astonishing.

However, with that I left, school wasn't so bad after all. I even managed to make a crazy friend in English class. Her name is Lily. She is very sweet. I just asked her for the notes I missed and she kept blabbering the whole period about each and everything that crossed her mind. She gave me some inside info about most of the students in school.

Lily was a few inches shorter than me. She had shoulder length strawberry blond hair. She was very smart and stylish and basically the gossip girl of the school. She had every information about everybody.

At recess , I sat beside her. Her other friends, Rose and Faith along with their boyfriends Paul and Nick, also joined us. They all seemed very nice and friendly.

Rose has red hair upto her midback and soft brown eyes. Faith is a brunette with light blue eyes, but hidden behind thick glases. Paul has long mahogony hair, which he had neately tied up at the back, with brown eyes. Nick was very much like Faith with the same thick glasses. He had soft brown hair with grey eyes.

I gussed that Faith and Nick, if not nerds, were not too far from that status. But I didn't try to dig into that topic, it wouldn't be very wise of me to bring it up when I've just met them. They never spoke during the whole recess, except for the introductory 'hi' and 'hellos'.

But Rose and Paul were rather sweet and full of life. All of them were into music. Paul and Rose are singers, Faith and Nick write down the lyrics for them. Lily was an expert in mixing all the tunes up and making something extra ordinary with it. She was the official DJ of Redwood high.

I told them, I would love to hear their music sometime. They said I could always join them whenever I wanted. I didn't mention I had a passion for singing as well. I was afraid I would have a pannic attack if I was told to perform in front of a large audience.

Nick and Faith were in my Physics class, Paul and Rose in Bio and Lily, well she was everywhere. We shared almost the same classes. They all agreed to help me catch up with all that I've missed, because I had late admission.

Suddenly, everyone fell silent as a group of boys entered the cafeteria. All of them were dangerously handsome, with well built bodies. And in the centre was that boy I had seen before in the police station. They let him go already! The way he walked, he didn't seem to be much affected by their constant blows. He looked like a fricking male model! They sat at the far end of the cafeteria.

I asked Lily in a a whisper, " whose that? " she replied almost instantly, "he's Tyler Evans, the official bad boy of our school. He never attains any class, god knows why he even bothers to come to school. He's famous for his one night stands. He may even be involved with the mafia. "

I turned to look up at him again, he was looking directly at me. It made butterflies erupt in my stomach, I've never really felt that way about anybody except Tyler. Could it be a coincidence that his name was Tyler too, that he has the same black hair and alluring blue eyes. Was life really playing a game with me?

Wow! What a choice Ariel. You are doomed. But when I saw him in the prison, I wasn't actually expecting him to be prince charming.

After class I went to the library, to work on a new assignment Mrs Smith had given us, she was our English teacher. She was a dangerous lady, she could make you run for life, by just a single glance. All assignments and projects had to be submitted in time, or else you would have to suffer her wrath. She would not tolerate coming late to class, or being inattentive during her lectures.

She asked us to make a review on any of the books of our choice, but it had to be a classic. She appointed each of us a partner, and guess who mine was, the one and only, official bad boy of Redwood High, TYLER EVANS!!!

I sat beside Lily as usual, on the third bench. Mrs Smith entered with a heavy face, she was certainly not in good mood today and it would be direct invitation to hell for anyone who messed with her today.

She announced, "listen class, you have to work on a new assignment. You will have to make a rivew of any timeless classic you want. It will cover a major portion of your grades. So give your best! You all will be appointed a partner. I've already made the list and it follows like this "

"Eric and Mia"

"Hope and Jenny "

"Lily and Aidan" Lily looked at someone, whom I assumed to be Aidan, her cheeks turned red as soon as he smiled at her. Was he her boyfriend? Or just a crush! Anyways, how long would it take to find it out from her. She'snot really good at keeping secrets.

Before I could ask her anything, Mrs Smith's cut me to it."Ariel and Tyler " "What? ",I asked, unable to process whatever I've just heard. "I said that your partner is Tyler Evans, is there any problem with it?"

The whole class was looking at me, some had pity in their eyes, while others were just enjoying my misfortune. The way her eyes were piercing into into mine, it felt like she could eat me alive if I dared complain. I just had to nod my head. "No, I just didn't hear you. I'm sorry. "

I looked around the class, I just hoped Tyler wasn't anywhere in my near radius, I would rather do the work alone than face him after my sudden outburst. He couldn't be here right, Lily said he never attained any classes, and why would he be here in Mrs Smith's class out of all the places in the world.

But sure enough, nothing ever happens in my favour. There he was, in his unearthly glory. He had a smile plastered on his face and he was looking directly at me, but it wasn't an innocent one, it was a smug smile. As if it contained some inner meaning, something bad but something good as well.

As soon as the bell rang, I got up from my seat and headed towards him. I would have to face him sometime, why not sooner than later? Infact, it was a good way of getting to know him. To find out more about him.

I glanced back once, Lily was frozen in her spot, her eyes were wide as sauceror's. But she was broken out of the spell soon enough. She grabbed my hand and looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you insane! What the hell are you trying to do? I gave her hand a tight squize and tried to assure her ,"I will be fine. Don't worry ". She didn't seem much affected by it though but still nodded her head half heartedly and went out the door.

I turned around to find out that the whole class was empty except for us. Why didn't he leave? Was he waiting for me? Why would he bother? There was only one way to find out, which was simple yet complicated at the same time, just ask him.

I walked towards him, with a small smile tugging at the corner of my lips slower than usual, like if I hurried everything would be ruined. I was trying to assure him that everything was fine, although, I didn't know whom I was actually assuring, him or myself.

"Hi " , I extended my hand, "I'm Ariel Hastings, your partner for the new assignment. " He looked at my hand for sometime but then shook it anyway, "I'm Tyler, it's nice to meet you Ariel "

I asked him if we could meet up after school, to work on the assignment and he said yes. So, that's how I was stuck here, for twenty minutes, waiting for him. I didn't know if he would show up or I was just wasting my time. Anyways, I never thought it would be so easy to make him agree.

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