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Chapter 3 Copper heart

The minutes and hours flew by, the halls and corridors were empty now, but he never came. I was walking out of the school gates, clearly more annoyed than ever. I told Mr Morris that he wouldn't have to pick me up, for Lily would drop me. And I told Lily that I would stay back, so she may go on. I didn't know how long it would take and it would be unfair to make her accompany me, when it was clearly visible how much she wanted to avoid Tyler.

But the big question was, how was I going to get home? I didn't know the way and I didn't have much money in my pocket. I brought my savings here, but they were limited. I could have asked for it from aunt Sophie, but it felt highly inappropriate.

Maybe I should just call Mr Morris and ask him to pick me up. But he may be busy with something else, for I told him not to come. How I be that stupid! I calculated all the possibilities in my mind. I came to a conclusion at last. It was finally decided, there was no other option, Mr Morris was my only choice. I would have to call him. So, I dialed his number, he picked up on the second ring.

"Hello? "His thick voice was heard from the other end. " Mr Morris, it's me, Ariel. Sorry to have disturbed you, could you please pick me up from school. "I asked, almost hesitantly. I was ready to hear a clear cut 'no' but fortunately, I heard something else, "Okay miss, just give me a few minutes". He arrived after ten minutes, luckily he didn't ask for any explanation for calling him, out of the blue.

I was expecting a reasonable explanation from Tyler for not showing up, but he didn't come to school the whole week. When I meet him again he will surely suffer for disappointing me every day by not being there.

Since it was a weekend, I didn't have anything to keep me busy. I decided to go around and explore the city. I told Mr Morris that I could go alone. I had to affirm him though, that I wouldn't get lost, and by chance if I did, he would be the first to know. I would also have to give him clear details of the surroundings so he could find me easily.

I came across large buildings and shops, everything around here seemed so cool! While I was admiring the huge infrastructures, something caught my attention. A crowd of people were gathered in front of a bar. I pushed through the crowd and came to the front to get a clear view of whatever eas happening.
A loud shriek of agony came from a man who was being beaten into pulp by some angry looking men. His mouth was filled with blood and he was begging for his life.
A another man came out of the doors with some papers in his hands, he ordered his men to stop hitting that man. He lift the man's chin up, so that he could look directly into his eyes. He whispered something in the man's ears, the man noded and took the papers from his hand before signing them.
My vision was blurred with the amount of tears building inside my eyes. How heartless do you have to be, to hurt someone like that? I couldn't make out the faces of the men very clearly, but that all too familiar smile tugging at his lips, leaving his dimples in full display , before he shot the man directly in the head, it was indeed him. It was Tyler!, he killed the man even after he got what he wanted, he made that man sign the papers.
I don't know what got into me, but I walked directly towards him. Without a care in the world, that everyone's eyes were on me, probably thinking if I was crazy, but I didn't give a shit about them right now. Tyler seemed taken aback to see me there.
"I had waited for you for almost half an hour and here you were killing people." I almost yelled, not caring if people are looking at me like I've gone insane. "Are you angry that I killed someone, or you're angry because I ditched you? "
That was enough to redden up my cheeks. Out of all the explanations in the world I could have given for being mad at him right now, I used that excuse. I was really pathetic.
Was I going crazy? Maybe I was, this boy was making me go crazy. I just stood there, starring at him, while his eyes pierced into mine, a devilish smirk playing on his lips.
What was I supposed to do? Tell him just how much I missed him, just how much I was hurt, when he didn't show up, but won't that just add to his ego? Instead I turned around and tried to move away from him. I fastened my steps, I wanted to get away from there as soon as possible. I don't know what I was running away from, him or reality. However, he grabbed my hand before I could go much further and turned me around.
He almost dragged me to the back of a building, since I was reluctant on going anywhere with him. He grabbed my shoulders, fixing me at my spot. He held my chin up so that I was looking directly in his eyes.
"Where are you going? " he asked, his voice laced with anger. I didn't understand what he was so angry about, he just killed someone in front of my eyes, It should be me who should be angry. But I was more afraid than angry. Afraid of what I was getting myself into.
"Away from you, I had no idea what you are. Or else I would have never come within your one mile radius." My eyes were moist with tears, I tried to look away, but he was in no mood for letting me go. When I saw him in the prison, I anticipated him, to have done some regular crime. I never thought he had a copper heart.
"Why did you kill him? He signed the papers, but still you had to take his life. Is it that easy for you to hurt someone, perhaps, then I should stay away from you. ",I continued, trying my hardest not to let the tears spill.
"You think you know everything right? Now, let me break it up to you, you know nothing about me. It's not the first life that I've taken. But it may be the first you've witnessed me taking. You should probably get used to it, if you want us to complete this assignment together ",he said without any expression, making it harder for me to read what was going on in his mind.
"Then tell me what you are? Tell me about you, what you do with the exception of how many lives you've taken. And please don't give me shit about the assignment again, I know it's no where near importance right now. And I'm sure it wasn't the actual reason for all of this. I heard you don't get along with people, what was so special about me?",I asked almost all in one single breath. I just needed to find the answers.
"What did you expect me to be, your typical prince charming, well let me break it to you, I'm everything your parents will want you to stay away from. And you knew it! You knew it from the first day we met, you were just not ready to accept it. "
"My parents are dead" That's all I said before pushing past him, as soon as I felt his hold loosening. He didn't follow me though.
Or so I thought. To get away from him, I did start walking but I had no idea where I was going. I took a narrow lane so that he couldn't have found me even if he wanted to. That was stupid actually, for I myself didn't know the way out. And now I do wish he had followed me. At least I wouldn't be alone in a place like this. How strange, even after witnessing all that, I am still feeling secure with him!
There wasn't a single soul visible in my near visinity. Maybe I should just turn around and walk back the same path I came. Yes, that's the only option I've got. Because God knows where this road will lead me to.
But as I turned around, I bumped into a tall muscular chest. "Ouch! ", we both exclaimed together.
"You have such a thick skull! ", Tyler said, placing a hand over his chest, where I presumably hit him. "You have a rock hard chest. I hope it hasn't caused any concussion in my head ",I said, rubbing my head. It really was hurting like hell. I hope I don't pass out before even reaching my doorsteps.
"Well it took time to build this amazing body ",he said proudly.
"Why the hell are you following me?", I asked jumping to the conclusion without wasting any time. Point to be noted, just a few seconds ago I was dying to have him here with me, and now I am pretending to be irritated that he has followed me, how ironic!
"I thought you might get lost, wouldn't have wanted you die out here. And trust me you seemed very much like a lost puppy just a moment ago.",he said with a smirk.
"Why do you care if I die?", I asked rolling my eyes. Even though I was jumping from inside that he was worried about my safety, which meant he cared for me. Hell, why was I was still worried about his opinion?
"Wouldn't want to lose my new partner ",he said, winking at me."Come on now ",he said grabbing my hand. I very reluctantly followed him, although I was dancing from inside. Our fingers were so beautifully entwined with each other, it seemed like they were always meant to be that way. So instead of feeling awkward or uncomfortable, I felt contented. Like as if two pieces of a puzzle were finally put together to add a complete meaning to it.
He walked me through some dark lanes and alleys, and all this while I didn't feel the urge to run away the other direction! I just let him lead me, never even for once wondering for a moment where he was taking me. I just stared at our entwined fingers.
When I finally looked up from our hands, I was very close to my house. "can you find your way from here?", he asked, bringing me back to my senses. "Yeah", I affirmed. "Well then I will see you on Monday ", he said placing a soft kiss on my cheek. I was taken aback by that sudden gesture but didn't complain, I get that I have officially lost it!
He turned around to leave before throwing a wink in my direction. I was fixed at at my spot, watching him walk away, my right hand still caressing the spot where his lips were just in contact with my skin. Suddenly I was missing his touch. I wanted to run back to him but that wasn't possible. My eyes still lingered on his retarding figure until he disappeared around the corner. I turned around and walked towards my house, my steps light and carefree, who would say I just witnessed him murder someone! There was this void building inside my chest, as he left me. I knew it was unresonable, but I left reason a long time ago. Probably since the first time I started listening to my heart.

Monday went rather peacefully, until the bell rang, indicating that the next period was indeed 'English'. I've been dreading it the whole day, coming face to face with Tyler. But the only thing that always lacked in my life was luck, it was really stupid of me, to think that it may be on my side today.
Trailing behind Lily, I entered the class. How stupid was I! I was trying to hide behind Lily, when she was actually a few inches shorter than me.
After I settled down on my seat, beside Lily, my eyes wandered around, to find the familiar set of blue eyes, staring back at me. I immediately looked down, trying to avoid any eye contact.
I heaved a sigh of relief, as soon as the bell rang. I was the first one to get up from my seat and head towards the door. But even before I could cross half the distance, Tyler grabbed my hand and turned me around.
"Meet me after school, beside my car" That's all he said before moving out of the classroom, in the blink of an eye. I started at the blank spot, he was standing just a few seconds before, weighting my options, whether I should do as he said or just run away like a coward. The first option obviously, I am not a coward. What's the worse that could happen anyway.
And so, here I was, standing beside his car, waiting for him. His car was easy to find. It stood out, in it's all time glory, making the other cars in the parking look so much inferior to his. It was a silver lamborghini veneno.
Amidst all the creepy stares and whispers- rather loud enough for me to hear- I was getting from people around me, my eyes searched for that one face that could wipe all my worries out and calm down my wretched nerves.
And there he was, in his black leather jacket, black jeans and and a white t-shirt. He had his aviators on, so I was not drowning in those blue oceans any time soon.
Why didn't I notice before how mouth wateringly handsome he was looking? Maybe because I was too busy to hide from him than actually care to be mesmerised by his beauty.
As he neared the distance between us, everything seemed to move in slow motion, and the wind seemed to move heavily only around him, disheveling his hair and making them fall on his eyes, so that he would have to take one of his hands out of his pockets, and push them aside, just like in the old romantic flims.
As I was busy admiring him, I didn't realise he was standing so close to me, until he cleared his throat and added with a smirk on his face, "are you done checking me out? "
"I....I wasn't.....I", great! Now I was stuttering. Well what I supposed to say anyway, I couldn't deny the fact that I indeed was checking him out. Maybe I could've just lied, but my stupid brain had gone completely blank, due to the proximity between us. And I sucked at telling lies anyway, I might have just been caught.
Just one more stew closer and I might regret doing something for the rest of my life. The thought itself was enough to make me blush like an idiot. Control yourself, Ariel! You certainly don't want to make a fool of yourself in front of him.
Realising that making words coming out of my mouth right now, was pretty much next to impossible, so he just continued. "I really messed up everything, I know that you may not ever want to talk to me. And I would understand if it is so but if it isn't, can we start afresh",he paused to take a breath.
"I know that you think I'm an ruthless asshole and I agree with you. But can you give me another chance?",he asked. I just nodded, afraid that my voice voice would betray me.
"Hi there, my name is Tyler Evans. " he said before extending his hand, and to my surprise I found myself placing my hand in his and shaking them "hey, I'm Ariel Hastings, nice to meet you "
And just like that, all my resolutions- of staying away from him, never coming anywhere near his one mile radius and all of that- had vanished in thin air. My hands seemed to fit perfectly in his, like they were destined to. It felt like after so long, my wounds were finally starting to heal.
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