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Chapter 4 Jealous already!

"Wait, I've got something for you ",he said before unlocking his car and taking out something from the driver's seat. Which I wasn't quite able to pinpoint what, as he was hiding it behind him . He crossed the distance in a few strides and revealed a soft toy panda, which continuously chanted on pressing a button on it's coller,"I'm sorry, will you be my friend?"

"So, you need a soft toy to say sorry? Well, he asked me to be his friend, so I'll gladly accept the offer. " I said with a cheery smile."Go on, say it already? "I encouraged.

""he kept on stammering, and I kept my eyes fixed at him, not even blinking. I guess it was rather hard for him to apologise, since he always did whatever he wanted, never having to explain himself to anyone.

" sorry ",he finally said at last and I released the breath I didn't realise I was holding in. "Congratulations, you are forgiven and I'm a hundred years old now ", I said rather sarcastically, how hard could it be for someone to apologise for their mistakes. Even though I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one he should actually be apologising to.

"Wait, are you hungry?I am, and I know this great place, care to accompany me? ", he asked with that same heart warming smile on his face. I've never really noticed until now, the cute dimples that from on his cheek, when he smiles. Maybe that's because I never found him in such a good mood before. Was I the reason for his happiness?

"Are you asking me out on a date.", I said jokingly. "Yeah, you can call it a date. It's kind of my way of apologising ",he said. The thought of a date with him, inevitably made me blush. Luckily I recomposed myself, before he could notice the slight hint of redness on my cheeks.

"Yeah sure ",I tried to reply with the same enthusiasm, even though I was not at all hungry. I felt so happy to find him so full of life, that I couldn't manage to deny his offer. I have just met him a few days ago, and I already care so much about hurting his feelings. wow! What the hell was happening to me?

He opened the passenger side door for me and went to the other side to get in. The car was as luxurious from the outside but I had to keep my exitement botteled up, for I always came to school in a BMW, and he would probably think I am crazy for acting like an idiot, after witnessing his magnificent car.

Soft music played in the background , and the car journey was rather peaceful, except for my regular inquiries,"where are we going? " and his same, composed replies, every time, "you'll see ".

The car finally stopped in front of an old, medium sized restaurant. We went inside, shortly after parking the car, Tyler leading the way and me as always tugging behind him. He went to a table in the middle and sat down, leaving me standing there weighing my options, of whether I should sit opposite to him or beside him. If I sat opposite to him, wouldn't that make it look like we were dating. But if I sat beside him that would make it look like I was desperately trying to get close to him.

His voice brought me to conclusion, "Are you just going to stand there, or what?", "yeah, I'm sorry" I said before finally deciding to sit opposite to him.

The waiter arrived very shortly, with the menu cards in hand and placed it in front of us.Tyler gave his order without even looking at the menu card, "two chicken burgers ", He was busy glaring at the waiter, who's eyes were fixed on me. If looks could really kill, he would've been dead by now. I'm not kidding, by the look on Tyler's face, it seemed like he would just stab the waiter, if he dare took another step towards me. I have already seen him kill someone before, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him do it again.

"And your order? " the waiter asked with a smile. I quickly went through the menu before placing my order. "French fries and a coke" , I said, returning the smile. "Anything else for the beautiful young lady? "He asked with the same cute smile plastered on his face. " no, thank you" and he went to the counter to place our orders.

I took my time to check him out from the back. He had blond hair and green eyes, with an average height of six feet or something. He has a well built figure and above all, the way he would turn back after some time to catch a glimpse of me, and look anywhere else, but at me-when he found me looking back at him-realising that he was caught.

"That waiter's really creepy, if he dares show his teeth once more, I swear I'll break them." He slammed the table, rather loudly for everyone around to hear, and rested his fists on the table. I mouthed sorry to the people who seemed to be the most affected by his reaction, for they were more or less hanging from their chairs to find out what was actually happening, if it was the regular couples cliche or something else.

"He's just being polite, stop over reacting. People are looking at us. "I tried to assure him. And yet, I couldn't remain oblivious to the fact that the waiter was indeed in some way attracted to me, but it was just attraction, that's all. It was nothing in comparison with the unknown attachments I felt with Tyler, from the first time I've laid my eyes on him.

"He was flirting with you! Couldn't you see that! ",He said agitatedly.

But he shouldn't be jealous, of all things. And that too of that waiter, yes he was cute but he was nothing compared to Tyler, he was like those Greek gods, perfect in every way. But that's not the main topic of discussion, if he was jealous of the waiter because he was trying to flirt with me, that meant that he liked me. Yes, he must've liked me or else he wouldn't have reacted that way.

Oh stop over reacting, Ariel! He must really unlike the waiter, that's all. Maybe that's why he's trying to find different excuse to make me dislike him as well. Tyler must have come to this place before, and if this waiter worked here before as well, something might have happened between them, which I was missing. Yes, that definitely must be the case! But then, how to get rid of his obsession about the waiter flirting with me.

Before I could think for a proper reply, to calm him down, the waiter brought in our food, resulting in a temporary pause in our debate. "Your orders, enjoy! And let me know if you need anything else ",he said, looking directly at me. "Yes, we will. Thank you, and you may leave now. "Tyler replied rather harshly.

The waiter backed away a few, just nodded his head in response and turned around. He didn't dare to look at me for the next five minutes but then again, followed the same routine.

I looked up at Tyler and by the look on his face, the waiter had a very bad future ahead of him, if he didn't stop right now. I desperately needed to create a diversion, and take Tyler's mind of the waiter. And luckily I found the perfect distraction .

"Hey, look at that lady behind you, don't you think, she has a strange hairstyle? " I told, referring to the woman behind him. The hairstyle was very difficult for me to explain, but it was more or less like a bowl on top of her head. "Yes, she indeed does". He said chuckling, after giving a quick glance at her direction.

"I've an idea ",he said with a slight hint of mischief in his eyes. "The one who throws the maximum number of fries on top of her head wins", he said while bringing his chair closer towards me, so that he could get a better access to his target. "Challenge accepted ",I replied with the same mischievous smirk of my own.

Tyler had the first turn, all of his fries landed directly on the centre of that huge bowl of hair. That lucky, idiot! Where as, mine went in every direction other than where it should have gone. And unfortunately, the last one went over her head and landed on the table before her, fortunately, she didn't notice. I wasn't to be blamed though, the close proximity between us was doing the perfect job of distracting me.

We were making it very difficult for the people around us, to not eye us like we've completely lost it. The whole place reverberated with our brimming laughter, and yet nothing felt strange. I don't know how, but when I was near him, every awkwardness vanished, like he could actually calm me down. I've never felt this alive, since the day Tyler left.

When we finally managed to get a hold on ourselves, the waiter arrived with the bill. I looked up at Tyler, only to find that he was also looking at me,after waiting for what felt like eternity, he finally broke the eye contact and looked up at the waiter, only to find him smiling down at me.

I so wonderfully managed to divert Tyler's mind of him, but no, he just had to ruin his last chance at unbroken bones and an uninjured body. But what happened was completely different than what I had anticipated.

He took the bill from the waiter, with a soft smile on his face, it was really hard to say what was going on his mind. As I dug into my jeans pocket, to pay for my order, and was already placing my share of the bill on the table, Tyler grabbed my hand. "What are you doing, baby? It was my treat remember?",he asked in a really sweet voice, like as if we were actually dating. 'baby' ,was he trying to kill me. It took me awhile to comprehend that he said intentionally so, in front of the waiter, for you see I was busy trying to hide the blush creeping up my cheeks.

I immediately responded back though , "but honey, you payed the last time as well. It should be my turn now. " I said that, even though I very well knew that I didn't have the money for both of us.

"But darling, I promised to take care of you, and I can't let you pay for the bill, when I'm near by "

"Oh! You are such a sweetheart!", I was slowly starting to get expertise in this field. It was actually funny, but then again, everything felt special with Tyler. However, it didn't seem to have affected the waiter much. He patiently waited for us to finish and then offered us, or more precisely me, the paper napkins. "Thanks ",I said with a small smile on my face.

"You're welcome, my name is Elliott by the way, but I prefer Eli ", he extended his hand, but before I could shake them, Tyler grabbed my hand and directly headed straight towards the door, before saying to Elliott ,"It was nice to meet you, Elliott. We have some really important work to do, so we'll leave now. Thanks for your service and have a nice day. "

"What's written in it?", he asked indicating the napkin in my hand, when we were finally out of Elliott ' earshot. That's when I noticed that something was actually written in it, it was some numbers, it didn't take me long to realise that it was Elliott's number. "he gave me his number " I stated. I saw him clenching his jaw but he stayed quite. Thank god, he didn't turn back and stab the waiter directly on the face.

While Tyler went to get the car, I just stood outside the door of the restaurant, eying the number very closely, deciding on what should be done with the napkin. And after some time concluded that it wasn't even worth so much of thoughts. So, I just crumpled the napkin and threw it in the nearest bin.

There was nothing wrong with Elliott, it was just that I gave away my heart a long time ago, and I never really got i back. And that would also mean hurting Tyler. But why would it hurt him, if I dated Elliott, I honestly didn't know but for some reason it felt like it would leave a scar, so deep that even time may not be able to fade it away. I closed my eyes, and tried to find that friendly face that could wipe all my worries out. But what I saw, shocked me instead. It wasn't my ten years old best friend, whom I left behind seven years ago, it was Tyler Evans!

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