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Chapter 6 under the stars

After that little episode, we were laying side by side on the green grass. Enjoying the twinkling stars above, another memory flashed in front of my eyes.

We had gone to summer camp, it's was dark. we didn't get a chance to talk to each other the whole day due to the complete separation of activities for girls and boys that day.

It was enough to make us crave to see each other like there was no tomorrow. I didn't know where Tyler was, all I could do was wish that he was awake and looking for me, as I was for him. Luckily, I didn't have to turn the world upside down to find him. I found him sneaking out of a room, our eyes locked and it felt as if time stopped around us.

All I could concentrate was on him, realising only now how much I have missed his company the whole time. I ran towards him, not caring if my loud footsteps would wake everyone up. He enveloped me in a bear hug, showing how much he missed me as well. Well, he was crushing my bones, but as long as I had him, I didn't care if I had to crawl around like a snake, because I had broken bones.

"Can't breathe Tyler, you are choking me",I said trying to move out of his death hold."I've missed you so much ",he said releasing me. "So have I", I said, once I could breathe again.

"Let's get out before someone finds us here.",he suggested before taking my hand in his and crawling out of the nearest windows and helping me to get out in the process as well.

He didn't wait for a reply! not that I would have said no, anyway. When it comes to Tyler, I could never master the strength to say no. Just the way he would look at me, it would melt my heart.

We ran through the long coast line of the sea, until we were sure nobody would find us we kept running. Giving in to our tired feet, we decided it would not be wise to go too far away, since we had to return back as well. We Laid down beside each other, enjoying the soft stars shinning above our heads.

"Isn't it beautiful? ", I whispered to him. "not more than you ",he whispered back, making me blush. I turned away my face in the other direction, to hide the redness of my cheeks from him. He seemed to have sensed my sudden uneasiness, for he said again, "I wish we could always be like this. " "We'll always be like this. ", I said giving his hand a soft squeeze, assuringly, which he returned back with a small smile on his face.

"You see that star!",he suddenly said , "yes, that one right there". I tried to focus on the direction of his finger and found two comparatively bright stars, which stood out among the rest "what about them ?", I asked.

"If you join that one, that one and that one, it will form the letter T. And if you join that one, that one and that one with that one and that one, you will get the letter A",he said pointing his finger at the stars and tracing the imaginary line, to join them.

"Yes, they do! They do! ", I said enthusiastically. "And see they are side by side, the T is me and the A is you. No matter how far away we are, when we look up at the sky, we'll always find each other by our side. " he said.

It felt as if we were destined to be together at that moment, but then fate had to interfere, and play it's cruel game.

"Hey, look at that! "He suddenly exclaimed, making me turn to look at the direction of his finger. "There you see those stars ?"he said. "Yes, what about them? ", I asked, knowing all too well, what was so special about them. They were the same that resembledthe initial letters of our names.

"If you join that one, that one and that one, it will form the letter T. And if you join that one, that one and that one with that one and that one, you will get the letter A. We're side by side, you see. "He said enthusiastically.

"Yes, I see. How strange!", I replied, wiping away the tears. I wasn't referring strange to his new discovery of the stars, but that two different people noticed the same thing. Were they so different after all? It felt like the whole universe was trying to tell me something, I was being completely oblivious to.

"Isn't it great! "he said looking at me, with a huge grin plastered on his face. "yes, it is. ",I replied, mastering a small smile my face. He was so enveloped with his recent discovery that he didn't seem to notice the hidden pain behind it.

"And see they are side by side, the T is me and the A is you. No matter how far away we are, when we look up at the sky, we'll always find each other by our side. " he said again, this time with more seriousness in his tone.

This time I looked away, because I was unable to control the flow of tears from my eyes. The last time someone said this to me, I lost him forever, not again. If he keeps doing whatever he's doing, there may be a time when the police will finally shoot him. Even if the police doesn't, maybe one of his enemies will. It was strange how I just met him, and already cared so much about him.

"Why did you kill that man?",I asked. A moment of silence passed between us and I began to wonder if he had actually heard me or was purposely avoiding the question. I was beginning to worry if I had offended him by asking that question. It wasn't my place to ask it anyway.

"he owed us some money, but he denied paying it back. So I had to take away his property ",he said at last and I huffed a sigh of relief.

"But he signed the papers, you still killed him.",I tried to reason. "You think he would have let me go that easily, after I emptied his bank balance. He would have tried to take revenge. The only way to end this was by finishing the enemy itsel. ",he replied.

"Can you really finish all your enemies, without making more of them among his family and friends.", I said rolling my eyes. I haven't heard anything more senseless in my entire life.

"As for him, I don't think he had any family or friends. He just worked for money and money was everything to him. ",he said, trying to justify his previous inhuman act.

"And what about the others, you have killed before ",I asked in a cold tone. "Guess then I would have to finish them all ",he said in a cold voice and at that moment he felt nothing like the Tyler I spent all this time with. He felt like a completely different person.

"I don't think killing is all you do, what else criminal activities did you indulge yourself in? ",I continued.

"Extortion, drug dealing, trafficking etc. I just do whatever is told to me. Usually I don't have to do much, I have people to do it for me. But don't think I'm always the way I'm with you. I was trained to kill. ",he said through a clenched jaw.

I have seen that side of him before. I don't want to see it ever again. "What is so special about me then?",I asked.

"I don't know, you just....", he paused to think for a second, as if considering his words before speaking.

"I just?", I prodded.

"I have no idea. You just bring out the real me. And as I said before you are the only person who actually cares for me. I don't have to pretend to be someone strong in front of you. It's actually strange how we've just met, and I'm already pouring my heart out to you.",he replied with a nervous laugh.

"I'm good at keeping secrets ",I said with a smile. It actually was kind of strange, how we've just met, and have grown so close to each other in just the few moments we shared. It doesn't even feels like I've just met him, infact, it feels like I've known him my whole life. It's actually very unique and beautiful, the kind of connection we have.

I was never afraid of him, not even when he killed a person, right in front of my eyes. However, now I'm starting to be afraid, not of him, but of losing him. But how can I show him that there's more to life, than hurting others.

An awesome idea crossed my mind. "Come on, I know what we should do next. ", I said standing up and making him up in the process as well, by pulling his hand.

"Where are we going? "He asked as we got into the car. "It's a surprise ",I said, closing the door behind me. " but you need to tell me where we are going, since I'm the one driving the car ",he said as a matter of factly. "Start the car, I'll tell you the directions, drive accordingly", I said.

After a few 'left turns 'and 'right turns', finally the place I was looking for came into view. "Stop", I instructed Tyler. It was a research unit, which tested on animals to come up with their various resulting make up items. I found it on my first day expedition to New York.

"Where are we?"Tyler asked. "I want you to kidnap someone",I said. "What?"He seemed taken aback by my sudden answer. "You heard me, it's your job right? You should have no problem with it. ",I said, rolling my eyes. He shouldn't be so surprised like he has never heard that term before.

"But kidnap whom? "He asked. "They test on innocent animals here. No one must be inside right now, all the lights are off. I want you to help me free them from this hell. Now follow me. ", I said before opening the car door and getting out.

Tyler following close behind me, still deciding on whether to stop me from breaking in or just go with the flow. Just before I could break the windows, with the stone I picked up in my hand, he grabbed my other hand and turned me around. "you wait here, I'll get them",he instructed. "Just because you are experienced in this field, don't think that I can't do it. ",I said, freeing my hand from his grip.

"I wasn't underestimating your kidnapping skills, I just wanted you to stay in the car and provide backup, if by chance any alarms go off. ",he said reassuringly. But I was certain, he was afraid I would get both of us caught. I was going to argue but thought against it, maybe I should just let the expert do it his way, rather than creating a problem for both of us.

"Okay fine, but don't make me wait for long, or else I will come inside ",I said jokingly. "Don't worry, it won't come to that. ",he said before breaking a portion of the glass windows, unlocking it and then getting inside. He looked like a professional doing it, not making a single noise in the process.

Now as I sit in the car with my hear laid back on the seat, eagerly waiting for his return, I think that he wasn't afraid that I would get both of us caught. He just didn't want me to get into any trouble. I'm actually overflowing with emotions, for how much he cared for me.

But what if an alarm actually got off, and he came out running, asking me to start the car. I couldn't drive a car! I couldn't even half pass the driving test, like ever! It would be really shameful if my incompetence got both of us arrested, and since the idea was mine, the whole blame would be on me. Uncle John would probably manage to get me out, but I could never show my face to him, Tyler or anybody, for that matter, for the rest of my life. And even if I started driving, he certainly wouldn't want me to damage his 'oh so expensive car'.

Cutting me out of my chain of thoughts, my eyes wandered to a familiar figure escaping out of the windows. He had something in his hands, which I only recognised as he came closer, that it were two chihuahuas. I was initially sitting in the passenger seat, so I didn't make any attempt to move, as he entered the car with both of them still in his hands. "I found only them", he said motioning to the animals in his hands. I took them from him so that he could start the car. "Hurry up, start the car", I said while cuddling those animals in my lap.

"What now? what should we do with them?",he asked once we crossed the juncture. "I honestly don't know. ",I replied looking out the window. I could gather the courage to look at him right now. He must be really angry with me, for making him steal the chihuahuas, without even knowing what to do with them.

But luckily, when I finally mastered up the strength to look at him, he didn't seem angry but had a small smile on his face. "I think I know someone who would like to keep them ", he said.

"Oh",was all I could manage to say. His eyes were fixed at the road, but I could say his mind was elsewhere. He stopped the car in front of my house, suddenly making me realise that I was out the whole night, well maximum of the night and now aunt Sophie would kill me if she found out about my night out.

"Wait! Wait! Don't stop the car here, keep driving. ",I instructed. He seemed to understand the reason for my sudden outburst, so without enquiring anything, he kept driving like he was told.

"Stop here!", I said, once I found the perfect spot for escaping getting caught by someone. It was easy to climb up to my room from here, and luckily I left the balcony door open. And very few people ever wandered about this part of the house. Since it was most of the time isolated, I could get in easily.

I opened the door of the car and was about to get out, when something crossed my mind. "how did you know my address? ",I turned around and asked him. "You are commissioner John's niece. I've known his address for years, sometimes thought about blowing it up, but you've taken the option away from me as well ",he said with a sigh, trying to show that he's repenting for not being able to blow up the house, receiving an eye roll from me.

"So you are not afraid that he might arrest you right now, if he catches you with me. He might think you are trying to kidnap me",I said getting out of the car, placing the chihuahuas on my seat.

"I don't care about the whole world, as long as you are with me ",he said getting out of the car as well. Does he even realise how much his sweet words affect my heart.

"Anyways, get inside now, pretend like you were always there. I'll pick you up in the morning, make some excuse and don't let your driver accompany you ",he said, looking me straight in the eyes.

"Okay, fine. But don't wait for me near my house. It might not be good for us if uncle John finds us together. ", I told him.

"There's a flower shop just a block away from here. A really nice lady runs it. Wait for me there. You have my number right? ",he asked.

"No, I don't ",I replied and realised that I didn't have my phone with me. I must have kept in his car cabinet. So I went to grab it but picked up a book along with it too. "You can keep it if you want ",he told me.

He asked me for my phone and saved his number there "I've saved it as Tyler, call me once you are there. ",he said after handing back my phone to me.

"Well then, good night ",I said before turning away, even though it certainly wasn't night anymore, it was four in the morning. But his next words make me halter in my steps and turn back.

"Is that really how you should wish me goodnight, after that wonderful time we spent together. Not even a goodnight kiss!",he said pouting. And I swear just by the way he was looking at me, it took all my strength to immediately not rush into his arms.

I moved a few steps closer towards him, slowly, still deciding on whether I'm doing the right thing or I should just turn around and leave. My mind was instructing me to just climb up to my room, where as my heart was leading me somewhere else. But then again, when did I ever listen to my mind, I always follow my heart. I have a mind just for the sake of having a mind.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, stood on my tiptoes, due to our difference in height and gave a small peck on his left cheek. I could feel him wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer. I didn't make any attempt to move either but instead placed my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

We stayed in that position for a while. we were so engrossed in our own little world, we seemed to have missed the sound of the car pulling in the driveway. As the sound became louder, it caught my attention. Definitely uncle John was home, which was certainly not a good thing for us right now. Especially the position we were in, wouldn't have helped either.

"Sorry, uncle's home! I need to go! I'll see you later ",I said unwrapping myself from his embrace. "And don't forget this. It's actually a reminder that I, Tyler Evans has asked for your forgiveness, for the first time in his life. ",he said taking out the soft toy baby panda from the car. I took it from his hand,with a small smile on my lips, before running towards the house.

I didn't face much difficulty to climb up to my room, because of the numerous midnight escapades, I had with Tyler when I was small. We would generally use the windows as our escape routes, so I've had enough of experience in that.

A I entered through the balcony, I turned around wishing to catch a last glimpse of Tyler if I could. But all I noticed was his car disappearing on the winding road. I placed the panda on the bed, I played the voice track a few times, repeatedly. It will surely serve as a remembrance, but not for him seeking my forgiveness. It will always remind me of this wonderful day we spent together,under the stars.

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