Give You What You Need (BxB)

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Book 1 of 'The Roys' series. The story of two guys Divit (D) and Shlok (Lo), who by a weird twist of fate become very very close. Divit(D) always knew he was straight, until he finds himself attracted to his very handsome college mate with green eyes so beautiful, Divit wants to get lost in them. Shlok(Lo) came out at the age of 16, and since then, if there's one thing he has avoided, it's to date a straight guy because he knows what kind of disasters it brings. But when he falls for his sweet, brown eyed 'straight' classmate, he can't stop it. Moreover, he doesn't want to. As the attraction between the two buds into something more meaningful, they have to battle the demons life throws at them. Will they be able to overcome everything and give each other what they need? Tune in to find out. Updated every Tuesday and Friday Caution : The story might have some NSFW chapters and is LGBTQ+ ALL THE WAY. If any of these make you uncomfortable, you may not read it. Visit my Wattpad @Miiiraj to see the cast list of this story.

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D felt like shit and didn't wanna go to college. For the last two years, his college has been a second home to him. That was until a certain green eyed boy came along. D first saw him in their last EVS class, which he didn't want to attend anyway because he wasn't feeling so well that day, but his friends kinda forced him to stay, and let's be real, the EVS teacher is really hot so D didn't really mind the one hour. But he was late to class because he was late to lunch and procrastinated eating his sandwich. When he finally got to class the only seat left was at the back of the class, beside the green eyed guy who was the source of D's dilemma.

The moment D sat down beside him he literally felt the electric sparks down his spine that he only read about in shitty novels and thought as a complete lie. When he looked to his left, all he could see was a pair of deep set eyes so damned green, that it reminded him of forests and lakes. He didn't know he was holding his breath until those green eyes smiled and a hand wrapped around his knee and a deep voice said "Relax."

D instantly relaxed.

The green eyes then turned away and D did too, shaking off the almost hypnotic effect that they had on him.

For the rest of the class D forced himself to look to the front, but even the young professor's curves couldn't take his mind away from the gazes he sometimes felt from his left and the heat they created in his face.

D was the first to leave when the bell rang.

He ran to the washroom and checked the mirror, his ears had turned red and his cheeks were flushed. He washed his face to wipe that feeling off, but failed. The green eyes stayed in his mind like a burning fire.

Friday was their only EVS class and D saw the green eyed guy last Friday, which meant he would probably see him again today. The weird combination of anticipation, longing and anxiety made him queasy.

He did not want to go to college.

He needed to go to college, he needed to see him.

What the fuck was this?

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