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Smoke and Fire

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Now that Olivia is pregnant, she has to figure out how to tell her parents that she is pregnant, without telling them who the father is. Olivia and Ryder have been doing a good job to keep their relationship and Ryder's fatherhood a secret, but someone is trying to pull them apart.

Romance / Humor
Ally Vegaz
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(1) Luke, The Party Planner

The fact that I was pregnant freaked me out. I would never tell that to Ryder, because he is freaking out himself. After all my baby will be his 7th. I’m just glad that mom and Morgan are on the trip the boys and I gave them for their anniversary. Of course it wasn’t only for them. I mean we always have a great time (more or less) when they are gone.

“How about another legendary Ryder Harding goodbye school year party?” Luke asked, but Ryder wasn’t so thrilled about this idea. “Nah, not in the mood this year. Also I’m not the one graduating, so I’m gonna give that to you” He said and sat down on the couch beside me. “Cool!” Luke said and turned to Toby and Dustin, who were also graduating in summer. “Who wants to throw a party?” He asked totally excited, but neither Toby nor Dustin seemed to be in the mood.

“Too bad, no party for Lukey” I said teasing. “Come on Ryder!! You throw the best parties!! Don’t you want your older brother to be happy?” He asked, playing that card. “I’m too old to throw parties like that, besides I’m not up to Bridgit taking my phone again” He said and I laughed, but quickly stopped because I didn’t want to b obvious. I mean laughing at something that wasn’t even funny is a typical girlfriend thing.

“Please” Luke started begging. Ryder briefly looked at me and I smiled. I hope h understood the message. “Okay fine” He said and Luke started jumping up and down like a little girl that just got a pony.

All of us looked weird at him and he stopped “I mean cool! Who is doing what?” He then asked. “Watching Netflix or read upstairs in my comfortable bed, away from this craziness” I said and got up and left.

Ryder’s PoV

I watched her go upstairs and I really wanted to go after her, but that would have been way too obvious and besides I promised Luke to help him just a second ago. Also I was glad that Liv wasn’t going to involve herself in the party. After all she is pregnant with my baby and has to be careful.

I also hope she won’t be here when the party is going on. I don’t wanna risk her hurting the baby when some stupid boy was going to put alcohol into the drinks.

I told Luke what to do and what to buy and he, Toby and Cody left to get everything I told them to. Dustin and Thomas started to remove the furniture and to put the breakable stuff into the office like we do every time we throw a party.

After everyone had his job, I want upstairs to check on Olivia. I entered her room and closed to door. I found her reading a book on her bed. “I so can’t stand this Valentine guy” She said and I looked at her confused “I absolutely have no idea what you are talking about” I said and sat down on her bed. “My book” She said and sat up and showed me the cover. It said Mortal Instruments.

“Isn’t that the book, the movie and TV show are base on?” I asked and she nod. “But I’m not going to watch either of them until I have finished this book, which is hopefully soon since I’m sick of reading” She said and put the book down. “Then why don’t you stop?” I asked her and she looked at me with a smile “Because it’s so exciting!” She said and picked the book back up. I laughed and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. “You really okay with party?” I asked just to be sure. “Yes! It’s Luke’s wish and I can’t destroy that with a reason I can’t even tell him” I said “The party is better than telling him that I’m you know what” I said and I somehow understood her and somehow not.

Man, girls are confusing.

I decided to stay with Liv for a while and started texting everyone I know about the party to make it a success for my brother. He was always jealous of my party throwing skills. But I’m not going to use them anymore, since I need to be mature and grown up if I wanna be a real father to my kid. Took me 6 tries to have the possibility but it’s all worth it, since Olivia is the most amazing girl out of all my exes. Some of them are just crazy.

“What are you going to do the night of the party?” I asked her. “Probably stay over at Reese’ since I’m sure she won’t come to you party since you dumped her out of nowhere” I said and he rolled his eyes. “It was for the prettiest girl I know” I said and she blushed a little.

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