The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 10


I can tell by Blake’s expression that the interrogation went well. He seems satisfied with my acting, so do his parents. As we sit in the living room, we joke around, mostly using Blake as our victim, and I can tell by the slight reddening of the tips of his ears that he’s getting embarrassed. It’s adorable. Since I'm a nice person, I decide to save him from his parents’ harassment and swiftly change the topic of the conversation, using the late hour as my excuse.

“I am sorry to interrupt, but it’s getting quite late. Would you mind terribly if I kidnapped your son to drive me home? He kind of insisted on me not driving here myself, so I don’t really have a ride.” I smile gently at Jared.

“Oh my. Time sure flies fast.” Samantha laughs as she checks the time.

“Do you have to leave? It’s Sunday tomorrow, you could stay the night.” Blake whispers into my ear. At that I give him a deadpan look.

“Are you serious? It’s my first time at your house and you want me to stay overnight? Not happening.” I sternly tell him. From the corner of my eye I notice Blake’s parents watch us with amused smiles on their faces, as Samantha whispers something into Jared’s ear, making him nod slightly at her.

“Oh, come on. Why not?” Blake whines slightly. Why does he want me to stay?

“Because I said so.” I smirk at the face he makes at that.

“Don’t give me the famous parent line!” He exclaim in mock outrage, making Jared chuckle quietly.

“Get up, you lazy bum, you have to drive me home. I told you that I could drive my car here, but you insisted. Take responsibility, pretty boy.” I’m still smirking as pat his cheek lightly and stand up, barely noticing that both Jared and Samantha try to hold in their laughter. I guess they find our banter funny.

Blake’s expression suddenly changes into this annoyingly attractive one-sided smirk, and I know he has something up his sleeve.

“But if you stayed, I could give you your notes from this week.” Ha ha ha, oh my god, that’s his angle? He’s so fucking cute!

“What notes?” I ask as I sit back down, trying my hardest to not laugh in his face.

“You were absent this week, so I got the notes for you. We could go over them tomorrow. That’s if you stay.”

“Why weren’t you at school this week, darling?” Samantha intercepts, back in her business mode.

“Oh, I had an injury and the doctor advised me not to attend classes for about two weeks, so that my condition doesn’t get worse.” I explain, telling only what’s necessary.

“Injury? Blake why didn’t you tell us? How could you bring Lia here when she’s hurt? Are you alright? Do you need anything?” Jared turns from me to Blake as he scolds him then back to me, seemingly worried. Before Blake can even utter a word, I answer for him.

“It’s fine. I’m only not allowed to do any strenuous work. Going to my boyfriend’s house for dinner is not a problem.” I reassure them.

“What injury, darling?” Samantha asks, her tone concerned.

“Broken rib. I had a bit of an accident. I was still at school on Monday, but it got a little worse, so the doctor said not to go to school for a while.”

Blake squeezes my hand, looking at me worriedly.

“Oh my god.” Samantha gasps.

“It’s okay really. Had I not been fine, I would tell Blake to talk to you about rescheduling the dinner maybe. You can believe me.” I smile reassuringly at both of them, squeezing Blake’s hand at the same time.

“I would love to stay longer and talk, but it is really getting late. Blake, please get up, I need a ride home.”

“There’s no need to leave. You can stay here for the night. I will personally drive you home tomorrow if you’d like. It’s dark already. I don’t think we will feel comfortable with sending you home this late.” Jared states, his voice holding finality that gets even me to shut up.

“I don't want to impose. It is my first time at your home.” I try.

“Don’t be silly, darling. I will get the guest bedroom ready.” Samantha laughs as she gets up to leave.

“Lia will stay in my room, mom.” I glare at Blake as soon as the words leave his mouth.

“Oh!” Samantha grins teasingly at Blake and I.

Are you crazy?!I whisper yell at Blake, as Jared laughs at us.

“Don’t worry, darling, we’re not that old-fashioned.” Jared says once he stops laughing. This family is so weird!

I sigh, defeated, while Blake grins like he won a lottery. What is going through his head right now? I want to slap this grin of his face.

“Okay. Thank you for your hospitality, then.”

“Don’t be so formal, honey. We will see you at breakfast. Have a good night, kids.” Jared finishes as he leaves the room with Samantha.

“Goodnight!” Samantha waves at us as they go, leaving me and Blake alone.

“Let’s go.” Blake tugs my hand, still grinning, and leads me to his room.


As we get to my room, I can’t stop grinning like crazy. This dinner went extremely well. My parents love her! I can finally relax.

“Blake.” Lia leans against the door as she addresses me, her arms crossed against her chest and a stern look on her face.

“Lia.” I mock her. She’s cute when she’s angry, I just can’t stop myself from wanting to annoy her even more.

“Me staying here was not part of the deal.”

“I know. Come on, it’s not a big deal. My parents approve of you, even more, they actually like you.” I say as I sit on the side of my bed, facing her.

She sighs deeply, heading to my desk chair, like earlier.

“I don’t even have clothes to change into. I can’t possibly wear this tomorrow.” She says as she sits down.

“You can wear my clothes.” I grin. I get up and go to my closet to get her something to wear to sleep. I don’t intend to try anything with her, I know she’s not that kind of girl.

Getting a black Metallica shirt and some drawstring shorts, I make my way back to her, placing the clothes in her lap. She looks at them, then at me, then back at them.

“I will drown in it.”

I laugh at her. She’s right. She’s tiny compared to me.

“I don’t have smaller clothes, you know.”

She leans her head back on the chair. I can tell she’s not happy about staying here, what I don’t understand is why?

“Fine. I give up. I know when to admit defeat.” She gets up and goes to the bathroom.

“There is a spare toothbrush and toothpaste in the cabinet under the sink.” I call out after her as I start undressing.

Just as I take off my shirt, I hear the bathroom door open. I turn around to see Lia peeking through the door, looking at my bare chest.

“Like what you see, sweetheart?” I tease her, half expecting her to blush.

“Nice tattoo.” She says, not at all embarrassed. “I need a fresh towel. I’m going to take a shower.”

And just like that my mind goes straight into the gutter, offering an unintelligent “huh?” as the only response. I shake my head to get rid of the picture of naked Lia in my shower.


“Yeah, shower. I’m one of those people who shower before sleep, sue me. I need a fresh towel. There are none here.” She repeats, slightly aggravated.

“Oh, yeah. I’ll go get you some.” I smile at her and go to the hall closet to fetch her towels.

“Here you go.” I hand the bunch to her.

After going to the guest bathroom to brush my teeth, I lie down on my bed in a t-shirt and boxers, waiting for Lia to get out of the bathroom. Knowing how long girls usually take in the shower, mostly from my experience with the ones I used to bring here, I take a book from my nightstand to occupy myself with something and not think about what’s happening in my bathroom right now.

But no longer than I’m done with one chapter, Lia steps out of the bathroom, surprising me.

“That was fast.” I blurt out before I can stop myself.

“It’s just a shower, not a bubble bath, it doesn’t take an hour.” She says, slightly perplexed as she meticulously folds her dress and places it on my dresser.

“Sorry.” I laugh.

As I lie in my bed, I watch Lia while she checks her phone. She looks great in my clothes. And she really drowns in them, the shirt reaching past her mid-thigh, covering the shorts completely. Despite her being taller than most of the girls at our school, my clothes make her look even smaller than usual. Like a cute kitten.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a hairbrush or a comb, would you?” I barely register her question as I’m busy admiring her.

“Stop staring at my legs!” She snaps, making me turn my attention to her face.


She rolls her eyes at me, annoyed. “I asked, if you maybe have a hairbrush or a comb.”

“Uh, yeah, I think I do, I’ll get it.” I go to the bathroom, feeling Lia’s eyes on me the whole way, making me smile internally. Looks like going to the gym really paid off.

I find a new hairbrush in the back of the cabinet, having no idea why it’s even here.

“Thanks.” Lia says as she takes the brush from me, and goes to the full length mirror in the corner of the room.

She brushes through her waist long hair, her wavy strands basically calling out to me to run my fingers through them. I wonder if they feel as silky as they look. Once she’s done, she puts the brush on the dresser next to her and turns towards the couch.

“Nope.” I stop her. “Come to bed.” I say, patting the space next to me.

She scoffs at that.

“You sure?”

I smile at her. “I’m sure. Come here, I won’t try anything.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about.” She mutters under her breath, but I still catch it. “You will regret it.” She warns me with a playful tone in her voice, but gets in the bed nonetheless, staying as far away from me as she can.

“Night, sweetheart.” I say as I turn off the lights with a remote and settling under the covers, facing her.

“Stop calling me that!” She scolds, turning her back to me. “Touch me and I’ll kick you off.” She adds, making me laugh as I let the sleep consume me, the exhaustion from last few days finally catching up to me.

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