The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 11


I’m cold.

And in pain.

Why am I on the floor?

Why does my back hurt so much?

I get up from the floor, disorientated and glance at the clock on the nightstand only to see it’s 4 am. It’s still dark outside, so I decide to get back on the bed to continue sleeping.

I barely stop myself from laughing at the view in front of me.

Oh god, can she get any cuter than this?

Lia is lying diagonally on my bed, with the covers wrapped around her like a cocoon, the only visible part of her are her feet and her hair that are spread around her buried head like a halo. How is she breathing in this?

I was right about calling her a cute kitten. She sleeps like one, taking the whole bed for herself.

I gently try to unwrap the tasty human burrito so that I can claim back my bed, but as soon as I touch the blanket, one of her legs shoots out and kicks me in the stomach. Damn, she has a mean kick.

Her leg hides as fast as it appears, making me laugh. I decide to give up and go around the bed to get in from the other side. But as soon as I lie down, I’m almost thrown off again. I manage to catch her leg last second, then wrap my arm around Lia, spooning the blanket burrito, quietly laughing to myself. Is that what she meant by me regretting it? I am so going to tell her in the morning.

My eyes droop as soon as I find a comfortable position on the bed, the human burrito in front of me providing enough warmth to keep me from getting cold.

Next time I wake up I’m still on the bed, thankfully. I look to my right, where Lia burrito should be, only to find her gone. I look around the room as I sit up. Her dress is here, so is her purse. Where is she?

“I told you you’ll regret it.”

I look towards Lia as she exits the bathroom, looking refreshed and well rested with her face glowing and her hair in a side french braid. She leans against the door frame as she speaks, crossing her arms across her chest.

I can’t stop myself this time.

I start laughing.

She sighs and shakes her head. “I warned you Blake. Now get up, I found some ointment in your first-aid kit. I’ll put in on your back before it bruises.” She says, cutting my laughter short.

“My back? That was you?” I ask shocked.

“Yep. I kicked you off the bed.” She admits openly, making me gape at her in astonishment. She’s not even going to deny it!


“Because you touched me where you were not supposed to.” She explains. “Get in the shower; I’ll apply the ointment when you’re done. And I need clothes to change into.” She continues, her tone light, but still not leaving room for discussion.

I tell her to get whatever she wants from my closet and go to the bathroom. I get through my morning routine fast, my head filled with events of last night. I look in the mirror, then turn around trying to get a look at my back, seeing a bruise in a shape of her foot beginning to form on the right side of my lower back. She left a footprint on my back! I laugh to myself.

I make my way back to the room, with only a towel wrapped low around my hips, water dripping from my hair and down my chest. And, just as I expected, Lia’s eyes are on me the second I leave the bathroom. She’s already changed into my grey shorts and a black hoodie that swallows her small form completely.

“Don’t put a shirt on.” She tells me then looks back to the book in her hands. It’s the same one I was reading yesterday.

“Like the view, sweetheart?” I smirk at her.

She looks up from the book, runs her eyes up and down my body, almost making me squirm at the inquisitive look in her eyes, and then goes back to her book.

“It’s not bad. But I still have to put the cream on your bruise. I see it’s already forming.”

I don’t register anything apart from ‘not bad’ part.

“So you do like my body, huh?” I tease, trying to get some reaction from her as I go through my closet.

“I’m not blind, Blake, and you’re not stupid. You’re handsome and you know it. I’m not going to deny something that is true and say I don’t find your body attractive.” She tells me seriously, thankfully not looking away from the book, as I grin like an idiot at her words, the tips of my ears burning.

I go to the bathroom to get dressed. Just as she instructed, I skip the shirt, wearing only dark jeans. Getting back to my room, I head straight toward my bed.

“Just so you know, I’m stealing this.” Lia speaks up as I get closer.

“What?” I look at her, having no idea what she’s talking about.

She cranes her neck to look at me, setting the book back on the nightstand. “The hoodie. You can say your goodbyes to it now if you want.” She stands up, gesturing at me to get on the bed as I laugh.

“Okay, you can keep it.” I tell her as I lie down on my stomach, laying my head on my crossed arms.

“Oh, I wasn’t asking.” She jokes. I feel her climb on the bed and tense as she sits down. I turn my head to look at her. She sits astride my butt, with her legs bent at the knees behind her on either side of me. It’s about the hottest I have seen her yet. I don’t know whether to be shocked or happy that she’s so comfortable with me.

“Are you comfortable?” I decide to ask her, my tone playful. I’m half expecting her to realize the position she’s in and get cutely embarrassed, but as always she doesn’t fail to surprise me.

“Yeah, it’s alright. Though your belt is scratching my thigh slightly.” I almost choke on my own spit as her serious expression. “Now don’t move, it may hurt a little.”

She starts massaging my lower back, occasionally pressing the heel of her palm into the bruise, causing me to grunt at the pain. Apparently my discomfort amuses her, since every time I show any sign of pain, she just presses on the bruise more.

For the next few minutes the only sounds that can be heard in my room are my grunts of pain, Lia’s chuckles and her scolding as she tells me not to move or stop whining. But it fucking hurts! And she’s enjoying torturing me!

I’m so far gone in my pain, which Lia is happily inflicting on me, that I don’t hear the door to my room open. Only once I hear my mom’s loud gasp do I turn my head around, only to see both my dad and mom standing at my door with their eyes wide and mouths agape, as they regard the sight in front of them - Lia sitting on my ass, clothed in my hoodie, massaging my bare back.

“Good morning Mr Knight, Mrs Knight.” Lia greets them, not at all minding the position we’re in.

“Uh, good morning, honey. We told you, none of that Mr and Mrs stuff.” My dad recovers faster than my mom. “We just wanted to tell you the breakfast is ready, but heard some noises on the way. Would you like to explain this?” He looks pointedly at our position and I try to get up by putting my arms in the push up position, but Lia stops me with a slap on the back of my head, causing me to fall back.

“Stop moving, you’re going to pull a muscle. I’m not done, yet.” She scolds me, then turns to my father. “I will explain it to you once we’re downstairs, if you don’t mind. I don’t think you want to witness this. We will be down in few minutes.” My eyes widen at her words.

“Okay, but I expect an honest explanation, you two.”

“Of course.”

My parents leave the room, but don’t close the door behind them, making it obvious to me that they will stay and listen to what’s happening here.

“Lay back down. I’m almost done, so it shouldn’t hurt as much.” Lia tells me as she gets back to work on my back. I suck the air through my teeth at the coldness of the cream she puts on my back, the menthol smell filling the room immediately and my shoulders start shaking as I laugh quietly hearing Lia sneeze a few times.

“Jesus it’s strong. Achoo!”

“Bless you.” I laugh at her. She’s finally done with my torture, so she gets up from the bed. I stretch as I get up, the pain in my back miraculously gone. She has magical hands. I get a shirt from my dresser and put it on. I hear Lia sneezing again before she heads to the bathroom, probably to wash the ointment she put on me from her hands. At the same time I hear receding footsteps down the hall, indicating that my parents, just as I expected, stayed behind and spied on us. I shake my head and wait for Lia.

She leaves the bathroom a minute later, her nose slightly red making her look cuter than usual. She takes a small whiff of the room, then brings the collar of my hoodie up and buries her face in it. I laugh at her her theatrics, which earns me a quick glare, as she goes to the window and opens it, letting the room ventilate.

I take her free hand as she comes closer, her other hand not letting go of the hoodie that she keeps holding close to her face to hide from the menthol smell.

I lead Lia towards the kitchen, hand in hand, feeling giddy and nervous at the same time thinking about how exactly will she explain to my parents what did they witness few minutes ago. Once we’re downstairs, she lets go of the hoodie, taking a deep breath and sighing in relief. I guess she won’t sneeze again.

“Hi dad, hi mom.” I greet my parents to let them know we’re here. My dad is sitting at the table with a cup of juice in hand and my mom skips around the kitchen getting the food ready.

My dad puts down his cup and regards us with a hard questioning stare, making my insides churn. I know that look and I don’t like it, it always means I’m in trouble.

“Take a seat. I think it’s time to hear you out.”

“Can’t we do this after breakfast, dad?” I ask tentatively.

“No. I want to know what we saw. We do not accept such actions in our home. I honestly hope I didn’t misjudge you, Lia.”

“I assure you you didn’t, sir. But I have to warn you, you might think even less of me once you hear what I’m about to say.”

My dad’s expression gets even grimmer hearing this. He doesn’t say anything, just gestures at Lia to continue.

“I kicked Blake off the bed at night, getting him a bruise on his back. I’ve been massaging it out and applying ointment when you caught us in that compromising position. I apologize for that. I warned Blake about my peculiar sleeping habits, telling him he will regret it, but he didn’t heed my warning and ended up on the floor sometime during the night. I’m sorry.” She explains seriously.

My dad’s expression reveals nothing. I’m on pins and needles waiting for him to say something, but then he does the unexpected. He booms with laughter! He laughs at me so hard that he starts crying, barely catching his breath. My mom almost drops the plate she’s holding as she joins my dad.

“Oh my fucking god! Baby, you heard that? She kicked him off the bed! I knew there was a reason I liked you, Lia. You can officially call me Dad, honey.” He turns from my mom to Lia as he wipes the tears from his face, and I sit there flabbergasted. He finds it funny that his son was kicked off the bed!

“Dad!” I exclaim.

“You better keep this one, son. I fucking like her.” He says, still chuckling as he can’t seem to stop himself.

I turn to look at Lia, only to see her already facing me, a smug accomplished smirk on her face.

I smirk back, as I think about getting her back for this.

Once all the food is on the table, we all start eating. There is a lot to choose from, making me gape at my mom, she’s really outdone herself. I take some pancakes, hash browns and sausage with toast and bacon. Lia settles for pancakes and fruits, with a glass of milk.

“Sweetheart, do you have any idea what you want to eat for lunch?”

She throws me a curious but wary glance as she cuts a piece of a pancake.

“How about we go out to eat? I’m suddenly craving burritos.” I watch her eyes widen as she almost chokes on her pancake, catching the double meaning. I rub her back as she throws me a side glare.

“Burritos? But you hate burritos, Blake.” My mom says confused.

“I think I changed my mind about them. Lia made me.” If looks could kill, I would be 6 feet in the ground with the way Lia is glaring at me. Payback, sweetheart.

“Lia? How?” Yes, mom! Straight into the trap!

“After she kicked me off the bed, she hogged the whole blanket for herself and wrapped herself in it. It reminded me of a tasty human burrito. I even have a picture, want to see?” I say, making Lia’s eyes widen as she looks at me shocked and slightly shakes her head at me.

“Really? Aww, that’s so cute! I want to see!” I knew my mom would fall for it.

I take out my phone to show her the picture I took. What? Of course I took a picture of that, how could I not?

I show her the picture on my phone, Lia cocooned in the covers, with only her small feet showing and her hair wild on the pillow as she lies diagonally on my bed, leaving no room for me.

My mom looks at the picture, laughs out loud then takes my phone from my hand to show the picture to my dad, who laughs with her, shaking his head at us, then gives the phone back to me. I wrap my arm around Lia as I see her bury her face in her hands, delicious pink covering her cheeks as my parents continue to gush about how adorable we are. I sneak a kiss on her temple and continue eating my breakfast.

Once we’re done eating and Lia and my mom clean the table, we go to the living room. It’s kind of a routine in our house. We don’t drink coffee with breakfast on Sundays, instead we lounge in the living room with coffee and cake or cookies my mom makes while watching a movie. Then my parents go on a date lunch, while I’m usually with Will and Ty, and later we go for family dinner to our favorite restaurant.

My parents sit down on the couch in front of the TV, my mom leaning her head on my dad’s shoulder. Lia and I take the couch to their left. I sit down close to one end of the couch, and Lia tries to sit on my left, where there’s more room, but I pull her hand and taking the mug from her hand, I situate her on my right, then place her legs across my lap, so that she sits sideways, her back leaning against the arm of the couch.

She throws me a glare, but complies nonetheless. I smile at her as I give her back her mug, then hand her our plate with cookies, and my dad turns on the movie.

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