The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 13


As I work on Blake’s laptop, copying his notes, I feel his eyes on me. He probably doesn’t know that I can tell he’s watching me, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve learned to ignore it.

I organize the last file and place the paper back in the binder. Turning off the music I take the headphones off, putting them back in the drawer, still feeling Blake’s eyes on me.

“You’re done already?” He sounds shocked. I spin the chair around and smirk at him.

“Aren’t you bored of watching me?” I notice his eye widen. Obviously he hasn’t thought I would call him out on this.

“I have eyes. It's not my fault they're attracted to you.” He smiles my way.

I scoff at that. “Aren’t you smooth, Cakey?” I almost laugh at his cringing face.

“Please don’t tell me you’re going to call me that. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.”

I lean back in his chair, amused by the desperate look in his eyes as he waits for my response.

“No, Lia, please, think of something else!” I laugh out loud at this.

“I’m not going to call you that, Blake, calm down.” I say between laughs, his face is a comical combination of disbelief and relief.

“You really enjoy torturing me, huh? I honestly thought you were serious about calling me that- that name.” He sighs deeply then runs his hand through his hair as he leans back on the headboard. “You are diabolical, sweetheart.”

“You mentioned torture. How is your back?” He looks at me, surprised at the sudden change of topic.

“Actually, your hands worked magic. It stopped hurting a while ago. Wanna take a look?” He finishes with that annoying smirk on his face.

I mirror his smirk. “Want me to kick you again?” I watch his smirk disappear immediately.

“You have a mean kick, you know.” He praises. “But, do you remember the second kick?”

I think for a while. I don’t remember anything after wrapping myself in the blanket after kicking Blake off the bed. I turn to him and shake my head slowly.

“You kicked me in the stomach, when I tried to unwrap the blanket. It hurts, right here.” He lifts his shirt, sulking as he rubs his abs.

“Want me to give you a massage again?” I smirk at him, remembering his groans and wailing.

He seems to think it over; then gives me a sly grin as he gets off the bed and takes his shirt off.

“Since you’re offering…” He lies down on the bed, crossing his arms behind his head as he waits for my move.

“You are impossible.” I shake my head at him, but go to the bathroom to get the ointment anyway, since I can see I really left a bruise on him. One night, two bruises and all we did was sleep. He would die in the ring with me.

I come back with that horrible menthol cream in my hand. If he thinks he can get a reaction out of me, then he’s in for a surprise. I’m better at this than he thinks.

“Where does it hurt, Cakey?” I coo at him.

“My stomach, you kicked me pretty hard, sweetheart.” He points to an area a bit above his boxers’ waistband. Oh he wants to play like this, huh?

“Just don’t start whining like earlier, alright?” I give him a smirk as I get on the bed next to him. I’m about to wipe that smugness off his face.

I feel him tense as I sit astride his thighs and I almost can’t keep my expression calm as I watch him. I poke around his lower abdomen a little, feeling the bruising around his hip bone, not missing the hitch in his breath.

I begin to massage his bruise the same way I did the one on his back, enjoying his struggle to not make a sound. He’s trying so hard not to show he’s in pain.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!” The sudden outburst makes me halt my movements as I turn my head towards the door.


I can’t fucking believe my shitty luck!

What are they doing here?

I lie shirtless on my back with Lia straddling me as Will and Ty enter my room. This is a fucking déjà vu from this morning!!! Why can’t people leave me alone today?!

“I did not know you two got this close, man. Hi, Lia.” Ty teases me then greets Lia cheerfully with a wave.

“Hey Tyler. Hi William.”

“Hi. You want us to leave?” Will asks me as he sits on the couch with Ty.

“No need. I’ll just apply the ointment on this crybaby and I’ll be done.” Lia answers before I can, still working on my stomach, unaffected by our company. How is she so calm right now?! I feel like I will have a heart attack any second!

As soon as Lia starts applying the cream, completely ignoring guys’ curious and amused stare, she starts sneezing again, breaking the tension in the room with the cute sound.

“Oh shit – achoo! – I forgot about this. Achoo!” She covers her face in my hoodie again, but I still hear her continuous sneezes.

“Bless you.” I barely contain my laughter.

“Curse you. Achoo! It’s your fault! Achoo!” She slaps my chest as she gets off me, heading straight to the bathroom.

Will and Ty burst out laughing as soon as Lia enters the bathroom, her sneezes still audible.

“Want to explain? What was that?” Will asks me while I get up from the bed. I smirk at them.

“Wouldn’t you like to know. See that – I gesture to my stomach – she did it.”

“What? How?” Will asks, inspecting the purple bruise on my abdomen.

“I kicked him off the bed.” Lia answers. “Blake, get your ass up – achoo! – I need you to take me home. This shit won’t stop. Achoo!” She adds as wipes her red nose with a tissue.

“You alright?” Tyler asks her worriedly.

“Nope. I need my allergy medication – achoo! – before it gets worse. Blake, come on.” She hands me my shirt, takes her dress from yesterday and her purse then leaves the room.

“You guys are staying here or coming with us?” I ask the guys while I put my shirt on and get my wallet and keys.

“Oh, we’re coming. I can’t wait to hear more about what the fuck happened with your parents and Lia.” Will says, heading straight to the door, not even waiting for me or Ty.

The drive to Lia’s house is quiet, with occasional sneezes resounding in the car and snickers in the backseat. I took my dad’s SUV, since I’ll be taking Lia shopping later. Yes, I will still drive her, my plans for the day didn’t change.

The closer we get to her house, the worse she looks. I glance at her as I drive, hearing worried Ty ask her if she’s alright. Her eyes are red and tears are running down her cheeks that she doesn’t even bother to wipe.

I watch as she springs out of the car as soon as I park in her driveway.

“Lia!” I call out after her, following her into her house. She goes straight into her kitchen, pulling out what looks like a medicine box. I go to her fridge and take out a water bottle for her. I unscrew the bottle and give it to her once she takes her pills.

She’s breathing hard, leaning over the counter.

“You alright?” I ask her.

“Give me a moment. It caught me off guard, I didn’t expect to get such strong reaction.”

She sighs deeply, already looking better, her sneezing gone and she almost stopped crying.

“If you want some lunch, you can go by yourselves. I have to freshen up.” She tells us, leaving us by ourselves.

Guys and I share one look and we know we’re not leaving. All three of us go to the living room to wait for Lia, and as we sit on the couches, I notice the guys are clearly waiting for me to talk.


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