The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 16


“Take one more step in my direction and I’ll break your legs!” I growl warningly at Declan, stopping him. He hesitates for a moment before speaking.

“Oh, don’t be like that. Don’t I get my usual hug?” He’s grinning cheerfully as he speaks.

“I never gave you a hug, you dick. Stay the fuck away from me.” I slam my fist on the desk.

“You heard the lady. Back off.” Blake adds, sounding pissed off for some reason.

“Sunshine!” Dick whines, looking like a lost child.

“Stop fucking calling me that unless you want your face redecorated!” I snap at him. Why is he here? He should be in college not high school. He’s 20 for fuck’s sake!

“I came here specifically for you. You could at least give me a chance.” He’s suddenly serious. As if I’ll get scared. He should know better.

“I mean it, dick. Know your place.” I warn him with a glare.

He seems to read my mood and backs off, but not before giving me a knowing smirk. Oh the little shit is going to get it.

“You know him?” Tyler whispers, turning in his seat to face me.

“You could say that.” I answer offhandedly, still glaring at Declan as he sits at his desk.

“He gives me the creeps. He’s been walking around the school for the whole week, constantly looking around like he was looking for something.” Ty sounds worried.

I feel my phone vibrate with a new message. It’s from Blake. Why is he texting me? I’m right beside him.

“Who is he?” I look up to see Blake’s imploring gaze focused on me.

“Just some fucker I used to know. Don’t worry, I can handle him.” I text him back, putting my phone away just as the teacher comes in.

The classes run smoothly and now it’s lunchtime. As I go to my locker, I see Blake already waiting for me - he wasn’t in any of my classes apart from English in the morning. Once I’m done putting away my stuff, he takes my hand, intertwining our fingers. I kinda like when he does that. I catch a lot of shocked looks directed our way as we head towards the school cafeteria. But I also notice few people glaring our way. Especially Victoria and Declan. He watches our connected hands with pure fury etched on his face that he doesn’t even try to hide. I guess the whole ‘dating Blake’ thing might come in handy while dealing with him.

Before I can pay for my food, Blake hands the lady behind the counter his money and as I’m about to argue, he kisses my cheek, leaving me stunned. I will fucking break his neck. He kissed me in front of all those people! I settle for a glare, showing him my displeasure. I catch his chuckle, clearly expecting such reaction from me.

He pulls me with him to his usual table, where the rest of his friends are already seated. I continue to glare at Blake as he puts his tray on the table then takes mine and places it right next to his. I sit down with an angry huff on Blake’s left, not missing the triumphant look on his face. Oh, the little shit thinks he’s won.

“Well hello, whoever you are.” One of the guys from the football team greets with a smile just as I’m about to take a bite of my burger.

“Hi.” I give him a blank look as I reply, concentrating on my food.

“This is Lia, my girlfriend, so be nice guys.” Blake warns them before turning to his own food.

“ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! YOU’RE DATING THIS WHORE?!” A screeching voice reaches my ears as Victoria stampedes towards the table.

“Here we go.” I mutter, putting my burger down, and Blake’s keen ears clearly catch it, as he chuckles at me, squeezing my hand under the table. It’s a good thing I’m ambidextrous, since Blake has not let my right hand go, keeping both of our hands in his lap.

Victoria slams her tray on the table, and the only thing I see on it is a pile of green leaves. How do people survive on this? I would be hungry in less than an hour if I ate that.

“YOU FUCKING WHORE! HOW DARE YOU!!! I WARNED YOU!!!” She points her finger at me as she yells then picks up her tray and storms off, leaving me stunned.

“What just happened?” I think out loud. I don’t get this girl.

No one answers me, as the guys around the table are busy laughing.

“She fucking hates you! Oh my god, I’ve never seen her face turn so red!” One of the guys, I think his name is Nathan, exclaims between laughter.

I shrug it off and continue eating, as if nothing happened. Well, technically, nothing happened, so I don’t see a point in reacting to that.

The guys don't seem to understand why I'm not affected by Victoria's stunt, staring at me in surprise. “How are you so calm about this? She’s going to go after you, you know.” Nathan exclaims, shocked at my lack of reaction. Blake, Will and Ty don’t seem to mind, I guess they got used to my indifferent disposition.

Nathan’s words get all the guys’ attention on me, as they wait for my response. I turn to Blake for some help, cause I have no idea what do they expect from me.

“What am I supposed to say?” I whisper into Blake’s ear.

“Guys, drop it. If Victoria tries anything, I’ll deal with her myself. Let Lia eat in peace.” He sternly tells them, and as if his words are some kind of royal order, the football team goes back to their food without any objections.

“Thanks.” I quietly say as I squeeze Blake’s hand in gratitude. I’ve told him that I don’t like to be the center of people’s attention and he assured me that he’ll try to keep people’s eyes off me. So far, he’s doing a good job with deflecting people’s attempts to talk to me. I got used to talking to Blake and his two friends over the last week, but spending time with his whole team is out of the question.

Thankfully, Declan got the hint that I don’t want him near me, and keeps his distance. But I know him too well to let my guard down. I’ve known him for only 2 years, but I know he’s not one to give up easily. Blake told me through a text, since we didn’t have a chance to talk, that Declan is training with the football team as the coach’s assistant. I knew that he’s always liked football, mainly because he always bragged about how he wants to go pro and shit. I also heard that during the last week, he was invited to the football team’s table – the same one I’m sitting at – so I told Blake that I will not sit at one table with that fucker. Declan must’ve decided not to risk it and just stayed away.

Apart from Victoria’s little bitch fit the lunch is quite peaceful. I still haven’t got my hand back, but I don’t try to pull it away. If Blake wants it, he can have it. I can use my left one.

Once I’m done with my burger, I pick up my French fries, getting shocked looks from almost all the guys around the table. For fuck’s sake! Not that again!!!

I look up from my food and stare at the guys, leaning back in my seat.

“What now?” I ask them, exasperated.

The boys look from me to Blake, as if asking for permission to speak freely. Jesus Christ!

Blake looks down at me with questioning gaze. Now he’s asking my permission!!! I swear to God!

“Just say it.” I tell them, not missing few relieved sighs.

“You’re going to eat all that?” A guy sitting opposite to me asks, gesturing to my tray, where I still have a big portion of French fries and a large milkshake left.

“Yeah. I would also take pizza, but it looked gross.” I say as I look pointedly to Blake’s tray, where said pizza lies. How can he eat that?

As if on cue, the guys’ mouths drop, looking from my face to my tray and back to me again.

“Wow.” I hear some of them murmur. I put my chin on the palm of my hand, leaning my elbow on the table as I enjoy the show in front of me.

“Why is it that everyone is so damn surprised? You were the same!” I turn my head towards Blake, pointing at him accusingly.

“It’s surprising that you eat this much because you’re so tiny.” I feel my temper rise at his words.

“I’m not tiny, you Hulk!” I snap, pulling my hand from his, and slap his arm as I get back to eating.

“You know Hulk?” A geeky looking guy asks shocked from the end of the table.

“Who doesn’t?” I retort, munching on my fries. What’s the big deal? It’s Marvel, of course I know Hulk. Though Loki is still my favorite. Tom Hiddleston is always a win.

“Damn, girl. Where have you been my whole life?” The guy in front of me flirts with a charming smile. I wonder how many girls fell for that smile.

“Back off, Damien, she’s taken.” Blake warns him off before grabbing my hand back and putting it back on his thigh. Caveman. I snort internally. The Damien guy puts his hands up in surrender then goes back to his lunch.

The rest of the lunch is filled with guys talking about football, leaving me alone per Blake’s request. I zone out on their conversations, not at all interested in whatever they’re talking about, all the while feeling someone’s eyes on me.

I don’t have to turn around to know who it is. I sigh internally.

I just wanted to go through this year in peace.

But apparently that’s too much to ask.

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