The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 17


After lunch, I take Lia back to her locker so she can get her books for her next classes. I’ve noticed she always prepares for at least two classes ahead, opting for carrying additional weight around instead of going back and forth to her locker after each class. It’s smart, considering the traffic on the hallways between classes, but I don’t like her overworking herself. Those books are fucking heavy.

I don’t let go of her hand as we walk, only releasing it when she needs to open her locker. I quickly go to mine, taking my own stuff out, then go back to her, only to find that creeper Declan standing there, looking pissed as he talks to her. Due to the noise in the hallway I don’t hear what he’s saying, but judging by the angry expression on Lia’s face, she does not like what she’s hearing.

Once I get closer, I can clearly hear his words.

“Dump that motherfucker before he gets hurt, sunshine! I won’t tell you again.” Is he fucking threatening her?!

“Shut it, dick. You seem to be forgetting who you’re talking to.” I hear Lia snarl at him. It’s my first time seeing her so pissed. “Touch him and see what happens.” With her last warning, she slams her locker shut and heads my way. She takes my hand and leads me down the hallway, making me smile internally at the gesture and the angry look on Declan’s face. Yeah, fucker. She’s mine.

I catch up to her, matching her furious pace easily, and we walk beside each other towards the classroom. We have the next class together, and I barely stop myself from grinning. Just the thought of being together with Lia for a whole hour is getting me excited. I really like spending time with her.

Once we’re there, I do the same thing as this morning, sitting next to Lia, still not letting her hand go. At lunch I noticed her eating with her left hand easily, so I decided to ask if she’s left-handed. She surprised me by saying she’s actually ambidextrous, but the possessive caveman in me screamed in delight. If she can write with her left hand, then I can keep her right one hostage, just like I’ve been doing for the whole lunch.

I settle my stuff on the table, waiting for the tardy teacher to come in. I know Lia likes to concentrate before class, so I don’t bother her, especially since she seems to be on edge after earlier. I keep her hand in mine with our fingers locked and rub circles on it with my thumb. She seems tense, but her small hand stays soft and relaxed in my grasp.

I can barely concentrate on the teacher’s words, busy watching Lia take notes like the attentive student she is. She has a very neat handwriting and the lack of her right hand does not seem to hinder her in any way. Our entwined hands lay on my thigh, sending warmth through my whole body. I feel so damn good with her it’s unreal.

The lecture ends much too early for my taste. I didn’t pay much attention to it, though, getting constantly distracted by the girl next to me. But fuck it’s a nice distraction.

We leave the room, hand in hand, getting a lot of stares from people. I ignore them and so does Lia. We don't have to answer to anyone here, they can stare and gossip all they want. As much as I the comfortable silence between us, I have to break it when we reach the lockers.

“Remember how you offered to share your notes with me? I might need your notes from today. I couldn’t pay attention to anything that old hag was saying.” I say, half-joking, since I will really need notes.

“I can send them to you once I organize them. She was so damn chaotic. Her dementia must be hitting her hard lately.” Lia chuckles and I join her. How did I miss a girl like her before?

“You want them printed out or sent to your e-mail?” She turns to me, as we stop by my locker.

“You’re really going to share them with me, just like that?” I ask, exchanging my books, while Lia leans on the locker next to mine.

“Yeah, I don’t see a problem. Just don’t spread them around. I don’t do charity.” She explains. As if she needs to tell me that, I wouldn't dare do something like that behind her back. I respect her way too much to do that.

“Then why would you share the fruit of your hard work with me?” I decide to ask, genuinely curious.

“Because I’m a great girlfriend?” She teases, reminding me of our small exchange on Sunday, when she was at my house. I laugh at that. Oh that little tease.

“That you are. Let’s go. I’ll take you to your next class before you’re late. I don’t want that fucker to get to you again.” I didn’t mention that I heard part of their conversation earlier, since Lia was clearly pissed off. I have a bad feeling about this guy and I didn't like how he treated her earlier.

“You don’t have to escort me everywhere, you know. I can handle myself.” She tells me, but I decide to ignore her words. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I just let some asshole harass my girl? I can't possibly allow people to think they can cross me and bother my girlfriend.

“I know, but I want to.” I say, completely honest. The thought of that Declan fucker cornering her again makes my blood boil. I will have to talk to Will and Ty about him. We will need to rotate between Lia’s classes to help her reach each one without that dick disturbing her. She has at least one of us in most of her classes so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, so I hope the guys will agree.

“I’ll see you at PE, sweetheart.” I lean down and kiss Lia’s cheek, not missing the vicious glare we get from Victoria, nor Lia’s eye roll. At least it’s not a glare this time. Progress!

At least Will is in this class, so I don’t have to worry about Lia’s safety. I notice him approaching as I leave Lia to let her get to class and go to my own. As I’m passing Will, I tell him to take care of Lia, receiving a pat on the shoulder and a firm nod in response. He knows just who I’m talking about, so I can entrust Lia to him.

For some reason the class I’m sitting in drags on for what seems like hours. I keep fidgeting, not knowing what to do with my empty hand. Who would’ve thought that after holding Lia’s hand in mine a few times during class I would actually miss the feeling?

What the hell is going on with me?

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