The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 2


Monday couldn’t possibly come faster. I barely slept through the night with my aching ribs and then the alarm went off.

I get up groggily, my whole body screaming in protest with every move I make. I should’ve stretched or taken ice bath after the fight. I’m beyond sore.

I don’t want to go to school limping from pain and soreness, so I head to the bathroom to take a hot shower to at least try to get some relief.

I slowly make my way towards the bathroom, careful not to irritate my wounds. It’s still early, so I have enough time to go through my morning routine, take a long hot shower and rewrap my ribs.

Once in the bathroom, I turn on the shower, take my PJ’s off and inspect my ribs closely. The bruised area around my stomach is basically black and blue, but fortunately there was no internal bleeding for me to go the hospital. A bruise I can deal with, it only needs a little care and it will be fine.

Getting under the hot water, I pick up my mint-scented shower gel and wash my body with it, planning my day while showering. Mondays are quite easy to go through, as I have only 5 classes and P.E. The problem lies with the P.E. I will have to somehow get out of it. The other classes are not a problem, I pretty much ace in each one of them. But that damn P.E., what should I do about it? I don’t have a doctor’s note or anything to show the teacher, and skipping is out of question.

I look at the watch on the counter and decide to think about the P.E. issue later, as I have to get ready. The hot water helped tremendously with the ache in my muscles. Wrapping myself in my black towel, I go to the bedroom to dress up to school.

I rewrap my ribs and go to my closet to pick clothes for today. I’m not a fan of colorful clothes, so my closet consists mostly of dark t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jeans and some shorts and sweatpants. The simpler the better. I pick out an oversized black Fairy Tail t-shirt, yeah I watch anime, with a print saying: “Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain”, which perfectly describes my mood most of the time; dark washed out jeans, black boots and black cardigan.

Blow drying my hair, I try to tame them at the same time, still watching the time closely. I don’t want to be late, I don’t tolerate tardiness.

It’s a really good thing I don’t wear make-up, and that I didn’t get hit in the face yesterday. I wouldn’t want to have to hide bruises on my face. It’s too bothersome.

Once I’m done with my hair and face, only applying moisturizing cream, I put on my clothes and head to the kitchen to have a quick breakfast, which consists of a granola bar and a glass of juice. I always have a stack of various muesli bars, just in case. I glance at my wristwatch and see that I still have about 15 minutes before I have to leave, so I sit at the kitchen island and slowly sip on my juice, while checking the mail on my phone.

Few minutes later, I take my bag and head to the garage for my car. Since it takes about 20 minutes to get to school, I usually leave 30 minutes before the school starts. I like to have additional few minutes to spare, so that I don’t have to hurry to my classes.

Once I’m at school, I go to my locker to get my books. My first class today is English, with “the Trio”. I mentally sigh, quietly cursing my luck.

“The Trio” is the group of 3 most popular guys in school: Blake Knight, Tyler Blixen, and William Dailey. The girls in this school fawn over them, the guys envy them. Why? I’ve got no idea. I never understood why are they so popular. What makes them different? The money? It could be, all three of them come from pretty rich families, from what I’ve heard.

I’m not a fan of gossip, but weren’t it for the gossip queens at school, I wouldn’t know who they are, not that I care. They can be aliens for all I care. But they’re not. They’re “the Trio” or “the 3 gods of Walford”. And the miserable me has most of the advanced classes with all 3 of them. Damn it. Because of their ‘fans’, meaning the girls hopelessly following them around and trying to catch their attention for at least a moment, probably imagining how they will fall for them and live happily ever after, it takes forever for the teachers to go through with the lectures. As much as I don’t care about people at school, watching those girls is almost depressing; it’s painful to see how desperate for attention some of them are, and how those boys gloat over the attention they get from the female population. It’s saddening really, how they act as if whether “the Trio” notices them or not is the most important thing in their high school life. As if it really matters.

I reluctantly head towards my classroom, my mood already sour from thinking about the three idiots. I go to my seat at the back of the room, place my books and notebook on the desk, lean my chin on my palm and wait for the class to start while listening to Breaking Benjamin through my headphones.

Since I’m usually the first in the classroom on Mondays, I wait the longest. As I go through my phone, I hear someone enter the classroom, which is weird, since there are still a few minutes before the class starts and most of the students here come in right before the bell. I don’t look up from my phone or acknowledge whoever it is, but they finally catch my attention when they plop their butt on the seat next to me.

I look up from my phone, and the emotionless expression on my face changes into surprise for a second, my eyes slightly widening, seeing who sits next to me.

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