The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 25


“I’ll pack your bag.” Lia looks shocked at my words, but doesn’t say anything, wordlessly turning back to her computer.

“The bag is in the closet.” She tells me before I even ask.

I open her closet, and I’m slightly shocked at the sight in front of me. I didn’t get a good look earlier, so I didn’t know what’s inside.

Everything is neatly folded, divided into sections based on colors and themes. The other side of the closet is filled with coats, jackets, cardigans and hoodies placed meticulously each on a separate hanger. Underneath I notice a small sports bag. I take it out, deeming it big enough to pack stuff for Lia.

She’s in for a big surprise. I am not going to pack any clothes for her, just some underwear and basic toiletries. I want her to wear my clothes around my house. I pretend to rummage through her closet and pick out clothes for her, but in reality I just check out her clothes to find out what she likes. As I go over the hangers I notice my hoodie. It’s placed neatly on the hanger, clean and ironed. I smile as I think about my girl treating my clothes with so much care and attention.

After a while I close her closet, having packed only a pair of jeans in the end; then I go towards her chest of drawers. Now this is going to be fun. I glance at Lia, but she’s too engrossed with her work to notice what I’m doing.

I open the first drawer and bingo. Why isn’t she stopping me from going through her underwear is a fucking mystery to me. Don’t girls normally hate that?

I pick up 3 black bras, that’s the only color in here, then I take out a few pairs of panties. I guess Lia likes simplicity, judging by her drawer. I pack the stuff into the bag, then close the drawer. Since I’m a naturally curious person, I open the second drawer. I’m greeted with the sight of socks. That’s boring. I pull out a few pairs and pack them. Then I turn to the lowest drawer. I feel my eyes almost pop out of their sockets. Holy fuck, now THAT’S what I want to see her in. The whole drawer is filled with sexy lacy lingerie. Everything’s black, of course. There’s a lot of different stuff in here, from bras, panties and thongs to corsets, stockings, garters and garter belts. I feel hot as I try to envision Lia’s body in those. Jesus Christ, my jeans feel tight. I close the drawer, deciding to not let Lia know I’ve seen those. I wonder for what occasions she would wear these.

“My travel bag is in the bathroom in the towel cabinet. It’s full.” I snap my gaze to Lia, but she’s not even looking in my direction, busy typing in her notes.

“Okay.” I head to her bathroom to get it. I put it in the bag then zip it up, placing it next to the bed. I plop down on it, leaving my legs to hang over the edge.

“Why do you have a packed travel bag in your bathroom? You travel a lot?” I ask, genuinely curious.

“Nope. I just don’t feel like looking for every single thing when the need to pack arrives. It’s too bothersome. I’d rather have a separate set of toiletries ready.” She explains, not taking her eyes off the screen.

“That makes sense.” I nod in understanding. I might just do the same thing when I get home. I always forget something when it’s time to pack a bag.

“If you expect me to bring something from the third drawer with me, you’re delusional.” I choke on my own spit at her word.

“What third drawer?” I feign ignorance.

She spins her chair around with a knowing smirk on her face.

“Don’t play dumb, Cakey, I know you opened it.” She teases.

“I did not know you had such taste.” I decide to turn the attention to her.

“Wanna see?” She smiles seductively, putting her leg over the other slowly.

I shoot up so fast I almost get a whiplash, eyes wide and mouth agape at her bold suggestion.

She bursts out laughing, making me tilt my head back and groan loudly in mock annoyance. That damn tease! She’s going to be the death of me!

“Oh my god, you should’ve seen your face! – she can’t stop her giggles – I can’t believe you thought I was serious!” She brings her chair closer, her knees between mine then she looks at me warmly, no longer laughing.

“You asked me out yesterday and you thought I would parade in front of you in racy lingerie? You’re so cute.” She says as she squishes my cheeks. With a quick peck to my lips she turns back around and gets back to work. She has no idea what she just did to me. My jeans feel so tight right now it’s fucking painful. That woman, I swear to god.

I plop back down on her bed, trying to cool down before she notices the effect she has on me. It’s the third time she’s made me feel this way today. The first time was in her car. Seeing her behind the wheel of that muscle car as she handled it with such grace and skill was so fucking erotic. I don’t think she realizes how sexy she is. I’ve always liked fierce girls that can handle themselves instead of depending on the guy, but she’s on a way different level. She’s independent, strong, intelligent and fucking gorgeous.

After a few minutes of trying to calm down enough to not let Lia notice I got a fucking hard-on, I feel a dip on the bed next to me. I look to my left to see Lia sitting next to my head with her laptop in her hands.

“Pick one.” I frown in confusion as I sit up. She turns her laptop towards me and I laugh as I see the screen.

“You don’t have to do that, sweetheart.” She’s pulled up a site of an online shop with electronics, searching for alarm clocks. Cuteness overload.

“Just pick one.” She whines lightly with a cute pout. “I feel bad about breaking it, don’t make me feel worse by denying me this.” And just like that I’m gone. I can’t possibly say no.

I settle next to her and we go through the site. “What’s the price range?” I decide to ask, since I don’t know Lia’s financial situation.

“No limit. Pick what you like, don’t worry about the price.” She tells me seriously.

I pick a black clock with a built-in radio.

“You sure?”

“Yep. Though you really don’t have to buy me a damn alarm clock.” I chuckle at her.

She gets up from the bed and places the order, putting in her details then turns the computer off.

“Done!” She grins cheekily, making me laugh at her enthusiasm. “Now, FOOD!” She shoots up from her chair with a warcry.

I get up from her bed and take her hand. “Wanna go out to eat?” I ask as we leave her room.

“I’m not sure. I’m not a fan of crowds and we both know how busy lunchtime is. Do you have something specific in mind?”

“Not really.” I tell her honesty. “I thought we could just drive around and stop somewhere for a bite.”

“I can fix something real quick or we can just order take out.” She shrugs and I immediately know what I want.

“I’d rather eat your food.” I grin at her as she looks up to me in question.

“Kitchen it is, then.”

I sit at the counter, watching Lia go around her kitchen.

“Any special requests?” She turns to me as she takes out a pan and places it on the stove.

“Nope. You’re the chef.” I smile at her. She nods then searches through her fridge.

After about 30 minutes the food is ready. There’s wholegrain tortillas filled with grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, lettuce and sprouts with light basil sauce. Lia has even prepared fresh grapefruit juice.

“Why aren’t you eating? You don’t like it?” Lia asks, sounding worried.

“It looks great. It’s a shame to destroy this.” I get a chuckle from her.

We eat in silence then do the dishes together. Lia washes the plates and I wipe them dry then put them back in the cabinet.

Once we’re done, I manage to persuade Lia to go to my house. I pick up her bag from her bedroom as she waits for me by the front door, going through her phone.

Taking her hand I lead her to her car, stopping when she locks her house. I put her bag in the backseat then get in the passenger seat, while Lia starts up the car. She closes the garage door remotely as she reverses out of her driveway and I use this time to check my messages. My phone has been blowing up with those for the last hour or so, but I didn’t check it, busy watching the little chef prepare lunch.

“My mom is asking about your stitches.” I read the message from my mom, as I take Lia’s hand and place it in my lap once we’re on the road.

“They’re fine. They didn’t rip and I wrapped them up with a fresh bandage.” I convey the message to my mom with my free hand. Her reply comes in few seconds later.

“She wants to take a look at them, anyway. That okay with you?”

“Yeah, sure.”

As Lia drives, I reply to other messages I got throughout the day, the sound of rock music filling the silence.

“What’s the title of this song?”

“Black Diamond by Adelita’s Way.” I nod as I make a mental note to check the band later.

“There should be their CD in the glove compartment if you’d like to check it out.”

“Sure. Thanks, sweetheart.” I place a kiss on her knuckles before putting my phone away and taking the disk out. “Mind if I borrow it?”

“Not at all. Keep it as long as you like.” She chuckles.

“You have good taste in music. I pegged you for more of a pop type of girl.”

She laughs at that. “Seriously? You thought I drive a Challenger and listen to pop in it? Nope, that crap is not my cup of tea.”

“Good to know you won’t force me to listen to One Direction or some other Bieber. I can’t stand that shit.” I laugh with her.

We reach my house too soon for my taste, but I find consolation in the thought that Lia’s staying over the weekend. I can’t wait to see her face when she realizes she has to wear my clothes. For some unexplainable reason, I like her in my clothes better than in her own. No offence, she looks great in her simple t-shirts and jeans, but my clothes on her satisfy the possessive caveman inside me – that’s what she called me this morning.

I put the bag on the dresser in my room while Lia lies down on my bed, her legs hanging off the edge, not even touching the floor, making me realize how short she really is compared to me.

“Your bed is so fucking comfortable it’s unbelievable. Do you know where your parents bought the mattress?” I laugh at her random question.

“I have no idea, you’d have to ask them.”

“Oh, you can bet I will. I am so getting an exact same one.”

I lie down next to her and she takes my arm and puts it under her head, using it as a pillow. We stay like that for quite a while, just enjoying the silence, but when I turn towards her, I barely stop myself from laughing out loud as I see her fast asleep. I don’t move so I don’t wake her up, just lying down staring at the ceiling.

I have no idea how much time has passed, but I’m woken up by the sound of knocking on my door. No one in this house knocks on my door! I glance to Lia, relieved to see her still sleeping.

My attention snaps back to my door as I hear it open. My mom peaks through the door before coming in. I can’t exactly get up with Lia’s head on my arm, so I stay lying down as mom comes closer. She laughs quietly at the sight in front of her, careful not to wake Lia up.

“Hey, honey. I just wanted to check on Lia’s stitches before dinner.” She whispers, glancing at the sleeping girl.

“I’ll take her to you when she wakes up, okay?” I whisper back, feeling slightly uncomfortable with my mom standing over us.

“Why didn’t you move up the bed. Both of you must be so uncomfortable by now.” She keeps whispering as she asks worriedly.

“I didn’t want to wake her.” I chuckle, my mom joining me.

“I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.” She smiles gently at us before leaving the room.

Lia wakes up a few minutes later with a groan. She sits up in one swift move. Getting up from the bed she stretches and I cringe at the sound of her back cracking. As she notices my expression, a mischievous look settles on her face.

“You don’t like the sound?”

“Nope, – I shudder – it sounds like your bones are breaking.” She starts cracking her joints one by one as soon as I finish speaking, clearly enjoying my torture.

“Oh god, stop.” I groan and she just cracks her neck in response, sighing in content once she’s done.

“Devil.” I say as I get up, causing her to chuckle.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? My back’s all sore from sleeping like that.” She whines cutely as I wrap my arms around her, pulling her to me.

“You were sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to disturb you.” I peck her lips as I speak.

“Ugh, my back is killing me.”

“You sound like an old lady.” I joke and she laughs at me.

“You just called yourself old.”

“Why is that?” I ask confused.

“You’re older than me, genius.” She keeps laughing.

“Damn it.” I huff.

“My mom came by, she wanted to take a look at you before dinner.”

“Alright. Is she busy now?” She nods before looking up.

“I don’t think so.” I put her hand in mine, taking her with me to the kitchen to my mom.

“Oh, you’re up, honey! Great timing, I just put the food in the oven, so if you don’t mind, I would like to check your stitches.” My mom says before either of us can even utter a word.

“I don’t mind.” Lia smiles at my mom before leaving the kitchen with her.

I go to the living room, turning on the TV as I wait for dinner. Soon my dad joins me on the couch, asking where the girls are.

“Mom took Lia to check up on her.” I tell him, not taking my eyes off the screen.

Just as the episode of ‘Westworld’ ends, my mom calls out that the dinner’s ready. Where’s Lia?

I turn off the TV and follow my dad to the kitchen, where I’m met by the sight of Lia pulling out the food from the oven. So that’s where she was.

Mom asks her to cut up the roast while she sets the table.

“I see you got yourself a sous chef, darling.” Dad chuckles as he kisses my mom’s cheek in greeting.

“Yes, I did. Lia’s a great cook.” My mom gushes, turning from dad to me. She takes the roast from Lia and places it on the table. Lia follows closely with a plate of roasted potatoes in one hand and a bowl of salad in the other.

“Oh, honey, I could bring it myself, you shouldn’t strain yourself.” My mom chastises as she takes the plate from Lia’s hand and puts it on the table while Lia places the salad on the other side.

“It’s no problem, Sam.” Lia gives my mom a soft smile as they both sit down, Lia next to me and my mom next to dad.

We fill our plates with food and I chuckle as I catch sight of Lia’s plate. It’s filled to the brim.

“Someone’s hungry after her nap.” I tease her, laughing.

“Nice one Mr. Pot.” She laughs with me before looking pointedly at my plate, heaping with food.

“Mr. Pot?” My mom questions curiously.

“It’s like the saying: ‘The pot calling the kettle back.’ When Blake calls me out for something that he does himself, I call him Mr. Pot.” Lia explains.

“And I call her Ms. Kettle.” I add.

“You two are so adorable, I swear to god. Aren’t they cute, honey?” My mom turns from us to my dad.

“Yeah, they are.” My dad agrees, obviously. I used to think it’s funny how whipped he is, but I sure as fuck am not laughing now, since I’m in the same position as him.

“Do you think the desserts are ready, honey?” My mom asks once we’ve finished eating.

“I’ll check up on them.” Lia gets up, taking her plate with her.

“She’s such a lovely girl.” My mom says.

“They’re ready. Should I bring them out now?” Lia asks after coming back to the table.

“Yes! – mom gushes – I can’t wait to taste it. Need help, honey?”

“No, it’s fine.”

She brings out a small tray with 4 cups filled with what looks like chocolate mousse and places it on the table, giving each of us a cup and a spoon. She picks up the empty plates from the table, placing them on the tray before taking them to the sink. I take the leftover roast and potatoes and put them on the counter while she comes back for the salad. When the table is finally empty, with only the desserts left, we take our seats and dig in.

This is so fucking good! I think as the chocolaty goodness melts in my mouth.

“Mmmm, this is so good, honey. What’s it called?” My mom asks.

“It’s a double chocolate mocha mousse. I know Jared is not a fan of sweets, so I decided to make something semisweet. Is it alright with you?” Lia turns from my mom to my dad, awaiting his opinion.

“It’s delicious darling. The level of sweetness is just right.” My dad praises. He really seems to enjoy it. “But there’s one problem.”

“What is it?” Lia asks, unsure.

“There’s too little of it.” Dad chuckles and Lia’s shoulders sag in relief.

“There’s more in the fridge. I made 12 portions, just in case. I might have used up all the chocolate in your kitchen, though.”

“Fantastic.” Dad grins. “Don’t be surprised to find them gone in the morning. I’m assuming you’re staying over the weekend.”

“If you don’t mind.” Lia answers softly.

“We most certainly do not.” Dad reassures.

“I’ve been curious since yesterday, is that your car in our driveway?” Dad asks when he’s finished with his food.

“Yes, it’s mine.”

“You have good taste in cars. It’s a gem.” Dad sounds impressed.

“Thank you. I like it, too. I’m actually thinking of upgrading the cooling system and getting a new exhaust. Do you, by any chance, know a place you could recommend to get it done? My usual mechanic says he won’t do it.” I place my arm around Lia’s shoulder as she talks to my dad, happy at how they get along.

“Yeah, I do actually. My friend owns it. I will give you his number, I’m sure he’ll be excited to work on your car. He’s a devoted fan of muscle cars. I’ll make sure you get it done at a reasonable price.”

“Thank you, Jared.”

“Don’t mention it. I really enjoy your company, darling, but I have some work to do, so I’m going to excuse myself now. The dessert was delicious.” Dad gets up, taking his empty cup to the sink before going to his office.

I take Lia back to my room after we’re done with the dishes, having washed them despite my mom’s protests. We used the same system as we did at Lia’s house after lunch, with her washing the dishes and me drying them. I did not miss my mom’s peeking. She’s not as sneaky as she thinks she is.

Lia unzips her bag and I wait for her reaction.

“Blake, where are my clothes?” She asks slowly, turning around to face me as I lean against the wall behind her.

“I put jeans in there.”

“Jeans. That’s it. There’s nothing else in here.” She gestures to her bag.

“I guess that means you’re going to have to wear my clothes, then.” I cheekily grin at her.

“Or I’ll just sleep in my underwear.” My grin drops as my head goes straight into the gutter, for the fourth time today. I’ll end up with the worst case of blue balls in man's history if she keeps that up!

“I’ll get you back for that stunt, just you wait.” She warns me as she goes to my closet, pulling out a black t-shirt and drawstring shorts.

“I’m hitting the shower unless you want to go first.”

“Nah, I’m fine.” I start undressing as I go towards my bed.

I lie on my bed in my boxers as I wait for Lia. When I hear the bathroom door open, I get up and with a quick kiss on Lia’s lips I get inside.

Once I’m finished, I go back to the room, only to find Lia furiously glaring at her phone screen.

“I will break that dickhead’s neck, I swear to god!” She shows me the message from unknown number and I feel my blood boil. Why can’t he just fucking give up?!

“How the fuck did he get your number?”

“Hell if I know, but I’m fucking pissed. He has no idea who he’s messing with.” She almost growls in fury.

I wrap my arms around her, kissing the frown between her eyebrows, then her nose.

“Don’t let him get to you, let’s just enjoy our weekend and I’ll deal with him on Monday.”

“Oh no, you’re not getting anywhere near him. – she cranes her neck to look into my eyes – I will deal with him myself. I won’t let you get hurt.” I barely catch the last part, but pretend not to hear it.

Trying to distract her, I kiss her deeply and it’s not long before I feel her relax in my embrace.

“Let’s sleep. Our weekend has just begun.” I suggest once I pull away.

“You’re distracting me and it’s fucking working. Damn you.” She shoves me lightly before getting on the bed. I lie down on my side, facing her. She lifts her head a little for me to put my arm under her neck. I wrap my other arm around her waist and pull her close to me, cradling her in my arms.

That stupid dickhead will not get to her.

Not on my watch.

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