The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 28


I wake up from my nap when I feel Lia stir in my arms. She turns on her side with a quiet groan, and I lean over her, supporting myself with my elbow.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I ask worried, she sounds to be in pain.

“Don’t worry about it.” She groans, pulling my arm over her waist, holding it there.

“Tell me.” I plead.

She turns around to face me and I don’t miss the painful moan that leaves her mouth. Now I’m getting really worried.

“Baby, what’s wrong? You’re scaring me.” I crush her into my chest as she snuggles closer, burying her face in my shirt.

“If this scares you then get prepared. It’s cramps.” She mumbles into my shirt.

“Cramps?” I’m completely lost.

“PMS. Does that ring a bell?” I groan at that, settling back on the bed. “Don’t worry, I don’t get moody or demanding. It’s just the cramps.” Her words do nothing to relieve my worry.

“Can I help? I don’t want to see you in pain.”

“Not really. Maybe you could rub my stomach, but I’m not sure I trust your hands not to wander.” She jokes, causing me to chuckle.

“They won’t, who do you take me for?” I joke back.

She turns onto her back with her eyes closed and pulls up her shirt to her ribs, revealing her smooth toned stomach.

“Then have at it, peasant.” I laugh at that.

“As you wish, Your Majesty.” I lay on my side, leaning on my elbow, and my other hand goes to her lower stomach, feeling the tense muscles beneath my fingers.

I spend the next hour or so just lying on my bed, rubbing Lia’s stomach. I’m amazed how comfortable she is with me, when just a month ago she wouldn’t even let me touch her.

“Your hand is so damn warm. I might just hire you full-time as my masseur.” I chuckle at her.

“You like it?”

“Very much.” I groan as I lean towards her face, kissing her deeply.

Soon we’re full on making out, with me nestled between her legs and her arms wrapped around my neck. I pull away, getting into a push-up position before trailing kisses down her neck, chest and stomach, stopping when I reach the waistband of her shorts then going back up. I pull up her shirt further, so my lips can touch her skin instead of the fabric and I’m soon rewarded with a breathy moan when I kiss the valley between her breasts. She doesn’t stop me, so I put my mouth on every piece of skin visible, trailing my lips along the edges of her black bra, then up her throat until I reach my destination – her delectable lips. We fight for dominance before she gives in, letting me taste her as one of my arms runs over her torso, earning another moan from her. It takes every ounce of control in me not to pull her to me and just grind my hard-on on her, but the thin string that keeps my sanity in place snaps when she reaches under my shirt and runs her fingers over my chest. I thrust my hips, getting a moan at the friction, then place her left leg over my hip, still keeping my body in the push-up position with my arm, suddenly grateful for all the hours spent at the gym. Lia’s arms snake around my back under my shirt and she scratches my shoulders, undoubtedly leaving red marks on my skin, as she moves her hips in sync with mine. Pulling my mouth away from hers, I lean into her ear.

“If you keep teasing me like that, I might just take you right here and right now, with my dad in the house.” I whisper hotly before pulling away completely. I hover over her in a push-up position again before leaving a kiss between her breasts, on her jugular and lips then tug her shirt back down and pull her on top of me as I fall back on the bed. It's really hard to show restraint with her being so sexy, but I won't do anything she's not ready for. I'm not that big of an asshole.

“Do you need a moment? I can leave if you want to take care of that.” She tells me quietly, clearly feeling the effect she has on me.

“You’re so bold, sweetheart. Are you seriously telling me to jerk it off?” To say I’m shocked is an understatement.

“If it helps. I mean, it’s got to be uncomfortable.” She shrugs it off and my head plops back onto the pillow.

I feel her get off of me, but before I can catch her, she’s already on the floor.

“I’ll go make lunch, so you can handle your problem. Just remember to wash your hands.” She tells me, chuckling at the end. My god, this girl is impossible!

After Lia leaves, I lie in my bed for few minutes before deciding to go to the bathroom.

I head to the kitchen a while later. I’m greeted by the sight of my dad chatting happily with my girlfriend as she prepares lunch. He’s leaning against the counter, drinking a cup of coffee as they talk about cars. I was surprised at first about how much she knows about them, but I’m guessing her dad taught her everything.

Lia is the first one to notice me, with a teasing smirk on her face which turns into pursed lips as she tries to hold her laughter. Oh that little devil! She turns back to the stove, stirring the vegetables, snickering quietly.

But my dad still catches that.

“What’s funny?” He asks just as I lean against the counter beside him.

Lia glances at me before bursts out laughing, her shoulders shaking.

“Oh ha ha ha.” I say dryly. “Want to share what you’re thinking about, sweetheart?” She just starts laughing harder, giving me a knowing smirk after she calms down. She better not say anything!

“It’s nothing. Just a small issue I found funny for some reason.” That little minx!!! SMALL?!

“I do not want to know.” My dad shakes his head in disgust at us. I guess he caught up.

I make my way towards Lia as my dad goes to sit at the table. Wrapping my arms around her midriff, I press myself tightly to her back before leaning into her ear, so my dad doesn’t hear me.

“We both know I’m not small, but if you want I can prove it to you in my bed later, doll.” I whisper hotly into her ear, but my blood soon turns into ice as her look turns cold and empty.

“Baby?” I whisper, getting worried now. I fucked up. “You know I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, right? I would never force you into anything.” I notice her wince at my last words. OH MY GOD! No, please no! My poor sweetheart! I snuggle my face into the crook of her neck as I put everything she told me about her past together. Her parents left her, she lived on the streets for almost a year, she has scars on her back from an unknown man, she hates being touched by a man, she winced when I mentioned the word ‘force’. Oh my god, my poor baby! I’m close to fucking tears as I come to the horrific realization. Unconsciously I squeeze her tighter, trying to stop myself from crying like a little bitch.

How could someone do that to her?! I want to kill the fucker, whoever he is! I place a small kiss on the side of her neck and on her shoulder, before pulling her even closer into me.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t know.” My voice breaks with guilt and pain, my throat tightening.

She turns around in my arms, wrapping her own around my waist and places a soft kiss on my chest. “It’s fine. You just surprised me.” She tells me, looking into my eyes and all I see in them is honesty. But I still won't joke like that around her anymore. I don’t want her to relive the horror.

She turns back around to the vegetables, with me still glued to her back. I can’t stop thinking about it! My poor kitten was hurt so badly and the son of a bitch was not even caught! And she said it was years ago – SHE WAS JUST A CHILD, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!! What kind of sick shit is that?!

“Blake, stop.” I’m pulled from my thoughts by my cute sweetheart. She has a stern look on her face as she addresses me. “If you’re going to look at me differently because you figured that out then let’s end it right now. I can’t bear to see you treat me differently because of that.” She says in a hushed tone, making sure my dad remains oblivious to what we’re talking about.

“No, baby, I don’t want to lose you. It’s just devastating to know that you went through such pain. Don’t leave me. I’m not seeing you differently. To me, you’ll always be this beautiful, smart and sassy girl that I’m completely in love with. Nothing will change that, not your snoring, not your scars and definitely not your past.” I reassure her, caressing her cheek with my thumb.

“I DON’T SNORE!” she exclaims defensively, causing my dad to laugh, with me soon joining him. THAT'S the part she chooses to comment on? She’s so weird. Lia turns hastily towards the cupboards, taking out plates before carrying them to the table. I shake my head at her in amusement. She switched her mood so fast. Oh no, she mentioned that she’s PMS-ing. Did she lie about the mood swings?

I take the glasses from the cabinet and take them to the table as Lia comes back to dish out the food. Once everything is set we start eating. Today she made stir-fried teriyaki chicken with vegetables and rice. She also made lemonade. I noticed she always does that – she prepares a separate drink along with the lunch instead of taking some juice or water from the fridge, like most people.

I almost moan in delight at the taste of the meat. My dad doesn’t restrain himself like I do, releasing a groan as he tastes the food.

“Have you ever thought about becoming a chef, darling? You have an amazing talent. It’s absolutely delicious.”

“Thank you, Jared. I’m glad you like it.” Lia smiles gratefully at my dad.

I gently turn her face towards me and kiss her, murmuring ‘it’s delicious’ against her lips, getting a quiet ‘thank you’ in return.

When we’re done eating, my dad decides to speak.

“I don’t want to ruin that cute sweet atmosphere between you two, but after our talk during breakfast, I just couldn’t stop thinking about your situation, Lia. I hope you don’t mind me meddling in your business, but I’ve contacted my company’s lawyer and talked to him about the possible lawsuit. But what he told me was really concerning.” He sighs before continuing.

“He said that the letters and those notes may not be enough, since there is no proof that they come from that boy.” Shit, he’s right. They were not signed or anything and if it came down to it, it would be our word against his. Fuck!

“Actually, there is.” I snap my gaze to Lia, as does my dad.

“What do you mean?” My dad asks, curious.

“I have recorded his threats towards Blake with my phone. And I can access the security footage to prove he’s the one that put those notes in my locker. It’s in the perfect view of 2 security cameras. I will also keep the messages sent to my phone. Considering with our past, it won't take much to get him.”

My dad nods in understanding. “Those would make much more substantial evidence against him. You really have thought it through, haven’t you?” He sounds impressed, making me feel proud to have such a smart girlfriend. My dad is not easy to impress.

“I like to be prepared.” Lia shrugs as if it’s not a big deal.

“You never fail to surprise me, sweetheart.” I say as I lie down on the couch in the living room, my dad already gone back to his office.

“Why is that?” Lia asks, genuinely curious as she sits across my thighs.

“You’re handling this whole situation with such patience and calmness, while I keep getting angry at every little shit that fucker does.” I groan, putting my arms under my head.

“Calmness.” She snorts cutely. “You have no idea what’s going through my head, Cakey. I’m about to explode from rage and break that dick’s face! But I figured hurting him physically would only work short term, and then he would be back again. So I decided to hit him where it would hurt the most. His ego. Getting arrested would break him. But getting sentenced? That would ruin him once and for all. His chances at going pro in football would be out of the window, he would have a reputation of a fucking pedophile and his father would basically disown him so he would be left with no support from his family. Boom! Fucker’s done for.” I laugh at her sudden exclamation.

“Does that mean I don’t even get to punch him?” I mock whine.

“Unless he provokes you directly, no. But don’t fret – she pats my thigh – I’ll be with you so you don’t get beaten up.” She teases.

“How are you so sure that I would lose against him?” I ask incredulously. She’s assuming from the start that I would get beaten.

“I already told you, he’s trained kickboxing for years. He’s got skills, while you only have muscles. The outcome is obvious.”

“How do you know I have muscles, huh?” I decide to tease her a bit. She’s cute when she's annoyed.

My eyes widen as she suddenly leans over and pulls my shirt up, revealing my hard chest and abs covered in scratch marks. She raises her eyebrow at me mockingly.

“That’s how I know, Cakey.” She pulls my shirt down, getting back into her previous position, with her back against the back of the couch as she sits on my thighs.

I groan. “You’re such a tease!”

“How so? I didn’t do anything!”

“Exactly.” I grumble, getting a laugh from her.

“I’m bored, entertain me.” She speaks up after some time while I play with her fingers. I chuckle at her.

“Any special requests?” I ask.

“You can rub my stomach again if you want.” She suggests, making me grin at the memory of what happened when I did that earlier. I'd very much love a repeat of that.

“Don’t get any ideas, I’m feeling my cramps come back.” My grin turns to frown immediately as I sit up.

We change our position on the couch, so that Lia lies down on it, with her legs over my thighs as I sit upright, facing the TV. I use my right hand to rub her lower stomach under the shirt, while my left one is caressing her bare legs with my fingers.

We binge watch ‘The 100’ on Netflix like this until my dad comes into the room to tell us he has to leave to his company. He looks questioningly at my hand on Lia’s stomach, clearly getting the wrong idea when he sees how low my hand is, but I ignore him, concentrating on helping relieve some pain for my baby. It must be pretty painful if she couldn’t even sleep because of it earlier. This girl can sleep through a zombie apocalypse!

I absolutely love how comfortable we are with each other. She’s seen me at my absolute lowest and I have witnessed her break down completely. She’s not shy or insecure, demanding constant reassurance from me. She doesn’t hide her pain from me, instead tells me openly what’s wrong and allows me help her through it. She’s always straightforward about everything, not beating around the bush. I absolutely hate the girls that get angry at nothing, and when asked what’s wrong, they simply tell the guy to figure it out. Lia’s not like that. She always says what she means and means what she says. I really like that about her, it helped us avoid quite a few misunderstandings during our ‘fake’ relationship. Whenever an issue arrived, we would just talk it through, with no hidden meanings or bitch fits over nothing. I think that’s what got to me at first. Her straightforwardness and maturity. She’s not like other girls her age, and I think it’s because she went through so much so young. Her painful past forced her to grow up fast, molding her into this amazing creature that is currently lying on my couch.

Just as the next episode of the show starts, my mom comes back from work.

“Hi guys!” She calls out from the foyer.

“Hey mom!” “Hi Sam!” We call out simultaneously, chuckling quietly as we high-five. See what I mean? Lia matches me perfectly.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Mom comes into the living room, still in her scrubs.

“Just binge watching a show.” I answer before returning to rubbing Lia’s stomach.

“What’s wrong honey?” Mom asks Lia worriedly as she catches my hand’s movement.


“Oh my, do you want some painkillers?”

“Nah, I got my own personal masseur right here.” Lia laughs as she pats my hand on her stomach.

“Okay, then. But if you change your mind, just send Blake to me.” Mom smiles at us as she leaves the room.

“Sam?” Lia calls out before my mom can leave.

“Yeah, honey?” Mom turns around.

“I forgot to ask Jared earlier, but where did you buy Blake’s mattress?” I laugh at the random question, remembering how much Lia liked my bed, earning a slap on my arm in response.

Mom bursts out laughing before telling Lia the name of the store and leaving the room.

“You’re so weird.” I keep chuckling unable to stop myself and soon Lia joins me.

“And you’re slacking off.” She takes my hand and puts it back on her stomach.

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