The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 3


My alarm goes off and I smash it with my hand to turn it off, the annoying beeping already worsening my headache. Fuck, it’s Monday already. Not even a minute after opening my eyes, I can hear my dad yelling at me from downstairs to get up. Damn him. I hate school and he and mom both know it, yet they still nag me about it.

Lately, they have been even stricter about school, going as far as threatening to send me to juvie or some boarding school in different state if I don’t get my act together. Like, what’s the big deal, it’s just high school. I get pretty good grades and shit, it’s just that I’m not exactly the nicest student around. I believe I have a reputation of a badboy. Not that I mind, the chicks are digging it, so I get lots of action with the school’s female population.

But my parents do not like it, apparently. My player ways are not exactly a thing to be proud of, and they constantly remind me of it, making me feel like shit, even though it’s not my problem that their circle of self-absorbed “friends” does not approve of my life choices. God knows what they would do if they knew about my other hobby.

Since my parents have been nagging me about my life choices, and threatening me about the juvie if I don’t change my ways, I had no other choice but to do something to pacify them.

So I talked to my two best friends, Ty and Will, about it.

“There has to be something to bribe them with. It can’t be my grades, since I’m doing a pretty decent job in this department, so I have to think of something else.” I tell them, lying on my bed, enjoying the empty house with my friends, while my parents are out for the weekend.

“I think your parents simply want you to stop changing girls so often. Maybe they want to see you settle down with a nice girl in a serious relationship? I know mine do. They keep trying to set me up with their friends’ daughters, it’s annoying. Have yours ever mentioned that to you?” William asks me, taking a can of beer from the mini fridge in my room, as we ponder over what to do about my geezers.

“Hmm, I don’t really know. I think I heard them talking about it a few times, but they never talked about it directly with me.”

“Maybe they thought that if they told you to get a girlfriend, you would get one just to annoy them and get it over with. I wouldn’t be surprised.” Tyler mentions. It may be true. If they told me to find a girlfriend, I would get a girl that my parents would never approve of, so they would give up on the idea of me dating.

“I have an idea. You said you heard them talking about it, so it may be all about you being a player. Why don’t you find a girl-“

“Let me stop you right there, Will. Are you really telling ME to get a girl?”

“Listen to me for a minute. We’re talking about pacifying your parents so that they don’t send you to juvie, not about doing something to spite them. So I’m thinking, you should find a girl they WOULD approve of.” William starts explaining, but, again, is interrupted, this time by Tyler.

“The hell? Who do you think they would approve of? And why would he want to get his parents’ approval when it comes to his girlfriend? I don’t get it.”

“Stop interrupting me. Think about it. They want you to change, that’s where the idea of juvie came from, right? So, if they see you change in the way they wanted you to, they wouldn’t send you away, am I right? Now stay with me, because I won’t explain it twice. You get the girl that your parents would approve of. You “date” her for a while. You introduce her to them. They are more likely to believe her when she says you’ve changed if they like her, so it must be someone a parent would want their son to date. Once they change their minds about you and give up on the juvie idea, you can break up. Problem solved.” William ends explaining, while I and Tyler look at him amazed. He actually thought it through, it may work.

“Okay, but who?” Tyler asks, voicing my thoughts. Who? That’s the question now.

“We can make a list of girls from our school, and check them one by one.” Will suggests.

“Okay, let’s do this. I hope it works.”

We spent almost whole weekend analyzing the list we made, checking who would be most suitable for the job of my “girlfriend”.

“What about her?” Ty asks, pointing to a name on the list.

“Lia Clarke. She’s in few of our advanced classes. No Facebook profile, so I can’t show you her picture, but she’s pretty, so the looks are not an issue with her. She’s actually in English with us on Monday, so you could talk to her then.” William tells me.

“What does she look like? I don’t think I know her.”

“Well, she mostly keeps to herself, so it’s understandable you haven’t noticed her. I’ve done a project with her last semester for Biology, so I know her a bit. She’s quite tall, about 5’6”, usually wears some anime or band t-shirts, mostly black. Light brown hair with blonde strands, hazel eyes, pale skin, great figure. She drives the black Dodge Challenger.”

“Oh! It’s hers? Daamn, I was wondering who was driving that sweet thing.” Tyler exclaims, his voice dreamy as he thinks about that car.

I admit it, that car is sweet. I was going to get one, but my parents got me a black Mustang GT. I don’t complain, though. But something else gets my attention, so I decide to ask Will about it, since he seems to know a lot about that girl.

“What do you mean she has no Facebook profile?”

“I mean exactly that. No Facebook, no twitter, no Instagram. She doesn’t have any social media account. I asked her why, you know, when we were working on the project together, and she said something about it being bothersome and useless. I get it, though. She’s mostly a loner at school, anyway, so I kind of understand why she doesn’t bother with social media.”

“What do you think about her?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean my parents, would they like her?”

“Absolutely. Even my old people love her. My mom keeps pestering me about bringing her over again because she likes her so much. I even caught my parents bragging about “my girlfriend” to their friends, even going as far as calling her their future daughter-in-law in front of them! Can you believe it?! Ugh! They have fallen head over heels for her, and they met her TWICE.”

“She was at your place?” Ty asks him, clearly surprised.

“Yeah, I told you we did a project together last year. We worked on it either in the library or at my place. Now that I think of it, we’ve never gone to her place.”

“Whatever, I don’t care about that. So what you’re saying is that my parents would approve of her?”

“Most likely. Like I said, EVEN MINE liked her, and you know how hard it is to please them.”

I think about it for a minute, going over pros and cons in my head, before making my decision.

“Okay, let’s go with her. Now, how do I approach her?”

So here I am, getting up earlier than usual, just so I can get to school earlier and start with my plan. I quickly go through my morning routine, eat breakfast and head to school. I have English first period, together with Ty and Will, so once we get our books we go straight to our classroom. Will told us that Lia is always first there, even before the bell.

I get in first, and stop dead in my tracks for a second. Holy damn, she’s hot. How did I not notice her before? It that’s her, then this whole charade may be actually pleasant.

“That’s Lia Clarke.” Will whispers to me. Now that I look at her I can see why his parents like her so much. There is just something alluring about her.

I make my way to her, watching her, analyzing her, and sit down next to her, finally catching her attention.

I notice how her eyes slightly widen in surprise, clearly not expecting me, and for a moment I forget what I wanted as I’m mesmerized by her.

“Can I help you?”

“Go out with me.”

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