The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 30


I spent the night with Blake at the hospital after having dinner with my dad. He's made fun of me throughout the whole thing, but in the end told me he’s happy to see me like this. Compared to how I was when he found me, this is a tremendous change.

We also talked a lot about my fighting. Dad told me the people that threatened his life before, causing me to leave him, were arrested and sentenced a while ago, so I can come back home any time I want. I assured him I will do that when I’m done with school here. It doesn’t make much sense to change schools now, especially since it’s the first school I actually managed to stay at for so long. I promised to spend more time with him before leaving for college.

Dad expressed many times how proud he is of me and my current life. He was close to tears when I told him that I have finally made peace with my past and that I’m moving forward with my life.

When I started packing some of our dinner’s leftovers for Blake, dad decided to make fun of me again, saying what a devoted girlfriend I am. I told him how Blake broke through my walls, how I got used to his touch and how good he is to me. Dad said he likes him, which I already knew, but he still warned me that he wants to meet him officially when Blake’s not in a hospital bed.

I relayed my dad’s message to Blake, unintentionally causing him to have a small mental breakdown. He told me my dad scares him, at which I laughed. That man scares everyone. After reassuring my cute Cakey a few times that meeting my dad will be just a formality, he finally relaxed. He’s so adorable when he’s nervous.

I stayed in bed with Blake for a while, and then asked Sam when she came to check up on him if I could get a blanket and a pillow so I could sleep. She told me I could go home, but I just joked about how Blake would cry if I left, which caused her to laugh at us. I decided to stay on the couch, since I would probably manage to rip his IVs out with my tossing.

I woke up early in the morning so I could go to my house and get ready for school, getting a cute sad pout from Blake, since he had to stay at the hospital for few more hours before he got discharged. I told him I would take him home before finding Sam and asking her to call me once Blake was ready to leave so I could come to pick him up.

I sit in my class, diligently taking notes for Blake, with William in the seat next to me, Tyler and Nathan behind us and Damien and Josh, who is also on the football team, in front of us, caging me completely. William and Tyler talked to the guys from the football team about my so-called protection per Blake’s request. So now I have a whole security team assigned to me that follows me from class to class; they even wait for me in front of the bathroom when I need to use it.

I was surprised at first when the guys agreed to help, since they don’t know me that well, but when I asked them about it, they just shrugged it off, saying that they actually like me and have no problem with following me around.

After the class is over, I go to Blake’s locker to leave my books there with Tyler, William, Nathan and Damien following me. Guys go to their lockers as I put my stuff away.

Suddenly the locker’s door is shut, almost catching my fingers. I turn my head to see the culprit, only to be met with Victoria, who smirks maliciously at me.

“You’re finally alone, bitch. What? Did you whore yourself to the guys to protect you from me? It’s not gonna work, I can get you whenever I want! So why don’t you leave Blake before you get seriously hurt, huh?” She warns. But bitch caught me in a bad moment. I’ve been on edge since yesterday’s events with Declan, and coming to school only made me angrier.

I hear my name being called from behind me, but I’m too pissed off now to react. I take bitch’s throat in a tight grip then smash her against the lockers with force, getting shocked gasps from her minions. I get into her face as I seethe with anger.

“If you think I’m afraid of you, you’re fucking mistaken, bitch. I will reconstruct your fucking face if you as much as look in my or Blake’s direction, got it? Stay in your lane and don’t get in mine if you know what’s good for you! I’m not afraid to put you and your little whore club in a hospital, mark my words!” I punch her in the stomach for good measure, getting a pained groan from her as she folds herself trying to catch a breath. The guys stay behind me and I catch their shocked expressions when I turn around.

“Not a word.” I warn them before going past them and heading towards the cafeteria, leaving wheezing Victoria and her minions without as much as a glance.

“You were awesome!!!” Nathan exclaims when they catch up to me.

“Yeah, It was my first time seeing standing up to that bitch so openly. You’re a badass, Clarke.” Damien laughs while I buy my lunch.

“She had to finally realize I’m not afraid of her. She kept leaving me some nasty notes everywhere and messing up my stuff and I’ve finally had enough of her bullshit.” I rant, angrily stabbing my chicken nugget with my fork. “Next time she pisses me off, I will break her face.” I add as I chew on my food.

“You can’t do that.” Nathan carefully says.

“Oh, I can. If she wants war, she will fucking get it.” I answer with pure conviction in my voice.

“No, he means you’ll get in trouble for that. She’s probably already on her way to her dad to tell on you.” William explains.

I sigh, leaning back in my seat. “Then let her tell him. I’m not afraid of either of them. Trust me, I won’t get as much as detention for this.” I tell them, much calmer after releasing some of my pent up anger on the bitch and getting food in my stomach, earning shocked looks from everyone.

“How? He’s her DAD!” Damien exclaims.

“It’s a secret. Just wait and see if I get in trouble for that.” I chuckle. I am not telling them that I have something on the principal that I can threaten him with if he tries to punish me.

“Okay, then.” Damien shrugs, going back to his food.

As I’m drinking my milkshake I get a call from Sam, telling me Blake will be discharged in over an hour, so I excuse myself from the table.

I drive towards Blake’s house first to get him some clothes to change into, since Sam told me she forgot to take some when she was leaving for work in the morning. Supposedly Jared is at home, so he will let me in.

Jared is not surprised to see me, telling me he got a call from Sam to warn him about my arrival.

“I was going to pick Blake up myself, but I’m guessing he would rather see you than me.” He laughs as we walk down the hallway.

“I’ll see you later, darling.” He says as he walks towards his office and I go into Blake’s room. I pick up Blake’s backpack that William brought back when he dropped his car here and take everything out before going to his closet. I get him a set of clothes, not forgetting about bringing him his jacket, since it’s quite cold outside.

I get to the hospital about 20 minutes later. The old hag at the reception desk gives me a dirty look for some reason, but I ignore her, going straight to Blake’s room on the third floor.

He gives me a grin when I enter the room. I come up to him, putting his backpack on the chair, giving him a quick kiss as I sit on the bed next to him.

“I missed you, baby. It’s so boring in here.” He groans, falling back on the bed.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m here to take you home.” I laugh. “Sam said you’re getting discharged. She’s probably taking care of the paperwork as we speak. We just have to wait for someone to come and get your drips out.” I tell him as he takes my hand. “I brought you clothes to change into, and your car is already at your house.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

“Don’t mention it.” We wait for the nurse in comfortable silence, with Blake playing with my fingers, paying most of his attention to my wrapped up knuckles.

“I had a confrontation with Victoria today.” I speak few minutes later and Blake sits up, looking worried. I continue before he can say anything. “She tried to slam the locker door on my fingers and I snapped at her. I pushed her into the lockers by her throat and warned her off then punched her in the stomach to get my point across.”

“You’re so brutal, sweetheart. – He gives me a kiss on my knuckles – But what if she gets you in trouble? And where were the guys?!” He asks annoyed.

“They left to put their stuff away, don’t blame them. She would get to me sooner or later and I don’t want to hide behind you or your friends. I dealt with Declan, I can deal with the bitch, too. She doesn’t scare me and neither does her daddy dearest.” I explain, locking my fingers with Blake’s. He visibly relaxes at my words.

Sam comes in a while later, taking out Blake’s IV and telling us he can leave. I wait as he goes to the bathroom after helping him get off the bed. He comes out in his jeans, grimacing in pain as he tries to put his shirt on. I come up to him before taking his shirt from him and helping him put it on. Then I sit him on the bed, putting on his socks and shoes.

“This is fucking humiliating.” He groans as I tie up his boots, making me laugh.

“No it’s not. You’re black and blue and the pain meds haven’t kicked in yet, so it’s understandable you’re in pain.” I reassure him, giving him a quick peck. “Don’t worry about it, baby.”

I help him put on his jacket then take his backpack in one hand and his hand in the other before leading him to my car. I don’t miss the surprised look on receptionist’s face when we go past her.

“What’s the deal with that woman? First she gives me this dirty look when I walk in, then she’s shocked when I leave with you.” I whisper to Blake, making him laugh.

“I have no idea. Maybe she’s jealous of you.” I give him unimpressed look.

“She’s so weird.” I shake my head.

Just like the last time I drove Blake to his house, he keeps my hand in his, drawing patterns on the back of it over the bandage.

“How did you get into my house to get my things?” He suddenly asks, curious.

“Your dad let me in.” I answer.

“He’s home? That’s a surprise.” Blake sounds shocked. I guess Jared works a lot.

“He told me he was going to pick you up himself, actually.”

“I’d much rather see you than my dad.” I laugh at this.

“That’s exactly what he said earlier.”

Jared opens the front door before we even reach it. He offers to help Blake get in, but the big baby refuses, saying he can walk just fine. I shake my head in amusement at him.

I can tell the painkillers kicked in, since he doesn’t show any sign of pain as he walks up the stairs. We go to his room, where he plop down on his bed, mumbling how the one at the hospital was ‘fucking uncomfortable’, at which I laugh quietly, putting his backpack on his dresser.

“I have to go back to school soon. I don’t want to be late.” I decide to inform him that I don’t plan on staying.

“Do you have to go? I’m hurt.” He pouts sadly.

“You’ll be fine. Your dad is here if you need help.”

“Nooo.” He whines.

“Oh come on, you big baby. I can’t just stay at your house all the time.” I tell him. He can’t expect me to just keep coming here.

“Damn it.” Blake grumbles.

I go to him, giving him a kiss, which he soon deepens.

“Go to sleep, I know you haven’t slept well last night. I’ll come back to make you dinner, okay? Your mom has a late shift at the hospital.”

“I fucking adore you, baby. You’re so good to me.” He grins, but doesn’t move from the bed and I get his unspoken wish.

“Big baby.” I mumble as I take off his shoes, socks and jeans. He sits up, putting his arms up, looking at me expectantly. I pull off his shirt before helping him lie down and putting a blanket over him. He pulls my face to his, leaving a deep kiss on my lips.

“I’ll see you later, Cakey.” I peck his cute pout before leaving his room. I go to Jared’s office quickly. I enter the room when I hear a ‘come in’ after I knock.

“Hey, Jared. Sam asked me to tell you she has a longer shift at the hospital, so I’ll come back later to make your dinner. Blake went to sleep, so you shouldn’t hear from him for a while.” I finish with a laugh.

“You don’t have to cook for us, darling, I think we can manage.” He chuckles.

“It’s no problem.” I assure him. “I got to go now, since I still have classes. I’ll see you later, Jared.”

“Bye, Lia.” I leave the office with a small wave of my hand.

“I didn’t expect you to come back.” Will says as I sit down in my seat next to him.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I ask, putting my books on the desk.

“I thought you would stay with Blake to take care of him.” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh please.” I roll my eyes.

The teacher comes late, looking pissed. What now?

“You’re having self-study time. I have shit to do because apparently I don’t have enough on my shoulders with you all.” He grumbles, getting excited whoops and yes’s from the students.

“Keep quiet and study. This is not a free period.” He tells the class, but his voice is drowned by the noise.

“So, how’s Blake?” William asks, turning to me.

“He’s probably sleeping now.” I tell him offhandedly, opening my textbook.

William tries to close my book, but I slap his hand, giving him a glare. “I want to study, don’t disturb me.”

“Come on, you’re seriously going to study when he’s not even watching?” He gestures to the teacher with his head as he speaks.

I sigh, knowing he won’t give up. All three of them, including Blake, are so damn stubborn about everything.

“What?” I ask exasperated, closing my book.

“I just want to talk to you.” He shrugs.

And we do. About some stupid shit, for a whole hour. Once we started talking, the guys behind us joined us. To say I’m tired would be an understatement. Those boys are draining the life out of me. Seriously.

Fortunately, the rest of the classes go as planned. There is at least one of the guys from the football team in each of my classes, so I’m never left alone. This is exhausting. They saw me stand up to Victoria, but still decided to keep an eye on me.

I get a text from Blake while I’m sitting in my last lecture, saying he misses me and he’s hungry. That boy! I text him back to go to the kitchen if he’s hungry.

My phone keeps vibrating in my pocket with messages, but I don’t check them, busy taking notes as the teacher rushes through the lecture.

After I’m finally done for the day, I put away my stuff in Blake’s locker, making a mental note to take everything back to mine in the morning tomorrow. I check my phone as I walk to my car, seeing over 30 messages from Blake. Jesus Christ!

I call my dad from the car, telling him I’ll be back late, since I’m going to Blake’s house for now. He takes it pretty well, considering the fact we haven’t seen each other for almost 2 years. He tells me he’s got some work to do in town, so he’s not at home anyway. I don’t question that, since I know he wouldn’t lie to me.

After talking to him for few more minutes, I call Blake.

“Where are you?” He whines before I can say a word.

“I’m in my car, about to leave. What’s going on?”

“I’m hungry.” He tells me seriously.

“I told you to go to the kitchen and get something.” I groan.

“But I’m in pain. I can’t even get off the bed.” He whines again. Is it the meds that made him this way? Such a baby.

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes, okay. Don’t die.” I hang up and leave the parking lot.

My drive to Blake’s house is peaceful and quiet. I reach his house a little faster than I expected, mainly thanks to very little traffic.

I walk straight to Cakey’s room check up on him.

“My baby’s here!!!” He exclaims cheerfully with a wide grin. Is he drunk?

“Yes, I’m here. – I start as I come closer – From a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the pain?” I ask, sitting next to him on the bed. But as soon as my butt touches the surface, Blake’s arms wrap themselves around me and he pulls me on top of him.

“Blake!” I scold him, trying to pull away.

“10.” He mumbles into my ear.

“I’ll give you your pain meds after you eat, alright? Just let me go now.”


“You said you’re hungry.” I say confused.

“I’m starved, but food can wait. I just want you now.” He tightens his hold on me even more. I adjust my position so I’m fully on the bed. I run my hand up and down his side gently.

“If you want I’ll bring you your dinner to bed, hmm?” I softly ask him, getting only a hum in response. I think the meds have some side-effects. He’s even weirder than usual.

I get off of him with no resistance. With a quick peck I leave to the kitchen, where I’m joined by Jared. We talk as I work on the food. Once I’m done, I give Jared his plate before turning to take Blake’s food upstairs, but when I turn back around, he’s in the doorway, looking heartbroken. I am so telling Sam he needs new meds! It’s starting to creep me out!

“Where were you?” He asks sadly as he comes to me, not caring he’s only in his boxers. Jared looks up from his plate confused, but I discreetly shake my head at him, silently asking him not to ask.

“I was here, making you dinner.” I answer calmly as Blake wraps his arms around my waist, his head falling down on my shoulder. “Come on. Let’s eat and I’ll give you your meds, hmm?” I stroke his head as I talk. He’s like a baby.

“Okay.” He mumbles into my shoulder. I lead him to his chair, before getting our plates on the table. Right as I sit down next to him, his head falls onto my shoulder again.

“What’s wrong, Blake?” Jared asks, obviously catching on Blake’s weird behavior.

“I think it’s because of the pills. Sam told me he could get drowsy after taking them, but I didn’t expect this.” I explain.

I take a piece of meat on the fork before putting it in front of Blake’s mouth. “I’ll feed you, okay? You have to eat something.” I softly coo in his ear.

I keep feeding Blake between my own bites, while Jared watches us curiously. Sometime during the dinner, Blake put his arms around me, so he’s now leaning his whole weight on my side. His eyes start drooping after a while, so I gently ask his dad to bring me my pills, since Blake had told me before that he’s in a lot of pain. I sneak the meds between feeding him dinner, getting him a drink to help him swallow.

“I’ll help you get him up to his room.” Jared says once he sees we’re done eating. He’s been waiting for us to finish for a while.

“NO.” Blake hisses, squeezing me tighter. “I want you.” He mumbles into my shoulder. I look at his dad bewildered, mouthing ‘what the hell?’ to him, but he looks as lost as me.

“Blake, baby, your dad just wants to help you walk, so you don’t fall. I’ll be right there with him, okay?” I try to persuade him.

“No.” He repeats.

“Why not?” I decide to ask.

“You’ll leave.” He mumbles again, sounding sad.

“If I stay, will you let your dad help you?” He lifts his head at that, looking into my eyes before nodding slowly, causing me to release a sigh of relief.

“I have to talk to Sam about this. It’s like he’s drugged.” I whisper to Jared when he comes up to us, putting one of Blake’s arms over his shoulders. He nods at me, glancing towards his barely conscious son, clearly worried. As he slowly helps Blake get up, I take my plate to the sink.

Jared manages to take one step away from the table before Blake snaps.

“NO!” He angrily pushes his dad away, before storming over to me across the kitchen. I’m crushed to his chest as he breathes heavily into my hair, his arms like steel around me. “No, no, no.” He keeps mumbling into my hair.

I meet Jared’s shocked gaze, probably looking the same way.

“I’ll call Sam and talk to her. Can you stay with him?” I nod.

“Cakey, why don’t we go to bed? I think a nap is in place.” I suggest.

“You’ll stay.” It’s not even a question.

“I’ll stay.” I concede.

He gives me a kiss then picks me up, making me instinctively wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, before effortlessly carrying me to his room. If that little shit has just been acting to manipulate me, I will strangle him!

“My kitten.” He mumbles into my neck, before trailing small kisses over my face and neck.

Once we reach his room, he puts me on his bed then gets in next to me. Pulling a blanket over us, he wraps one arm around my waist and the other goes under my neck, holding me extremely close to him.

Sam comes in about 2 hours later, when Blake is fast asleep. I manage to get out of his arms, and we go to the living room to talk, where I tell her all about Blake’s behavior.

She seems surprised.

“It could be because of the events that led to the fight in the first place. Maybe he’s confused because of the concussion, but I can’t be sure.” Jared must’ve told her what happened.

“But why would he react like that towards his own dad? I was just few feet away.” I tell her, referring to today’s dinner.

“I don’t know. But I think it would be best if you could stay the night. I’m not sure how he will react if he doesn’t see yo-” She’s cut off by furiously looking Blake entering the room as he screams my name.

Without as much as greeting his mom, he does the same thing as earlier, storming over to me and picking me up.

I glance at shocked Sam, but she’s rendered speechless.

Blake takes me to his room again, getting in bed, with me still wrapped tightly in his arms.

“Why did you leave?!” He hisses at me once we settle on his bed.

“Watch your tone Cakey. – I warn him. – I just went to talk to your mom.”

“Don’t go anywhere alone. I won’t let that dickhead get you.” He says into my hair.

I pull away a little, leaning on my elbow as I frown at Blake.

“Blake, Declan is in a hospital. I beat him up after he hit you.” I remind him.

I watch with shock as slowly – really slowly – realization hits him as he seems to remember what happened.

“My badass sweetheart.” He states, making me laugh.

“Yeah, that’s right. I even spent the whole night with you at the hospital. Don’t you remember?” I start getting slightly worried.

“I do.” He groans suddenly, sounding pained. “Those fucking pills make me so confused.” He lies down on his back, pulling me onto his chest. I lie on my side with my head on his shoulder.

After few minutes he speaks again.

“I thought he got to you. That I failed.”

“That’s why you got so possessive, huh?”

“Yeah. But at the same time I felt so fucking weak, physically. – he groans – It’s going to kick in again soon, since you gave me the pills at the dinner.”

“I didn’t. Those were my painkillers. I told Sam that I gave you my meds and that I want to see if they cause the same reaction.”


“You can't blame me for getting worried. It was like you got drugged. I’ll throw away your pills and tell your mom you’re slowly coming back, alright? I’m sure she’s worried.”

“Stay a little longer.” He kisses the top of my head.

“I have to go home, Blake. It’s getting late.” I sit up.

“Okay, then. – he gets up after me – Let me just send you off.” He says as he puts on his jeans.

“Alright. But you have to talk to your mom about those side-effects. It’s really weird.” I tell him while he engulfs me in his embrace before kissing me deeply.

“I’ll talk to them. And I’ll apologize to my dad.” I nod at that before taking my phone from his dresser and leaving the room.

I bid goodbye to Jared and Sam when we go past the living room. Blake keeps me wrapped in his arms for few more minutes in the foyer, not saying anything.

I give him a goodnight kiss before leaving.

Today was fucking exhausting!!!

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