The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 32


We watch 4 different horrors, much to my displeasure. It’s not that I’m afraid of ghosts or demons or any other shit, I’m just really uncomfortable with it. I can’t sleep that well after watching something like that, my mind keeps replaying the images from the movie in my dreams and it wakes me up few times during the night.

Blake is about to fucking get it. I’m going to wake him up every time I get up.

“Sleepy?” Blake must’ve caught my yawn, as he whispers into my ear.

“A little, but I’ll make it till the end of the movie.” I lean back to answer him.

“Are you staying over?”

“It’s too late to drive anyway.” I shrug, turning back to the TV.

“What about you guys? You’re staying?” Blake turns to William and Tyler, who watch us with inquisitive looks.

“Yeah, probably. Unless you don’t want us here?” Tyler wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, making me roll my eyes.

“It’s not like you’re staying in my room, so I don’t care. Sweetheart, you okay with that?” I frown in confusion at that.

“It’s your house.” I shrug.

“Okay then. My parents said something about leaving in the morning for a wedding of their friend, so we’ll have the house to ourselves, unless you have to go home.” Blake snuggles into the crook of my neck as he speaks.

“I don’t. My dad is out for some business for the next few days, he’ll be back on Thursday, maybe Friday.” I tell him, pulling my hands into the sleeves of his hoodie. It’s getting a little cold.

Blake wraps his arms around my shoulders, keeping me warm. We finish the rest of the movie in silence, with occasional kisses on the back of my neck from Blake. After we’re done, we clean up the pizza boxes and Blake and I wash the glasses before going to beds. Ty and Will take guest bedroom while I stay with Blake, as usual.

“Just so you know, if I wake up, you wake up. It’s your punishment for those damn movies.” I warn Blake as we get he gets on the bed after his shower.

He just smiles at me, engulfing me in his arms before giving me a deep kiss and pulling the blanket up.

“Night, sweetheart.”

“Night, Cakey.”


I wake up when bright light hits my face. I should’ve pulled the blinds down. I mentally curse as the sunlight hits me straight in the face. I turn around, only to find Lia lying on her back with her arms stretched out and her hair pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head. I always found it funny that she ties her hair up to sleep, so I asked her about it. She explained that if she didn’t tie it up, she could strangle herself in her sleep, since her hair is so long. I never commented on her sleeping habits ever since.

I get closer to Lia’s sleeping form and with my arm around her midriff I put my head on her chest, going back to sleep. She’s better than my pillow.

The next time I’m woken up by someone poking my cheek. I hide my face further into my pillow, trying to get away from the incessant fingers.

“Blake, get up.”

“Go away.” I mumble into my pillow.

“I’d love to, but I can’t move.” My pillow shakes as slender fingers run through my hair.

Wait, my pillow shakes?

I raise my head, only to be met with Lia’s gorgeous hazel eyes as she strokes my head.

“Good morning, baby. Did you sleep well?” She greets me with a teasing smile.

“Morning. Why did you wake me up?” I ask groggily, still hovering over her.

“I tried to get out of bed to make you breakfast, since your parents need to leave soon, but I couldn’t get you off me.” I let my head fall back on my pillow – well, pillows – with a tired groan.

“Just few more minutes.” I mumble into her chest, making her sigh as she goes back to stroking my head. She’s so soft and she smells so good.

After a while I hear my bedroom door open before a booming laughter resounds through my room.

“OH MY GOD!!! I AM SO TAKING A PICTURE OF THIS!” I hear my mom squeal excitedly.

“Get out of my room!” I snarl, snuggling into my pillows.

“You are going to crush her, man.” Ty laughs. I raise my head, only to see that I have indeed caged Lia under me, with my left leg between hers and my arms under her shirt, holding her close to me.

“Come on, get up. I’m hungry.” My girl says with a small smile. She bends her head and kisses my forehead before getting off the bed.

I roll onto my back, groaning tiredly. Glaring at the nosy spectators in my room, I get up.

“You can leave now. We have to get ready.” I tell them, effectively catching their attention.

“We?” Will smirks mockingly.

“Shut up.” I grumble, dragging my ass off the bed before heading to the bathroom.

When I go back to my room, everyone’s already gone, with only Lia left. She’s sitting on my bed, but once she notices me, she gets up. I come up to her and, wrapping my arms around her waist, I lean down to kiss her.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.” She mumbles, covering her mouth from me.

“I don’t care.” I pull her hand away and press my lips to hers. “Now go get ready. I’ll wait here.” With a quick peck I send her to the bathroom.

Lia comes back about 20 minutes later, wearing only my shirt and a towel around her head.

“How the hell do you wrap this thing like that?” I’ve always been curious.

“I don’t know, I just do. I wrap it around my hair then twist it over my head. Why?” She laughs, trying to disentangle her long strands with the brush.

“I was just curious. It looks weird.” She snorts at this.

“You sound like my dad. He said the same thing when he first saw it after my hair grew out.” I shake my head in amusement.

For the next few minutes I watch Lia as she brushes her hair, then pulls it into a side French braid. She always pulls her hair to one side, mainly because of me, since I like nuzzling my face into her neck.

“I’m ready. Let’s go.” She tells me once she’s done.

“Put some pants on, I don’t want the guys to ogle at you.” I sternly tell her.

She pulls her shirt up, revealing my boxers. “You really think I would walk around in your shirt and panties?” She raises her eyebrow mockingly.

I take her hand in mine, interlocking our fingers, then lead her to the kitchen, where my dad, Ty and Will sit at the table while mom prances around the kitchen, getting the food ready.


“I’ll go help Sam.” I give Blake a quick peck and had towards his mom.

“Hey Sam. – I greet her with a kiss on a cheek. – Need some help?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind. I was thinking about waffles and crepes with chocolate cream and strawberries, what do you think?”

“Alright.” I take the bowl from her to mix the batter.

As I pour the batter onto the pan, I feel arms wrap themselves around me. Blake.

“Blake, please. I have to cook.” I whine.

“Then cook, I’m not doing anything.” He tells me before kissing the side of my neck.

“Your parents may be used to your constant groping, but the guys are here, too.” I try to reason with him, but he doesn’t take his hands away.

“You’re impossible.” I shake my head at him. That boy never lets me cook in peace.

“Aren’t you guys cozy.” Ty teases from the table. He and Will have been watching us with imploring looks and wide grins.

“They are cute aren’t they?” Sam gushes with an adoring smile on her face as she sets the table. “It’s adorable to watch.”

“You’re absolutely right, honey.” Jared adds, kissing his wife on the cheek. And they call us adorable.

“How much longer? I’m getting hungry.” Blake snuggles even closer.

After I pour the next crepe on the pan, I smear some cream cheese onto the already done one, then put few strawberries on it before making a roll. I take it from the plate and place it in front of Blake’s mouth.

“Aww, thanks, baby.” He takes a big bite, while I flip the crepe with my free hand.

“Hold it yourself! I’m busy.” I scold.

“Nope, it tastes better this way.” He takes another bite.

I keep feeding him as I cook, making sure not to burn anything. I hear laughter from the table, where Jared and the guys are already eating. The food disappears as soon as it’s put on the table, so Sam and I barely manage to catch up with the hungry horde. Those boys sure know how to eat. They devour anything in their path.

“We’ll be back on Monday, so you’ll be alone till then. Don’t burn the house down.” Jared laughs, drinking his coffee. “Lia, I’m trusting you to keep watch on those boys.” He turns to me.

“Dad!” Blake whines.

“You got it, Jared.” I chuckle, stroking Blake’s hair.

After Sam and Jared leave, we lounge in the living room, watching ‘The 100’ on Netflix. I’m lying on one couch, with my legs across Blake’s, while the guys stay on the other next to us. Blake rubs my stomach, despite me not getting cramps. I told him I’m fine, but he didn’t listen, giving the guys more ammunition to make fun of us. It’s actually amusing when I think about it, since they clearly don’t know we are dating for real.

The guys invite the whole football team for lunch, which I have to make! Have you ever tried to feed a whole team of hungry boys? It’s not easy.

“You sure know your way around the kitchen, Clarke. This is fucking good! Marry me!” Damien exclaims as he eats. I just laugh at his ridiculousness, but Blake does not take his words as joke.

“Fuck off, Damien! She’s mine!” He seethes, tightening his hold around my waist as I sit between his legs.

“Woah, man. I know, I know.” Damien puts his hands up in surrender.

I turn my head to give him a kiss on his cheek. “Calm down, Blake. He’s just kidding.”

“Yeah, man. Why are you so angry about it?” Josh adds.

“Well ex-fucking-cuse me for getting pissed, when just days ago we had to deal with a motherfucking stalker that’s been after her for years!!!” He finally explodes. I am going to slap him for shouting in my ear!

“What? The fuck you mean?” Nathan almost chokes on a piece of chicken when he hears this. I just facepalm. Oh boy.

“Rother. That’s what he’s talking about.” Will says. I can see on the guys’ faces that they don’t understand what’s going on. So Will decides to elaborate.

“Rother has been after Lia for years. That’s why he enrolled into our school even though he’s fucking 20 years old. Because of her. He’s actually the one that beat Blake up.” Will explains.

All of the guys’ eyes turn to me, shocked. They didn’t know what the deal with Declan was.

“Jesus fucking Christ. That’s some messed up shit. I remember him talking about how he came here to find sunshine, but I never thought he meant you. Oh damn. Sorry man, I didn’t mean to-” Damien sighs before turning to Blake, whose face stays buried in my hair, as he keeps pressing kisses to the back of my head.

“It’s fine. I know you didn’t have bad intentions.” I assure him while playing with Blake’s fingers.

We stay at Blake’s all Sunday. The guys are actually pretty cool to hang out with. By the end of the day I wasn’t as wary of them as I used to be when I first met them.

After a big dinner, which, thankfully, we ordered in, the guys left, leaving me and Blake alone. I tried to leave, since we have school tomorrow, but it was futile.

So I stay overnight, again.

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