The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 33


Monday couldn’t possibly come faster. Lia and I woke up earlier than yesterday, since we have to go to school today. Mom said I’m good to go, but if I start feeling lightheaded or get a headache, I’m supposed to tell Lia. I almost laughed at that, since my mom basically appointed her my personal nurse. I’m not complaining though, it’s kinda hot to have my girlfriend at my every beck and call.

“Wear my shirt.” I take Lia’s shirt from her hand, exchanging it with mine. I can barely stop myself from staring at her chest, as she unceremoniously stands in my room in just her bra and jeans.

“I’ll look ridiculous! It’s too big for me.” She whines cutely, trying to take her shirt back. I’m so glad my girl is smart enough to pack enough clothes for the weekend so she doesn’t have to go to her house to get ready for school.

“No, you’ll look hot in it. I’ll also give you my jacket, it’s quite cold today.” I go to my closet, ignoring Lia’s protests.

“Blaaaaake. Give me my shirt back!” She comes to me, still in her bra. This woman is testing my patience! I’m only human; if she continues to parade around my room half-naked, we won’t make it to school, I’ll lock her in my room for the whole day!!!

“Nope, nuh-uh. You’re wearing mine and that’s final.” I sternly tell her, handing her my leather jacket. She groans in annoyance, muttering something I don’t catch, but still does as I ask. I grin cheekily when she puts on my shirt before pulling her close to me and giving her a deep kiss.

“You look great. Now let’s get some breakfast.” I peck her angry pout one more time then take her to the kitchen. Lia makes us pancakes with fruits and lemonade. It’s a good thing she made me wake up early, so we don’t have to hurry.

I drive Lia to school in my car, even though she insisted on driving herself. I keep her hand in mine the whole way, running circles on the back of it with my thumb. When we reach the school, we’re greeted by the sight of my friends from the football team waiting for us in the parking lot.

“Wait here.” I tell Lia, kissing her knuckles. I get out of the car before rounding it and opening the door for her. With her hand in mine, I take our backpacks from the backseat then we approach the guys, who still patiently wait for us.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” I ask once we’re close enough.

“Morning.” Lia greets them with a small wave.

“I think it’s better to show you. But Lia should probably stay here.” Damien is the first to talk. He sounds pissed and worried at the same time.

Lia tugs on my hand, pulling me inside with her. I catch guys’ worried looks as we come in.

I feel my eyes widen and blood boil at the sight in front of me.

Lia’s locker is covered in thick red liquid, which pools on the floor in front of it. Lia’s hand tenses in mine, almost cutting off my blood circulation.

“Is that blood?” I ask shocked, turning to the guys. They cringe at the angry look on Lia’s face as she glares at the locker.

“We didn’t check, but it could be. It was already like this when we came.” Nathan glances at Lia before turning to me.

My angry girl takes her hand from mine, going to her locker. She swipes one finger through the thick liquid then smells it.

“Blood.” She confirms our theory. “But that’s not all. There’s something inside.” She leans forward, listening to any sounds from the inside.

“Sweetheart? What is it?” I ask, noticing the worried frown on her face.

“A snake. And it’s fucking alive.” She answers with pure fury etched on her face. “It’s a goddamn rattlesnake! I will kill that fucking bitch!!!” She yells out, punching her locker door, leaving a dent in it.

My eyes almost pop out of their sockets. A rattlesnake?! I watch with wide eyes as Lia cleans her hands with those rosy wet wipes she always carries around then pulls out her phone and makes a call. How the hell did someone get a snake in her locker?!

“Hello. I would like to ask for assistance in removing a snake from a school locker in Walford High School. I think it’s either a timber or prairie rattlesnake, I can hear its tail. … How long? … Okay. … No, it’s locked. … Alright, thank you.” She ends the call with a heavy sigh, but there’s still an angry look on her face as she starts pacing across the hallway.

“I am fucking done with that whore! She wants war?! She will fucking get it!” She rants furiously.

“I smell trouble. Your girl is fucking scary.” Damien quietly says from behind me. I turn around to face him, only to see him worriedly watch my girl as she mumbles something inaudible.

“She is. So don’t piss her off.” I chuckle before making my way to Lia, leaving my backpack on the window sill nearby.

“Hey, calm down, baby. I’ll take care of Victoria.” I put one hand on the back of her head and the other around her shoulders, pulling her into my chest. She buries her face in my shirt, gripping the back of it tightly. She inhales deeply, slightly calming down.

“Victoria’s mine. I will make her regret messing with me!” She seethes into my chest and I leave a firm kiss on the top of her head, running my fingers through her hair.

“Are you alright, Lia?” Someone from behind us asks. I think it’s Nathan. I noticed he took a liking to her.

Lia pulls away from me, turning towards the guys.

“I’ll be alright when I smash that bitch’s face against the wall. I fucking warn her to stay away and she puts a venomous snake in my locker?! This means war!!!” The sinister look on her face fucking scares me. I’ve never seen her this mad.

I wait with Lia for the crew that’s supposed to get that snake out. The guys decided to keep us company and keep people away from us. I hold Lia close to me to keep her from lashing out on someone. She’s furious, and I can’t calm her down. I’m worried that if she sees Victoria, there will be fucking bloodshed.

After a while the damn snake is removed and we manage to get the blood off the locker door. Lia cracks her neck in annoyance when she sees that all of her stuff is ruined. I turn to her, leaving the cleaning to the guys, who skip their classes just to help us. I pull her away from the bloody disaster in front of her and cup her cheeks gently, leaning down to give her a small kiss.

“It’ll be alright, baby. I’ll get you new books, and replace everything that got damaged. – I peck her again – Everything will be fine, my kitten. I’ll make sure of it.” Wrapping my arms around her waist, I put my chin on her shoulder, trailing light kisses all over her neck, making her relax slightly.

“Okay, I think we’re done here.” Josh states once they finish cleaning the locker. They had to throw everything away, leaving it empty. I sigh as I look at it, tightening my hold on my baby. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

Lia and I skip all of our classes then head to the cafeteria for lunch. As soon as we come in, all eyes turn to us. Thankfully Victoria’s not here yet. I buy my food, while William buys Lia’s, since it's his turn, then we head to our table.

“I’m going to hit the ladies' room. Be right back.” Lia whispers into my ear after she’s done eating. With a quick kiss I send her off.

A while after Lia leaves the cafeteria, Victoria enters the room. She comes towards our table, swaying her hips in what I’m guessing she thinks is a seductive manner. And then she does the unthinkable.

She sits on my lap.

“Get off!” I snarl at her, but don’t try to touch her. I am so not touching her.

“Oh, baby, you know you missed me. I got rid of the bitch, so we can be together again.” She caresses the back of my neck. I have never hit a girl before, but I’m on the verge of breaking that rule.

A loud gasp from the guys gets my attention, but I can’t turn my head around to see what’s going on because of Victoria’s arm around my neck.

“You fucking whore!!!” I hear Lia’s furious voice as she pulls Victoria off me by her hair, making her screech in pain.

Lia effortlessly throws Victoria to the floor, seething.

“I fucking warned you, didn’t I?! And you still fucking dare touch what’s mine?! You’ve just made the worst mistake possible, bitch!” Lia roughly takes off her jacket, throwing it at me, before storming to Victoria and pulling her up by her blouse.


With a tight grip on the bitch, I get behind her, making her face Blake.

“Look at him! – I snarl – He. Is. MINE! Understand?!” I tighten my grip on her throat, almost crushing her windpipe.

She struggles to get out of my grip, but I’m way stronger than her, so she’s completely helpless.

“Now I’m going to give you two choices. I either rip your hair off or break your face. You have 5 seconds to decide.” I seethe into her ear.

“1.” She gasps in shock.

“2.” Bitch starts crying.

“3.” Now she’s full on wailing.

“4.” I squish her face painfully hard, making her cry out louder.

“5.” I whisper mockingly. “What’s your choice, bitch?”

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! LET HER GO, RIGHT NOW!!!” The principal barges into the cafeteria and immediately approaches us with angry strides.

I roughly push the bitch to the floor in front of her dad before giving him a challenging look. I fucking dare him to piss me off now.

“Clarke, my office! Now!”

I cross my arms over my chest, not moving from my spot.

“I said: NOW!!!”

“Watch it Peterson. – I warn him – I fucking told you to keep that bitch of a daughter of yours away from me! And what does she do? She leaves a snake in my fucking locker then pours blood all over it!” I scream.

“There is no proof of that.” He calmly states, which pisses me off even more.

“You know there is, so don’t fuck with me!” I spit in his face. He seems to realize I’m about to explode.

“What do you want me to do about it then?” I hear desperation in his voice. He wants to cover it up.

“I want HER – I point at wheezing Victoria on the floor – to kneel in front of me. Then I want her gone.” I demand, completely serious.

“You little bitch!” She screeches in fury, like a mad rat. I give the principal a stern look. Do as I say or you will regret it. He catches my look then gulps nervously.

“Victoria, do it. You started this, so you will end it. Kneel and apologize.” He orders, getting a shocked look from his daughter.

“No way am I kneeling in front of this whore! SHE should be the one on her knees, she almost choked me!” She yells in outrage.

“I said: kneel and apologize! Or I will take away all your cards and your car.” He gives her a hard glare, knowing well what I’ll do if Victoria doesn’t comply.

The bitch seems to understand she’s lost this battle, so she slowly moves onto her knees, bowing her head. I see her shake in anger at the complete humiliation.

I crouch in front of her, grabbing her chin roughly. “If you ever bother me or Blake again, your daddy will end up in an orange jumpsuit. You don’t want to see him behind bars, do you?” I taunt into her ear, making her gasp.

“Mark my words, bitch. – I glance at the principal pointedly – It’s up to you now.” With those words I go back to Blake, who kept watching the whole thing in silence, absolutely shocked, just like everyone else.

“You. Were. Awesome!” Damien is the first to dispel the tense atmosphere.

“You’re so hot when you’re angry.” Blake says huskily, pulling me onto his lap and claiming my mouth in a searing kiss that makes my toes curl. I match his fervor, not caring about the audience.

I hear the principal leave with a sobbing Victoria.

“I think we should leave.” Nathan laughs, getting chuckles from all the guys.

“You probably should.” I smirk at them once I pull away from Blake.

“Show’s over!” I turn to the cafeteria crowd, which stares at us shocked. They immediately get back to their business.

I stay in Blake’s lap, sipping on his milkshake, waiting for the guys to snap out of their shock. Blake keeps kissing my neck and shoulder, keeping his hands under my shirt, caressing my hips and stomach.

“My jealous kitten.” He mumbles into my neck, making the guys laugh, finally out of their stupor.

“I’m not jealous, I’m territorial, there’s a difference.” I turn my head to peck his nose.

“What did you tell her in the end?” Josh asks curiously.

“It’s a secret.” I tell him.

“Come on, the bitch was close to tears! What was it?!” Another guy pries.

“Nope. I’m not telling you.” I shake my head at him.

“Drop it guys.” Blake knows that I won’t change my mind.

All of us skip the rest of the classes. Since the guys have football practice, they go back to school after few hours. Blake can’t go with them yet, so we decide to go shopping.

We aimlessly walk around the mall, hand in hand, getting weird looks from some people. It’s probably because of Blake’s huge jacket on me. But I don’t care, they can look all they want.

“Let’s come in here, I need a few things.” I point to the shop in front of us.

I pick few shirts, ripped jeans and shorts then go to the changing room. Blake waits in front of my cubicle, asking to show him every item I try on.

“These are a size too big. But what do you think?” I show Blake the last item, the black high waist ripped lace up shorts. I love the way they look, but, unfortunately, I can’t wear panties with them, since the lace-up runs all the way down, starting at the waistband. And Blake notices it.

“You damn tease. – he groans – Get them. I’m telling you, get them.” He stares right at the exposed part of my side.

“You like?” I decide to tease him, slowly untying the laces. His eyes are filled with poorly disguised lust, but he soon snaps out of it when we hear catcalls from a group of guys nearby.

“Nice ass, hot stuff.” I exchange knowing looks with Blake, before he pulls me to him and kisses me, wrapping his arms around me possessively.

“Can I punch him?” He asks me once we pull away.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” I chuckle, amused.

“Unless you want your faces redecorated, I suggest you turn away. This hot stuff is mine.” Blake sneers at the boys and I kiss his neck before going back to the cubicle. I am so buying those shorts. I already know what shoes I’m going to get, but I won’t drag Blake with me.

Once I’m changed, I pull the curtain to leave, but instead of Blake, I’m met with the catcalling blondie.

“Get the fuck out of my way.” I tell him, my voice hard.

“Come on, babe. Why don’t you play with me a little before your little boy toy comes back?” He gives me a lewd smirk, stepping closer.

“I will break your face so bad you’ll be scared of a mirror.” I warn him, clenching my fists.

“Get away from my girlfriend, before I fucking make you!” I hear Blake’s angry voice from behind the blondie.

“Where did you go?” I question over blondie’s shoulder, genuinely curious, since he hasn’t left my side even once since we came inside.

“I got you those shorts and a few shirts.” He grins cheekily, deciding to ignore blondie just like I did. I notice the fucker get annoyed. He’s not worth my time.

As I pass by the idiot, he does the worst thing possible.

He grabs my arm. Bad move!

I take his wrist in my hand, twisting it painfully, making him cry out.

“I can break your wrist in a second, you stupid fuck. So why don’t you try to touch me again? I fucking dare you!” I seethe, catching Blake’s proud smile. He doesn’t intervene, knowing I can handle it.

“Sorry, shit, I’m sorry!” Blondie wails in pain. I let go of his hand, kicking his shin.

Blake takes my hand as soon as I’m close then gives me quick peck, leading me out of the shop.

“Why did you buy those? I can pay for my stuff, you know.” I scowl at Blake, who just grins at me.

“I wanted to buy you something. I realized I haven’t given you anything.”

I huff, annoyed. Blake pulls me to him and kisses my cheek.

“You’re adorable.”

“I don’t need you to pay for my things. I’m an independent woman, I will not leech off of you.” I tell him, slightly peeved.

“I know, baby. Let it slide, just this once, hmm?” He cutely pouts. How can I stay mad at him when he’s so CUTE?!

“I can’t even stay mad at you.” I whine, getting a peck from grinning Blake.

“I’m glad to hear it.”

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