The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 34


We walk around the mall aimlessly, and for once, I don’t mind. I hate going shopping with girls, since they usually drag me around from one shop to another, getting tons of shit, which I’m supposed to carry after them.

Thankfully Lia is different. Apart from that one place we went to, she hasn’t really gone anywhere. And she didn’t like me buying her things, which was fucking surprising. I’m used to girls asking me to pay for almost everything, as if I’m their sponsor.

“Wanna grab a bite?” I ask as we near the food court.

“Sure, why not. Then we can leave, it’s getting crowded in here.” She suggests, glancing around.

“Alright.” I kiss her cheek, leading her to the table nearby. “What do you want to eat?”

“I can buy my own food, Blake.” She groans as I put her bag on the seat next to her.

“I know you can.” I give her a peck and go to get our meals. I pretty much know what kind of food she likes, so I get us burgers, fries and drinks.

I’m carrying our tray to the table, only to be met with the sight of mall’s security guards and the blonde guy from earlier around Lia. She regards them with a hard look, not at all intimidated. I put our food on the table quickly.

“What’s going on here?” I ask, making my way to Lia. She takes my hand in hers immediately, squeezing it tight. She's on edge.

“We received a word from the man right here that he was assaulted by her.” One of the guards gestures at Lia as he speaks. The blonde guy from earlier has a smug smirk on his face and I want to fucking wipe it off with my fist.

“I already called the cops, but I want to make sure you don’t run away.” The blondie, as Lia named him, says. I almost lunge at him, but one tug on my hand from my girl keeps me in place.

“Fine, then.” She shrugs, sitting down at the table, with me in front of her. She takes the burger from the tray, unwraps the paper and takes a generous bite. I almost laugh at the look on security guys’ faces.

“What? I’m hungry.” She exclaims when she notices the shocked stares. “Can you go away? It’s stressful to eat with you standing there.” She glares at the guards, making me chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?! Don’t you realize you are in trouble?!” The blondie snaps out of shock and shouts at us. Lia just raises her eyebrow at him mockingly, munching on her fries.

“Calm down blondie and let me eat in peace. I hate it when someone disturbs my meal.” She warns him lowly. My kitten’s getting angry.

I take her free hand and kiss the back of it. “It’s okay, baby, just ignore him.” I send her an air kiss, making her smile.

We don’t wait long for the cops. We’re escorted by the security guards outside, so we don’t make a scene. The blonde guy follows us to the station in his own car, while I keep thinking about my dad’s inevitable wrath. This is not going to end well.

Lia, on the other hand, is completely calm, sitting on my left, snuggled into my side. She plays with my fingers the whole way, ignoring the inquisitive glances from the officers.

My dad is already at the station when we arrive. Oh fuck, he does not look happy. Thankfully my mom’s not with him or this would become a shitshow real fast.

After Lia and I give our version of what happened with the blondie, it's his turn. He’s over-exaggerating everything, trying to get us in trouble. What he doesn’t know is that Lia’s 16, so him making a move on her will cause him problems.

While blondie talks to the officer, Tyson barges in, looking angry. Lia’s texted him about the situation, so he knows why we’re here.

“Are you alright? Did he do anything?!” He asks worriedly as he crouches in front of Lia, taking her face gently in his big hands.

“I’m fine. Why do you think I’m here? I almost broke his wrist and the wimp decided to make it an issue.” She patiently explains, taking her dad’s hands in hers.

“I’ll fuck him up! How dare he touch you!” My eyes widen at the open threat. I really hope that what Lia told me is true and he actually likes me. I do not want to face this man’s wrath.

“Blake was paying for my things when blondie came at me. I ignored him, but he grabbed my arm. Not my fault he’s such a wuss.” She shrugs.

Tyson turns to me, giving me an imploring look. “Was it your idea to skip school?”

“Nope, it was our idea. But the reason for that is a whole another story. You do not want to hear it here, trust me.” Lia pacifies her dad, making me sigh in relief.

Tyson and my dad talk to the officer in charge of us, while the blondie gives my girl a wink. I’ll break his fucking face.

“Look at her one more time, blondie and see what happens!” Tyson sneers at him, noticing him looking at Lia.

“My name’s Michael Lans, not ‘blondie’, so don't fucking call me that, old man!” Blondie yells.

“Watch it blondie, you’re talking to my dad!” Lia gets in his face before I can stop her.

“ENOUGH!” A loud voice booms, effectively stopping Lia and Tyson from lunging at the idiot. Those two are so much alike.

“Dad, this bitch sprained my wrist!” Blondie whines. Dad? His father is the chief?

“Because you made a move on me. What was it? 'Why don’t you play with me a little before your little boy toy comes back?'” She mocks in a fake deep voice, crossing her arms across her chest. “Just so you know, blondie, I’m 16, so you commenting on my ass can come across as sexual harassment of a minor. Good luck with getting out of this.” She comes back to me, snuggling into my side with her arms around me. I put my arm around her shoulder, giving her a firm kiss on the top of her head.

The whole station is dead quiet for a second, then the Chief sighs.

“You’re free to go. I’ll deal with him myself.” He gestures at blondie, who looks like he’s about to blow up, but knows better than to argue.

Tyson drives us back to the mall, while my dad heads straight home. We’re supposed to meet up at my house, but I can’t just leave my car behind. Tyson decides to take Lia with him, so, I quote: ‘we don’t run away’. I would’ve laughed, if it weren’t true. I do not want to go through what’s about to happen.

I drive to my house, with Tyson following close behind. Once I’m home, I take Lia’s bag from the backseat and head inside, Lia and her dad right behind. My dad invites them to the living room.

Dad and Tyson sit on the couch opposite to where Lia and I are, wearing matching scowls on their faces. They are not happy.

“Why did you skip school?” Wow, they cut straight to the chase.

Lia runs her hand down her face, sighing tiredly. “That bitch Victoria ruined my locker. And we had to wait for the animal services to take care of the snake she planted inside.” She explains shortly.

“Victoria’s been bothering her for a while, but pouring blood all over her stuff and putting a fucking rattlesnake, a live rattlesnake, in her locker is beyond fucked up. So we just decided to skip the day and relax.”

Tyson is the first to break the silence.

“Who is this Victoria, and why the hell is she bothering you?!” Tyson asks Lia, clearly pissed off.

“Victoria is what you would call the queen bitch of the school. I don’t know why, but she’s had it out for me since the day I transferred here. She kept talking about how Blake is hers, blah blah blah. But this time she went overboard, so I put her in place during lunch, when she touched what’s mine.” She squeezes my hand as she speaks.

Dad looks shocked, while Tyson just grins.

“I taught you well, little mouse. Never take shit from anyone. Alright, no punishment for you.” He chuckles, amused.

My dad, on the other hand, is not so easy-going.

“Then what about the fact that we had to pick you up from the police station, hmm?” Dad crosses his arms, daring me to lie.

I don’t have to, since I did nothing wrong. “Lia was trying on some clothes, and I went to pay for the ones she liked – I get a side glare from my girl for this – while she was changing back. When I got back, that blondie had her cornered in the cubicle. She ignored him, so I did the same, but when she tried to go around him, he grabbed her.” I explain.

Dad sighs and shakes his head, with his elbows on his knees. “I don’t know what to do with you. Fine! You’re off the hook, Blake. You did nothing wrong really.” I sigh in relief. Phew.

Tyson stays for dinner, per dad’s request, but since Lia and I have already eaten, we don’t stay with them. It’s quite nerve-wracking to know my parents and Lia’s dad are downstairs as we stay in my room. God knows what they’re talking about.

I sit cross-legged on my bed, leaning against the headboard, with Lia settled in front of me. She’s reading a book, while I just keep cuddling her with my face buried in the crook of her neck. She’s still wearing my shirt, much to my pleasure.

“Do you have to put your hands on my stomach, of all places? I ate a huge burger and fries earlier.” She jokes, swatting my hands from under the shirt.

“Are you calling yourself fat? Seriously?” I laugh. “You’re so skinny I’m surprised you don’t fly with the wind.”

“Cheesy.” She turns her head to give me a kiss.

That’s how my parents and Tyson find us. We have the shittiest luck ever!

“You take those hands off my daughter right now, young man, or I will remove them.” Tyson warns. I immediately shoot back, unintentionally hitting my back on the headboard with too much force as I put my hands up in surrender. I notice my mom hold in her laughter, while my dad just watches with amused eyes. Traitors.

“Dad!” Lia chastises.

“What? It’s my job and joy as a father to intimidate your boyfriend. It’s in the father’s guidebook.” He defends himself with a laugh then turns to me. “Sorry kid, I couldn’t stop myself.” I sag with relief. That man is fucking scary.

Lia just shakes her head in mock disappointment, but the smile on her face says it all. She’s enjoying my torture!

“I think it’s time to go home now. What do you say, little mouse?” Tyson suggests. Lia nods and gets off the bed, giving me a quick kiss before going to her dad. He looks her over, turns to me then back to her.

“Is that his shirt you’re wearing?” He lowly asks, sounding displeased. I feel my eyes widen, but Lia just laughs out loud.

“Dad, stop it, he’s going to have a heart attack or something.” She punches his arm lightly, making him frown.

“I think we need to get back to training, you punch like a girl.”

“I am a girl.” She deadpans before they both laugh.

Lia comes up to me and wraps her arms around my waist then leans up and gives me a quick kiss. She wants her dad to kill me! I think, but still kiss her back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” With one last peck, she takes her keys and bag and leaves my room, with short hugs to my parents. Tyson just smirks at me before shaking my dad’s hand and giving my mom a quick hug he bids goodbye and leaves.

“That was interesting. You’re lucky Tyson likes you, son. You do not want to get on that man’s bad side.” Dad chuckles before leaving my room.

I plop down on my bed, sighing tiredly.

What a day!

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