The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 36


It’s finally Friday. Will and Ty are at my house, getting ready to go to the Cage, where Ghost is going to fight today.

Ever since Monday, Lia has been a little detached, not talking as much as she used to, as if she’s worried about something. I noticed it at lunch, when guys first mentioned us going to the Cage. She hasn’t commented on it even once, just listening to us talk. I tried to ask her what’s wrong, but she deflected all my questions with some off-handed responses.

I got worried, since she’s usually pretty open about everything, so for her to act this way is unusual to say the least. She assured me that nothing’s wrong, but I still have this uneasy feeling. She’s hiding something, and it’s serious enough for her to shut down like that.

“You sure Lia doesn’t want to come?” Ty asks, sipping on his beer.

“I’m sure.” I give him a hard look, fed up with his incessant whining. If Lia doesn’t want to come with us, then I won’t force her.

I check the time, telling the guys it’s time to leave if we want to get some good seats. They get their jackets and we head to William’s car. He always drives us to the Cage, so we don’t have to take 3 cars there.

As we take our seats, joining Damien and Josh, the crowd goes crazy, cheering for Ghost who enters the place. She looks great as always, with her black long-sleeved shirt and leggings, her red hair pulled up in two tight French braids and a skull mask on her face. She looks menacing and powerful. And don’t even get me started on her red eyes. Damn, she’s hot.

Ghost takes off her boots then wraps up her feet before doing the same with her hands. Once she’s ready, she enters the cage, causing the crowd to go wild. Ace gets in soon after, but he isn't welcomed as loudly as Ghost did, making it clear who’s people’s favorite.

“Welcome everyone! We’re here to see the match of the year!!! The Queen of the Cage – Ghooooost! Versus, the pretender to the throne, Aaaaaace!!! Let’s see who will get the crown! Will it be Ghost, with 49 victories out of 49 fights? Or Ace, with 36 wins out of 40 fights? Will he defeat the Queen? Or will Ghost keep her title, winning for the 50th time in a row?! The betting ends now! FIGHT!!!” MC’s voice booms through the place, followed by crowd’s cheers and shouts.

Then the hell breaks loose.


Ace is clearly the impulsive type, since he attacks without hesitation. Idiot.

He lunges with his fist towards my face, which I avoid then turn around and give him a hard kick to the back of his knee, making him fall down.

Before he can get up, I axe kick him on the neck, but not hard enough to kill him. I step away, giving him a chance to recuperate. He gets up, even more mad than earlier. That’s it, fucker. Get angry.

He charges at me with an angry roar, like a deranged animal, and I smirk at him under my mask. He tries to kick my side, but I catch his ankle, then swiftly turning around I roundhouse kick his thigh, the crunching sound of a broken bone sounding like music to my ears. I broke his knee. Take that, fucker!

He howls in pain, falling down on the floor, but I’m nowhere near finished with him. I turn him onto his front, pulling his arm behind his back and locking it with my leg, then using my knee as leverage, I bend his elbow outwards, breaking his arm. But he still doesn’t tap out or faint.

So I keep going.

Crouching on his lower back, I pull his head up by his hair, seething at him to tap out. I don’t notice his left hand, which he uses to stab my side with a small knife he had hidden somewhere. Now I’m fucking pissed!

I pull him up to a kneeling position, making sure to put pressure on his broken knee, making him yell out in pain, then I get in front of him with my arms around his neck and with a quick move I use my body weight to throw him over my shoulder forward, hearing the crunch of his spine breaking as his back hits the floor harshly. He finally blacks out.

I stand up, breathing heavily before I roughly pull the small knife out of my side, throwing it into Ace’s shoulder.

“GHOST WINS!!! DAMN, PEOPLE, THAT WAS SHORT BUT NERVE-WRACKING!!! 50 WINS OUT OF 50 FIGHTS!!! THAT’S OUR QUEEN!!! EVEN A KNIFE COULDN’T STOP HER, NO ONE CAN STOP HER!!!!!” I make my way out of the cage, putting my boots back on, then make my way to the MC to get my money. The bets were extremely high today, so I earned shit ton of cash.

I take the bag from the bouncer before going outside. I make sure not to look in Blake’s direction, slightly worried that he could recognize me even through my disguise. I notice his group follow me outside, but I pay no mind to them.

As I go towards my bike, I feel my arm being grabbed by a big hand. I swiftly turn around and kick the man in his groin, making him fold himself in pain.

“Hands off!” I growl furiously at him then turn back around to my bike, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

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