The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 37


No fucking way!!!

I stand shocked in the alley, unable to move.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Will, get me home!” I order, getting shocked looks from the guys, but I don’t say anything else, going straight towards Will’s car.

The drive to my house is tense, and I feel Ty and Will’s questioning stares. But I don’t say anything, I’m completely speechless.

After Will drops me off at my house, he leaves, clearly reading my mood.

I go to my room to grab my keys, then rush to my car, desperate to find out if my suspicions are correct.

I reach my destination in record time. I jump out of my car before banging on the door. I’m beyond agitated, barely stopping myself from just barging in.

“What are you doing here?” Tyson opens the door with a shocked face, but I’m too far gone to answer him, pushing past him to get inside, where I’m met by the sight of Lia in a t-shirt and shorts with a confused look on her face.

“Blake? What’s go-” I cut her off before she can finish.

“Take your shirt off.” I demand harshly, getting an angry glare from Tyson and shocked look from Lia.

“Say that again, boy, I dare you.” Tyson growls warningly.

“Lia, take your shirt off! Now!” I repeat, getting angrier.

“Watch it, Blake.” This time it’s Lia who glares at me. I just make my way to her, and pull her shirt up myself, pushing her hands away when she tries to stop me.

“You’re the Ghost.” I whisper, absolutely flabbergasted. I look deep in her eyes. “You’re the Ghost, aren’t you?!” I accuse. My eyes widen at the guilty look in her eyes.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?! I WATCHED YOU GET STABBED FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!” I explode, unable to contain my anger. I feel fucking hurt, betrayed! She hid something this big from me!

Lia just sighs, making her way to the couch in the living room, leaning her elbows on her knees, her hair creating a curtain around her, shielding her face from me.

“I’ll leave you two to talk. But you better keep your temper in check, boy. I may like you, but if you speak to her like that one more time, I will fucking kick your ass!” Tyson warns, taking his jacket from the hanger before leaving the house.

I sit on the couch on Lia’s right. I’m not exactly in the mood to sit next to her, so I keep my distance.

“Talk.” I get straight to the point, not caring how harsh I sound.

“I’m the Ghost.”

“I already know that! I recognized your voice. But why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Because it’s safer that way.” She sounds defeated, exhausted.

“Safer?” I’m slightly confused.

“For you. I almost lost my dad before. I can’t risk losing you. – she takes a shaky breath, almost making me feel bad about being so crass with her – If someone found out about you knowing me, they could use you to get to me. It happened before. I won’t allow it to happen again. I never wanted you to find out about this. It’s too dangerous.”

“So you were never going to tell me? You were just going to hide it from me forever?! And I would watch your fights, not even knowing it’s you?!” My voice rises with each question, ending with a shout. Lia finally snaps her gaze to me, and I almost flinch at the sight of tears in her eyes.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I was going to do! Once I was out of this business, there would be nothing to talk about, but until then – I was never going to tell you about this! You’re too important to me to put you at risk.” She exclaims with tears running down her cheeks. “My dad was almost KILLED because of me! I had to leave him for 2 years just to keep him safe!!!” She drops her head, hiding her face in her hands.

“I would understand if you told me. You know I would. I thought-” I feel my throat tightening with emotion, my heart shattering at the broken look on her face. “I thought we’re supposed to be there for each other.” My voice breaks.

“But you could get hurt because of me. Why can’t you understand that?” She’s crying, not even bothering to wipe her tears off.

“I understand. I really do. But I’m hurt, Lia. I’m fucking hurt! If you told me, I would keep it a secret! Do you really think I would tell anyone? That I would just walk around and tell people that my girlfriend is the Ghost, the legendary underground fighter?! Do you really think that low of me?!” I don’t care that I’m bawling my eyes out like a little bitch.

“I’m sorry, I’m fucking sorry, but this was the best choice! I can’t lose you!!!” I can’t take it anymore, I hate seeing her cry. I make my way to her, wrapping her tightly in my arms, just stroking her hair as she sobs into my chest.

“I’m sorry too, baby. I didn’t mean to snap at you like this. I was just shocked. I saw you get stabbed! And I didn’t even know it was you!” I pull her onto my lap and kiss the top of her head, rocking us lightly to calm her down.

Once she’s calmer, she starts talking again.

“I used to fight at this place few years ago. I was good, really good. And the boss of the place liked the money he earned from my fights. He wanted me to get tied down to him, but I refused. I didn’t know he had connections to some gang or that he knew who I was. I never realized I was being followed. One day he took my dad as a hostage and threatened to kill him unless I fight for him. I found my dad with the help of his friends then beat up every fucker that was there. But the boss and his crew got away. They were involved in other illegal activities, so my dad contacted the cops and reported them. But I had to leave, so those people wouldn’t find me. I couldn’t have any contact with my dad, so I kept fighting for money with a mask on, earning the name ‘Ghost’, since I don’t exist, I’m untraceable. Some of those men were arrested and sentenced, but I still couldn’t go back home, not until all of them were dealt with.” She explains quietly, keeping her head on my chest. Now I feel like shit. Of course she hid it from me when there were people after her.

“I have a reputation in the fighting business. There are a lot of people that would want me to fight for them and knowing my weakness is the best way to get me to work for them. And now, you’re my weakness.” She adds while I stay quiet, just rubbing her back and stroking her hair.

“Shh, kitten. It’s okay.” I coo in her ear, feeling her tense body relax in my embrace. “Apart from that, there are no other secrets, right?” She shakes her head.

“Are you feeling okay? What about your wound?” I change the topic.

“It’s fine. Dad took care of it already.” She sniffs cutely, wiping the last tears off her cheeks.

“I love you, Lia.” She looks at me shocked, her eyes wide and mouth agape.


“I love you. I fucking love you, baby. You completely stole my heart.” I caress her cheek, making sure she sees the honesty in my eyes.

“I love you, too.” We seal the words with a deep kiss.

“Finally. But if you hurt my little mouse, I will kill you.” A deep voice interrupts our moment, as Tyson growls warningly.

“If I hurt her, I will hand you a gun myself.” I tell him completely serious.

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