The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 4


“Go out with me” he repeats, staring at me. I try to look for any implication that he’s joking, but I don’t see any and I’ve been trained to read people pretty well.

“Huh?” What the hell? That’s your intelligent response?! Stupid brain!

“Go. Out. With. Me.” Blake says, emphasizing each word, as if talking to a child.

“No.” I tell him and turn away from him, staring through the window. But he apparently doesn’t understand English, because as soon as I turn around, he pokes me. IN. THE. RIBS!!!

“Don’t touch me!” I grab his hand and shove it away from my body. He just stares at me wide-eyed, clearly surprised with my reaction, just like his friends watching our little exchange.

“What do you want?” I ask him exasperated. He’s been sitting next to me for not even a minute and I’m already fed up with him.

“I already told you, sweetheart. I want you to go out with me.” He replies, his lips curving into an annoying, but attractive nonetheless, smirk. This little fuck is enjoying this!

“And I said ‘NO’” I tell him with a matching smirk on my face.

“Look, it’s pretty important to me. Can I talk to you after school? Now is not the time to go into details.” He says, suddenly serious about the whole thing. I decide to give him a chance, not because I like him or anything, but because I can see he’s worried about something by the little crease between his perfect eyebrows, and I just want him to go away.

“Okay, after school, Jen’s Diner. 6 pm. I don’t want to be seen with you at school.”

As soon as I’ve finished talking, his face breaks into a charming happy smile, his eyes crinkling with content. “Okay, I will wait there for you. It’s a date!” And with that he rushes out of the seat, before I can even reply, his friends winking at me. The hell?

The day went on pretty fast, with only P.E. left. And again, I’m cursing my luck. The trio is in this class, too. How is it that they are in most of my classes? Why am I so unlucky?

I don’t get to continue thinking about my shitty luck any longer, as the coach enters the hall. He’s quite an attractive man in his thirties, clearly taking care of himself, considering his muscular build. There are a few girls here that registered for his class just to ogle him. I get it, he’s handsome, but come on, he’s so much older than them. Get a grip, girls.

Alongside the coach enter the three idiots. Oh my god. Blake winked at me. What the fuck? I stay still in my place, flabbergasted, silently watching him approach me in front of everyone. Is he crazy? Why is he doing this to me? Doesn’t he realize how much trouble his actions are going to cause?

Right when I think he’s going to just go past me, he does the unthinkable.

He stops in front of me and leans down to kiss my cheek then greets me loud enough for everyone present to hear: “Hello, sweetheart.”

I hear gasps and whistles around the hall, not able to make out everything being said around me, but there is one voice louder than others. And it belongs to none other but the so-called Queen Bitch of the school – Victoria.

For some unknown reason, she hates me. Not that I care about her, but she’s annoying the shit out of me.

“What the fuck, bitch?! You went after my boyfriend? You fucking slut!” She yells at the top of her lungs, and I’m surprised no one winces from hearing that shrill voice of hers.

I hear her approaching me with angry strides, while everyone in class, even the teacher, stays still, simply waiting for the drama that’s about to happen.

“Get away from him, bitch! You think you can just go after my boyfriend? I warned you before didn’t I? I will ruin you if you as much as look at him! You fucking—“

“Stop it Vic! What’s your problem? We’re not together, we never were and never will be! Leave her alone!” Blake yells at her, getting in a protective stance in front of me before she can shove me with those manicured hands of hers. Is he trying to protect me? From HER? Got to admit, it’s almost cute.

“You’re defending her?” Victoria’s voice goes even higher and shriller from the anger, and it’s painful to listen to. She’s such a drama queen. “After everything we went through? Are you serious? You choose a fucking nobody over me? A loser like her?! You can’t do that!” She continues to scream at him, poking him in the chest with her forefinger with every sentence, but suddenly, as if someone flicked a switch, she changes her tone, into what I’m assuming she considers a seductive one. “Come on, baby, we both know you’ll never find another girl like me…” She trails off running her finger down his chest, the same one she was poking him with just seconds earlier.

“That’s the point.” Blake tells her, his voice cold, at the same time removing off her hand from his shirt.

The class whoops and cheers, hearing his words, and Victoria looks like she’s about to combust. Blake doesn’t seem to mind her or simply get bored with her, and turns back to me, quietly asking me if I’m alright, surprising me once again. I only nod, showing him that I’m fine. Things like that don’t really bother me; it’s just high school drama, no big deal. But, apparently, my wordless response doesn’t reassure him, as he still looks at me worried.

I know my expression doesn’t give anything out, but it looks like he’s misunderstood my silence, looking even more worried, and then as he turns away from me, his face turns into a stone cold mask, looking at Victoria, who still hasn’t left and kept trying to get his attention back.

“Blake! For fuck’s sake! Look at me! Are you seriously doing this? You can’t dump me! Not like that! Not for her! Don’t you remember who I am? I will ruin you just like I will ruin her! She’s a nobody!” Victoria keeps yelling, occasionally stomping her foot to ‘prove her point’, but ending up looking like a 4-year-old throwing a tantrum rather than an almost adult woman.

“SHUT IT VICTORIA!” Blake explodes, “You will do nothing to her, you hear me? You will not touch her, you will not talk to her, you will not even look at her, understand?! I’ve had enough of your shit already. I’m the one that approached her first. And yes, I would choose her over you anytime. You know why? Because I like her!” He tells her, and I can tell he’s lost his temper right now. It doesn’t surprise me, I’ve heard about the reputation of ‘the trio’. What surprises me, though, is that one thing he said. He likes me? I’m pretty sure we’ve never even spoken to each other before. We just talked for the first time today.

From the corner of my eye I notice the coach and Blake’s friends approaching us. I catch Tyler’s eye and he smiles widely and winks at me. What is it with them winking at me? All three of them have done that.

The coach doesn’t look pleased as he walks towards us. Well of course he wouldn’t be happy that his precious lesson was interrupted. I, on the other hand, would like for this drama to continue for as long as possible or at least till the end of the class. That way I don’t have to risk exercising with my injured ribs. So I decide to continue with the theatrics if that’s what it takes to avoid P.E. today, hoping Blake will follow my lead.

I pat Blake on the shoulder. “Blake?”

He turns back to me, surprised. “Yeah? What’s wrong?”

“Is she going to cause me trouble? I don’t want to end up bullied because of her.” I tell him, not exactly lying – I really don’t want to be bullied, but even if someone tried to bully me, I would probably just ignore it until I couldn’t take it anymore, and then I would explode and it wouldn’t be pretty.

Blake looks at me worried. Again. He tilts his head, watching me, seemingly deep in thought, looking fucking adorable, and I mentally coo at his cuteness. He’s like a puppy. I want a puppy. A black, cute one. Maybe a Husky, or a Malamute, or a Mastiff. I always wanted a huge Tibetan Mastiff. Maybe I could visit the shelter and adopt one. Or buy one somewhere. Fuck, I’m getting off course.

He ignores the coach telling him to get back with the rest and his friends pulling Victoria away from us, turning his attention solely to me. “Don’t worry, Lia, I won’t let her stir any trouble. She thinks she’s some kind of big shot here, but everyone knows it’s us – he gestures at his friends – that run the school.” He tells me, smiling at me softly, and then I watch shocked as he turns around towards the rest of the class and tells them loud and clear that I am off limits, because I am HIS GIRL. I feel as if my eyes are going to pop out. What in the hell has he done?! That was not what I wanted him to do! I just wanted to continue this stupid drama between him and Victoria, so we would go through the P.E. and he publicly declares I’m his, whatever that means?! What the fuck! Now I’m on the spot! I hate it. I tried so hard to remain unnoticed, invisible, and there he goes, destroying my perfectly fine life here with just a few words!

I turn away from him and to leave the gym, but not before catching up to the coach and selling him some made up story about me feeling sick. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of convincing for the coach to let me go, and Blake’s friends decide to talk to him right when I head towards the doors, so they don’t notice me leaving the gym.

After changing in the locker room, I go to my locker to get my bag, and leave the school, pissed off beyond belief.

On my way home I keep thinking about the many possibilities of what can happen now. Will I have to relocate again? Possibly. But my ribs are injured so I wouldn’t be able to fight straight away, as I’m used to. No, I can’t risk moving out in this state.

I stop at the red light, tapping my fingers on the steering wheel in tune with the Atreyu’s ‘Gallows’ coming from the radio. I ponder over my current situation. I can’t leave yet because I’m injured. Because of Blake, I will have to face the whole school tomorrow, no longer invisible, and it pisses me off. He could’ve handled this differently. Why publicly stake his claim over me? What made him think I would agree to this shit?

As soon as the light changes, the driver of the car behind me starts honking at me. I put my car in gear and speed of, creating a cloud of smoke behind me specifically for him, showing that I’m annoyed.

I near my neighborhood pretty fast, considering the usual traffic at this hour.

Parking the car in the garage, I lock the doors and head home. I go to my bedroom, take off my clothes, and go to the bathroom to take a hot bubble bath to relax and clear my head.

About an hour later I get out of the bath, dry off with a towel and wrap myself in a black fluffy robe, slowly heading to the kitchen to make myself some dinner. However, as soon as I open my fridge to check its contents, the doorbell rings, making me groan in annoyance.

I go to open the door, not minding in the slightest that I’m only wearing a robe and I’m rendered speechless for the third time today.

On my porch stands none other than Blake-fucking-Knight, smiling softly at me, with a pizza in one hand and a huge tub of chocolate ice cream in the other.

“Hey, sweetheart.”

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