The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 40


I wake up with a weight on my chest and something tickling my face. I open my eyes, only to be met with Lia’s messy bun as she sleeps on top of me. Yesterday we went to sleep after a long movie marathon with the guys, and some of them stayed over the weekend after having a few drinks, while my parents went out for the whole weekend. It’s not the first time guys from the team stay at my house, but it’s the first time it happens with Lia around. Not that it changes anything, since she’s sleeping with me in my room, but I don’t want them to ogle at her as she walks around in my shirt and boxers around the house. She’s mine.

“Wakey wakey, sweetheart.” I coo at her, trailing fingers over her back under the shirt. She stirs but doesn’t wake up, making me chuckle. She’s such a heavy sleeper. So adorable. For the next few minutes I keep caressing her back and waist under her shirt and kiss the top of her head.

“GOOOOD MORNING!!!” Tyler barges into my room like a fucking diva, with Damien and Josh right behind him. I groan at his loud voice.

They all start laughing and whistling when they see the position I’m in. It seems they’re too loud, since Lia raises her head and turns to them.

“Shut the fuck up!” She growls at them, pissed off, then lays her head down on my chest. “Don’t move!” She grumbles when I chuckle.

“Time to wake up, baby. We have to get to school, and we still have to stop by your house.” I try to reason with her. If soft cajoling doesn’t work, I have to go the hard way.

“Ugh, I hate you!” She lifts her head with a harsh scowl.

“You’re so grumpy, my kitten.” I tease, pecking her nose. She scrunches her face before sitting up and stretching on top of me, yawning. Doesn’t she realize what she’s sitting on?!

“You are hot, Clarke.” Damien’s words bring me back from my stupor.

Shit! Lia’s not wearing any shorts and her shirt has ridden up, exposing her black underwear!!!

I quickly pull her shirt down to cover her up then turn back to the guys.

“Get out!” I yell at them when I see all three of them leering at my girl.

They don’t listen and just give me a teasing look, while Lia gets off me, adjusting her shirt as she stands up.

“Get your asses out of here, I have to get changed.” She tells the guys, but they only seem more intent on staying hearing this. “You have 3 seconds to leave before I kick you.” She threatens, seeing their unwillingness to leave. I hear someone mumble ‘shit’ before they scurry out of my room.

“I hope you didn’t mean me too.” I say, half-jokingly.

“There’s nothing you haven’t seen already.” She shrugs, going through my closet.

“I’m gonna hit the bathroom real quick. Be right back.” I give her a quick back-hug and a kiss on the back of her head then leave the room.

I take care of my business, get a quick shower and brush my teeth before going back into my room where Lia’s waiting.

“Aww, aren’t you cute.” I coo when I see her. She’s curled up in the armchair with her knees pulled up to her chest, wearing only my shirt. She’s doing something on her phone, oblivious to everything around her. My adorable kitten.

“Hmm?” She looks up from her phone with a cute confused frown on her face. I come up to her and pick her up from the chair, bridal style, and sit in the chair, settling her sideways on my lap.

“I said you’re cute. You look absolutely lovely.” I give her a quick peck before trailing kisses down her neck, making her tilt her head to give me more access. I bury my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply. “You smell so good.” I growl huskily.

“Do you have to smell me??” She whines, but doesn’t pull away. “I have to wash my hair and brush my teeth, so let go.” She adds, when I wrap my arms around her waist under her shirt, pulling her closer to me.

“What do you want to eat for breakfast? I’ll tell my mom while you get ready.” For some reason this earns me a glare from Lia and a pinch of my nipple.

“OW! What did you do that for?!” I whine, rubbing out the sting. I will have to start wearing a shirt around her. She always does this!

“Your mom is not your personal chef, Blake. – she pokes my chest – I am so teaching you how to cook, just you wait.” She gets off my lap and goes to the bathroom.

I head to the kitchen, not waiting for Lia, since I know she won’t be long. Once I enter, I get teasing looks from the guys sitting at the table, my dad included.

“Morning.” I say, taking my seat.

“Well, well, well, look who finally left the bed.” Tyler taunts, while I pour myself a cup of coffee,

“Hi, sweetie.” Mom greets me with a kiss on the head, placing a pitcher with lemonade on the table.

As my mom makes waffles, Lia walks into the kitchen, looking just like every other time she stayed at my house – my shirt, my boxers, bare feet, and her wet hair pulled in a side braid.

“Morning!” She greets everyone before going straight to my mom. I love how she always helps out with the cooking, how comfortable she’s in my house.

“Oh, hi honey. – mom kisses Lia’s cheek – Could you take out the toast before it burns?”

“Hey Sam. Sure thing. What else needs to be done?” Lia takes out the bread, replacing it with fresh slices.

All the guys watch Lia and my mom interact with wide eyes for a while before Josh turns to me.

“How the hell did you get her?! I want a girlfriend like her!” He whines, stealing glances at my prissy chef every few seconds.

“Teach me your ways, master.” Damien adds, while Tyler tries to hold his laughter in. He still thinks we’re faking it. I actually get quite a kick out of his and Will's faces when I get affectionate with my girl. It’s really amusing, so I keep the show on.

“You’ll never get a girl like her, she’s one of a kind.” I answer him, gazing at Lia adoringly while she cooks with my mom.

“You’re so whipped, man.” Josh adds, glancing between me and Lia.

“You would be, too.” I tell him seriously, drinking my coffee.

After Lia and mom are done cooking, they put everything on the table, and one thing catches more attention than the rest.

“What’s that?” Damien asks curiously, pointing at the yellow thing stacked up on the plate.

“These are vegetable egg-rolls. It’s an omelet, stuffed with chopped veggies, then rolled like Japanese tamagoyaki. There’s also grilled cheese sandwiches with roasted tomatoes and basil sauce.” Lia explains as I pull her into my lap. Since there are only six seats at the table, there is nowhere to sit, but when my dad told me to get an extra chair, I refused, since Lia can just sit with me, or rather on me.

“It looks great. I want some.” I tell her, getting a half-hearted glare in response.

“Big baby.” She mutters, but still takes my plate and fills it up. “If you don’t finish it, I’ll shove it down your throat by force.” She threatens, getting some food for herself.

“Oh, I wouldn’t be worried about that. This is fantastic. And the sandwich with roasted tomato and that basil sauce? Outstanding.” My dad compliments, already reaching for his second grilled cheese sandwich. Good thing my kitten is always prepared, so there is enough food for all of us and then some.

“Thanks, Jared.” Lia grins. My dad always says something nice about her cooking. I’m guessing he really likes it.

“If you ever want to leave this dumb idiot, come find me. I’ll fucking marry you right away.” Damien flirts, earning a hard shove from me.

“Either stop moving or let me sit elsewhere.” Lia warns, putting an egg roll in front of my mouth. She lifts her brow provokingly when I hesitate, making me take a big bite of it straight from her fingers. “Good boy.” She praises, getting back to her food. I catch my mom’s snort, as she barely stops herself from laughing out loud.

“I’m gonna get ready, you can do what you want.” Lia tells me when we enter her house. I follow her to the bedroom, getting on her bed, and watch her as she dries her hair, pulls them in a neat tight ponytail then heads to the bathroom to get changed.

She comes out in my hoodie and dark jeans, ripped on the knees. She contemplates about something in front of her closet for a while, before she turns to me.

“Boots or sneakers?” I laugh at the sudden question, not at all expecting that.

“Whatever is more comfortable for you, baby.”

“Oh GOD, you’re useless. Sneakers it is.” She grumbles, taking out a shoebox and putting on a pair of black sneakers with white skulls imprinted on the sides of the heels.

“Why would you ask me what to wear, anyway?” I ask, slightly confused.

“I couldn’t decide between the two. – she shrugs – But I guess sneakers go better with the hoodie. The boots would look much better with the leather jacket.” She nods to herself, checking her look in the full length mirror next to the bedroom door.

“Okay, we can go. I’m ready.” She grabs her backpack and phone and we leave her house.

I keep my hand on her thigh the whole way to school. We talk about anything and everything, from our classes and homework, to her fighting.

“I have a fight this Friday. Tank messaged me yesterday, but we didn’t set the time yet. If you want, I’ll tell you once I know the details.” Lia says as she looks out the window and her slender fingers draw patterns in the back of my hand as it rests on her leg.

“Can I come with the guys? They’ll be thrilled to watch the fight now that they know about you.” I tentatively ask, not sure of her reaction.

“Yeah, it’s fine. As long as they don’t slip and accidentally say my name.” She warns, but her tone remains light.

“They won’t.” I assure her.

I park my car in my usual spot before getting out and going around it to open the door for Lia.

“You don’t have to do that.” She chastises.

“I want to. You’re my princess and I like to treat you like one.” I wrap my arm around her shoulder as we walk inside.

“Cheesy Cakey.” She mumbles, but I still catch it.

“You know you love it.” I cheekily say, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

“That I do.” She turns her head and I kiss her delicious lips.

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