The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 45


I wish I could say everything was fine after my dad left.

But it wasn’t.

And I’m fucking pissed right now.

My hand tenses in Blake’s as we leave school. The day was peaceful, I was left alone for the most part.

Then why the fuck do they have to ruin it?!

“You sure have guts to show up in front of me.” I snarl at the two fuckers.

“Who are they?” Nathan asks from behind me, while Blake just glances curiously at me.

“My biological parents.” I take my hand from Blake and cross my arms over my chest. Thank god there are no people in the parking lot apart from the football team who had practice today. I don't want the whole school to witness this and start speculating and gossiping.

“You’re kidding me!” Blake doesn’t even try to hide his shock, neither do others.

The two people in front of me look exactly like they did when they left me. The woman is still as annoyingly pretty as she used to be, her long blonde hair flowing down her back in perfect waves and her deep blue eyes staring at me with no hint of emotion in them. She’s always been like that towards me, but I have never realized it until now. There’s no remorse in her gaze even after what she, what they, did. The man also looks just like I remember him, just a little older. It’s been almost 7 years after all. His crisp shirts and suits became t-shirts and jeans, his cleanly shaved face is now covered in stubble, his brown hair is still as short as it used to be, and his eyes have not lost the warmth that I always loved. He used to be my rock, my friend, my beloved father, but now all I feel towards him is resentment and disappointment.

“Can we talk?” He asks, staring at me pleadingly.

I just stare at them coldly for a while before turning to Blake.

“Will you come with me?” I take his hand back in mine. He silently nods and kisses my forehead.

“Of course I will if that’s what you want.”

“Thank you.” I squeeze his hand lightly.

“We’re going home. See you tomorrow.” Will says from behind me before the guys leave.

“Bye.” I don’t take my eyes off the two people on front of me as I speak. “Why don’t we take this somewhere else? I don’t want to talk to you here. Go to Jen’s diner. We’ll be there soon.” I walk towards Blake’s car, not waiting for a response.

“Are you okay? You look pale.” Blake turns to me right after getting inside, not even bothering to turn on the ignition. He puts his hand on my forehead before running his fingers through my hair. “You don’t seem to have a fever, but you don’t look so well. Are you sure you want to do this?” He sounds worried and I don’t blame him. I feel fucking sick just thinking about talking to those two motherfuckers.

I wordlessly move over the console to get on Blake’s lap, straddling him. I feel him tense up as I wrap my arms around his neck, but he relaxes after a moment, engulfing me in a comforting hug.

“Just 5 minutes.” I mumble into his neck, burying my face in it. Blake sighs and strokes my hair. I can’t even express how happy I am to have him right now. I don’t want to do this alone.

Blake kisses my shoulder, rubbing my back. He’s always so warm. He doesn’t say anything, knowing I don’t need words right now. I sink further into his embrace, tightening my arms around him.

After few minutes I lean back, but Blake’s arms don’t leave my waist as he stares at me.

“Are you feeling better?” He worriedly asks, cupping my cheek and caressing it with his thumb.

“Yeah. Just stay with me.”

“You know I will.” He gives me a deep kiss, making the tension leave my body as I turn into mush in his lap. “Don’t worry too much, kitten. Just say the word and we’ll leave.” He pecks my lips and I move back to my seat.

We reach Jen’s diner about 15 minutes later, my parents’ Honda Civic already parked in front of the building. I see them wait for us in the corner booth when we enter. I take the seat on the inside, while Blake sits next to me, taking my hand.

“Your boyfriend? He’s handsome.” My ‘mother’ says with a smile, glancing at Blake.

“None of your business” I harshly tell her.


“Don’t you fucking dare call me that. You have no right.” I hiss into my ‘father’s’ face. “The fuck do you want?”

“We just want our daughter back. Is that a crime?” My mother has the audacity to look offended. I give her the hardest glare I can muster.

“Daughter?! You fucking left me like I was trash!!! I’ve been waiting for you for hours on that fucking bench in front of the bar!!! But you never came back!” I seethe, smashing my fist on the table.

Both of them avert their gazes, as if ashamed. Those people don’t know what shame is.

“I know it was not the right thing to do, but-” My mother starts, but I cut her off.

“But what?! I was just a child!!! No matter how hard it was for you, you don’t do this!!! The least you could do was to put me in foster care so I wouldn’t have to wander around streets for a year!!! I was fucking homeless because of you!” I’m barely restraining my anger. The fury that accumulated in my heart throughout the years is coming back with force and I feel like I will burst. Blake’s warm hand is my only anchor to reality, keeping me calm.

“Lia, listen to me. No matter what you say, you’re still our daughter. It doesn’t change just because you got a new name. – my mother sheds her friendly disposition, finally showing her true colors. – That’s why you need to help us. It’s your duty.” She sternly says. Blake looks appalled at the boldness, while I just seethe silently.

“My duty? Are you fucking serious right now?! I am not obligated to do anything for you! Anything! You – I point at them – are dead to me!” I scream in their faces.

“Lia! Is that the way you speak to your parents?! You insolent brat! How dare you!!!” My father explodes, raising his hand to strike me, but I’m faster than him, grabbing his wrist mid-air.

“You son of a bitch!” Blake lunges over the table and punches my father in the face. A satisfying crunch resounds when Blake’s fist connects with father’s jaw, making him cry out in pain. My mother gasps in shock, getting up from her seat.

I take Blake’s hand and hold it tightly with mine, so he won’t do anything else while I address the two fuckers.

“If you try to contact me again, you’ll end up with more than broken jaw. So leave me alone, once and for all!!!” I yell at them, tugging at Blake’s hand, indicating that I want to leave.

“We will go to court with this, and you will HAVE to come back to us! You will have no choice!” My mother screams as Blake and I make our way out. I turn around quickly and get in the bitch’s face.

“My boyfriend is too much of a gentleman to hit a woman, but I’m not. I will smash your face against this fucking table so bad you’ll forever have to wear a mask. I’m not the weak little girl you left 7 years ago. Mess with me or mine and I will destroy you. I have the will to do it and I have the means to do it. I won’t go down without a fight.” I snarl furiously in her face, making her face turn pale as she recoils. I make my way to Blake, grab his hand and walk outside, leaving my parents behind.

“That went well.” Blake remarks sarcastically as he gets in the car, making me snort.

“Good job on punching that fucker. Had you not done it, I would have.” I give him a kiss then put my seatbelt on while Blake starts the car.

He keeps his hand on my thigh as he drives to the store. I told him I have to get a new phone and he insisted he’ll buy me one, since it’s my birthday. I’ve never celebrated it on this date, considering my real birthday as the day my dad found me.

“Then you can just celebrate it twice. – Blake chuckles – It means you’ll get two presents instead of one.” I laugh at that.

“Guess so.” I shrug.

“Wanna go on a date? We can go on a trip and skip school tomorrow.” I glance at him curiously. A trip?

“Trip? And where would we go?” I implore, entwining our fingers in my lap.

“There’s a cabin by a lake that my parents own. It’s about 2-hour drive from here. What do you say?” Blake sounds almost shy as he asks. Cute.

“Why not? We could both use a break after everything that happened lately.” I give him a smile, getting a happy grin in response.

“Okay then. After we get you a phone, I’ll take you home so you can pack and come pick you up later.” He kisses my knuckles before putting out hands back in my lap.

This day might end up well after all.

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