The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 49

John (Tank)

Kevin, Brandon, Michael and I wait in front of the local high school for Lia. After what happened on Friday, I decided to check up on her. The guys, hearing about it, made a decision to join me.

I’m leaning against my car, with Brandon beside me, and Kevin and Michael trudging around, checking out the area. I can tell that out of all four of us, Don was the one who got shaken up the most. When we were still in the army, his team had dealt with a group of sex traffickers that went after underage girls. He’s seen a lot of sick shit like that. Thankfully, Lia is not weak and can protect herself.

I was genuinely surprised at how her boyfriend, Blake, knew something was not right. That boy’s got great intuition.

“Why is she not out yet? The classes have finished almost 2 hours ago.” Kevin implores, lighting up his cigarette, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Don’t know. Let’s just wait a little more.”

“Are you sure she’s even here? After that, I wouldn’t be surprised if she skipped.” Michael adds, leaning against my car. We all drove here together in my SUV, even though guys insisted they wanted to ride their bikes. I had to talk them out of it, since I’m not sure it would look good if a bunch of bikers showed up in front of a high school.

“There she is.” Don points at the school’s door. Lia and Blake are walking out of the building hand-in-hand, with the guys we met on Friday behind them.

I watch amused as Lia yawns, covering her mouth with the sleeve of the oversized hoodie she’s wearing. It is definitely not hers. The guys laugh at her.

“She looks so different.” Kevin exclaims quietly, since the kids have not noticed us yet. I agree with him, she looks like a completely different person. She’s wearing that huge black hoodie, which I’m guessing belongs to Blake, considering the size of it, ripped jeans and black sneakers. Her hair is let loose, framing her cute face as it falls down to her waist in waves.

“I thought she was hot on Friday, but today she’s fucking adorable.” I just nod at Michael, completely agreeing with him.

Lia yawns again before rubbing her eyes with the heel of her palm like a small girl and Blake pulls her to him, leaving a kiss on the top of her head. Those two are actually cute together, it’s quite nice to watch.

Lia looks in our direction and as if a lighting struck her, her back goes ramrod straight as she storms towards us with a murderous expression. What the hell?

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” She yells out, as she’s stopped halfway by Blake’s arms around her. The other guys don’t interfere, but I’m fucking confused. Why is she angry we’re here? “Oh, hi John!” She cheerfully grins at me before turning her attention to whoever she was yelling at, her friendly disposition disappearing from her face in a split second.

I turn my head around, only to be met with a middle-aged couple, looking at Lia and Blake coldly. Who are they? The man’s face is swollen and his jaw is heavily bruised.

“Get the fuck out of here or I’ll break your face again!” Blake shouts at the two and I get the hint that these people are not wanted here. But I don’t say anything, neither do my brothers. It’s not our place to intervene, but we will if we have to. We stay by my car, with our arms crossed. One sign from Lia or Blake, and we’re in. That girl earned my respect and I will not let anyone hurt her.

“Lia, why don’t we take this somewhere else? There are too many eyes here.” The blonde woman says, her tone final. But Lia just laughs menacingly, giving her a cold glare.

“You should be more afraid of being alone with me than having people around.”

“Watch your tone, young lady. You will not speak to your mother like that!” The woman shouts, and I turn to Lia, dumbfounded. Mother?!

“Mother?! Stop fucking kidding, will you?! – Lia walks up to the woman when Blake releases her from his hold – I warned you, didn’t I? Show your fucking faces in front of me one more fucking time and I’ll destroy you.” The woman cuts her off with a slap to the face, getting curses from about everyone around, while Lia just heaves in anger.

“You ungrateful brat! You have to help us, and you will! You are our daughter! No matter what we did, it’s still your job to give us what we want!”

“You have no right to talk to her like that! You abandoned her!!! She was just a fucking kid!!!” Blake loses his temper. What is he talking about? This is getting really fucked up.

Just as I am about to speak, Lia grabs the back of the woman’s head and smashes her face against the window of the Honda next to them, rendering us all speechless. The man with a broken jaw reaches out to Lia to pull her back, but she spins around and punches his face then kicks his stomach as he falls to the ground, crying out in pain. She gets back to the blonde woman and kicks her in her side then takes her right arm in a tight grip before crushing it, the loud crack making some of the guys cringe and the woman to scream in pain and pass out. Lia cracks her neck and loosens her shoulders, seemingly not done with the two, unable to calm down.

Blake, with his sixth sense, notices it too, immediately pulling her close to him, keeping her engulfed in a protective hug.

“What the hell is going on?” Kevin wonders, not noticing he just said it out loud, getting Lia and Blake’s attention, while Will makes a call. The rest of the guys must be used to seeing shit like this, since they say nothing, just patting Lia’s back and leaving after giving us a wave.

“Sorry about that, but she pissed me off. What are you doing here anyway?” Lia implores, not mad anymore, just curious.

“I wanted to check up on you since you didn’t pick up your phone whole weekend, and the guys decided to join.” I explain, getting an amused smile from her as she turns in Blake’s arms, with her back against his chest. A foreign feeling of jealousy surges through me as I watch the two. I want a woman that will look at me the same way Lia looks at Blake. I can’t believe I’m getting jealous of two high school kids!!!

“I’m fine. I told you already.” She frowns, tilting her head in confusion. She’s so goddamn adorable.

“Well it doesn’t hurt to check. – I shrug – What about those two?” I hesitate before asking, gesturing at the unconscious couple.

“Will called the cops, they will deal with them.” I’m not convinced.

“You hit them. Are you sure you won’t have problems because of that?”

“I’ll take care of it, don't worry.” She assures.

“If you need help with that, you can count on my club. We’ll help with whatever we can.” Lia looks up to me surprised, while Blake and his friends gawk at us speechless.


“Yeah, we’re a motorcycle club, the Shadow Warriors MC. And I’m the President.” I tell her, slightly enjoying the dumbstruck look on her face. But then it turns teasing.

“I beat up an MC Prez. Boy, I’m good.” We all laugh at her as she flips her hair.

“Well, since we know you’re alright, we’re take our leave now. And I was being serious when I said we’ll help you. You can contact me anytime.” I give her a genuine smile, patting her head like one does to a child before shaking Blake’s hand and getting in my car.

We leave the school’s premises just as a cop car pulls up, heading straight to the compound.

“Church!” I command as I walk through the common room.

“What’s up?” My VP, Gun, asks as everyone takes their seats.

“I know everyone’s aware I’ve fought the Ghost over a week ago. Last Friday, Knife (Kevin), Don (Brandon), Wolf (Michael) and I met her. – this gets curious looks from the guys – She’s a student at the local high school. I told her today that if she ever needs help, we will provide it. And it seems there is something going on around her, so – I turn to my tech guy – Key, I want you to find everything you can about Lia Clarke. She went by different name before she was adopted, so look further into that. – I turn back to everyone else, giving them pointed look – Ghost’s identity does not leave this room. Not a fucking word to anyone, whether it's the Old Ladies, the prospects or the club whores! Church over!” I hit the gavel after getting nods and ‘Yes sirs’ from the club members.

Lia is not getting hurt on my territory. That’s for sure.

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