The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 51


I head to Tank’s place as soon as the practice ends. I took a shower and got changed in record time, worried about my girl. Who knows what can happen when she’s drunk and I know for a fact that she is. Victoria’s words fucked her up good.

I’ve actually been approached by a lot of students throughout the day, asking about Lia, but I just told them to fuck off and leave us alone since it’s none of their business.

The guys from the team have been quite helpful with deflecting people’s attempts to talk to me. But when they offered to come with me to pick Lia up, I told them it would be best if we don’t overwhelm her and I should go alone.

I park my car in the yard in front of the clubhouse, my Mustang catching attention the guys smoking outside. They look me over as I make my way to the door, making my insides churn in nerves. I may be big, but those guys are no fucking joke.

“You lost, boy?” An older man with long grey beard asks as he looks at me critically. The patch on his vest reads Eagle.

“No I’m not.” I tell him confidently, even though I’m shaking inside. Eagle gives me a warning look, but I just go past him, entering the building.

He follows right behind me, so do the others. Shit!

I quickly glance around the open plan room, looking for my girl.

There she is, sitting at the bar with some guys. Her head is lying on the counter, her long hair splayed over it and her jacket is off, thrown over the back of the stool, leaving her back exposed in her tank top.

I walk towards her, ignoring the looks I get from basically every biker here, and put my hand gently on Lia’s shoulder when I reach her.

“She’s asleep. We tried to wake her up, but couldn’t.” Tank tells me when he finally notices me.

“Prez, you know this guy?” Eagle questions from behind me.

“He’s with her.” Tank answers, as if that’s supposed to mean something. “Blake, what the fuck happened that she got so wasted? She downed a whole bottle of vodka, then moved onto whiskey, but dropped halfway down the bottle.” He actually sounds concerned, glancing at my girl as he speaks.

I sigh, still standing over my sleeping kitten.

“She said that some bitch revealed her past to the whole school, then kept saying that, what was that? – he scrunches his brows in confusion – that she ‘wants to kill him’. Kill who?” My eyes widen. I’ve heard her mention it before. She sometimes sleep talks when she’s having a nightmare. I never asked her about it, but I know exactly who she meant.

“The guy that did this to her.” I gesture at her back, getting curses from all around the room.

Lia’s stirring catches my attention. “Lia? – I caress her hair – Come on baby, I’ll get you home.”

She raises her head, looking around her with an adorable confused sleepy look on her face before settling her gaze on me. She gives me a smile before pulling me closer by my shirt.

I burst out laughing when she suddenly pulls my shirt over her head, pressing her face against my abs and wrapping her arms around me. The guys around us don’t even try to hide their amusement, as loud obnoxious laughter fills the whole room. I stroke my pregnant belly, earning a peck on my stomach. She’s so fucking cute when she’s drunk.

“Jesus Christ, she’s adorable. I need a picture of that.” Kevin pulls out his phone and takes a photo of Lia’s head buried under my shirt. “I’ll send it to you guys later.”

I try to pull her head out, but she only tightens her arms around my waist and that’s when I feel it.


She’s crying.

My poor kitten.

I pull my shirt off her head before taking her arms off my waist and crouching in front of her. I don’t care about the guys around us, concentrated on my baby. Her small arms wrap themselves around my neck while silent tears run down her face. I circle my arms around her and pick her up before bending down to get her backpack and jacket. Thankfully, Lia’s grip is pretty tight, so she doesn’t slip out of my hold.

“I’m taking her home.” I inform the guys before heading to the door.

“Okay. You’re gonna be alright?” Tank asks, looking at Lia pointedly.

“Yeah.” With that I leave the building at take my girl to my car.

I buckle her up in the passenger seat before I pull out of the compound's parking. Instead of my house, I take Lia to hers, so my parents don’t find out that she’s actually drunk. I don’t think I want to explain it to them.


“I wonder what the hell happened…” Wolf trails off.

“Key?!” I call out.


“Did you do as I asked?” He just nods. “CHURCH!” I get up from my seat.

“It’s some fucked up shit, Prez. I had to check twice to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things.” Key opens his laptop and heaves a deep sigh.

“Her last name is Devereux. Parents: Sandra and Alexander Devereux. They left her when she was 10, simply leaving her in front of a bar and telling her to wait for them. I got hold of police report she filed with Tyson Clarke over a year later along with few witness statements from people working at the bar.

But it’s what happened during that year that is fucked up. That poor girl was fucking homeless because of those two fuckers. And that’s not all. You saw the scars on her back, right? – he sighs, rubbing his forehead, distressed – She got them from the man who – Key hesitates – raped her. He whipped her bloody as he used her. Her medical report is fucking horrible. She almost died from the infection because she didn't get her wounds treated for weeks! For fuck’s sake, she was barely ELEVEN!!!" He erupts, while the rest of the guys curse and clench their fists around the table.

"About a year and a half after her parents left her, Tyson Clarke adopted her. She’s been homeschooled for almost 3 years due to severe social anxiety and depression before she finally started going to school. There she was being harassed by some guy called Declan Rother. There’s not much about him, so I'll skip telling you his life story. When Lia was thirteen, the guy got beaten up by Tyson. He reported the fucker for stalking Lia. Apparently he wanted to marry her and- – he shudders in disgust before sighing – Who the fuck talks about having kids with a 13-year-old girl?! No wonder Tyson beat him up. I would do the same fucking thing.” A string of curses resounds through the room as Key’s words register.

“Do we know who hurt her?” I growl, leaning my elbows on the table.

“No. She couldn’t identify him, so he was never caught. You think that’s what she’s been talking about when she said that ‘she wants to kill him’?” Key questions, getting the rest of the guys to turn to me.

“Yeah, who else could it be?” Fuck, she was just a child!!! No wonder she reacted that way when her past was revealed. It must be hard for her to be reminded of it. She said it’s her worst nightmare.

“Is that all?”

“Yeah. Should I keep looking into it?”

“No. But I want to know why her parents came back all of a sudden. Did you find something about it?”

“Those stupid fuckers just want money. They are drowning in debts and Lia has received a big sum of money as inheritance from her grandparents from her biological mother's side. It was set up so that she receives it on her 17th birthday. I couldn't find anything on who those grandparents are, but I found out that if her parents reclaimed their custody of her, they would be able to take it all away from her, since she’s not an adult yet.” Key’s words cause a furious outburst from my guys. How can one’s own family treat them like this?! And Lia’s just a kid!!! She shouldn’t have to go through all that.

“Keep an eye on them. It’s possible that the people they borrowed money from will come after them to settle their debt. We won’t let them cause trouble in our town.”

With that I hit the gavel and dismiss the guys.

As I stay in my chair, my thoughts go back to Lia.

I hope she’s okay. She doesn’t deserve any of this.

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