The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 53


It's May now. The last month has been amazing. Lia and I could finally relax at school, since the students let us breathe without talking behind our backs. Even Lia’s parents haven’t showed up again, but instead of feeling at ease about it, I'm anxious. It’s suspicious that they gave up this easily and I feel as if they are going to disrupt our peace when we least expect it.

Lia feels it, too. She doesn’t let her guard down anywhere but at her house and mine. I love that she feels comfortable enough to drop her tough side at my place. It really means a lot, especially considering how difficult it is for her to open up to people.

“You zoned out again.” A small hand moves in front of my face, bringing me out of my thoughts. Lia looks at me with a cute confused frown and I give her a quick kiss, taking advantage of our proximity, completely ignoring my parents sitting on the other couch.

“I was just thinking.” I pull her onto my lap, getting an adorable squeak from her, making me chuckle.

“Do you have to do that all the time? I was perfectly fine on the couch.” She whines, trying to get out of my arms, but I keep a tight hold on her. After few moments she gives up, leaning against my chest. I press a kiss to her head and put my chin on it.

“You two are unbearably cute.” My mom laughs, making me smile.

“We are, aren’t we?” I nuzzle my face into Lia’s hair, getting an angry huff from her. She’s been quite cranky all morning since she didn’t get enough sleep because of the nightmares. Yes, they still haven’t disappeared, but at least they’re not as frequent as they used to be, happening about twice a week instead of almost every night.

My cute angry kitten sips on her coffee, concentrated on the movie playing, while I play with her free hand over her waist absentmindedly. The cuts from the glass have already healed, thankfully, so did her stab wound.

“Do you have any plans for today?” Dad asks once the movie’s over.

“I don’t think so. Do we?” I turn from dad to Lia. She turns around in my arms with a deadpan look. We do? Did I forget?

“You. Are. Grounded. No touching for a week!” She sternly tells me, getting of my lap and sitting on the free couch.

“What??” I get up to go to her, but she stops me with her foot, pushing me back to my seat.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” I think deeply for a moment, wondering what is it that I supposedly forgot about. But I come up with nothing and I’m sure my face shows it, since Lia sighs heavily.

“Find me when you remember.” She gets up from the couch and goes to my room, while my parents laugh at my misery. What the hell did I forget about?!

“You are so screwed, son. – Dad pats me on the shoulder sympathetically before leaving the room with mom – Damn, I love this girl.” I hear his hushed laughter.

I run to my room seconds after my parents leave. I rush inside, only to be met with Lia sitting on the window sill, leaning against the frame. She glances my way when the door slams shut, but that’s all I get. I go to her and sit by her legs, facing her.

“I’m so sorry I forgot, baby.” I stroke her knee, trying to get her to look at me.

“Get changed. The clothes are on the bed. Just because you forgot doesn’t mean our plans change. You’re going with your parents. I’ll join you later.” With that she exits my room, leaving me stunned.

What is it? What is it? The fuck is it? I keep thinking about it for a while, just pacing around the room. But I come up with nothing. Absolutely nothing!

I give up, deciding to get a shower and get dressed. I don’t want to anger Lia more, so I have to do as she asked.

After I’m done with my shower, I check out the clothes laid out on the bed. A black short-sleeved shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. I don’t ponder over Lia’s choice of clothes for long, just putting everything on and finishing my look with the unfamiliar black and gold Gucci watch that Lia laid out.

My mom comes into my room a while later, checking if I’m ready. We all pile into my dad’s SUV, but I’m too busy with my phone, trying to reach Lia, to notice where we’re going. We drive for quite a while and I look up from my phone to see where we are.

Taliano? Why are we here?

We walk in and the first thing I notice is that the place is completely empty. What the hell?

We all order our food and I also order for Lia after getting a text from her.

Once the waiter leaves our table, I look around the place, trying to get what the hell is going on today, when the sound of my mom’s ringtone reaches my ears. Mom doesn’t answer the call, just gets up from her seat and comes up behind me, covering my eyes.


“Just be quiet and come with me.” She admonishes, wrapping a blindfold around my head. I get up and let my parents lead me wherever they want. The warm breeze hits my face, indicating we’re outside. Dad puts headphones on my ears, so now I stand in front of the restaurant with my eyes and ears covered. Is this some fucking prank they’re playing on me?!

“Now you can look!” Dad tells me excitedly after taking off my headphones and my mom uncovers my eyes, only to have them widen comically.

In front of me is my gorgeous girlfriend, sitting on a black Harley Davidson Low Rider S, dressed in a leather jacket, the sexiest leather pants I've ever seen and those fucking chained boots!!! I look at Lia in absolute disbelief, but she only smiles at me.

“You like?”

“Huh?” I’m fucking flabbergasted. What does she mean by that?

Lia gets off the bike and puts the helmet on the handle before coming to me. She wraps her arms around my waist as I stand still like a fucking idiot, just staring at her.

“Happy birthday!” She gives me a peck, snapping me out of my shock.


“It’s your birthday, Cakey. Now let’s go eat some cakey.” I laugh at her ridiculous pun. Ignoring my parents, I pull her close to me and crash my mouth to hers, devouring her hungrily.

“Happy birthday, son.” “Happy birthday, honey.” My parents wish once I pull away from Lia.

“It’s mine?” I asks, gesturing at the bike.

“No it’s not. I just wanted to brag about it.” Lia retorts sarcastically then turns to my parents. “He’s hopeless.” She shakes her head in mock pity.

“Why don’t we go back inside, the food should be out soon.” Dad suggests with a small smile.

“Okay. – Lia agrees, taking my hand before looking at me with an expectant look – You did order my food right?” I can sense the threat in her voice. She sure loves her food.

“Of course I did.” I give her a peck and take her inside, following my parents.

“So… whose idea was it? To not tell me anything?” I question once we’re done eating, waiting for our desserts.

“Lia’s. – mom grins – Actually she’s the one that bought your watch and bike. You’ll get your gift from us later.” I whip my head to my girl, but she only gives me a shy grin.

“You. Are. Crazy!” I exclaim in shock. Those bikes sell for around $20,000!!! And a Gucci watch?! That’s a shit ton of money!!!

“I know you wanted a Harley, so I got you one. And I noticed you like wristwatches, so I also got you one. 18th birthday is special, so I wanted to spoil you.” She explains softly. Spoil me?! Is she fucking serious?! She just spent over $20,000!!!

“You’re unbelievable. – I shake my head at her – But I fucking love you. You’re perfect. – I turn to my parents who are watching us with soft amused looks – You knew about this and you didn’t try to stop her?! Do you have any idea how expensive this stuff is?!” I accuse. If they knew how Lia earns money, they would never let her spend it like that.

“Awww, aren’t you cute – Lia coos, then turns serious in a split second – thinking that someone can stop me from getting what I want. My adorable naive Cakey.” She squishes my cheek and I grab her hand and press a kiss to its palm.

“You’re amazing. Thank you, sweetheart. For everything.”

“You’re welcome. – She smiles then looks at my dad – Would you mind if I took him for a ride?” Dad just laughs and shakes his head.

“Not at all. Just don’t get hurt, okay?” Lia and I both nod at them and eagerly leave the restaurant, the desserts long forgotten. Thank god I know how to ride. And Lia also thought about getting a two-seater, so she can ride with me.

“I have one more thing for you, but it’s at my house.” She tells me as she settles behind me on the bike. The feel of leather under me and Lia’s body pressing against mine on this beauty of a bike is fucking amazing. I think I just discovered my life dream.

I want to ride with her for the rest of my life.

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