The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 54


We go to Lia’s house, since she told me she has something for me there. What more could she possibly get me, apart from an expensive bike and a watch?! I hate that she spent so much money on me, but there’s no use arguing with her, she’s too stubborn for her own good.

I wait in her bedroom with my eyes closed per Lia’s order. I hear the quiet sound of the door opening and it takes everything in me to not open my eyes as Lia comes closer.

“You can look.” She instructs and my eyes widen at the sight in front of me. Lia’s wearing one of those red lingerie body bows and a leather jacket that’s way too big on her. My mind doesn’t even register me getting up from her bed and making my way to her, entranced by her sexiness.

“Happy birthday.” She smiles.

I pull her to me and kiss her deeply before trailing my lips down her jaw, neck and shoulder. “Can I unwrap my present now?” I whisper, brushing my lips against hers.

“You can.” I almost rip the jacket off her as soon as the words leave her mouth then pick her up and lay her on the bed.

I trail my fingers over the satin strap wrapped around her body then untie the bow slowly. She lifts her body a little to help me pull the thing off her and I throw it somewhere behind me before diving in to devour her.

Best birthday ever!

After few hours of strenuous workout in Lia’s bed – damn, her stamina is unbelievable! – we go to her kitchen to get some food. Got to replenish the energy, right? We eat in comfortable silence, feeding each other occasionally, before taking a long bath and going to sleep. My parents called while we were eating, asking if we’re coming home. I obviously said ‘no’ and, as if expecting this, my mom didn’t question me further.

After a peaceful sleep we get ready to school. Lia dresses in her ripped jeans and leather jacket, clearly indicating we’re taking the bike. As I’m putting on the leather jacket she gave me yesterday, I admire the skull sewn on the back of it. The design is the same as the tattoo on Lia’s back. I cried like a fucking bitch when she showed it to me.

All eyes in the parking lot turn to us as I pull up on my Harley, causing me to smirk at the dumbstruck faces around us. Lia ignores everyone like always, confidently strolling inside with me following right beside her.


I walk in school with Blake, getting wide-eyed looks from the students. I’m guessing they’ve never seen a bike before. As Blake is taking our stuff from his locker with me beside him, a girl named Layla comes our way. Oh, great! - note the sarcasm.

You know how at every school there’s this super girly girl that is friends with everyone and goes to all the parties and shit? Well Layla is just that kind of girl and she’s been trying to get close to me ever since she transferred here few weeks ago. Why? I have no idea. But I sure as fuck am not going for ‘mani-pedis’ with her. I hate all that girly shit, it’s annoying as fuck.

“Hi Lia!” She’s always so cheerful!!! Why are you talking to me?!?!

“Hi.” I answer blankly, making Blake snort. He knows I’ve been avoiding this girl for weeks yet he still finds it funny.

“Do you have any plans this weekend? There’s a party at Tyler’s place and I thought we could maybe get ready together. Other girls will be there too. We can get our hair done, nails, make up. It’ll be fun!!!” She’s almost jumping from excitement. I know about Tyler’s party, he personally invited me.

“I hate to break it to you, Layla-” I start but she cuts me off.

“You know my name!!!” She squeals excitedly. “Sorry, go on.” She giggles. I send Blake a glare when he laughs at my misfortune before turning back to the chipmunk in front of me.

“Like I said, I’m sorry to break it to you, but I am not going to be your friend, so you might as well stop trying.” I give her a sympathetic look, but my voice leaves no room for discussion.

“Why?” I arch my brow in question. ‘Why?’ What does she mean, ‘why?’

I sigh. “Cause I’m not someone you want to be friends with.” I state with finality and head to class. A naive girl like her would never be able to manage being close to me. My life is filled with way too much violence.

“You’re so mean.” Blake chuckles as we take our seats in the classroom.

“You know why I said that. She’s a nice girl. Too nice. – I tell him, pausing for second – And the girly shit she keeps talking about freaks me out!” I add with a shudder.

“You’re a girl, too.” He deadpans.

“Yeah, but you don’t hear me talking about my collection of 100 nail polishes or gushing over dresses and shoes all the time. – I rebuke – Girls like her and I just don’t match.” I finish with a shrug. Blake looks like he has something more to say, but he’s stopped by the teacher entering the room.

The next classes proceed in peace, thankfully, until it’s time for lunch. Why is it that all the shit in this school happens at lunch, when I try to eat?

“Are you coming to my party this weekend?” Tyler asks as I take a bite of my burger. I give him a deadpan look. I already agreed, why is he asking again? Especially when I’m eating!

“I already said yes, Tyler.”

“Doesn’t hurt to make sure. – he shrugs with a smile – You could have changed your mind.” I sigh at that.

“What’s your deal with Layla? She’s been glancing your way for a while.” Nathan questions, looking over my shoulder.

“She wants to be my friend. – I emphasize the word ‘friend’ with an annoyed tone – Why does she think I’d agree is beyond me.” I shake my head. The guys are aware of Layla’s attempts to talk to me, but never asked about it before. She’s getting persistent, though, and it’s aggravating.

“Uh oh. She’s coming here.” Nathan whispers.

“Hey Lia! – I hear the chipper voice next to our table – The girls and I have been wondering… Would you like to go shopping with us today?” SHE JUST DOESN’T GIVE UP!!!

“Layla… - I groan – Why are you so insistent?” I ask, getting straight to the point.

“I just think you’re really cool! – she grins – And I want to be your friend. I noticed you only hang around with guys, so I thought you might want a girl friend to talk to.” She’s not even discouraged by my indifferent attitude towards her. How? Is she on some drugs?!

“I don’t need a girl friend nor do I want one. Just give up, Layla. You’re really nice and all, but you do not want to be around me.” Her expression turns crestfallen at my stern tone, but I don’t really care. She’s too good. She wouldn’t be able to handle the dark part of my life and being my friend would drag her into it, one way or another.

“I- I’m sorry. I won’t bother you again.” Her voice breaks as she speaks before leaving.

“Fuck!” I hiss quietly.

“Damn, that was harsh.” Damien says with a frown. I give him a hard look.

“I know! I didn’t mean to hurt her.” I put my head in my hands, leaning my elbows on the table. “But I don’t want her to get dragged into the shitshow that’s my life. It’s bad enough that you were pulled into it.”

Blake puts his arm around my waist and presses a kiss to my temple. “Leave it guys.” He tells them, rubbing my back.

“You’re worried about her.” Josh states in shock.

“She’s a good girl.” I shrug. Despite Layla being aggravating and annoyingly persistent, she kind of grew on me. For the last weeks, she was just everywhere, with her cheerful giggling and positive attitude. I don’t want her to get hurt by getting close to me.

“You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, sweetheart.” Blake softly says into my ear before kissing the shell of it. “That’s why I love you.”

He’s probably the only one that gets why I treat people like this. He knows how dangerous it could be to let too many people in.

No one says anything more about the situation with Layla, deciding to just leave it alone, so we can go through the rest of the day with no problems. Layla also got the message and didn’t try to talk to me anymore. I feel bad about being so hard on her, but it’s for her own good.

The rest of the week goes quite smoothly, apart from the fact that I have to go to every football practice, since I have no ride home because we always take Blake's bike to come to school. I’m not complaining, though, I get a lot of homework done while the guys train, so I have the rest of the afternoon basically free to do what I want.

It’s finally time for Tyler’s stupid party that he’s been nagging me about, so here I am, getting ready. Blake sits on my bed, leaning against the headboard while I put on my make-up, settling for a dark smokey eye with eyeliner and dark lipstick to match my and Blake’s outfits.

We decided to ride his bike to Tyler’s house, since it’s a pretty warm night and it will give us an excuse to not drink.

“Ready?” Blake asks as I put my stuff in his pockets.

“Ready. Let’s get it over with.” I sigh.

The ride is comfortable for the most part, but after a while I notice a black car following us. I tell Blake about it through the headpiece installed in the helmet and he manages to lose the tail.

I keep glancing behind us, searching for any sign of anyone else trying to follow, but the road is clear.

Until we get smashed into at an intersection. The bike crashes into the ground, and Blake and I end up flying off the road. I feel my body hit the hard surface a couple of times before it finally stops, hitting the curb. I take off my helmet slowly, groaning from the pain surging through my body, then look for Blake, who lies unmoving few yards away from me. I crawl towards him, only to be kicked hard in the ribs and thrown away.

“No!” I rasp before coughing, the coppery taste of blood filling my mouth. Two guys pick up Blake and start dragging him away.

“You’ll get him back when we get the money.” With that they get Blake in the car and drive away, while I struggle to breathe on the ground.

I feel tears run down my cheeks as I wail in agony into the darkness. No! No! NO! Not Blake!!! It takes a long while to stand up. I push through the pain, not even bothering to check what’s wrong. Quickly glancing around the area, I notice I’m a little over a mile from Tank’s compound.

I need help.

I start limping in the direction of the clubhouse, blood dripping down my face and body being the least of my worries. I need to get Blake back!

After what feels like eternity, but is probably minutes, I hear a car behind me. I don’t stop, even though my mind feels hazy and I barely see anything.

The car stops in front of me and I see someone getting out of it.

“OH MY GOD! LIA!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!” A shocked and worried voice reaches me.

“L-Layla?” I cough up, feeling the blood trickle down my chin. She helps me move to her car, throwing my arm over her shoulder and wrapping her arm around my waist carefully.

“I’ll take you to the hospital, okay? Just try not to move too much.” She worriedly tells me as I sit in the front seat of her car.

Once she enters from the driver’s side, I grab her wrist in a death grip. “No hospital. I’ll give you directions to a place – I pause to take a breath – and I need you to take me there. Okay? – I wait for her answer, but I can see she’s about to refuse – Please!” I plead with a desperate look. I’m about to fucking pass out, we don’t have time for this.

“Okay.” She agrees quietly.

I direct her to the clubhouse and once she notices where we are, she starts shaking, throwing me wary glances. She pulls up in front of the building and I tell her to leave, but she just shakes her head.

I get out of the car with Layla’s help, coughing up blood and groaning in pain with every move then let her lead inside, where a loud party is taking place.

“LIA!!!” Big arms wrap themselves around me as Tank’s voice reaches me. I barely see him through the red haze from all the blood on my face.

“I need your help. They took him. They took Blake!” I cry out into Tank’s warm chest before everything goes black.

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