The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Chapter 55


I wake up feeling unbearable pain in my whole body. When I open my eyes, I’m met by white ceiling and an incessant beeping finally reaches my ears. A hospital?

I look around the room and come to a conclusion I’m not in a hospital, it’s just a plain room with some medical equipment. I sit up, hissing in pain, rip the IV’s out of my arms and get up in the bed. After the dizziness goes down, I stand up, pushing through the pain, and make my way out of the room.

Going down the hallway is a fucking torture, but I manage somehow. I’m met by Tank’s club at the bar. Oh, so I’m still at the clubhouse.

The bandage on my head covers my right eye, so I have to turn my head to look their way. Kevin is the first one to notice me.

“Lia! Thank god you’re awake!” He exclaims, causing Tank to turn around then quickly run up to me.

“How long was I out?” I croak out, my throat dry like a desert.

“Almost 2 days.” He says before bending down and picking me up bridal style, making me groan as pain surges through my body at the movement.

“Shit! I have to get to Blake!” I whimper as tank sets me down on a couch before calling for a prospect and ‘Doc’.

“Lia!!!” A worried voice reaches me as Layla runs to me.

“What are you doing here?” I question with a frown.

“She stayed here.” Tank answers.

“How bad am I?” I’m breathing heavily, the pressure on my chest restricts my lungs.

“6 broken ribs and arm, sprained wrist, fractured hip bone, shoulder blade and hairline fracture on your skull, few cuts and bruises.” Shit it’s bad.

“You got me so worried! Who did that to you?!” Layla sobs, but doesn’t touch me, as though afraid of hurting me more. I put my good arm around her shoulders and pull her to me, causing her to sob harder.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’ll be fine.” I feel the need to reassure her. She’s so innocent, I’m sure this was hard for her.

“How can you say that?! You're hurt so badly!” She continues crying into the big shirt I’m wearing.

“I’m tougher than I look. Don’t worry about me.” I stroke her head, ignoring the blazing pain as she leans against me.

“Is Key here?” I implore, turning to Tank.

“Yeah, he’s trying to find Blake, but…” He trails off, clearly frustrated.

“I need to see him. I know how to find Blake.” I move to get up from the couch, but he gently stops me with a hand on my shoulder.

“Stay here and eat something then Doc will check up on you and I’ll call church to talk this through with the club. - he orders sternly - Oh, and we also picked up your bike. Your friend told us where she found you. Wrench is working on it as we speak. I gotta say, you have great taste, that Harley is a beauty.” I can tell Tank is trying to lighten up my mood and I actually give him a small smile.

After I force some soup into my stomach and Doc checks up on my injuries, I head to ‘church’, which is basically a meeting of the patched-in members of the club.

“Key, any luck?” Tank begins, glancing at me.

“No. There were no cameras by the road you were hit at, so I couldn’t find anything.” Key turns to me as he speaks.

“Blake’s jacket has a hidden tracker in it. If those guys didn’t throw it away, I should be able to find it. Can I use your computer?” Key wordlessly slides his laptop across the table to me and I immediately start working on it.

The guys discuss how they are going to go about this, since cops are out of the question, – it would only get Blake in danger – but I immediately declare that I’m going with them.

“No you’re not. You’re hurt!” Tank states, but I just give him a pointed glare.

“Then I’ll just take painkillers! I am coming and that’s final!!!” I growl at him.

“You can get hurt more!” He tries to reason with me.

“I am not staying behind!” I snarl before turning to the screen.

After I have Blake’s location – technically it’s the location of his jacket, but I just hope Blake’s there too – the guys and I pile into a few blacked out SUVs and go there. I pumped myself full of painkillers, so I won’t feel anything for a while.

We reach the small house about an hour later and I immediately recognize the car in front of it as the one that Blake was taken away in.

The guys quickly check the area around the house, but, much to our surprise, there’s no one outside. So we enter. Tank, Wolf (Michael) and Knife (Kevin) go first, then it’s me and Wrench, and then the rest of the guys.

Despite there being no one outside, the house is actually full, so the second we go in, we’re forced to defense ourselves. I push through the guys in front of me, sending hits left and right. While the guys behind me fight off the fuckers, I’m blocked by two burly guys in the hallway. I quickly size them up then attack the bigger one. He’s about Blake’s height, but more buff.

I send a straight punch to his sternum, knocking the breath out of him, then kick him in the balls, causing him to double over, and finish with a hard punch to the back of his neck. I go over him to the next guy, who looks like he didn’t expect me to beat his friend. I give him a murderous look with my one good eye, and slowly prowl towards him, making him back away with every step I take.

“Where is he?” He gulps, reaching for his belt where I notice a taser. Bad move!

I jump at him and wrap my legs around his torso then punch the side of his head, right on the temple, causing his head to snap left. Using that as my opening, I wrap my arms around his neck and snap it with a swift move. I get off him as his body sags to the floor then limp towards the door those two came from.

Opening the door, I see a staircase leading to the basement. I use my hand to steady myself against the wall as I climb down, the painkillers stopped working already. That was some weak shit.

I hiss as the pain gets worse – the fight clearly didn’t help my state – and make my way to the open room in the basement. What I see makes me stop dead in my tracks.

Blake is tied down to a chair, with a knife lodged in his leg and two slashes on his chest, forming an ‘X’. He has a black bag over his head and I see him tense up when he hears my footsteps in the room.

My voice is stuck in my throat as I come closer, and silent tears fall down my cheek. This is all because of me! I got him hurt!

I take the bag off his head carefully and I gasp at the state of his face. He’s covered in blood and bruises.

“Kitten?” He breathes out, as if he can’t believe it’s me.

“Cakey.” I gently take his face in my hands, careful of his wounds, and press my lips against his. I feel the tension leave him as his body sags in the chair. “I’m so fucking sorry! – I sob when we pull away – It’s all my fault!”

“Don’t you dare say that, kitten!” He harshly admonishes before wincing in pain. I untie him right when Tank, Wrench and Wolf enter the room.

“Shit! Blake!” Wrench and Wolf run up to Blake and help him stand. We can’t take out the knife from his thigh, but he also can’t walk on that leg, so the guys basically carry him out with his arms around their shoulders. Tank glances at me worriedly before picking me up bridal style again and carrying me out.

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