The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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I woke up at the hospital after passing out in the car when Lia and Tank’s club got me out of that wretched place. Those fuckers beat me up then stabbed me in the leg and carved my chest.

My mom was crushed when she saw me and Tank explained to her what happened.

Well, not all of it.

He said that Lia and I were run off the road on our way to Tyler’s house then robbed. Which is partially true, since we did lost our stuff during the whole thing. I just made sure the guys got my jacket when we were leaving. It’s from Lia, I didn’t want to lose it, it means too much to me, even when it’s ruined.

After getting treated and moved to a room, I asked Tank about Lia. He said that she got hurt in the accident more than me, mainly because she’s lighter, so the impact of the hit sent her farther than me. While I got thrown on the grassed side of the road, Lia landed on the asphalt then hit the curb with her shoulder. When I heard about the amount of injuries she sustained, I cried like a fucking bitch, my heart breaking for my little kitten.

Tank also explained that it’s best we tell the cops the same version he told my mom, since the club wants to take care of those fuckers their way. I did not want to know the details, but I got an idea what their way entails.

It’s been already a week since I’ve been admitted to the hospital and my mom finally decided I’m good to go home, but I’ll have to stay under observation. Lia, though, has to stay bedridden for at least two more weeks, since her injuries are much more severe than mine. When she and the club came for me, her broken ribs punctured her lung and her fractured hip bone broke. She won’t be able to move for a while and there’s risk of her ending up with a permanent limp, since a small chunk of the broken bone got stuck in the joint, so she had to have a second surgery to remove it. The doctors were also worried about her head injury. They did a lot of tests to make sure there was no brain damage and thankfully they all came out fine.

I stayed with her as often as I could, along with the guys from the football team, the club and, surprisingly, Layla. Lia told me that it was her that took my girl to the club when she found Lia on the side of the road.

Lia actually opened up to Layla during her stay at the hospital, especially with the amount of time the latter spent there. She's been there, in Lia’s room, every day, from early morning to late evening, until the nurses or my mom sent her home. At night I would sneak into Lia’s room and sleep with her in her bed, just snuggled into each other. My mom yelled at me about that after the first time, but after Lia had a really bad nightmare the next night, she said she’ll let me sleep with my girl, but I had to be careful of her wounds and IVs.

“You ready, son?” Tyson asks me as I pack my bag, ready to leave the hospital. My dad has been on a business trip for the last 3 days, so he couldn't pick me up. He had it planned for almost half a year, so he couldn’t really reschedule it, for which he apologized profusely, but I assured him it’s fine. And it is, I won’t hold it over his head. I understand the importance of his work and I know that if he could, he would be here. But he can’t. And it’s not his fault.

“Yeah. I’ll just go see Lia real quick.” Tyson nods and takes the bag from my hand then pats my shoulder, leaving the room.

“Hi baby.” I softly greet as I walk into Lia’s room. She responds with a smile, patting the space next to her with her uninjured hand. Her right arm is in a cast, and I notice few new drawings and words on it, meaning she already had guests today. Basically everyone signed her cast, including the guys from the club. Their tattoo artist even drew a fucking Valkyrie on it, saying that Lia is a true warrior.

“Hi Cakey.” I notice Layla giggle when she hears my nickname as she leaves the room. She still can’t get used to it, even after hearing it for the whole week. But I guess anyone would be surprised to hear me being called that, considering my reputation at school.

“How is my kitten feeling?” I ask as I take a seat on the side of her bed, leaning my crutches against it.

“As usual. Pumped with painkillers, I barely feel anything.” She shrugs, well half shrugs, since her right shoulder is immobile. “You’re getting discharged today, right?” She looks over my clothes with her left eye, her right one still covered under the bandage. I gently trail my fingers over her face as I speak.

“Yeah. Your dad is driving me home.”

“Oh, okay. – she sighs – If he gives you hell, make sure to tell me, I’ll have a talk with him.” She warns with a playful smirk, which soon turns into a sad smile.

“Don’t think that just because I’m leaving the hospital, I’m going to leave you alone.” I tell her, leaning down to give her a kiss.

After few more minutes with Lia, I notice her getting sleepy, even though she tries to hide it. The meds she’s getting are making her drowsy most of the time, but she still has trouble sleeping due to her nightmares, so she’s constantly tired.

“I think it’s time for me to go now. Try to get some sleep, baby. – I caress her cheek and she sleepily leans into my touch – I love you.” I bend down and kiss her before getting off the bed and walking out of the room. I throw last glance at my girl, not surprised to see her sleeping already.

Just as I leave, Layla goes back in. I’m so grateful she stays with my kitten, I don’t want her to be alone.


I had stay in the hospital for over two weeks after Blake got discharged. And today I’m finally getting out of here!!! Blake can’t drive yet because of his leg, so my dad is picking me up. He’s been staying in town ever since Sam called him to inform him I’m in a hospital. I was worried about his work, but he just waved it off, saying I’m more important. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

I had a lot of visitors these last few weeks, the cast on my arm being the proof of that.

Tank explained to me that the club will take care of the guys that took Blake, but if I want to have a hand in that, they can wait until I’m better. I assured him I’m fine without seeing those fuckers again, but I want the guy that carved Blake. I will deal with him myself, just like I’ll take care of my ‘mother’. Dad already dealt with my ‘father’ after he, his friends and the club found the two idiots. But since none of them hit women, they left my mother for me to deal with however I want. She’s being held by the club and once I’m healed, I will beat her up then put a fucking bullet through her head.

I almost fall asleep on the way to my house. Those stupid meds make me so fucking sleepy! I groggily make my way inside the house, with my dad following after me, carrying my bag, only to be met with the sight of Blake’s shirtless back as he cooks. He turns around when he hears the front door closing and that’s when I notice the cute white apron he’s wearing. He grins when he sees me then comes up to me and greets me with a passionate kiss, completely disregarding my dad standing behind me. “Hi baby. Welcome home.” He caresses my cheek and I instinctively lean into his touch.

“It’s so good to be home. The hospital was terrible.” I sigh, leaning against him, letting his arms engulf me in a hug.

“Tired?” Blake softly asks.

“Yeah, a little, but it’s because of the pills. I’m more hungry than sleepy right now.” I tell him and he leads me to my seat at the counter. I need a little help getting on the stool because of my hip, but apart from that I’m actually fine.

“Since when can you cook?” I ask curiously.

“I’ve been teaching him. I had to make sure he knows how to cook your favorite dishes if I'm supposed to accept him as my son-in-law.” Dad answers sitting next to me, while Blake takes the lasagna out of the oven and dishes it out.

“You didn’t harass him, right?” I question with a warning look.

“You know me, little mouse. I wouldn’t do that. At least not when you’re not around.” Dad smiles at me, stroking my head, then smirks evilly at Blake, whose eyes widen comically as he gulps nervously.

“Dad!” I scold, hitting his arm.

“What? It’s fun to mess with him.” He shrugs, making me smile before I dig into the food that Blake carefully cut up into bite-sized pieces for me. He’s so thoughtful.

“This is actually pretty good!” I praise, genuinely surprised.

“That’s because I taught him.” Dad smugly retorts.

After we eat dinner, my dad orders – orders – Blake to do the dishes. I give him a dirty look hearing this, but he just smiles at me. I wait for Blake to be done, so I can send him off before going to sleep, but he surprises me again when he says that he’s staying with me.

My dad is awfully tolerant of the fact that my boyfriend will be helping me take a bath and it creeps me out a little. But when I question him about it, he just says he's already accepted our relationship and he trusts Blake to take good care of me. He gives me a goodnight kiss on my forehead then retreats to his bedroom.

When I enter the bathroom, Blake is already waiting for me, getting the bath ready. First we brush our teeth while the tub fills up then, after we’re done, he slowly undresses me, trailing his lips over my skin, paying special attention to the scars from my wounds before gently picking me up and setting me on the counter to take off my pants. Once I’m completely naked, he picks me up again and puts me in the water before getting in behind me, settling me in his lap.

I struggle to keep my eyes open once Blake starts washing my body with the rose-scented soap. “Is my kitten sleepy?” He softly whispers into my ear, running the loofah over my shoulders and chest. I just nod sleepily at him, my eyes half-open. He’s deliberately putting me to sleep, I’m sure of it!

“Then go to sleep, I’ll take care of you.” He murmurs lovingly and I turn my head to kiss him.

Blake keeps washing my body with slow moves, being extremely careful. No matter how much I try to fight it, his soothing touch still manages to put me to sleep before we even leave the bathtub.

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