The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Bonus Chapter - Trip Pt. 1


“Is that all? You sure you don’t need anything else?” Blake asks for 50th time, looking at my suitcase questioningly.

“I always pack light. It’s no use bringing a lot for a week-long trip.” I shrug.

We’re going on a trip with our friends next week, for whole 2 weeks. I've been healing over the last three months and I couldn't even attend my own graduation, but I don't feel bad about it. Once summer started, my Cakey disappeared with my dad, which I only found out after he came back, looking hotter than ever. I've been staying with Blake's parents while he was gone, since I still had to go for physical therapy because of my hip.

During the time Blake was gone, I spent a lot of time with Layla. She's actually quite nice once you see through her facade. We would go to a lot of places, just exploring the town's attractions. Blake's friends - or I should say our friends - didn't really go anywhere and would sometimes hang out with us, constantly expressing how bad they feel about what happened to me. They've been visiting me a lot in the hospital, so they knew how severe my wounds were. Whenever they were around, they never let me do anything, even going as far as carrying me around.

Since we're all going to different colleges, the guys suggested going on a trip to make some memories before we go separate ways.

After a long and exhausting discussion – it wasn’t easy to decide where we’re going to go, since everyone had a different idea – we chose to go to the beach, specifically Long Beach Island. Since it’s the end of the summer, this is our last chance to have a long get together before we go to college.

Blake and I are going to Berkeley, Layla is going to San Francisco, and the guys are going each a different way, so we’ll all end up in different parts of the country, which means we won’t see each other all that much anymore. That’s why we wanted to go on a trip once Blake returned from his ‘training’ with my dad.

My dad took Blake with him back to Chicago, to supposedly train him. Of course, he didn’t tell me about it, only letting me know after they left, which is why we couldn’t spend the summer at Sam and Jared’s cabin by the lake.

“I’ve never seen a woman pack less than 2 suitcases for a trip this long. You’re one of a kind, kitten, that’s for sure.” Blake laughs, plopping down on my bed with a tired sigh.

“Don’t you dare go to sleep, we need to get moving.” I admonish seriously. We do need to move, since we’re going to stay at my dad’s house in Chicago before we fly to Atlantic City, from where we’ll drive to our rented house on Long Beach Island.

“Ugh. You’re so strict.”

“I have to be, cause my baby doesn’t listen to me.” I mock, jumping on him, getting a pained groan in response.

“My kitten has claws. So abusive.” Blake sighs.

“I’m not abusive! – I rebuke – I don’t mistreat you, do I?”

“I was just kidding, kitten. I love you just the way you are.” He says, leaning up to give me a kiss.

After a short make out session, we pack our bags and get ready for our drive to Chicago. It’s over 4 hours away, so we need to hurry up if we want to make it before dinner with my dad. We’re going to have lunch on the way, so it’ll take even longer to arrive.

The drive is quiet and peaceful. Blake keeps hold of my hand, with our fingers locked, while rock music fills the car. About 2 hours later we stop for a quick bite before I drive the rest of the way, since I know the way the best.

About 15 minutes from Chicago, my phone rings. I press the button on the steering wheel and my dad’s voice resounds through the speakers.

“Hey, little mouse. Where are you guys?”

“We’re almost in the city. We stopped for lunch 2 hours ago, that’s where the delay is from. Missing Blake already? You’ve seen him just recently.” I tease, getting an annoyed grunt in response.

“Funny.” He dryly retorts, while Blake barely stops himself from laughing.

“I know. I’m such a comedian.” I mock.

“You should have a stage name.” Dad scoffs sarcastically.

“I’ll think about it. What’re you doing?”

“Making you dinner, what else?”

“Ooooh, whatcha makin’?” I ask in an exaggerated southern accent. Blake snorts before booming with laughter, my dad joining right after.

“Shrimp pasta and for dessert I got you chocolate cake and a bottle of your favorite wine.” Blake stares at me in shock hearing dad’s words.

“You have your favorite wine? You’re barely 17 and your dad lets you drink?” He exclaims in shock, making my dad scoff.

“Of course she does. She’s been drinking alcohol since she was 14.”

“Yeah. But I don’t drink all that much, I’m not an alcoholic.” I shrug.

“Unbelievable. I once got grounded for 3 months after my mom caught me with a BEER when I was 15 and your dad allows you wine?! How is that fair?!” Blake exclaims in mock outrage, crossing his arms over his chest like a petulant child.

“Don’t be mad, Blakey. My dad is just really… liberal when it comes to me.” I grin teasingly, patting his thigh.

“Liberal. – dad scoffs – You just never gave me a reason to doubt you, little mouse.” I almost melt at dad’s loving tone.

“Damn, you two are something else.” Blake sighs.

We hang up just when I enter the city, driving through the busy streets straight to my dad’s house.

Dad greets us in front of the house with a wide grin on his face. He gives me a tight hug before helping Blake take our baggage inside.

“The food is ready, so settle in and come down to eat.” Dad instructs, leaving my room after bringing my suitcase.

“You know, he never let me come into your room while I was here. He said I’m not allowed to be here.” Blake lies down on my bed, pulling me down with him.

“Of course he didn’t let you in. Who knows what you’d do in here.” I laugh.

“I’m not some perv! Who do you take me for?!” He exclaims, offended.

“I know. – I give him a kiss before lying down on his chest – I’m joking, obviously. I don’t know why dad didn’t let you in here, there’s nothing here.” I shrug casually.

“Let’s go eat. I don’t want your dad to barge in here thinking we’re doing something indecent.” With a quick kiss, Blake sits up, forcing me to move. But I was so comfortable!

With a dramatic groan, I get off the bed and lead Blake to the kitchen, where my dad sets the table.

The dinner is peaceful, filled with jokes and childhood stories from when I was younger. Dad has really opened up to Blake during their ‘training’. They seem really close now. They weren’t like that before.

After we’re done eating, Blake helps me with the dishes, while dad ‘supervises’ – he just sits and watches, occasionally teasing us. Dad gets a call from his company, so he leaves, while Blake and I get ready for bed. We take a long bath together then go to bed.

My boyfriend’s insatiable hunger leads us to love-making in my queen-sized bed twice.

Thank god my dad is not here.

“Turn it off!!!” I grumble into my pillow when I hear Blake’s phone go off for the third time.

“I would if I could get my hand back.” Blake whispers into my ear. Damn it.

I turn around and lean over him to turn his phone off. But when I pick it up, I see it’s his dad calling.

So I pick up the call.

“Hello?” I groggily greet him, getting an amused laugh in response.

Laying the phone on Blake’s chest, I put his dad on speaker. “I woke you up, huh?”

“Hey dad!” Blake quietly greets his father, barely awake.

“I tried calling you yesterday, but you didn’t pick up. Your mother’s been pestering me about checking up on you.” Jared explains and I hear a loud offended ‘hey’ from the background. I guess Sam is there, too.

“Did you get there safely? How are you? Have you eaten? How’s Tyson?” Sam shoots questions one after another, while Jared laughs.

“Yeah mom, we got here safely. Tyson is well, we’re fine and we’ve eaten dinner yesterday. We didn’t have our breakfast yet, since we just woke up.” Blake answers his mom’s questions, pausing after each sentence to yawn, while I lie snuggled into his side, slowly falling back asleep.

“Okay, good. Make sure to eat on time, stay safe and don’t get in trouble, understand?” Sam demands and both Blake and I can hear the worry in her voice. She’s such a worrywart.

“Okay, mom. We know.” Blake sighs before yawning again. I quietly chuckle at his tired face, while Jared laughs out loud.

“We should let the kids sleep. It’s only six, they must be tired.” Jared states and we say our goodbyes quickly before hanging up, not giving Sam a chance to start her interrogation again.

We go back to sleep, waking up few hours later, when dad comes to tell us that lunch is ready. At first he laughs at us, making fun of my sleeping habits. He’s always found it funny how much I like cuddling. As I got over my hate of being touched by him, we were pretty much joined at the hip most of the time and I would never sleep alone.

“You poor thing, being a pillow is not easy. I should know, I’ve been there.” Dad laughs as we eat, patting Blake on the shoulder as if to comfort him.

“It doesn’t bother me, I love how cuddly she is. – Blake chuckles, pressing a kiss to my head – She’s like my personal koala.”

“Stop it, you two.” I whine, stuffing a strawberry in my mouth with an angry huff.

“Okay, okay, I won’t tease you.” Dad gives me a smile, but I still catch the mischief in his eyes.

He notices my suspicious look and adds: “Too much.”

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