The Ghost (Ghost #1)

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Bonus Chapter - Trip Pt. 4


I quietly tip-toe to the kitchen, heading straight to the fridge. I woke up with a parched throat and I desperately need a drink. Thank god I bought enough cans of my favorite soda, cause once the guys tasted it, they started stealing it.

The cold drink soothes my dry throat and gets rid of the horrible aftertaste of puke. I’ve been constantly throwing up for the last few days and the guys, being the idiots they are, scared my Cakey to death, saying it’s not a sickness I’m suffering from, but pregnancy.

Blake immediately changed his tune and became an overbearing mother hen. It took hours to convince him that I’m not pregnant. Usually I love how attentive Blake is, but this time I was seriously feeling trapped in this protective bubble he created. I’m not a fragile china doll to break at the slightest touch. And even if I was pregnant, which I’m not, I would kill Blake if he acted like this around me.

“Why are you awake?” Blake’s tired voice reaches me as I sit at the island, sipping on my soda.

“I needed a drink.” I answer, ignoring Blake’s weight on my body as he engulfs me in a hug from behind, leaning his chin on my shoulder.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better. – I finish my drink and throw the can away, getting it right in the bin – Let’s go back to bed.” I turn my head to kiss Blake’s cheek. He picks me from the chair and leads me to our bedroom by my hand.

I settle in the bed with Blake behind me, spooning me like always, and in few minutes I’m out cold.

When I wake up, it’s already afternoon. I can feel that Blake’s not in bed with me, so I slowly get up, stretching like a cat and cracking my joints. After a quick shower, I braid my wet hair, put on Blake’s shirt and boxers – for some reason they’re more comfortable than my shorts – before leaving the bedroom.

I walk up to Blake, who’s cooking something on the stove, and wrap my arms around his midriff. “Good morning.” He greets and I hear the smile in his voice.

“Morning.” I mumble, leaning my cheek against his back sleepily.

“Hi, momma.” One of the guys teasingly says, getting a glare from me. They started calling me ‘momma’ or ‘mommy’ ever since we came here, saying that I need to get used to it. They still believe I’m pregnant.

“Hey kids.” I tease with a smirk, enjoying the scowls that appear on their faces as they huff in mock anger. With a grin, I turn to Blake. “Does that make you a daddy?” I taunt him, trailing my fingertips over his bare torso, not missing the hitch in his breath.

“Don’t even go there, baby.” He warns gruffly.

“Sorry. – I kiss his back – Daddy.” I add with a chuckle, making him groan.

“Should I call your dad?” Blake teases and I stiffen at his words. Damn it, he got me.

I shake my head against his back before harshly snapping the waistband of his briefs against his skin as punishment. “Smartass.”

“Get a seat, your breakfast’s almost ready.” Blake glances at me over his shoulder, making me curse his height again. He’s so uselessly tall!!!

“What about us?!” Tyler exclaims in shock.

“What about you?” Blake calmly retorts, not even glancing at his dumbstruck friend.

“Our breakfast! I thought you were cooking for everyone!!!” Josh adds, offended.

“Like hell I am. I’m not your cook.”

“But you’re already making something…” Tyler whines, making me chuckle. Those boys and Layla are hopeless in the kitchen, so their only hope is having me or Blake make them breakfast, or eat some cereal. That’s if there's enough milk for them.

“And I’m making it for Lia. She’s the one that’s been sick.” I leave a kiss between Blake’s shoulders, squeezing him in my arms. He sure knows what to say to make me feel better.

“She’s pregnant, not sick.” I hear Tyler mumble indignantly. I just sigh, knowing I won’t be able to convince him otherwise. Yesterday I found him researching baby names, and when he noticed me, he begged me to let him be the godfather of my child. Which doesn’t exist, but Tyler is not someone who can be reasoned with.

“Which is why I’m taking care of her and not you.” Blake rebukes. I don’t bother commenting on that.

While I’m not happy about the guys gossiping about my so-called pregnancy, I don't to say anything, cause at least it takes guys’ minds off everything else. They tease me and Blake, like always, but at least they don’t try to drag me to clubs, or have a party at the house.

“Where’s Layla? She’ll cook for me!” Tyler whines, pouting like a petulant child.

“I’m sorry, Tyler, but me plus kitchen equals disaster. I have no idea how to cook.” I hear Layla say as she walks in before sitting at the table next to William.

“Guess you’re eating cereal.” I taunt with a chuckle, letting go of Blake so he can dish out my food. When I see only one plate, I give my man a confused frown.

He only grins, leading me to the table by my hand. He sets the plate in front of me as I sit at the head of the table, then brings me glass of juice, a bowl of fruits and a mug of coffee. I love this man!

“The injustice!!! The betrayal!!! She gets an omelet with veggies, fruit salad, juice and coffee and we get CEREAL!!! Unbelievable!!!” Tyler glares at my food, getting a smug smirk from me. Blake effortlessly lifts me up from my chair and sits me in his lap, pulling the dishes closer, sending a glare to Tyler when he catches the food thief in stealing my breakfast.

“Get your own breakfast, you thief, this is Lia’s.” Blake sneers at Tyler, before cutting up my omelet and feeding me a piece.

“And to think I call you a friend.” Ty scoffs, but still gets up. He smashes a box of Lucky Charms on the table with a scowl, making me giggle.

Blake and I feed each other, ignoring the glares we get from the guys around the table. Layla is the only one that doesn’t say anything. She just quietly eats her breakfast, laughing quietly at the guys’ annoyed banter as they curse us.

After we’re done eating, we decide to go to the beach. Because of this stupid bug I caught, I couldn't enjoy our vacation properly. Every move sent me to the toilet to throw my guts up.

Layla and I are trying out different swimsuits in her bedroom, while the guys wait for us downstairs.

“How about this one?” Layla shows me a black one-piece suit with crossed shoulder straps and ruffles at front. It fits her perfectly. I nod, getting a smile from her before she searches through the pile of clothes on her bed and shows me a black see-through pareo, with golden accents on it. Guess I rubbed off on her with my love for black clothes.

“Nice. I like it. - I grin before taking off my clothes - What about this one?” I reveal my two-piece black strappy swimsuit with a decorative O ring detail on the chest.

“Wow.” Layla sighs. “You have great body.” She gives me a once over, and I catch the envy in her gaze as she compares us.

“It’s all the workout, but I’d love to have some curves.” I stare at her curvy figure with a jealous frown. Damn.

“Kitten, you guys ready?” Blake calls out from outside the door.

“Yeah, we’ll be right out!” I call back.

“He’s so smitten with you. – Layla gushes – It’s adorable.”

“I’m the same with him. Don’t you worry, once you find the right guy, you’ll be the same.” I smirk at her, enjoying the blush that spreads on her face. I’ve seen the looks Tank gave her whenever she came to the clubhouse, and I sure as fuck didn’t miss their flirting when no one was around.

“Come on, those guys are not exactly patient.” I joke, putting on one of Blake’s dress shirts, ignoring the fact that it’s long enough to be a dress, and tying it up with a thin decorative belt.

“Yeah, I noticed.” Layla giggles, glancing pointedly at the door, from where I can hear Blake’s impatient pacing. I’m sure he’s close to barging in.

And I’m not disappointed. As soon as I open the door, I’m pulled into big arms, crushing against my boyfriend’s chest. I yelp when my nose hits his hard body, glaring at him as I lean back. “You’re impossible!” I scold, rubbing my nose.

“I love you too.” He just grins and gives me a kiss.

We walk downstairs, hand in hand, and as soon as we step into the living area, we’re met by our friends, as they loudly exclaim in relief.

“Finally! You women take so long to get ready!” Josh teases, with an over-exaggerated sigh.

“Long? We took 15 minutes…” Layla trails off, confused.

“Aww, you got bored. – I coo mockingly – Layla, I think we should check out the other sets, what do you say?” I ask over my shoulder, smirking at the guys’ horrified expressions.

“I think it’s a good idea.” Layla catches onto my train of thought and grins widely.

“NO!!! Please no!” Nathan whines, staring at me pleadingly. “Lia, please! Let’s just go, you both look great! Please!”

I glance at Layla beside me and give her a wink. “I think we still have a few swimsuits to try out.” With that I turn to walk back upstairs, but one tug from Blake stops my movement.

“Funny. – he deadpans, seeing right through me – Guys, get the stuff and let’s go.” He instructs, pointing at the bags with the stuff I prepared.

The guys eagerly take everything and almost run out the house, making me laugh. Kids.

“I can’t wait to see that swimsuit of yours.” Blake hotly whispers into my ear, kissing my neck.

I give him a devious smirk and lean into his ear. “Be good and maybe I’ll let you take it off.”

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