Can You Imagine It

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I know that you don't know me, but I've been watching you from afar. A little about me, just so you don't get the wrong impression. A Letter to Roman, describing the perfect date - Characters taken from my current short story, a work in progress - "The Coffee Tavern" - A sneak Peeks included!

Romance / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
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Dear Owner of the “Coffee Tavern”,

I know that you don’t know me, but I’ve been watching you from afar. A little about me, just so you don’t get the wrong impression. I’m the five foot seven dark haired patron,with the chocolate colored eyes, stunning figure, and devious smile. The one that you can’t help stealing glances at every once in awhile. My hobbies include watching you as you work, making those delicious coffee spirited drinks. Fantasizing about running my fingers, through that unkempt man bun of yours, and dreaming of your lips, hoping that one day, they’ll get to gently brush mine.

This correspondence is in reference to my offer, of sharing an evening out on the town with you. The setting’s Rome, where we’ll toss coins full of wishes into the Trevi Fountain, a sight to behold, standing at eighty six feet high. We’ll explore the Pincio Gardens, where the wonders are never-ending, famous Italian busts, the water clock,and the antiquated obelisk, constructed by an emperor for his lover.

After racing through the streets on rented vespa’s, we’ll eat as much gelato, and carbonara as we can stomach, and then it’s off to the opera! Going back to our hotel rooms, we’ll prepare for the second part of our date, with you being the gentleman, arriving on time, opening doors, and escorting me about as if I were the Queen of Sheba.

Cuddled up on a blanket at an open-air cinema, we’ll watch the latest film in Italian. Not knowing a word of the language, we’ll quietly whisper what we think they’re saying to each other. Capturing memories on “The Angel Bridge”, you’ll become roguishly playful, by kissing up my arm “Gomez Addams” style, while uttering “Cara Mia...” in a sexy Italian accent. You definitely know how to make a girl’s heart flutter.

Tired of playing it safe, we’ll venture off the tourist trail and head out to party with the locals! The music’s loud, the crowd’s wild, and we’re living our best life. A few drinks in, a couple roughly bumps into me, and our bodies connect. My arms around your neck for support, your hands circle my waist, our gazes meet, and the world stops.

Can you imagine it... Can you imagine more...

Yours truly, Korin

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