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Can You Imagine It

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Sneak Peek: The Coffee Tavern


He’s behind the counter mixing drinks, shoulder length dark brown hair, strong features, and a sexy smile. His hair pulled back into an unkempt man bun, I watch him from my favorite booth by the wall. The simple act of him making drinks has me wet. I blame the three white russians, and the cocktail cake that I’ve consumed.

A hand strays to my lap, and it takes all of my willpower to not spread my legs and rub my bud into a much needed climax. This is the fourth time that I’ve been here this week, and he’s the reason.

My eyes move downwards to his full lips and as always, I let my fantasy take over and run wild. His mouth encasing my nub, his tongue does a few tantalizing slow laps. The front of his tongue licking upwards, and then rolling backwards over my clit.

My moan of pleasure, fuels his aggressive nature and im flipped onto my stomach. I’m on my knees, with my legs stretched wide, my sex’s open and waiting to be filled. I’m pleasantly surprised, when the warmth of his tongue meets my clit again. A wave of pleasure courses through my core, and before I can recover from the aftershocks, his tongue enters my honeypot.

Holding on to the headboard, I slide up and down, loving the sensations his tongue’s providing. Pulling me downwards I ride his face, head thrown back. Harder and harder I ride, the oncoming orgasm’s intense. It’s all to real....

Coming back to reality, my hand’s between my legs furiously rubbing my mound. Doubling my speed, I can feel someone’s eyes on me. Not caring, I continue on, my orgasm peaking. Recalling my fantasy of his tongue circling my clit, riding his tongue and face, sends my orgasm washing over me in waves.

Gripping the table, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, I try to control my breathing as the last wave flows through my body. Once again I get the sensation of being watched, and opening my eyes a set of brown eyes meets mines.

Roman. Six feet two, athletic build and all man. The intensity of his gaze causes my heart to skip a beat, and a rogue wave follows. Taking a few quick breaths, my body’s relaxed and i’m able to stand. Looking in his direction again, his knowing smirk says it all.

Caught in the act, I want to be embarrassed but i’m not. Dropping a few bills on the table, I make my exit, the heat of his gaze upon my back.


She’s been coming here for the last couple of days, I’ve begun to keep a close watch for her. Coming in the evenings, always wearing a skirt or dress. Tonight she’s wearing a sexy black, lace skirt, and white crop top.

Sitting by herself in the same booth, I feel her eyes upon me. Allowing her time to consume a few drinks, I glance in her direction and im not disappointed. From my vantage point at the bar, I can see her skirt pulled up to her thighs, and her hand between her legs.

As to not draw any attention to her, I take care to not stare. Instead I settle for brief looks in between serving customers. Eyes closed, beautiful cherry lips slightly parted, imagining them wrapped around my staff, my member swells.

Shifting uncomfortably, I try to take my mind off of her deep throating my package by completing a customer’s order. “One calypso coffee, and one espresso martini.” I say, placing the drinks on the tray. “Blow job.” Says, Traci absentmindedly checking her makeup in a mirror.

“What?” I ask, momentarily taken aback. “You forgot the “blow job”. Stealing a glance in her direction before preparing the drink, she’s almost finished. Quickly making the drink, I send the waitress on her way. Another look and my heart skips a beat, at the scene unfolding in front of me.

She has a tight grasp on the table, as she cums from the steady motion of her hand firmly massaging her clit. Watching her, her eyes open and she’s looking directly at me. My temperature’s risen and my breathing’s become quick and deep, I want her, in the worst way... Little does she know, that she’s the star of my fantasies.

Watching her leave, my eyes drift down to her ample ass, and my sack tightens. I want her, and so... i’ll have her. “Hey, I know that you’re the owner and everything, but you can’t be slacking on the job.” Traci’s back with a couple of orders, bringing me from my reverie.

Five feet seven, curvy, amber eyed and sexy as hell, she’s been the highlight of my evenings this week. Unable to sleep, I give up on trying to force myself, and head to the shower. The cold water’s a shock to my system, causing a gasp to escape my lips. Thoughts of her causes my blood to warm, and the cold water isn’t as harsh.

Lathering up, images of her surrendering to her orgasm has my member instantly hard. To say that it’s been awhile since my last sexual conquest, is an understatement. My hand sliding the length of my erection, images of her pleasuring herself sends a satisfying jolt through my body.

The bathroom steaming up I continue on. My thoughts are of her on her knees in front of me, worshiping my sex, taking all of me into her mouth. Her tongue circling the tip on the way out. Refilling her mouth again, she’s watching me as I pump in and out.

Her beautiful eyes boring into mines, she murmurs an approval at the precum seeping onto her tongue. Several gratifying strokes, imagining her lips tightening upon entry, and relaxing upon exit, the pressure starts to build.

Quickly reaching my peak, I grab the back of her head, and push every inch in. My nut exploding down her throat, head thrown back, eyes closed, my knees buckle, as the last of my seed flows down the drain.


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