In Love With My Business Partner

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I felt the warmth of an arm across my waist as I looked up at its owner. Blue eyes. As I stared into the blue orbs, I realised to my horror... Lauren Black's life was turned upside down when her parents died. She has to cope managing her double life as her "brother' and herself. Her senior year is here and comes along with it is a certain blue eyed boy who makes her so frustrated. What will she do when she uncovers the secrets and the drama that unfolds as she gets more and more warped up in the drama of her newfound feelings?

Romance / Drama
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The smell of burning fire wafted up to my nose as I choked on the thick smoke coming from the burning car. I felt lightheaded and a wet trickle down the side of my face. Coughing, I whimpered, “Mummy? Daddy?” I strained my eyes to see my mother with her eyes closed and limp against her seat belt. Everything was upside down. Turning my head, I saw Josh limp against the seat belt. Waking him, we looked around in fear. I was terrified as the flames around us got bigger, hugging Josh tightly. The windows were smashed and it was getting hotter. I noticed my father in the driver’s seat started to wake up as he groaned and he peeled opened his eyes slowly. My father turned to my mother and shook her body.

She opened her eyes slowly and frowned, “Honey? What happened? Where are Lauren and Josh?” I whimpered when she called my name as she turned her head around to face me. Giving me a reassuring smile, she reached out her hand to me and held my tiny hands. Tears started to fall as I sobbed, hugging Josh who was whimpering next to me. My mother passed her wedding ring to me, my father doing the same. That’s when I noticed him holding on to something in his hand. It was a bright metal pole protruding out his body.

“Daddy! No!” I shouted as tears continued to roll down my face as my father looked weakly at me.

“Don’t worry kiddo. It’s going to be fine. Take care of your little brother won’t you kiddo?” I nodded. Turning back to my mother, I held her hand as I noticed her panting. Her breath started to get heavy as she coughed and wheezed.

She opened her mouth and her last words were, “I love you Lauren and I love you, Josh.” Before she slumped and never moved again. Josh screamed with tears streaming down his face as he watched my mother turned lifeless, causing him to cough harder and faint due to the heat. The flames were getting closer and hotter every second as I struggled to breathe. I started to hyperventilate, crying and sobbing harder with Josh in my arms.

My father, entrapped by the metal pole shouted to me, “Lauren! You have to go. Take Josh and go!” I shook my head as I held on to his arm.

“Lauren, please! I cannot make it. You have to go. Be a good girl. Don’t worry, mummy and I will always be there looking after the both of you. I love you, now go Lauren. GO!” my tears continued to stream down my face as I shuffled and crawled through the window.

The glass piercing into my palms and knees as I stifled the urge to cry out in pain. Finally crawling out and managing to help Josh at the same time, I turned around to see black smoke and the car was destroyed. From the small window, I could see my father smiling weakly at me as he mouthed ‘I love you’ before the car exploded. The last thing I could remember was the sound of the siren before seeing black.

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