In Love With My Business Partner

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Chapter 1

“No! Mum! Dad!” I shouted as I woke up in a cold sweat.

Rubbing my face, I panted as I tried to catch my breath. Looking at the alarm clock, the neon-coloured numbers stared back at me. Five-thirty in the morning. Half an hour before my aunt wakes up and starts breakfast. Sighing, I ruffled my hand through my hair before getting out of bed and going into the bathroom. In the mirror, I see a girl. My reflection of my parent’s love staring back at me. My eyes were a greyish purple hue, the colour of my father’s eyes. My eyes traced my face and landed on the colour of my natural hair, black. Just like my surname and the colour of my mother’s hair. How ironic that we have the same colour of hair as our surnames while the original bearer of the surname, my father, has brown hair. I shook my head of the thoughts of my parents, the memory of the nightmare flooding back. Brushing my teeth, I turned towards the bathtub. Taking off my pyjamas, I turned on the warm water as I let myself relax in its comforting embrace.

“Lauren! Wake up! Breakfast is ready!” my aunt shouted as I opened my eyes. I must have slipped into a nap when I was in the bath. The water is already cold as I stepped out. I dried myself off and put on my clothes for school. Putting on my morning routine skin care, I finished it with a touch of tinted lip balm before spraying on some perfume and adjusting my glasses. Grabbing my bag and checking my stuff, I headed downstairs. As I walked down the stairs, the smell of delicious pancakes and bacon invaded my nose. I saw my aunt finishing her last batch of pancakes and Josh sitting at the dining table, scarfing down a pancake.

“Morning Lauren.” My brother called out as he noticed me walking into the room. Grinning, I swooped down and stole a piece of pancake from his plate.

“Hey! That’s mine!” he grumbled with his mouth full.

“Too bad. Too sad.” I grinned as he watched me eat his pancake.

“Josh, Lauren. Please. There are enough to go about and please stop teasing your little brother. It’s too early for this.” My aunt sighed.

“Yes Jenny!” we answered back.

Jenny’s real name is Jennifer Black and she is my father’s older sister. While Josh is my little brother who is two years younger than me. We survived the crash and he suffered amnesia from the shock of the event. Till today, he has not recovered his memories of that day and he has been thinking that our parents were traveling around the globe. Although in the house we do not speak much of them.

After having my delicious breakfast of sweet maple syrup pancakes and bacon, I grabbed an apple. Checking the clock, it was six-thirty.

“I’m off to school! Bye Jenny, love you!” I shouted as I put on my sneakers and head for the door.

“Hey! Wait for me! Take me with you! I am too lazy to walk…” Josh shouted behind me.

Rolling my eyes as I went to get my ride. It was a black with dark navy blue and white streaked, Shulli ZK8000 motorcycle. Putting my backpack in the trunk and my helmets, I watched as Josh stumbled out into the driveway. Throwing him my spare helmet, I took his bag and popped it in my trunk. Climbing on my bike, I placed on my helmet as Josh sat down behind me.

“Hold tight!” I said as I started my engine. My baby roared to life as we prepared to depart. We rode to our school and I parked at our school’s designated carpark. As I turned off my engine, I watched from the corner of my eye as Josh made his way towards his friends. Turning around, he waved at me before turning back and making his way into the school. I smiled as I placed my helmet into the trunk and picked up my bag. I walked casually into school and greeted some people as they smiled at me. Just as I was about to reach my class, I noticed a figure walked towards me.

Turning my head, I saw Kelly Mitch walking her way towards me with her little groupie behind her worshipping the damn floor she walked on. Ignoring her, I reached for the doorknob. Suddenly I felt a tug on my hair as I was then shoved into the lockers.

“Ouch!” I groaned as I rub my scalp. Looking up, I see Kelly smirking down on me.

“Stay the fuck away from Chris! He. Is. Mine.” She screeched with her annoying high-pitched voice.

“Damn…” I grumbled as I continued to rub my head, feeling a bump forming.

“This bitch right here sounding like a damn banshee every time she opens her fucking mouth. Why I ought to…”

My thoughts were interrupted as one of Kelly’s groupies screamed, “OH MY GOD! IT’S CHRIS MILLER!” before screaming her head off, hurting my head even more. Kelly straightened her skirt, or at least what she calls a damn skirt. Pouting her lips and ruffling her hair, not before pushing up her boobs a little, she ran towards Chris as he walked down the hallway. As I watched this unfold, I rolled my eyes.

“Damn these people and their lack of dignity and self-awareness.” I thought as I gathered my stuff and stood up. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I felt my head throb.

“I guess that bitch had a little more strength than I anticipated.” I thought as I made my way past my class and to the Nurse’s Office.

“Mary?” I called out as I opened the door to the Nurse’s Office.

“In here.”

A voice called out as I closed the door and walked towards a short woman with her hands full of medicine, her glasses slipping down her nose. She huffed and puffed as she carried boxes up and down, from cabinets to cabinets as I sat down on the bed provided for sick students. Finally, after a while, she settled down and picked up her clipboard.

“Lauren? Sorry for the wait, the stock just came in today. So, what might seem to be the problem today?” I explained the situation to her as she shook her head and felt my scalp.

“Well, there seem to be no symptoms of a concussion. Here are some mild painkillers for the throbbing pain. Observe for the next few days and hopefully, you will be fine.” She concluded as she smiled at me. Passing me the painkillers and writing me an excuse letter for class, she ushered me out.

“Thanks, Mary! Owe you one!” I called out as I hurried off to my next class.

The classes were as per normal with an occasional few glares from Kelly’s minions which I responded with a few eye rolls. Finally, the last lesson of the day came and I could stretch my aching muscles. Physical Education. Although the throbbing has subsided, I really did not want to miss this lesson as it is the only one I could really go all out in. I went to the girl’s locker room early and changed into my loose tee and sweatpants. Sitting by the bleaches I waited for the other students to gather before joining them. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulders. Turning my head, I came face to face with Chris Miller. Rolling my eyes, I turned my head to focus on what Coach Murphy is saying.

“Hey, your brother is on the news again. Jack Black, right?” Chris stated, drowning out Coach Murphy’s words as I froze. I turned to him with my gazed hardened.

“So?” I gritted out. He smirked at me as he ran his hands through his hair.

“Considering letting your brother work under my company. What do you think?” I gritted my teeth as my hands balled into fists.

“This jerk. Not only was he a rival, but he is also disrespectful to me. Working under him? Fat chance! Just because he is popular in school, rich and has a company, he thinks the whole damn world revolves around him. If not for Kelly’s ‘accidental’ help, my first day of senior year would be full of this arrogant prick trying to get me to make my ‘brother’ his ally.

I thought as I coldly stated, “Hell. No.” Just as Chris was about the retort, Kelly shuffled her way between us.

“What did I say you little bitch?” she screeched at me, raising her hand. Chris grabbed her arm as he soothed her anger glaring a little at me. I scoffed as I turned my head back and listened to Coach Murphy to finish his talk.

“Alright, that should be all, no excuses, we are playing dodgeball. Chris, Terrence, you guys are the captains.” I grumbled as I walked to the other side of the gym with the unchosen students.

Chris smirked as he called out, “Kelly, the football team and cheer squad.”

I rolled my eyes as I grumbled softly, “Fucking typical.”

Terrence sighed and smiled, “I’ll choose the remaining people.”

Coach Murphy then blew his whistle and shouted, “LET THE GAMES BEGAN!”

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