In Love With My Business Partner

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Chapter 2

It was down to two versus two. Terrence and I against Chris and James. They were a little surprised that I could survive this long but that was the least of their concerns. They were best friends and both Terrence and I were just classmates, where was the threat in that, plus I was a girl. All they are aiming for is to win and I was an easy target to them.

“Terrence, forfeit this bro. This isn’t worth it. She is going to lose anyway.” James smirked and called out to Terrence. He might be fooling everyone but with Terrence’s competitive nature, chances of a forfeit from Terrence is slim.

“Nah, bro. I’m good.” Terrence called back before turning and smirking at me.

I nodded my head and smirked back as I grabbed a ball and threw it towards Terrence. He caught the ball and spiked it towards James. The ball smacking right onto his nose, causing it to bleed. Chris’ face turned from shock to anger as I grabbed a ball and dashed towards Terrence. He propelled me up as I used with all my might and spiked the ball towards Chris. The ball hit him square in the jaw and knocked him out cold. I swerved out of the way as the ball Chris threw grazed me slightly.

Landing on my feet, I looked up as Coach Murphy angrily screamed at me, “PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE. NOW!”

Turning to Terrence, he glared, “You. See me during practice. Now help me get both of them to the Nurse’s Office.”

Terrence gulped as he looked at me. I giggled and winked at him before grabbing my things and proceeding to the Principal’s Office.

The Principal sent me home early with a letter to my aunt regarding my behavior. Texting Josh, I told him to get his own ride home. Changing out of my sweaty clothes in the girl’s bathroom, I rode my motorcycle back home. Reaching the house, I went straight to my room and plopped my bag down by the side of my bed and took a shower. While drying my hair, I checked my email as a few spam messages made its way to the top of my inbox.

I sighed, “Even with the top-notch technology and security there are always a few loopholes.” I grumbled silently. All these damn idiots with their ‘game-changing’ business plans wanting to earn a quick buck from me. I blocked them and proceeded to look at my social media accounts.

“Wow. I as my ‘brother’ really made us famous.” I thought as I stared at the number of friend requests.

Ruffling my hair and making sure it was dry, I placed my wig on. Changing into a suit and fixing my tie, I looked into the mirror. Standing there was me in the mirror but not me.

Jenny always wanted me to have a normal teenage life. “As normal as can be” she would always say.

She knows that as the oldest I should take over the company and learn the ropes. But my parent’s sudden death has taken a toll on my childhood. I had to learn and grow up fast. There was no time for me to play around. Many people were picking off at my father’s hard work when he passed and it was my job to safeguard it. There was no such thing as dreams for me. My main concern was only working and protecting my family. But with this double life, I could allow myself to be rid of the constant suffocation of the corporate world. Picking up my contact lenses I place them into my eyes and blinked.

“Done.” I thought as I picked up my work bag and some documents.

Driving my black Porsche to my company building, I saw someone that I had least expected to be there. Chris Miller. Getting out of the car, I dropped my keys in the valet’s hand.

“Slot 8090, please. Thank you.” I stated as the valet quickly nodded and proceeded to drive my car away.

“Mr. Black, I would like to speak about you privately.” I ignored him and continued walking past the sliding doors. I felt a hand grab my arm as I instinctively flipped the man over. Chris groaned on the floor as I dusted myself and squinted my eyes.

“Don’t touch me,” I growled as he stood up.

“Chill man, sorry about that. I was just going to ask you about…” I cut him off with an annoyed,

“No thank you and have a nice day sir.” before walking past him into the building, leaving him standing outside.

Reaching my office room, I breathed a sigh of relief. I started on the work I had to do, the contracts, financials, proposals, and reports. Leaving the room only for meetings and small breaks. However, I noticed that Serena kept going to the toilet and didn’t seem well during the meeting.

Walking to her desk with my work on hand, “Serena, take the rest of the day off. Go see a doctor and claim it from the HR Department. Get well soon.” I said before walking back into my office. As I was processing through some documents, I heard a knock and Serena popped her head in.

“Mr. Black? I’ll be leaving soon. Thank you.”

She said before giving me a wink and mouthing, “Good luck Lauren!”

Smiling, I nodded. Serena was not only my secretary but also the one who was best friends with both my parents, serving them as their secretary and she also used to babysit me. She was only a few years older than me and she met my parents at a volunteer event since then they were inseparable. She also knew my secret identity when she came to my parent’s funeral, where I asked her to help me continue the business.

Checking and signing all these works made me so engrossed that by the time I checked the clock, it was already eleven at night. I checked my email one last time and a message caught my eye.

Clicking on it, it read, “Dear Mr. Jack Black, I am writing to inform you that I am being transferred to another company. Thus, I have been relieved of managing this company. Due to personal reasons, I have sold the company to Miller Enterprise. Do talk with them to work things out. Yours faithfully, Starks.”

I read the message again and again before the alarm bells rang in my head. “What? No. Why Starks? Why?” I thought as I pulled on my wig and glared at the message.

Thinking back to the morning’s events till now I grabbed a pillow and screamed in protest. Thank god it was at night and all the staff has gone home. I grabbed my things and turned off my laptop. Standing up, I realised that I had sent Serena home early. Groaning I turned off the office lights and took the lift to the basement. I hate walking alone in the dark but I made a huge mistake of letting Serena home early. There was always something eerie about the carpark at night. I always felt someone was watching me even though I knew that the feeling could just be from the security cameras. Finally reaching my car, I quickly got in and drove home.

My keys clinked together as I opened the door and walked in. “Welcome home darling.” My aunt called out from the living room.

“How was work today? I hope you aren’t too tired from the increase in work and change in schedule after the holidays.”

I stopped in my tracks and loudly groaned, “Don’t remind me.”

Josh called out to me as I took off my shoes and tie. “What happened? Why the grumpy face?” I turned my head to him in his pajamas sitting by the sofa with my aunt, smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at him as I walked over and plopped down beside him.

“It’s going to be a long-ass story so let me take a nice shower before we talk, okay?” They turned their heads and looked at each other, smiling a knowing smile before nodding.

“I’ll get the popcorn and ice cream.” Josh stated as he got off the sofa and headed to the kitchen while my aunt sighed, “Well, I know it’s a school night but it seems like you need this. So, I am going to get pillows and blankets. Go get a nice bath darling. See you later.”

I smiled and got up, walking back to my room.

Closing the door behind me, I took off my clothes and walked into the bathroom. After I had filled the bath with warm water, I slid my sore body into the bathtub, relieving my stress of today’s events. Finally, I finished up my bath with a rinse of my hair and changed into my pajamas. I grabbed my towel, slightly damp from drying myself just now, and slung it around my neck.

Walking downstairs I smell the delicious smell of popcorn. Plopping down by the pillow fortress my little brother and aunt had built, I settled myself in and started my story of what happened today.

As we talked through the night, my eyelids felt heavy as we drifted off to sleep under the comfort of our pillow fortress.

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