In Love With My Business Partner

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Chapter 3

The next morning was chaos. Due to our little impromptu comfort session yesterday night, we had all forgotten to set our alarms and woke up later than usual. As the sunlight hit my eyes, I rolled over and sat up straight, realizing what time it was.

“Josh! Wake up! Damn it, we are going to be late!” I got up and shook Josh as he grumbled and covered his face under the sheets. Feeling annoyed with his lack of response, I turned to my aunt, sleeping peacefully on the sofa and shook her awake.

“Jenny! Jenny! Wake up. You are going to be late!” I called out.

Her eyes shot open as she shouted frantically, “Time! What’s the time?” I pointed to the clock as her eyes grew wide.

“Shit! I’m going to be late for work!” she shouted as she got up and dashed upstairs to her room.

Although I am working undercover and earning money to support the family, Jenny does not like to take money from me. She prefers to ‘spend what she earns’ something she always says when the topic of money comes up. Thus, her having a job as a waiter at the diner downtown. I shook my head as I focused on getting Josh awake to get ready for school.

While I tried to shake him, he would grumble and hide deeper under the blankets and pillows. Feeling really frustrated, I gave him a hard kick, sending him tumbling. He woke up with a shout as he sat up and looked wide-eyed around.

“Get ready lil bro, we are late!” I called out as I ran upstairs to my room.

Grabbing my dry shampoo, I gave my hair a few sprits and washed my face. Applying my morning skincare routine, I then quickly changed into a baggy grey hoodie and black skinny jeans. Tying my hair up in a bun, I put on my glasses and quickly checked the schedule for the day. Throwing my books in my bag, I put on some perfume and rushed downstairs. Jenny was already halfway out the door when she saw me.

“Bye guys! Won’t be home early today!” she called out as she dashed out the door.

“Bye!” I shouted as Josh came tumbling down the stairs, with his hair in a mess and his clothes all untidy.

“Really Josh?” I sighed as I took my phone and called Jeffery.

Jeffery was my family chauffeur or well butler too. But after my parent’s death, my aunt wanted to raise us as normal kids and temporarily relieved Jeffery of his job. However, for his loyalty, he was given a small apartment to stay in temporarily. I do not usually call him but this was an emergency as Josh is looking like a wreck and we were going to be late soon. I can’t do two things at once, helping Josh get his shit together when he is half awake and driving, too dangerous.

A little distraction may lead to a huge accident. Something I can never afford, after what happened to my parents. Dialling Jeffery’s number, after three rings, he picked up.

“Good Morning Miss Black, how may I help you today?” I told him that we were going to be late and about the situation.

“Noted Miss Black, I will be there in fifteen minutes.” I grabbed Josh and pulled him into the bathroom.

“Seriously Josh, I can’t believe you are this old and still can’t do this right.” I sighed as I continued to nag him on how he should be presentable at all times as we were still in the limelight of the tabloids as ‘rich’ kids.

“Alright, sis! I got it! Stop nagging!” he grumbled as he rubbed his hair.

I straightened his collar and combed his hair, waxing it into a nice up do. Making sure his face is clean of any dirt and grime I applied some skincare to help him keep his face moisturized. Josh may have gotten his good looks from my father but he got my mother’s laid back and eccentric ways.

He was like my mother, a graceful and charming socialite on the outside, a total opposite at home, throwing his clothes around the house and not giving a rat’s ass on how he dresses and does things based on his emotions. I, on the other hand, got my mother’s average looks and my father’s organized way of life. In the short few years of knowing my parents before their death, I have come to find what my aunt talks about them are really true. My mother was a street rebel who just so happened to meet my father who was a shy quiet boy who was visiting from out of town. They hit it well together and decided to date. There were many obstacles in the way of their love but that did not stop them. My grandparents did not agree to them being together and my father was betrothed to another woman. They fought for their love and eventually won. From then they were a power couple, gaining fame and fortune as they worked together to build a family and a business to support themselves.

Shaking my head, I realized my thoughts had drifted away as Josh snapped his fingers in front of my face.

“Lauren? Sis? Your phone has been ringing for the last minute now. Aren’t you picking up?”

I looked down at my phone and Jeffery’s name flashed across the screen.

Picking up, I answered, “Hello?”

Jeffrey’s voice floated through the speaker, “Miss Black? I am hereby your door. Are you ready to go?”

I looked at the time and spoke into the phone, “Yes Jeffery. We will be out now.”

Hanging up the phone I told Josh to grab his things and pulled him to the doorway. Putting on my sneakers, I opened the door to see Jeffery holding the door open for me. Calling out for Josh to hurry, I slid into the back seat and watched as Josh quickly closed the door and locked it behind him before dashing into the car. Jeffery then started the car and drove us to school.

On the ride, Jeffery and we talked about old times where we would visit him at his apartment after our parents died and how Jenney would offer for him to come over for gatherings and parties. We were laughing at the happy memories that we recalled during the ride as Jeffery turned into the school.

We got out and waved Jeffery goodbye as he drove off and proceeded to run towards our class. Grabbing a twenty dollar note from my wallet, I gave them to Josh. “Get some breakfast and lunch. Jenny would be late coming home. Meet you at the bus stop after school.”

Josh grinned and nodded before running off to class. As I turned towards my class, I heard the warning bell go off. There were lesser people now as people rushed to their classes and I proceeded to do the same. As I neared my class, I looked down at my phone and checked the time.

Suddenly, I crashed into a hard wall. My books were scattered as my bag was opened and I expected the impact of the floor but it never came.

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