In Love With My Business Partner

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Chapter 5

“Oh. Sorry about that. My hands slipped.” Kelly smirked as I watched her drop her now empty cup of smoothie onto the floor by my hands.

I gritted my teeth as I glared at her triumphant grin. Pushing my body, I tried to stand up but the floor was so slippery that I fell back on my butt. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes as I bit my lip and tried to keep my composure.

“Letting her see me cry will mean my defeat.” I consoled myself in my thoughts as I heard the snapping of the cameras and whispers from the students that were starting to form a crowd around me.

Taking a huge breath, I forced myself to stand up and with a nonchalant look, I picked my things up from the ground and walked pass Kelly, shrugging my shoulders, while smoothie dripped from my body. After leaving the cafeteria, I quickly dashed to the closest toilet and barricaded myself in it, hanging an ‘out of order’ sign I found under the sink on the door.

“Thank God Josh wasn’t there. He would have flipped out.” I thought as I checked the damage done. My hoodie and my hair was drenched in smoothie and I felt really sticky and gross.

Sighing, I looked into the mirror and stared at what a mess I was. Carefully, I removed my hoodie and chucked it into an unused sink, turning the water on to soak the hoodie. I was so grateful I had decided on putting on a sleeveless black tee under my hoodie or I would seriously be stuck in the toilet the whole day topless waiting for my hoodie to dry. I washed my face and wiped off the excess water before putting my hair under the sink. I tried to the annoying sticky feeling out of my hair by running water through it, which was a difficult task without shampoo. Finally managing to clean up most of the damage, I finished up by cleaning my shoes and jeans of any excess smoothie that I had missed. I wrung dry my hoodie as much as I could and hung it by the cubicles. Sitting under the hand dryer, I dried my hair while I looked at the time. Twenty minutes before class. I felt my hair and was pretty satisfied with how dry it is, given the time frame within the lunch period. Grabbing my hoodie, I placed it under the hand dryer. Making sure that it was dry enough, I shoved it in my bag and tied up my hair.

Checking myself in the mirror and feeling satisfied with the fix, I was about to open the door when the doorknob turned. Feeling panicked, I ducked into one of the cubicles and locked the door.

“I really hate that bitch Lauren. She is so annoying, sticking beside Chris the whole damn day. Like I have already warned her. But that bitch still kept coming. Ew. That ugly fuck.” the high pitched voice that I knew really well floated into the toilet as the door opened.

Her heels clicked obnoxiously as she walked towards the mirrors. Lifting my legs up onto the toilet seat, I held my breath, hugging my bag.

“She is such a slut. The reason she is only relevant is the fact that her parents were once famous and rich and she is linked to Jack.”

I heard a few giggles as Kelly continued, “Black Enterprises has nothing against my father’s company. My daddy said that once I graduated, he would arrange a marriage between me and Chris, ensuring a merger and that we would be so much richer.”

My eyes grew wide at this information. “A MERGER? MARRIAGE?” I thought as alarm bells were going off in my head.

Another voice interjects, “Then what? After you marry him?” as the voices sounded more and more eager. As Kelly was about to reply, the bell rings.

“Damn, we are going to be late. Next is Dr ‘shithead’s’ class. Better not be late or he is going to get annoying.” Kelly’s heels clicking got softer and softer as she exited the bathroom. I shuffled out of the cubicle feeling stunned at the information I heard.

Shaking my head and smacking my face, I made a mental note to think about this later as now, I am in deep shit if I miss Dr. Alan’s class.

Quickly, I pulled out my phone and dialed Serena’s number. After explaining to her what I have heard and giving her instructions to prepare for the major news hitting, I sprinted out of the bathroom towards Dr. Alan’s class. I opened the classroom door just in time before the last bell rung and Dr. Alan was already taking attendance. I heaved and panted as he looked at me from top to bottom with a brow raised.

“Ms. Black, I assume you were… late? It seems that it isn’t the case. Please take a seat while I finish up taking the attendance.” I nodded furiously not before my eyes scanned the room. My eyes locked with Chris as confused look dawn across his face while Terrance, who was sitting a few rows in front of me gave me a worried look. Kelly, on the other hand, was smirking and giggling with her minions. As I made my way to my seat beside my lab partner Elaine, she grinned at me. Elaine is not just a lab partner but also a good friend of mine. She could read me like an open book and we clicked instantly, just like the day we met.

The day when Elaine met me was the first day of Junior Year. She had just transferred over and she was pretty much alone as everyone in the class had already bonded from Freshman Year. I had known a few people here and there but they were not people I would call exactly friends. More like acquaintances, just like those big burly businessmen in suits during board meetings.

One day, I bumped into Elaine as she was walking down the hallway after school and the first thing she said to me was, “Jack?” I was shocked.

Immediately I tried to laugh it off by saying, “You must be mistaken. I am not Jack, I’m his sister.”

She looked at me skeptically and said, “Are you, twins? Because you look really alike. From facial structure to stature. You even sound a bit like him.”

As I was about to answer, her eyes grew wide as she started to apologise, “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for being so disrespectful. Did I just say that out loud? Oh my… I am just a huge fan of Mr. Jack Black. I am not some stalker or anything. I just really like his work and I really wanted to work in his company in the future and like his company’s vision is similar to mine so working there would be a great honour for me.”

As she rambled on, I felt a smile tug at my face. That’s when I knew, we would be really great friends. As we talked and hung out together, I knew that she understood the secret behind ‘Jack’, but she never once questioned me about my secret. Thus, our friendship is born. Coming back into reality, Elaine grinned at me as I sat down beside her.

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