In Love With My Business Partner

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Chapter 7

“Hello?” I answered as I placed the phone to my ear. An older voice started speaking.

“Mr. Black? Ah Yes… Hello. How are you?” Rolling my eyes, I answered back with a curd “Good.”

Before inquiring about the reason for his call, knowing full well it was about the company Starks had sold.

“Mr. Black, I am sure that you had received the news from Mr. Starks regarding the Manhattan Eagles Private Limited being bought over by Miller Enterprises. I hope that we would be able to continue our business as per usual in the near future. Thus, my reasons for calling you today is to invite you to a meeting regarding the negotiation of the new contract between the new Manhattan Eagles and your company. My secretary will email you the schedule and I hope to see you then. Goodbye.”

I rolled my eyes and said my goodbyes before hanging up. Calling Serena, I told her what was to happen and what she needed to prepare before turning to my laptop and rubbing my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I continued looking through the stacks of papers and reviewing them.

Time flew and by the time I was done, it was already seven in the evening. As I was about to pack up and leave, my phone rang. Looking down at the caller ID, I realised it was Josh.

Picking up, I answered “Hey Lil Bro! What’s up?” as I grabbed my bag and opened the office door.

“Could you get some pizza on the way back? I’m starving. Jenny’s coming home late today remember?”

My eyes went wide for a second as I remembered this information. I quicken my pace to the lift lobby not before turning around and giving Serena as she was packing up her things. She smiled and nodded back as the lift door shut, leaving me alone to count the levels as it descended. As I stood in silence, the events of today flashed across my mind.

“What was that expression on Chris’ face? Why do I feel so frustrated?” I thought as the lift door opened. Looking up, I came face to face with the man I thought of seconds ago. Feeling surprised, I quickly composed myself and greeted him with a nod and made my way past him.

“Mr. Black, I…”

Cutting him off I answered, “I have to apologise for this but I have some prior appointments. Please do speak with my secretary regarding any discussion or meeting, Mr. Miller. I apologise once again and thank you for your understanding.”

Before continuing towards my Porsche. Getting in and settling myself down, I took one last look at the blue-eyed boy standing in the lobby staring back at me before driving off, setting my GPS to the nearest Pizzeria.

Reaching home, as I opened the door, my eyes fell upon Josh lazing on the couch as I fumbled with my bag and three boxes of pizzas.

“Josh. Stop lazing around and come help me! Or I’m not going to give you any of this delicious smelling pizza!” I shouted as my keys fell onto the ground. Groaning, I looked up to see Josh’s face right in front of mine, giving me a shock, as I stumbled back and almost lost my balance.

“Hey! Easy on the balancing. You won’t want a starving teenage boy to be pissed that you dropped his pizza, no? The pizza he waited ages to have? Just because you didn’t know how to stand?” Josh joked as he grinned and snatched the boxes from my hands and proceeded to the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my keys, kicking my shoes aside, I went up to my room to wash up. Sinking myself into the tub of lukewarm water, I thought about James and his weird nickname for me.

“He had a pretty cute grin and a nice pair of forest green eyes.” I thought as the afternoon’s events flashed by my mind. Grinning to myself as I remembered the weird nickname. As my mind drifted off, a pair of blue orbs flashed into my mind.

“Chris Miller. What an interesting person.” I thought.

“A guy with a playboy attitude and an inflated frat boy ego. But with something else. Something more?”

I pondered as I heard a shout from Josh downstairs, “Jenny’s back! Hurry up or we would finish without you!”

My eyes widened as I quickly finished up my bath and changed into my comfortable tee and shorts. Quickly putting on some basic skincare, I made my way downstairs.

“Hey Kiddo, what did cha get?” Jenny asked as I reached the kitchen.

“Hawaiian, Pepperoni and Cheese.” Josh answered for me, munching on his (I don’t know how many) pizza slice. I grabbed a plate and picked out my favourite Hawaiian pizza slice.

“Here’s a fun fact, pineapples on pizza are kinda gross. Quoted by Luke at school.” Josh stated randomly. I looked over at him as he chewed on his Pepperoni slice.

“Well, to me they are not. I kinda get it with people not liking it with the sour and sweet weird taste but… People are different and unique, so we should just accept, respect and move on.”

I replied, adding on, “Anyways, at least we won’t fight with others when it comes to pizza.” I joked.

Josh rolled his eyes and grinned, “Well less talking, more eating!”

After dinner, I sat down by my laptop to do some brief reading and slight research on the topics that Mrs Romero was going to cover over the year. Not before scrolling though the tabloids reading about “Jack” and his achievements. Ever since I decided to become “Jack” a year after my parents died, knowing that I have to become strong to protect Josh and to manage the company my father loved. After training and being groomed for the role of “Jack” for almost four years, I finally took on the role with Jenny as my guardian. Jenny lets me do what I need to do but steps in at times to help out. She may be working as a waitress but she is a very smart woman. She didn’t want Josh and I to be brought up spoilt so she let Jeffery temporarily go as a butler to teach us how to clean up after ourselves and be independent, not to rely on people constantly. Thinking back to the past, a lone tear dripped down my check as I quickly wiped it away. I miss my parents, but I have to be strong to protect the ones I love, even if I am afraid of what the future may hold.

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