In Love With My Business Partner

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Chapter 8

The week flew by quickly as the weekend came. I was preparing to make my way to Terrence’s house when I realised, I didn’t have his address. I smacked myself and proceeded to pick up my phone when it rang. Looking at the caller ID - ‘Serena’, flashed across the screen. I quickly picked up the phone as I scratched my head in a slight panic.

“Hey, Lauren. Morning. Just calling to remind you that you have an appointment with a… Mr. Terrence for a school project today.” I groaned into the phone.

“Hey Serena, morning. I need you to help me with something. Could you find the number of Terrence… Urm… Oh god. I don’t even know his surname.” I said, smacking my head in the process. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Still, on the phone, I made my way to the door and turned the knob. Outside, to my surprise, was Terrence.

“Urm… Hey.” Terrence greeted, scratching his head. I was stunned into silence by the sudden surprise that when I finally registered what was in front of me, I could hear Serena’s frantic voice through the speaker of my phone.

“Hey, Serena? I’ll call you back later.” I quickly said, before hanging up the phone.

“Hey… How do you know where I live?” I started, squinting my eyes, looking right and left and back at him.

“Pfft… Don’t worry. I didn’t stalk you or anything. I just…”

I cut him off with a, “ That’s what stalkers say when they get caught.”

He rolled his eyes, “ Well if you would let me finish and not cut me off halfway… As I was saying, I just so happened to chance upon you when I was going home one day. I realised this morning that I didn’t give you my address and to my horror my number too. So remembering the fact I saw you around this area, I went to every house down the road knocking until I reached your house.” Speechless, I stood by the doorway with my mouth agape.

“So are you going to let me in or what?” Terrence smirked. Shaking myself out of that state once again, I quickly ushered him in.

As I closed the door, I heard a shout from upstairs. “Hey Sis! Have you seen my headphones? I can’t seem to find it! Where are you?” My eyes widened as I saw Josh making his way down the stairs.

“ Hey, Sis! Where are…” his eyes grew big and he stopped mid-sentence.

“WHY? WHAT? HOW? WHEN?” he shouted as he pointed at Terrence.

“Hi?” Terrence replied to his reaction, smiling awkwardly.

“What are you doing here? Wait no, why are you here? Wait, no no no. How are you here and when did you come?” I rolled my eyes knowing that Josh would be teasing me for the next few months about how I finally brought a man home with Jenny but this reaction from him right now is just ridiculous to the point of being rude.

“Alright, Josh. That’s enough. Terrence is here for project work. Stop with your over exaggerating reactions.” Terrence stifled his laughter, watching our little comedic exchange. I sighed, ushering him to our couch and walking to the kitchen to get him a drink.

“What do you want to drink?” I called out to Terrance.

“Water is fine. Thanks.”

I reached in the fridge and pulled out a jug of cold water. Closing the fridge door, I grabbed a cup from the cupboard and poured a cup for Terrance.

“Hey, Sis? I want one too!” Josh whined. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed two more cups for myself and Josh.

“Here.” I said, passing the two cups to both Terrance and Josh respectively, before walking back into the kitchen and placing the jug back into the fridge. Picking up my cup, I walked back into the living room to see both Terrence and Josh chatting excitingly.

“So what did I miss boys?” I said, plopping myself beside Terrence.

“Well, Josh was telling me about the time you went to summer camp.” My eyes grew wide and I choked on the water I was drinking.

Coughing while Terrance patted my back, I managed to wheeze out, “Sum-summer Ca-camp?”

“Yea, SUMMER. CAMP.” Josh said grinning.

I squinted my eyes at Josh as I recovered from the shock. “You.” I said, pointing Josh with a threatening tone.

I regret the day ever telling Jenny and Josh of the fateful day I had a Summer Camp. Never again will I set foot in one. It was a sunny day when I was the only one who took a bus alone to Summer Camp. Because of the bus stop is a block away from the camp, I had to get off and drag the heavy backpack that Jenny had prepared for me all the way to the camp while kids in their parent’s cars whizzed by me. As I said, Jenny wants us to live like normal children. But this is beyond normal, I was just plain being neglected here. I’m joking. Really. But it was Jenny’s way of teaching independence to me. So as I dragged the heavy backpack, I finally reached the camp, half an hour late. Everyone was already accounted for and were already settling into their groups. I remembered being shy and silent that I just went and found an empty lodging cabin that the children usually stayed at. Unpacked my things and made myself comfy. For the next week, tried to fit in and for some reason, I was the only odd one out.

Finally, I gathered up my courage and went to the main hut of the camp to find out that for a whole entire week, I was at an entirely different camp. The camp I was supposed to go to was for kids my age while the camp I was at was for kids older than me. I finally figured out the reason why they didn’t vibe with me but then I had another problem. How was I going to tell Jenny? Gathering up my courage once again, I made a call to Jenny and told her what had happened. Her reaction was something I didn’t expect as she burst out laughing. The next day she picked me up and as I was telling the story, Josh was in the backseat.

It was my biggest regret as they never stopped teasing me. Now not only does Josh and Jenny know my comedic fuck up, even Terrence knows now. Thanks a lot, Josh. I dashed as he sprinted away from me, circling around the couch.

“Woah chill guys.” I turned my glare to Terrence.

“Alright. Alright... I’ll shut up now.”

Chasing Josh around the house, I finally plopped onto the ground from exhaustion.

“So... You done?” Terrence asked, popping his head from the couch, looking over at my panting self, lying on the ground.

“Yea…” I panted out turning my body to the side and looking up to see Josh grinning from on top the stairs, panting. Rolling my eyes, I got up and sat back down on the couch beside Terrence.

“So… About that project?” Terrence started.

“Right. Let’s go then!” I said, standing up and dusting my pants, heading towards the door.

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