Out of the Light

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Twelve | Cleo

The Lunars were inept idiots.

That was all there was to it. They obviously didn't understand a damn thing about the lycans and were sending everyone that joined their cause to their deaths. When Sebastian and I arrived at their main set up in the Lunar Kingdom they had just received news that they lost two hundred at the borders where Hakota and two other lycans had single handily demolished them.

Sebastian, was rather distressed by this but he kept calm and simply asked them, "What had happened and what tactics did you use in retaliation?"

I walked by his side, interested to hear their answer. The other two generals were quick to inform him of their strategy. "Our spies told us they would be coming and had no intention of letting their troops fight. It was just going to be the three of the lycans. We took half of our numbers."

"We thought that their arrogance was going to be the death of them, but we were wrong," the other general cut in.

"We planned to just overpower them with our numbers–"

I laughed out loud at this, unable to keep it in any longer. All three of them turned to look at me. I waved my hand at them, silently telling them to just ignore me.

Of course, they wouldn't let their pride be trampled and demanded to know what I found so funny.

Once I finally caught my breath I managed to choke out, "You planned to overwhelm them?" Before falling back into a fit of laughter. I had to stop walking to clutch at my stomach and try to breath.

The two generals glared at me while Sebastian only had the same grim expression on his face from before.

"It was two hundred against three it was a logical assumption!" The first general, with a horrible beak of a nose and outdated sideburns defended.

"Look Mutton-chops," I said, getting a glare at the nickname, "Nothing about that plan is logical. Those are lycans we're talking about not some middle rank werewolves."

"They were facing over sixty enemies at a time," the other general with a shaved head defended his peer's claim, "It shouldn't have mattered that they are lycans."

"Oh but it does, Baldy," I said, immediately sobered by his stupid assumption. "You could have thrown all four hundred of your forces and still have been slaughtered."

"That is preposterous!" Mutton-chops exclaimed.

I snorted and tied up my hair into a short pony tail. "No it's not. You met them on an open field where they picked to fight you. I bet they had their back guarded by their own troops so you couldn't even surround them."

"They didn't know we would be ready for them! They didn't know we had gathered all of our people with a hundred mile radius!"

I turned to Sebastian, "How on earth do you think they can get Terrin back if they can't even figure out that they are being played?These idiots can't see past their egos. It's no wonder you picked to be in charge of the spies instead of the front line."

"How dare you–"

I snapped my eyes back to the General with the sideburns. "Those spies are an advantage for the lycans you dumbass," I sneered at the older man, tired of his indignation. "They are feeding them false information, they wanted you to come at them with a seemingly impossible scenario for them to win. You helped them to prove whatever goddamn point they were trying to make and gave them two victories in one day. They know about your spies, they know how you small minded werewolves think. Lycans are the higher species, they are the superior race and if you don't start believing that then you are all going to end up dead."

The general sputtered, looking at Sebastian and the other to help. "I...you—you!...who do you think you are!" He blubbered, trying to gain back his pride that I had ruthlessly shredded into pieces.

"I'm a hunter," I drawled, "and I'm only here to get my friend back. So follow my orders and take my advice and we'll get along, okay?"

Without waiting for an answer I moved past him, whistling sharply for Sebastian to follow. He cast the other two general's an apologetic look and followed after me.

"This is why we need you," he mumbled as we walked.

I scoffed, "You need a lot more than just me."

"Rala," he grabbed my arm and forced me to halt. I rolled my head dramatically to the side to face him with bored eyes. He clenched his jaw, his posture stiff with stress and his eyes filled only with seriousness. "You know things about the lycans that none of us do. You just revealed things like it was common sense. With your help, I know we can stop them."

I placed my hand on his cheek, "I'm not here to play either side in this war. I'm only going to help in the ways I must to get Terrin back. This is your war with the lycans, you have to figure it out." I patted his cheek and gave him a smile, tucking my hands in my pockets and strolled away.

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