Out of the Light

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Thirteen | Hakota

Syn was desperately trying to calm his mate down but everything he said and did only seemed to piss the little spitfire off even more.

I ducked through the opening, Sitka on my heels as I made my way over to them.

Terrin's eyes flashed to us for a second, flicking back to his mate before snapping back to me. His head twisted to face me. "You," he hissed with utter hatred. "You bastard! Wait till I get my hands on you! You're a dead man walking Hakota do you hear me?" The little werewolf thrashed in Roshan's grip, desperately trying to get free so he could attempt to follow through with his threats.

I could see the contemplation in Roshan's eyes as he debated letting the werewolf go and have at me, but before he could let go, Syn was there, also restraining his mate and trying his best to shut him up without force.

"Get off me!" He snarled at Syn, his attention divided between the two of us now. "I said let go you dumb brute!" He said agin, trying to yank his arm free. Syn mumbled something to Terrin but that only seemed to enrage him more. "I'm not your mate so stop calling me that!" He shouted.

Having enough of his attitude I stormed over there and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, bringing him off the ground as I brought us nose to nose. I ripped him free of Syn and Roshan's grasp, snarling in the face of the werewolf.

"Please don't hurt him," Syn whispered in a small voice behind me.

Although I didn't turn to acknowledge him, I heard him. I could also hear that the werewolf's last comment had wounded him and would likely cause him to be at another low for the next couple of day.

I focused all of my attention on Terrin, taking the time to fully examine the werewolf for once. He really was a shrimp, befitting of his mate's nickname 'Twigy'. He was tall for a werewolf but still a good head shorter than I. The muscles he had were lean and his sharp features gave him a bit of a feminine look. If he'd wipe that damn scowl off his face anyway. He had thick dark eyebrows and golden brown hair. His eyes were a vibrant shade of green that reminding me of the first leaves of spring. His lips were twisted up in a sneer showing off his canines that weren't the least bit intimidating.

I picked at his hair, rubbing the strands of hair between my fingers. "Perhaps Syn will make you grow out your hair," I decided to tease the werewolf, my goal being to embarrass him.

Sure enough his cheeks were stained a light pink and for once when he opened his mouth, no words came out. With a smirk I threw him at Syn, the grey eyed lycan catching his mate with ease as Terrin crashed into his chest. Turning to Syn I gave him one warning, "Explain to him that he best watch his mouth or I'll have him muzzled."

"I'm not your mate either," the werewolf smarted back. "I know you think humiliation is the way to a mate's heart but it's not."

I and all the lycans around me knew what the little twerp was referring to. My temper slipped its leash and I had Terrin by the neck before he could blink.

He only glared back at me defiantly even as I slowly tightened my fingers. I waited for him to yield, letting my claws come out to puncture the skin of his neck.

"Hakota please," Syn said from behind me but didn't dare to stop me.

I stared at those defiant eyes before me, squeezing tighter in and effort to get him to yield. The werewolf clawed at my hand, completely out of air but refusing to submit.

"Hakota," Syn begged me but I would not bend for him this time. Seeing that I was a lost cause he turned his pleas to his mate. "Terrin, please, please." There was so much desperation in his tone that Terrin forgot about our battle of wills and glanced at his mate, meeting those grey eyes behind me. When he looked back at me his eyes lowered.

I immediately dropped him, his mate rushing over to examine the damage I had inflicted. Bruises were already beginning to form on his windpipe.

It was dead silent as I turned on my heel and shouldered past the lycans.

"You killed her," He croaked from behind me. I froze, going stiff. "You killed Cleo," he whispered hoarsely, swallowing back his tears. "You took her from me and it will never be the same."

"Terrin," Syn breathed out a warning, silently telling him not to provoke me again.

"It should have been you," Terrin continue his voice breaking on a sob. "She should have let you all just die."

I closed my eyes, clenching and unclenching my hands then quickly walked away before I did something I would regret.

I tore through my tent, stumbling forward and caught myself on the little table. My arms quivered as they held me steady, braced on the sides of the table.

It should have been you.

It should have been you.

I lowered myself to the ground, digging my fingers into my scalp.

It should have been you.

"Are you about done throwing your little pity party?" Her voice drawled from the corner of my tent.

I looked up to see her lounging on my cot, examining the back of her hand as she held it above her, her other hand tucked behind her head.

"Not today Cleo. I cannot deal with you today."

Her hand dropped and her head flopped to the side to look at me. "Doesn't work that way sweetheart. I'm not supposed to comfort you, I'm supposed to punish you. Kick you when you're down." She swung her legs off the cot and sat up, stretching out her arms and back. "Well," she said as she stood, "you seem to be doing a pretty decent job of punishing yourself so perhaps I should just go."

My head snapped up. "No!" I told her before she disappeared like always. "No," my voice cracked. "Look I know it's my fault, okay?" She rose a brow and crossed her arms. "I..." I swallowed, "I never should of left you with your father," she motioned for me to go on when I paused. Taking in a deep breath I continued, "I never would have needed to kill you then, I–" she sighed in frustration, rolling her eyes as she gestured at me with her hands in angst and then let them slap against her legs. I stood and hurried on, "you wouldn't have been corrupted, you wouldn't have been a threat I could have trusted you, I–"

"Enough Hakota," she snapped. "Just stop." She looked around the tent, anywhere but me really. She shook her head, running her tongue across her teeth, "You are never going to admit it," she said to herself. "You will never admit that you regret it."

I slammed my fist on the table, "It had to be done damnit! You can't stand there and tell me that I was enough for you. You can't tell me that you didn't hunger for more!"

"We'll never know now will we?" She snipped.

I ran a hand through my hair in frustration, "What do you want me to do, Cleo?"

"Tell me you regret it."

"I can't!" I roared.

"Can't or won't?" She retorted.

"Can't," I hissed through my teeth. "Because it wouldn't be true."

"Well then I guess that I cant really be here, because my existence isn't really true now is it?"

Before I could object she was gone.

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