Out of the Light

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Fourteen | Hakota

Hunters were attacking us. I didn't know how because they certainly didn't smell like hunters and they didn't look like them either, they were much too big being that they were all the size of typical werewolf alphas, not the odd one or two. They couldn't be hunters and yet...

The proof was right in front of me.

Every scratch and bite left the green ooze of venom on the wounds.

My lycans and I had long since joined the fight, driving their numbers back but the few dozen hunters were making it difficult. Their claws left the familiar feel of pain as the venom entered my blood stream, causing temporary blindness. They were easier to take down than real hunters, having no real fighting technique, but it still wasn't as easy as it should have been.

We had won the battle but not without suffering casualties. Dead bodies were everywhere, half of them my own troops. Sitka stumbled his way towards me, clutching at his wounded side were three deep claws marks marred his skin, green slime and blood running out of the wound between his fingers.

I stared down at the body before me that was one of these 'hunters'.

"What the hell are those?" Sitka asked, coming upon the same conclusion that they were not the typical hunters we had spent centuries at war with.

I nudged the body over with my foot, "my guess is as good as yours."

All I knew was that they were dangerous and not to be overlooked.

Still, we had won the battle and the next few that happened in the following weeks.

In every one of those fights there were more 'hunters'. I had taken to calling them 'Spiders' because they were ugly little pests with a nasty bite and their kind seemed to be everywhere. No matter how many we killed more and more kept coming.

I had no idea where they were coming from or even what they truly were.

I had taken one of the dead bodies for study and examination but it appeared to be human. At first I thought I had taken the wrong body but with every corpse that followed, ones that I knew had been those Spiders, the results were always the same.


It seemed that hours after death they were just that. Their blood was normal, their canines and claws were gone, no traces of venom or venom glands anywhere.

So I studied them, every time I faced them I tried to get a clue, a hint as to what was going on. It was under this instead scrutiny that I began to notice some of the Spiders would just die. Like they had a heart attack, they just fell over, dead. I began to walk through the corpses after battles taking note of the bodies that were unmarked. Of course, not all of the bodies were these Spiders and with the nuisance of their bodies reverting back to human after death it was hard to get a realistic ratio but it seemed as though one out of every five Spiders died without a mark.

I hated the mystery, not knowing what they were or how they came to be. None of those we captured alive would reveal what they were so I was at a dead end.

I had Roshan working on using his Seer abilities to try and find answers but he found nothing. Lune didn't want to help us so we were left to figure it out on our own.

The fight didn't end on the battlefield. Every time I arrived back at camp the war with Syn's werewolf mate continued. Terrin walked around mouthing off, not afraid of the consequences. I was close to throttling him and snapping his neck every time I saw him so I did my best to avoid him.

I had been able to deal with it from Cleo only because she was my mate, even then I had lost my patience quite a few times. But Terrin, Terrin was on a whole other level.

In my opinion Syn was being too lienant with his mate, letting him off easy for all of his offenses. Still, I didn't interfere.

I had enough to occupy my time with these Spiders popping up everywhere. The twins had sent me word of their encounters with them just a few days ago. I told Sani about it, warning him to keep his guard up. I had no doubt the Lunars were low enough to send more of the Spiders to attack a pregnant female. The Lunars accused us of being the monsters but I wasn't sending in my troops or lycans to kill every baby born to the Lunar kingdom.

I was angry I couldn't spare some of the lycans to aid the pregnant couple but finding the answers for these Spiders was a top priority. If we could put a stop to them we'd put a stop to the most threatening danger.

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